chapter 10
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It was the next day and Kieran awoke in her room, tired not from the fighting or the journey they went on, but a dream she wish she never had. Staring at the Golden ceiling with the drawing of beautiful Forrest, she sighed. 

"I am supposed to give an account of what happened and interview the dragon that was caught. This has escalated far beyond my minds eye. No matter, I will do my best". In the night before he went to bed, she had written the report in detail from the crater to the dragon being kidnapped. Kieran then delivered the Bodies of the men that died in the fight at the house to the sick bay so that they can be  returned to their families to be buried along with their families being compensated. She then spoke briefly to the other advisors of their duties and such regarding the kingdom's affairs and in-house matters. After all this, the advisor decided to retire to her chambers. Kieran's room was not that extravagant, for she was a humble woman . The bedroom though was very beautiful , colors of gold and white. Her was separated from her private bathroom and a small office was placed on her right upon entry. There was balcony with a sofa, along with a table and two chairs that she often used to drink tea and chat when her head maid and over look the city that too was gold and white.. A knock on the door gain her attention.

"Advisor, are you awake?". Margi Kieran's personal maid , friend and sometimes something more spoke on the other side . "Yes, you may come in". Margi came in with a bucket of water  a towel and two younger maids that brought food and drink. Once the girls placed the items down they exited the bedroom. Margi however stayed .

"You look like you have seen a ghost" margi giggled soaking the white towel in the bucket of water and prompted the advisor to remove her night gown . Kieran stood and did as asked. There was a few small cuts that she could easily heal but Margi being a worry rat insisted that she run the water that Kieran later found was warm and had a rooty smell over , for it will help with healing and relief. Kieran in her naked glory, as beautiful as ever with the body of a goddess, margi not new to the sight still couldn't help look and bush madly .

Kieran sighed. "You don't have to do this you know I can take care of myself." She said holding her head back closing her eyes as Margi wipe away the fatigue from her body.

Margi started from her slender neck placing her head right beside hers, her hot breath could be felt on Kieran's skin. She then glide the warm cloth down her collarbone, streaks of water flowed down between her bounty round breast. While this was happening her free hand massage Kieran's exposed shoulder and the maid whispered.

"Don't you long to be touched , my Lady. To be pressed under another until light grace the green at the crack of dawn." Her hand moved to her neck, to her cheek. The cloth had long passed her breast smoothly and traveled below her navel.

"It is a stressful time, I have not the time to seek a mate" Kieran whispered not even noticing at a that her breath was laboured. Margi's had move from her neck to her breast and was playing with the nipple a gasp left the lips of the advisor. 

"What did you dream of this time , my Lady" Margi's had moved skill fully massaging the advisors body both the warm water and with her hands. "I don't know what to make of what I saw, it is rather embarrassing." Kieran said heat reaching below her navel breath laboured even more. It was often he awoke in need , being 25 without a mate was seen as strange in the kingdom. The dreams she had were of someone with no face that would  please until she awoke. Sighing.

"Open your legs". The maid stated. "Would you rather to lay down"  

Yes Kieran whispered.  Legs open an the warm cloth was soothing the ache she awoke with. "Hmmmm , I see". The cloth was removed and Kieran sighed at the lost contact and was quickly surprised when Margi's hand replaced it. She opened her eyelids though hooded stared right at Margi that was now on he knees infornt her. 

"I can't ask you to do this for me again, I will be ok you don't have to". Kieran said though not with a lot of conviction.

"I no longer have a mate , my Lady. This is something I look forward to." The maid said . Tears came to Kieran's eyes as she thought of the woman's situation while she grab the sheets in her fist and her back arched of the bed. Margi was 15 years older than she was and didn't look a day over 20. She was from a small independent elf clan located in one of the 13 regions . Her mate died 5 years ago in a Civil war  to claim land for the king . Kieran heard her husband worked closely with the first in command and decided to hire her as her personal maid. Not out of pity but simple because she knew what it felt like to loose the people you love.

Kieran moan out the maid's name, hands moving through the maid's  golden locks. 

"Please" Kieran whispered. Margi's thumb worked circles on her clit, gasp and whispered moans could be heard. Margi used her  tongue to tease the girls entrance. Kieran bucked her hips begging the maid for the release she was denied in the dream she had .

"Please margi...Please". Margi looked up at the woman twisting and turning in agony,  the sweat that  covered her silky smooth skin , rosey lips, now as red as blood eyes glowing green with magic power, an expression of pure ecstasy. She finally gave the woman what she wanted and gently used her lips and tongue to devour her tiny botton.

"Oh yes, please don't stop, yes,"  Deep breaths could be heard and trembling was seen . Margi braced herself by holding down the woman's thighs an sucked a little harder and a little faster. Kieran came undone whispering her maid's name.

Margi watched the woman with hooded eyes and a strain that was beneath her dress  a moan left her mouth muffled by the wet pink flesh. After the woman came down from her high. Margi helped her clean herself again . This time however, in her private bath.

"Thank you so much Margi, you are so dear to me, I feel bad having not the guts to please you". The Advisor said blushing and hiding her face.

"Being able to touch you is enough for me until your mate arrives". Kieran said looking side ways at her maid as selfish as it sounds she enjoys their encounters passionately.

After the maid helped her get dressed she left the room to speak with the king leaving margi there. 

My Lady. You have no idea how good it feels . Lifting her dress. A strong 8 and a half inches of cock sprong forth. This was something she did not discuss with the Advisor she had to restrain herself many a times in their adventures . The need to mate was agonizing. Using her right hand an laying in the place the advisor was on the bed she used her hand and stroke herself.

"Oh how I wish it was me you dreamt of, the need to be inside you kills me everytime I taste your flesh, oh, heavens." These words whispered by the maid in desperation. Her cock being used to her hand ,not long after she had said those words and recalling what had just happened she stained her hand white. Trembling, eyes rolling to the back of her head. A sigh left her mouth. "But I will never have you"


Reports in her hand and a guard behind the advisor walked to the council room dreading  what was about to be discussed and a prisoner to be interviewed . Her min when back to he prisoner and he thought I you will be my prisoner again whether you like it or not. Determination in her eyes.


A/N: Not alot of background is given on the story or a discription of many things. I am sorry. The first few chapters are just introductions. Bare with me and see where it goes. 

I mean am seeing where it goes too.