Chapter 2
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Not too far away a kingdom called dalwin, named after the first king that ruled . The current king moltar, tall, bulky, a face that would charm any woman, blue eyes, rosey lips, a Sharpe chisel jin, light brown hair, and olive skin. Anyone looking at king moltar would know that he was a warrior, with many scares to prove it. His advisor Kieran was giving a report delivered by spies they had in and around the forest. Kieran you see, is a childhood friend of the king at a height of only 5,3 big round brown eyes, an oval face, long burnet hair, skin white creamy and soft , medium size breast an hour glass figure that would make any fertility goddess jealous. 

A voice when spoken sounds like angels singing. Kieran is a mage, most powerful if you asked anyone. Beloved by the kingdom, it's people and far beyond the 13 regions. "My king, there has been now three reports of strange earthquakes within the 13 regions, all within the green. Once the sites are visited the only thing found by our teams were craters as large as small villages with no evidence of what it is that landed. the most recent is not too far from here , two days journey with our sky riders and a week's journey with the akan's. My king this is not something we can over look seeing that now , one of these strange craters are within our own territory." The king sighed , deep in thought. "I have had strange dreams Kieran, dreams of war and of family lost. Of the old dragons and their people. Our fathers went to war with those people and it drove them mad. I don't know what this is . However, Kieran I do not wish to be seen as weak. 

Whatever this is , I am giving you a month to provide me with an answer.our kingdom needs to be reassured safety in their king. I am counting on you head advisor." With that the king dismissed Kieran , left the throne room with his lackies following behind. Kieran released a breath she didn't know she was holding and said. "I will do my best, my king". Mean while johnoya came too, still in pain but had managed to move from tree to tree for support . Groaning and moaning in pain. A small cry every now and again once 5,9 now stood 6ft. She was breathing hard sweat pouring out of her, the shirt she died in still drenched in her blood from the now invisible wound.with an unclear vision still she kept moving. miles into the forest ,hours of an unbearable aimless walk and graveling, a river came into view. 

"Oh my god water." She used whatever strength she had and broke off into an awkward run. Nearing the river's edge, she fell down on her knees and cupped her hands to take a drink of water. With how dry her throat was from screaming and breathing like air is running out ,she simply could not get enough water into her fast enough.With  shaking hands, she stopped to take in fresh air, forgetting to breathe. after washing away the sweat and grim from her face. Johnoya look at the reflection in the water with the sun high in the sky. "Who the hell is that?, Gasping and backing away from the river's edge," t-..that's me? What the hell am I?, mark!?, Daisy!?." Desperate calls going unanswered. Crawling to a tree and standing back up looking to her right a beautiful little girl with a basket filled with fruits that didn't at all look like the fruits johnoya was used to. Horns sat on her head like a crown, face though beautiful filled with fright . 

Johnoya could not get the words out fully. "Help...m..." , Johnoya's body gave out and she fell face first Into a patch of grass under the tree. The little girl that didn't live too far ran off calling for her mother ,"Mama, Mama, I found someone , I found someone , fallen by the river whilst I collected fruits, come they need help". The middle aged women as beautiful as the little girl and horns even more beautiful, took off in a sprint , along with husband as beautiful as she was , or is it handsome? Well , either way they ran a little ways to find johnoya face still buried in the earth and took her back to there home that was a days journey from where she was found. Heaped up over the husband's shoulder, inspected by the middle age woman, and a worried and frightened little girl. The middle age woman simply said" she fainted from exhaustion, the child will be fine". In the back of a wooden wagon dragged by a two legged creature called the Akan, fastest things on land.

Back in the forest. A few miles away Kieran and five bulky men from the gaurd standing in the center of the crater with the print of a person and a muddy trail leading south into the forest.

"What the hell is this?", Kieran said looking at the trail with a look of curiosity, uncertainty and definitely fear. "Head advisor, this is a landing site not some strange crater. Who- whatever landed here, we have to warn the people , tell the king" one of men said ,which she'd learn the name was Kai, son to the second in command next to the head guard whom serve their king. kneeling down ,two fingers on the trial , Kieran said. "No one, is saying anything to anyone, we need to cover this crater and follow that trial , the only answer we can get about these strange 'earthquakes ' is on the other side of this trial" with two simple words whispered to the green the once village size crater filled with earth and both mage and men floating in the air and once dead leaves and wet mud , layed beautiful moss and grass greener that what was there before. Brown eyes now glowing green. Let's go. Floating back down on the ground, the men looked at each other, having just witnessed the power of the most powerful mage in the kingdom and as far as they knew.

"Be on gaurd, we don't know what kinda monster or who it is that cause this or how powerful they are , for all we know, they are our enemy, and we are to capture them and get answers for what is going on ". Yes advisor the men answered and from their already two days journey with no rest, they took off into the forest filled with green to search for whatever monster that could cause such an impact.

Not too far away , johnoya finally came too . Vision as clear as day , pain gone ,still feeling a strange, was staring at the beautiful middle age woman, staring below her now naked waistline with cheeks as red as blood eyes sparkling with interest and an amused excited look. Eyes wideing to the realization she was naked and some lady with horns was looking at the very thing she tried to hide all her life a startled scream left her throat in the barn she laid . 

AN: he he he. I wonder what's gonna happen next 🤭