Chapter 5
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I look at my fiance, and I must say that she is beautiful. Her black hair with a bit of red makes her unique. Her red eyes that shine with intelligence and hidden power melt any man. The only thing I can think of is her smile. She needs to practice it more often.

"And that is the last of it. I'm sorry for the short tour, my lord, my lady. We just finished fixing the mansion."

"This place has been broken before?"

"Yes. If we do not fix it, I can predict it will fall on its own in a couple of months, a year at most. The Construction Mages that come also agree with me."

I can see Lord Vermillion frown, and he clenches his fist tightly. I see. My father is right. The Vermillion family is not our family. They are also the victims of this game.

"Anyway, we have arrived back at my office. I have a feeling that you want to tell me something."

The red-haired man nods his head and says.

"Aye. Let's get inside."


We get inside my office, and the servant who is already waiting for us prepares some tea. When I sit in front of him, Lord Vermillion quickly says.

"What do you want to do to make sure this place prosper?"

I look at him for a few seconds and say.

"First thing first, food. This place did not have a stable production of food. I need to introduce a new type of plant that can grow in a place like this. I have something in mind as I read it in the book but I don't know how to get that kind of plant."

The plant I have in mind is the Potato, the miracle plant that can give humans the nutrients they need to survive. I would prefer to get the Sweet Potato as well, but I'm good as long as there is a potato.

"What kind of plant is that?"

"It is something called a potato. It is something I read in the book. They are coming from the northern continent. They are tuber plants that can grow in harsh places like this place."

I can see Lord Vermillion thinking deeply. His wife also has the same expression. However, what catches my eye is Elizabeth. The longer I talk, the more uncomfortable she becomes. Does she want to go to the toilet?

"Lady Elizabeth?"

"Eh? Huh? Ah, please call me Elizabeth, Lord Terrion."

"Then please call me Terry. That is what my family calls me. Anyway, are you okay?"

"Eh? I'm fine, Terrion-I mean Terry."

"Are you sure? You are fidgeting for quite a while."

I can see her hesitate for a few seconds before she takes a deep breath and says.

"Does that plant look like this?"

I blink for a second when I see her hand disappear. A second later, I can see it is back, and I see something in her hand. What she is holding is a potato.


"I have a blessing called [Pocket Farming Dimension] where I can buy seeds and plants from across the world."


"Yes. Not only that, but this blessing also let me start a farm inside this dimension where the plant's growth increased by a hundred times."

"A hundred?!"

"Yes. Sadly, I can only bring one person aside from me into this place."

No. That is already a lot. A hundred times boost in growth can let us feed the people. By providing the people with some food, we can gain their loyalty.

"No. That is more than enough. I will help you do the farming."

"What? No. You are a lord."

I look at Lord Vermillion and say.

"Yes. I'm a lord, and Elizabeth is a lady, my future wife. If she goes there alone and works for this territory, I cannot face my ancestors. If he is working on the farm, then so do I. If I can, I don't want her to work and let me do all the work but I have a feeling that she will not let me do that."

When I see her, Elizabeth looks like someone who does not want other work for her. She is the person who will take care of the problem herself and never ask for help. I know what kind of woman she is because my mother is the same as her.

She is a hard-working woman who does not want others to help her as long as she can do it alone.

"And you are right."

Lord Vermillion sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose tiredly.

"She is just like that. Too stubborn for her own good. Anyway, I will not forbid you from doing that but make sure no one knows about you doing some farming. As lord you need some pride in you and farming is not something a lord should do."

I nod and say.

"Of course, lord Vermillion."

"Good. The first step done, what is your next step?"

"The next one will be a guard. As much as I want to hope the other king will not attack us, we know it was naive thinking. They will attack us sooner than later, and we need to prepare. I don't want to quickly build up an army as the other noble will have negative thoughts about me. I'm thinking of a couple hundred soldiers to make sure the territory is clean from bandits and maybe ten mages if I can do it."

"Two hundred soldiers and ten mages, huh? That is a good start. Good. Anything else?"

"Trade route. I need to create a trade route between this city and the other. To make this city grow, you need money and a trade route is something we need."

Lord Vermillion nods and says.

"And how do you want to do all this?"

"That is the thing I'm currently thinking about. A trade route between Verlon Viscounty and Gurkan County is necessary because we are a neighborhood. I can think of a couple routes between Varlon County and Vermillion Duchy but I need to ask permission from the noble between our two territories."

"Send them to me later, and I will make sure the other noble accepts your proposal."

"Thank you, Lord Vermillion."

"Don't mention it. We will soon be family; I want the best for my daughter. I know you will care for her, but if you decide to hurt her…"

He looks at me and I can feel the entire building start to shake. I can see an aura surrounding him that looks like fire. His red hair now raises and he looks more like a demon than a human.

"I don't care what will happen to me but I will kill you no matter what. Do you understand?"

"Of course."

He takes a deep breath, and the heaviness is gone.

"Good. Now, let's have some sparring. I need to know if you are good enough to protect my precious daughter."

Urgh. I know this will suck.

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