Chapter 56: Everlasting Bronze Residue
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Originally, in the past few days, the television networks and media authorized by him had already transferred his share of earnings to his designated foreign bank accounts.

These accounts were considered "inactive" or "dead accounts," meaning that the original owners had already disappeared from this world.

However, the fact of their disappearance had not been discovered by the population census in their respective countries, so their bank accounts remained intact.

There was no inheritance or other means of cancellation.

The phenomenon of people disappearing from the population was happening worldwide every day, so it was not difficult for Wu Hao to use some means to find dormant accounts that had temporarily gone unnoticed.

At present, apart from the firewalls of some developed countries' banking systems that could detect his intrusion, it was relatively easy for Wu Hao, with his current abilities, to access customer account information in less developed or less defensively strong banking systems.

Even if he directly transferred the funds from these accounts, the banks would not find any evidence. They would simply consider it a "normal" flow of funds.

However, although Wu Hao had the ability to do so, he would not. If he wanted to make money, there were many other ways, such as selling some technical materials, which was a simple task considering his knowledge.

Engaging in the act of secretly transferring funds from others' accounts would be considered "theft," which Wu Hao would not stoop to.

However, using some "inactive accounts" to circulate funds posed no problem.

The amount transferred to him by the three media companies this time, when converted to soft sister coins, totaled over 20 million. This was the amount after the respective taxes had been deducted by the media companies. After all, Wu Hao had not signed a formal contract with them, so he couldn't pay taxes himself.

Therefore, when transferring the funds, the media companies had already deducted the corresponding taxes on behalf of Wu Hao.

After reading the emails, Wu Hao immediately logged into those "accounts" and transferred the money into his secret account at a Swiss bank.

As for his domestic bank account, Wu Hao never intended to keep a large sum of money there. After all, this account was opened under his real identity, and if a large amount of funds suddenly appeared, it would definitely attract the attention of the bank.

Once the bank started an investigation, they would realize that Wu Hao had no legitimate source of income, yet there was a large amount of money in his account. How would he explain that?

Therefore, up to now, the money in Wu Hao's account was only a few tens of millions.

A few tens of millions in soft sister coins would certainly not attract the bank's attention. After all, there were many wealthy people in China with millions of deposits. Even some rural laborers who went out to work had deposits of several million! Of course, they were the minority. [PS: I don't know about other places, but there is a family like this in our village. They have been working for more than ten years and have savings of over 3 million. And that's just from labor work. As for those who do business or suddenly become wealthy for some reason, the amount would be even higher.]


Time flew by, and a few hours quickly passed. Many students began to leave the school gate and head home. Without exception, they all had joyful expressions on their faces.

For students studying at school, the happiest moment was undoubtedly when the school went on vacation.

As Wu Hao had notified his sister in advance at noon, he didn't have to wait long at the school gate before he saw the beautiful figure of his sister, Wu Xiaoxiao.

"Brother, I'm here!" Wu Xiaoxiao waved her hand and jogged over to Wu Hao. Beside her was Wen Wen, whom Wu Hao had met before.

"Hello, Brother Wu!" Wen Wen, with her refined appearance, greeted Wu Hao proactively as soon as they approached.

Wu Hao had already learned Wen Wen's name during phone conversations with his sister and had even talked to her a few times. There were times when Wen Wen helped connect his calls to his sister.

As for their relationship, they could be considered close friends, even best friends in private. After all, Wu Xiaoxiao often mentioned each other during conversations with Wu Hao.

"Hello, Wen Wen. Nice to see you too!" Wu Hao smiled and then asked the two of them, "Are you planning to go shopping or go straight home?"

During the previous phone call with his sister, Wu Hao had already learned that Wen Wen would be going home with them. Wen Wen's home was not far from theirs, just a town away.

In other words, Wu Hao would pass through the small town where her house was located on his way back from the city.

"We've been locked up in school for a week, and since you're giving us a ride, and it's still early, let's go for a stroll before heading back!" Wu Xiaoxiao said with a smile.

"Alright! Where do you want to go? I'll accompany you for a walk!" If his own sister said so, what else could Wu Hao, as the older brother, say? Besides, he didn't go shopping with girls every day, so occasionally accompanying them for shopping was acceptable.

So, the two of them quickly got in the car, and Wu Hao drove to a commercial street in the city center.

As Wu Hao and the others got in the car and left, many of the students coming out of the school naturally noticed that Wu Hao had gotten in the car.

"Ah, our school's former poor but beautiful girl seems to have become a thing of the past and turned into a genuine rich beauty..." a male student at the school gate sighed.

"There's no need for you to say that!" his companion beside him said disdainfully.

"What kind of person do you think that guy driving the Mercedes is to our school beauty?"

"What else could he be? He must be the boyfriend of a certain rich second-generation!" another male student said with a sour tone.

"No, no, this person should not be our school beauty's boyfriend. Haven't you heard that a lucky guy a couple of months ago received several hundred yuan just by passing a message to our school beauty's brother? I think this person should be her brother."

"No way! Her brother? He doesn't look anything like our beautiful school beauty!"

"Enough, stop discussing whether or not she looks like the school beauty. What's the use of discussing these things? No matter how much we talk, these kinds of beauties are not within our reach as poor losers. Let's hurry up and go to the internet cafe to play games, or else there won't be any seats left later."

"Damn it! All you think about is playing games! No wonder you're single!" The person, having his words interrupted, looked displeased and scorned.

"You're calling me single, but aren't you also single, you bastard? Stop talking nonsense, are you coming or not?"

"I'm going! Of course I'm going! Today, I'm determined to break the curse of being stuck in the Bronze rank for a thousand years."

"Hmph! Even if you break the curse of being stuck in Bronze for a thousand years, you'll still be a Silver noob, haha..."

"..." The person hearing this suddenly felt like crying without tears.

Because he felt that the other person's words were surprisingly reasonable, and at this moment, he was completely speechless in response.