Chapter 3
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"I think I heard you wrong, father. Did you say that I got a fiance?"

I can see my father release a sigh and say.

"Yes, and I cannot say anything in this matter because this is coming from the king and the duke's house."

"Which one?"

This kingdom has two dukes: The Vermillion Duchy and Yarlan Duchy. They are the rulers of the North and the South.

"Vermillion house. It looks like the king wants to reward us for guarding the east for generations and ask the Duke if he is willing to marry off his daughter to us."

"Just after the Crown Prince canceled their betrothal?"

"I know. This is suspicious, but we cannot do anything about it. It looks like the royal family wants to involve us in their great game after we decide to separate ourselves from that thing for generations."

The Great Game of Nobility is something the nobles in the capital city like to play. They are willing to kill each other to get more power, and not only that, they like to watch the other house crumble under their scheme.

This is the reason why the Gurkan family decided to create a distance between us. We decided to focus on the frontier rather than the central government, where the snakes bite each other. However, it looks like they want to drag us back to the Great Game even when we are unwilling to do so.

"Dammit. I don't like this."

"There's more."


"At the word of the Duke, the king will give you a title and land for marrying the Vermillion family. You are now Viscount Verlon, the first of your name, and now you are the ruler of Verlon Viscounty."

I can only smile bitterly at that news. I have been training and learning how to be the lord of the Gurkan family, but they rob it from me. I live in the modern time and don't really care about that title, but it still stings when it is robbed from me.

It is like someone gets promoted because of their connection rather than you, who works really hard for that position. Its sting.

"I know what you feel, my son. I'm angry, furious even. However, we cannot do anything about it for now. While you have a different family name now, you are still my son, and I will still love you."

My father hugs me, and I can hear the door open up. I look to the door to see my mother and little brother standing there with their eyes full of tears.

Before I can do anything, both rush toward and hug me, they continue to embrace me for a couple of minutes before they release their hug.

"Your father is right, Terrion. We will be still your parents and you will be still our son."

"En! You are still my best big brother."

I smile at them and say.

"I know, mom, dad, brother. I will always be your family, even when I no longer have the family name. Thank you for being my family and taking care of me."

"Don't worry, son, as your father, I will ensure they get what they deserve."

"And as your mother, I will help your father. We might not be joining their so-called Great Game, but that doesn't mean we did not know how to play."

"En! I will grow stronger and smarter to help you, brother!"

I cannot help but smile at their care for me. I will not say I had a bad family in my previous life, but they were never there. My father and mother in the previous life care more about their work than me. They still send me money for me to live a comfortable life, but they never play or tell me a story.

They never once abused me but were also never there for me.

I'm glad to be reborn into this world and have this family.

"Don't worry, mom, dad. You don't need to make an enemy of the other noble house just for me. I will try my own happiness and you don't know that my soon-to-be wife will be a perfect match for me."

I smile at them and then kneel next to my little brother.

"Harun, you don't need to do anything for me. I'm happier if you grow strong and lead our family into a greater future. Don't do it for me but rather do it for all of us."

After saying that, I get up and pat him on the head. I look at my father and say.

"So, where is my new territory?"


My father quickly returns to his office table and takes something from the drawer. My mother, brother and I sit on the couch, and I see my father put a map on the table. He put his finger in the area to the northeast of our territory.

"This will be your territory. Do you remember the conflict between the Yarkas Kingdom and us?"

"Yeah. The war started a few years after I was born, right?"

"That's right. To sue for peace, the Yarkas Kingdom decided to give us territory. To this day, that territory is without a lord and now it is yours. Sadly, the territory is in ruin. The only reason why a group of bandits does not rule that place is that the temporary governor of that place manages to hold the place…. Barely. This is another insult to us from the Royal Family."

My father shakes his head and says.

"Anyway, you don't need to worry. I will make sure to send some workers to help you rebuild that place. I will also hire some magician to speed up the process."

"Thank you, Father."

"Don't worry about it. You are my son, and I will ensure all of my children have a bright future. Luckily, the royal family is kind enough to send you some gold as a gift for a new noble. However, the amount was suitable for a new Baron rather than a new Viscount. Another insult to us. The more I talk about them, the dirtier I feel. Tch. We really need to teach them a lesson or two. Maybe I should ask Duke Vermillion to create an alliance to make the Royal Family life a hell. Yeah… Let's make them suffer."

Yikes. I never thought I would see the day when my father had that kind of expression. He looks like someone who is plotting the destruction of the entire kingdom.

"Fufufufu, dear~"


My father snaps from his thoughts and looks at Mother. She also has the same expression as him. Her smile looks beautiful, but I can feel it radiate malice instead of kindness.

"You won't mind if I join your plan?~ I have a few ideas in mind~"

And now both of them are plotting together with that creepy smile on their face. They are truly matches made in heaven. I can only sigh and decide to take my brother away from this room before the aura they release can corrupt my innocent brother.

"Come on, Harun. I think we should get out of this place."

My sweet brother only smiles at me and nods his head.

"Yes, brother!"

He smiles brightly at me. Yeah… I will make sure he keeps his innocence intact for a little longer.

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