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Las Vegas, 2034

"Are they still following us?" asked Adrian.

Helen looked in the rearview mirror of Adrian's car and saw three black sedans chasing them. Adrian realized the three had been following him since he left the office.

"Who are they, Adrian?" asked Helen.

"I don't know, but from the car they're using. I'm sure they're not ordinary people!" said Adrian.

The 29-year-old man drove fast, passing several cars in front of him. However, the faster Adrian's car went, the faster they did the same.

One of the three chase cars was just to the left of Adrian's car. The glass of the right-hand door opened and revealed a man with a facemask holding a gun.


Adrian's right hand held Helen's body from bending over. Shots were fired, shattering the glass of Adrian's left side door. Feeling threatened, Adrian accelerated his car to its maximum speed.

"They're looking for me!" said Adrian.

"I'd better call the cops," Helen replied.

While holding her cell phone in both hands, another gunshot rang out from behind her. Adrian looked back through the rearview mirror. Three men were coming out of the car; one on the roof and two more in the right and left car windows.

"Helen! Head down--"


Adrian gasped in shock as he widened his eyes to see several bullets pierce the back of Helen's body, leaving her sprawled limply with a mouthful of blood. There was no hope for her, given the sheer number of bullets that ripped through her back and neck.

She died with her eyes open, not saying a single word to Adrian. Adrian's heart was torn by the pain of being left behind by his lover. His body heated up, tense with rage.

Adrian planned to take his car to the nearest police department, but before he could do it, his back tire was blown out by the pursuers' gunfire.

Adrian tried to stabilize the car, but the man had to swerve because he drove too fast.

Adrian's car rolled over several tens of meters after hitting the iron barriers, causing severe injuries to his body and gasoline starting to spill over the area around his car.


"I need to get out of here."

He crawled out with head injuries and broken bones in his left arm and leg. As three black sedans pulled up a short distance away, the men began to get out and approach Adrian.

"Pathetic, Adrian," said a man dressed in a neat suit.

"Luke? What's the meaning of this?" asked Adrian, softly with blurred vision.

Luke began to pull a gun out of his coat pocket, pointing it at his brother's dying head. Adrian looked shocked as he realized Helen's death was caused by his brother.

"Just trying to take over what's mine," Luke said.

He pressed the gun trigger and shot Adrian in the head with a single aimed shot. Adrian died instantly, his head covered in blood, drooping beside his rolled-over and burning car.

"Send my regards to our father, Adrian."

Seeing someone die at the hands of his own brother made Lauriel, one of the Goddesses of Athalaris, feel compassion. She splashed water on Adrian's dead body to revive his soul.

Adrian opened both eyes and realized he was already in a different place, vast with water pools and a cloudless blue sky.

"Where am I?" asked Adrian.

"Your death was tragic, Adrian. I feel sorry for you," said Lauriel, descending from the sky on her wings.

"Is this the afterlife?" asked Adrian. Lauriel was silent as she maintained her smile.

"It's too early for you to arrive in the afterlife. I have a special offer for you," said Lauriel.

Instantly the pool of water that covered the entire place turned into green grass with the appearance of a palace behind Lauriel's back, a typical medieval palace. Seeing everything happen so suddenly made Adrian confused.

"You will be reborn in this world as the son of a lord. There, you will gain powers you never thought existed," Lauriel said.

"Power? Is it some kind of magic?" asked Adrian. Lauriel nodded her head.

Lauriel's delicate hand touched Adrian's forehead, feeling soft and warm. Lauriel cast a power selection spell to implant on Adrian.

[God's Command: Initiate Special Power Selection]

From Adrian's forehead, a magic circle with ancient script appeared that kept spinning endlessly. Adrian remained silent as he felt nothing from the procession.

[Host has been identified]

[Initiate Special Ability Selection]


[You Obtain Manipulation Ability]


Adrian wondered about the meaning of the manipulation power he gained. However, Lauriel had nothing more to say after the procession. She flew backward with both eyes looking at Adrian.

"Go and claim your world." Lauriel stuck out her right hand, creating a hole under Adrian's feet that caused him to fall fast.


Adrian quickly fell from the sky, heading to the same world. Adrian closed his eyes as his body was about to hit the ground. To his surprise, he woke up to find he was in a wooden house with two parents in front of him.

"His face is as handsome as yours," the woman said.

"He also looks healthy and strong. I've already prepared a name for him," replied the man before him.

"Reynald. He is Reynald Heimrich. Our son will make a big change in the Heimrich family!" he continued, holding Adrian, now called Reynald.

Reynald's parents were Vale and Fuchsia Heimrich. Vale was a knight with black hair, judging by his muscular physique. Fuchsia was better at the kitchen than the sword. She is the head chef at Noble Heimrich's restaurant.

They looked young, especially Fuchsia, who married at 21. Reynald being their first child, there was great hope that Reynald could bring change to the Heimrich House.

"Are you done with your business? You have a lot to do as captain of the city guards," said one of the men, wearing silver armor with a sword at his waist.

"I'll be there soon," Vale replied, obediently nodding.

"You'd better go before Lord Starling loses his temper again," Fuchsia pleaded.

"I understand," Vale said.

He said goodbye to his wife and son, leaving the old and dull Heimrich residence with the soldier. Fuchsia began to care for Reynald with all her heart as time passed and Reynald grew older.

Although Adrian lived under Reynald, his memories of being on Earth did not disappear. As a result, Reynald became a child who could write, read and do math at four.

Reynald's interest in magic arose when Fuchsia took him to watch a magic show near the city center. He was fascinated by spells, magic circles, and the power created by magic users.

"Look, Reynald. They can summon magic easily. You can do that if you keep learning," said Fuchsia, whispering to Reynald.

Reynald smiled widely, his heart happy to hear he could be like them. His eyes continued to focus on one of the magic users in the show; he looked skillful compared to his opponent.

[Manipulation Ability Activated]

[Nature's Whisper]

[Initiate Whisper Creation]

[Creation Completed]


[Eliminate him!]

Unintentionally, Reynald uttered the word 'eliminate' in a low sound. The magic user's attention turned to stare at Reynald with both eyes widened. The man saw Reynald's eyes emit red light in the blink of an eye to make him obedient.

The magic-user began to behave more aggressively than before. He launched dangerous attacks intending to kill his opponent. In one of his magic attacks, he managed to win after chopping his opponent's body into two pieces.

Everyone screamed in terror, thinking it was a show, not a murder. The city police arrested the magic user and saw him in a daze after sadistically killing his opponent.

"I never thought the show would be this brutal," Fuchsia said.

"If you want to be a magic user, you must not have that kind of nature. Do you get it, Reynald?" asked Fuchsia, trying to counsel her son.

Reynald gasped in shock with his eyes wide. At first, the magic user was showing magic for the show, but everything changed when Reynald looked into his eyes while saying the word eliminate.

"Did he do it because of my words?"