Chapter 57: I Have a Big Appetite
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Going shopping with girls is indeed a very exhausting job. Initially, Wu Hao accompanied the two girls shopping together. Since they entered the commercial street, they have been happily wandering around, looking at everything, but didn't buy anything.

In the end, after about an hour of shopping, Wu Hao couldn't bear it anymore. He hurriedly urged the two girls to each buy something and then drove away from the city.

After a journey of over an hour, Wu Wen, who was accompanying them, got off the car in a small town along the way, and Wu Hao continued on the way back home with his sister.

When they arrived home, the parents, who had received early notice, had already prepared dinner. Now, they were just missing the final dish before they could start the meal.

However, Wu Hao knew that he had a large appetite now.

Although the dinner prepared by his parents was plentiful, it seemed to be only enough for him alone. Seeing this, Wu Hao said to his mother,

"Mom! I just remembered that I have a big wild rabbit in my car. You guys go ahead and eat, I'll go and deal with the rabbit."

"Brother! There's a rabbit in your car? Why didn't I see it when I was taking the luggage just now?" Wu Xiao Xiao was a little puzzled. Although there were many things in the trunk of Wu Hao's car, she didn't notice any rabbits when she took the luggage earlier.

"Hehe! Maybe I didn't put it in an obvious place, and you just didn't see it. Alright, you and mom go ahead and eat, I'll be right back." Wu Hao smiled. Of course, there was no rabbit in his car at the moment, but if there wasn't one in the car, were there none in the nearby mountains?

You see, his current mental perception could cover a distance of 1 kilometer! It fully covered a small mountain behind his house. Even if there were no prey on this mountain, all he needed to do was walk a short distance, and he would definitely find something.

Because he knew very well that there were quite a few wild animals in the depths of the mountains behind his hometown. Although there might not be other animals, there were still plenty of mountain chickens and wild rabbits.

And if he went deeper, wild boars would gradually appear.

"This child, the dishes are about to be served. Why go and get a wild rabbit? It's not too late to go after eating!" Zhang Huilan shook her head and smiled.

Wu Hao's boss didn't say much either. Wu Hao left quickly and returned quickly. In just two minutes, he came back home carrying a lifeless fat rabbit.

Since it was already dark outside, after he left the house, he flew low towards the direction of the back mountain. In less than two minutes, he caught a big wild rabbit in a rabbit hole and returned home.

"Wow, it's really such a big rabbit! Huh? Why is it still warm?" Wu Xiao Xiao looked at Wu Hao, who had indeed brought back a somewhat shabby big rabbit, and casually touched it. She was surprised to find that the rabbit's body still had some warmth.

Because if Wu Hao said he brought it from outside, then this rabbit must have been dead for several hours! How could a guy who had been dead for hours still have warmth?

Seeing Wu Xiao Xiao touching the wild rabbit in his hand and saying these words, Wu Hao simply brushed it off and casually smoothed the rabbit in his hand without leaving any traces. He explained with a smile, "Maybe it's because it stayed in the car for a long time, and with the air conditioning on, it might have retained some warmth!" At this point, Wu Hao didn't intend to explain any further. He quickly said, "Alright, you guys go ahead and eat. I'll skin and clean this rabbit and stew it."

"Just leave it there. We have so many dishes already. We can deal with the rabbit tomorrow. The food will get cold if we wait!" Zhang Huilan complained.

"It's alright, Mom. I'll take care of it soon. I have a bigger appetite now, and the dishes you made probably won't be enough for me!" Wu Hao smiled and said half seriously, half jokingly.

"So many dishes aren't enough for you? Don't brag here, young man!" Zhang Huilan laughed and scolded.

"Alright, since Hao'er says he has a big appetite, let's quickly stew this rabbit together!" Wu Hongguo, who was nearby, chimed in.

"I didn't say not to stew it. Look at how you're exaggerating! Also, I've told you to smoke less. You've been coughing a lot lately, and you still smoke so much every day. Really!" Zhang Huilan looked at Wu Hongguo, who was about to have his meal, sitting in a chair smoking, and she scolded him.

The cigarettes Wu Hongguo smoked were not the packaged cigarettes commonly available in the market. They were the "leaf cigarettes" he grew himself, which were tobacco leaves without any processing.

Of course, it wasn't that Wu Hongguo didn't like to smoke the good cigarettes available in the market. It was just that in the past, their family's financial condition was poor, and they had to support Wu Hao and Wu Xiaoxiao's education, so they naturally tried to save wherever possible.

Therefore, every spring, Wu Hongguo would plant a patch of tobacco, and for the following year, he could slowly smoke it.

Even though their financial situation had improved recently, and Wu Hongguo had bought some good cigarettes from the market, he had become accustomed to the original taste of these "leaf cigarettes" he had been smoking for so many years.

Smoking the packaged cigarettes suddenly didn't feel as satisfying, so he often ended up smoking the leaf cigarettes he had saved before.

Hearing his mom's words, Wu Hao also spoke up and advised his dad, "Dad, since you've been coughing lately, smoke less." Wu Hao was well aware of his dad's addiction to smoking. When he was still at home, his dad would usually smoke a dozen or more of those large, wrapped "leaf cigarettes" every day.

A single "leaf cigarette" like that was much stronger than the packaged cigarettes available in the market. If someone who hadn't smoked it before tried it, they would find it difficult to handle. It had quite a kick.

"Hehe! It's no big deal! I'm used to it!" Wu Hongguo said that, but he still voluntarily extinguished the cigarette and put it in his tobacco pouch.

Seeing this, Wu Hao immediately went into the kitchen to clean the wild rabbit. After all, he had reached a high level of cooking skills now.

After all, he had survived in the wilderness alone for two months! Coupled with his increased appetite, he had become quite proficient in cooking every day, and he didn't need anyone's guidance.

You see, with his current learning ability and his mastery of food temperatures and cooking times, it could be said that he was unparalleled. So, naturally, the dishes he made couldn't be bad.

However, when he was in the wilderness, Wu Hao didn't need to personally handle the cooking process. He simply used his telekinesis to control it. The ingredients would automatically start cutting when they needed to be cut, and when it was time to put them in the pot, they would go in automatically.

He didn't need to personally monitor the pot's contents. He could completely focus on cooking while simultaneously doing other things.