Chapter 4
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Johnoya still on her knees with tears running down her cheeks and shoulders shaking. The beautiful woman with wide eyes sighed having recovered from her previous shock. The man just as beautiful looking onward with a look of sympathy.

"I know u must be confused about ur situation, just as we are. However, do u remember what happened to you? Or how you ended up in that side of the forest?  We found you covered in blood with no wounds and  in clothes that were way too small and cutting into your skin. I understand that u might be afraid, but don't you worry, me and my family mean you no harm. My name is  Angus. This is my daughter Tali , the little girl that found you and my wife Almanda". 

Johnoya heard  the middle age man ramble on not even listening really . In the middle of everything that was happening in her mind she thought. Maybe this is for the best , Mark and Daisy always had trouble because of me anyway and because of how strong I am I always break things. Smiling to herself. 

" I know u might be sad, I mean u were the closest thing I had to parents . I want you to  rest easy, know that I  am ok, I can finally give u guys a break."  Johnoya whispered to herself.

More tears rolling down Johnoya's cheeks holding her head down.

She didn't notice that the woman recovered and was having a whispered conversation with her husband.

"Do u realize what we have found ? This is wonderful news, oh how this will be one to celebrate about until the end of our lives" the woman said with a smile that reached her eyes. 

"We will welcome our quest Tonight." She said 

Johnoya looking up at the family spotting the little girl, and going back to the face of the woman then the man. Looking down . She wiped her face ,picked back up the cloth and covered her self the best she could breast and all . She now stood towering over the woman and  mid level to the husband. 

"I Am sorry ,I didn't mean . I mea- my name is johnoya, I was protecting someone and I was sho- shoved and I hit my head. I woke up in the forrest. In her mind she was playing out this scenario. It was obvious she wasn't on the island anymore and in some place straight out of books she's read. The best option would be to play it safe. The woman said she was a demon. Anything can happen to me. 

the couple looked at her go through a million emotions at once. 

"Thank you for what you did. I didn't mean to react that way". Looking around some more she asked .

"Where am I?" Admiring her skin that beyond the panic, to her looked unreal.

"Before we answer , can we please offer you a change of clothes and a meal" the husband said smiling.

johnoya blushed . He's beautiful? She said her eyebrows raised .

" My wife does have the ability to heal but because u had no wounds besides what the tight clothes did to your skin , a bit of vagility is all you got . Please , come let's get u cleaned up at the house seeing that you can stand on your own now. "

Still smiling, with the little girl on his hip, Angus  walked out the door leaving the wife who was  now standing . Almanda slowly approached the girl.

"It's alright girl, come" putting her hand on johnoya's arm and leading her out the door slowly. Once the light hit her eyes she used her arm to block it and looked around. It was absolutely beautiful. The tress, unrealistic as is sounds , looked like they reached the skies . You would think it looked dark tress being like that but there were several places where the sun was shining through in large places illuminating miles of land. 

As far as you could see in these patches were neat little coves of all types of veggies, some she could kinda recognize and others , only your imagination would come up with. That's  not all, in-between these there were houses some small and some looked like fancy estates. It was then she realized she was on a hill looking over a large valley.

"Beautiful, isn't it? Vazel , that is the name of this small village." Almanda explained along with the ins and outs. She didn't realize that they were turning away from the view and heading down hill to a little path lined with wonderful smelling flowers. Her senses were over simulated and eyes overwhelmed with green of which she has never seen.

Walking to the house which was not too far from the shed , just a two minutes walk . With the cloth  barely covering anything. The house she was led to, was a two story building made of wood with patterns that looked like leaves and moss looking materials used for the roofing. Besides the roof, it looks like the cabins johnoya was used to but more extravagantly fairytale looking. 

Going through the front door, she was greeted by the smell of freshly baked potatoes and bread. "Is that meat pie I smell?" Johnoya asked embarrassed by the fact that she knew what it was just by the smell. That second her tummy gave the loudest screech you would hear in nature.

The woman was the one to answer smiling.

"Yes, how did you know? Not a lot of people enjoy it around these part but it is absolutely delicious and by the sound of your tummy it sounds like you will enjoy it too."

The little girl who  was quite the entire journey sat at the table in what we call there living room/kitchen just staring at her. 

Angus led her through a door  on the right down the hall 

"This way , we have a powder room over here." Angus said opening the door for her.

" You will see that to your left is a bath with towels to wash  yourself. The water is warm , we use heating crystals straight from the capital city. My wife will see if I have any clothes that can fit you we look about the same size, besides you being a little taller. This is a toilet were you do ur business"  which is on the opposite side of the bath  so you don't smell ur stuff afterwards and here we have towels to dry when u are finished." 

Angus gave details of how to use the toilet which was surprisingly similar to what she was used to  but required manual flushing with a bucket that was in a wooden barrel beside the toilet. He also provide her with oils to rub on her skin once she finished her bath. According to Angus , ' you will smell good and feel very refresh, because of it's healing quality '

"Thank you," that was the only thing she could say seeing that everyone she had ever know in her life besides Mark and Daisy talk down to her and made her feel less than dirt. 

Closing the door . Johnoya took a look around the room again,  the design of the room was of a Japanese design.  Alot of mix and match going on here she thought.

"Heating crystals? How freaky is that"

Not paying that any mind she threw the old cloth aside and got in the bath and washing away the grim that cover here . 

" Johnoya Sighed. What  is gonna happen now?"

Tears coming to her eyes, a small sob left her .

What she didn't know was two days away incoming was the head advisor hot on her tail thinking she was a monster.


I suck at discriptions am sorry, I will do better going forward I am practicing. 

But hehe🤭 

Please feel free to give me tips I don't mind. If there are grammatical errors . I am not some Big shot writer I am doing this from my imagination holy and soly. I have no editor. I just write what I see in my mind. Hope you like it.♥️