Chapter 3
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Let's summarize everything I know about this world, shall we?

First, I'm in a world where there are a shit ton of buildings.

Second, Going towards the ground using the stairs will not work. Why? It's because they're barricaded... if not, protected.

Third, on the rooftops of every building, there are some rope bridges. Those bridges serve as a way for someone that wants to hop buildings.

Fourth, in this world, there are a lot of guys that roam around while wearing some sort of white mask. What do they do? Well depends on what kind of mask they wear.

As far as I know... smiling masks are the killers.

Expressionless ones are... friendly? Not sure, but they don't attack and give supplies.

About the Sad ones... well, they're like an area boss. They are equipped with high-caliber weapons but will not attack unless provoked.

Fifth, I'm not alone. There are others like me. They're also trapped in this world. I'm pretty sure they are called... Survivors? I don't remember.

Sixth, there's probably some kind of weapon in every building. Every Building has a different kind of weapon. I don't know the exact detail about this one tho.

Eight... Uuh, I think that's it? That's all I remember. I know that there's still a lot to it and that I forgot many things already, but that's just all I can remember for now.

Oh well, I can surely figure out some things later.

What's more important right now is for me to survive this hell...



You might be wondering what I'm doing right now.

Well, I'm searching for something. For what?

Well, for anything useful. I'm just wondering if I can find something in this little room I'm in.

But mainly, I am searching for weapons.

It doesn't have to be an actual weapon though, it's not like I'm hoping for an AK to suddenly appear in this room, but not like I'll mind if that happens.

But I'm more into something that I can use as an improvised weapon. Even a blunt metal rod will do... but sadly, I didn't find such a thing.

All I found here is nothing but books, chairs, and tables. There are some other things too of course, but it's not even worth mentioning.

Well, that leaves me no choice but to, of course, go to the other rooms. It's risky I know, but I also know that it will be much more dangerous if I stay here for much longer, so I better take my chances while everything around me sounded peaceful still.

"... Alright let's do this," I said as I walk cautiously towards the door.

I armed myself with a single pen, ready to plunge it into someone's face just in case the genre changed to horror and jumpscare the living sh*t out of me.


I slowly twist the handle and open the door. I opened it slowly and stop when I already have a small gap where I can have a clear view of the hallways near me. Just to see if someone is nearby.

"... seems clear."

After seeing that both sides are clear and no Guys that like to murder people while wearing masks are nearby, I finally proceed to go outside the room I was in.

"Alright, let's do this."

I said as I slowly made my way toward the nearby room while making sure to be as quiet as possible.

And there, my search began.


It's been a while now since I started my search. And with that, I can proudly say that I gained quite a haul...

I'm kidding, it's not that many but you could say that it is quite useful, at least for my current situation.

It's also a good thing that I didn't see or encounter any masked guy while I'm doing my thing on this floor.

What? About the sledgehammer-dude that I saw?

Well earlier, my curiosity got ahead of me so I decided to follow the blood trail he left behind, which is a pretty bold move for me and a risky one at that. But that doesn't matter since I'm still in one piece, what's more important is the information I got from that.

What is it?

Well, I managed to find out that he is currently not on this floor.


Well, the blood trail I followed led me to the stairs. So I'm pretty sure that wherever he is going earlier, that is not on this floor. Maybe upstairs or somewhere.

But yeah, I didn't act recklessly after knowing that since that masked individual might come back anytime soon, but at least I managed to find a breather and relief while doing my searching. So overall, it's a good thing.

Oh, I also got curious as to where the blood came from, the one that is dripping fresh on that dude's sledgehammer earlier. So with that, I also followed the blood trail on its source, and by doing so, that leads me to a certain room on this floor.

Of course, I already know what I will see inside that room. So I strengthened my will before going in since I'm not gonna lie, it will be the first time that I will be seeing a dead body. I mean I already saw some in the funerals back in the day, but those dead bodies have their limbs completely intact or don't have any of their guts dangling outside their body. So this will be a new case for me.

So as I go, a disgusting and weird smell immediately hit my nose. I also saw the gory sight inside the room.

It is just like what I expected.

Inside, one can see some parts of human bodies scattered around. Some arms there, some brain matters here, and a couple of guts over there. The amount of splattered blood on both walls and floor is immeasurable too.

Yeah, it is a really gruesome sight to see. Not all can stand and witness that kind of sight, even me actually. This is too much.

I almost puke immediately after I saw that. I don't want to look at it, I want to just go outside and close the door, forget everything I just saw. But... I know that I have no choice. I need to do what needs to be done because, inside, I might see some weapons or anything that can be useful.

Judging from the sight I saw, a fight must have happened inside the room, so the percentage of me finding a weapon there is really high.

So a couple of minutes after that, I finally resolved myself and make my first step inside.

But I gotta admit, it took me a while before getting used to the sight, so I can probably say that I'm not that disturbed anymore while looking at dead bodies. If more, I'm just disgusted, both by the sight and smell. But it's not enough to make me run back or turn my stomach upside down, so it doesn't matter.

As I walk inside, I scanned the whole room.

It's quite hard to count from the outside but by looking closely, I managed to count the exact number of bodies inside the room. It's a total of six bodies. All of them are male. 5 look like nothing but normal civilians, and the remaining one is... A masked guy. It's a masked guy for sure.

How can I tell? Well duh, since he is wearing a mask. It is broken, but there's no way that I won't recognize that thing.

Inside the room? Well, to begin with, I'm not quite sure what kind of room is that.

It is nothing but an empty room. There's nothing in there but dead bodies, so other than them, there's nothing for me to look at.

And since that's the case, I decided to start my own thing too.

Oh well. Time is gold.


"... Well, I guess this is all of it."

I am currently in a room that looks like a storage room. I found this room earlier while I'm roaming around. The fact that this room has no large windows and has a steel door makes me immediately think that this is the perfect hideout. I mean, a perfect Temporary Hideout since I'm not actually planning on staying here. I just need some safe place where I can gather and sort the stuff I managed to collect.

And so I did as right now, I'm currently sitting on the floor while facing the things I collected through all the rooms here. Yep, through ALL the rooms.

As I said before, it's been a while now since I started my search. Given the time that passed, I already saw and search every available room on this floor, and the items in front of me are the things I managed to find useful.

A ball pen, A mug, A guitar, A screwdriver, Some kind of thin metal rod, And the last one, a ragged rope


"I mean, just look at the bright side, it's better to have something on you than go out there empty-handed." I comforted myself as I look at the God-killing weapons in front of me.

Yeah, these are the only useful things I managed to find.

"... besides, we still have this," I glance at the backpack beside me.

This backpack? Well, I found it laying around inside that bloody room earlier.

Oh yeah, about that bloody room. I'm pretty sure that you're curious about what I found there. Actually, the things in front of me are not all of them.

Well, explaining what I found and what happened there is a bit... I don't know, a hassle? I'm a bit too lazy to explain it so, I probably need to just pull a flashback on this one.

Yeah, let's do that. FLASHBACK! I CHOOSE YOU! GO!

~Intermission SFX*



Hi, Hiro here. Oh don't mind me, Right now, I'm just stripping off some dead bodies, pweh nothing much.

Actually, this is the last body that I need to check. The rest are already stripped naked, if not then just quietly laying down on some random spot.

I didn't manage to check them all tho since two of these people are so messed up, their bodies are almost nonexistent. I don't have the audacity and will to even get close to them, much more rummaging through them. So no thanks, unless they have some bazooka inside their body, I'm out.

"... Tch. This one has nothing on him," I said as I finished checking the last body.

"... *Sigh* This is disappointing. Oh, my cursed luck."

Yeah, I'm a bit depressed. I'm expecting to gain something good in this room, but the expectations vs reality are really strong on this one.

I'm expecting to find at least a knife, I got a screwdriver.

I'm hoping to find a Rifle, I get a... Well, I did see a Rifle, BUT IT'S SMASHED IN HALF.

What am I gonna do with that?

Why can't they just give me some Excalibur right off the bat? Make things simple won't ya?


Well, most of the things I found here are either f*cking broken or just trash.

But hey, my luck is not that bad. I still found something good.

At the very least, I found a gun. A pistol to be exact. A pistol that has a silencer attached to it. But here's the catch, me finding that pistol seems to drain my remaining tiny luck.

The gun is light, really light. It's not as heavy as I was expecting it to be. But it was not that long until I found the reason as to why that was the case.

It only has one bullet left. Yeah, the mag in it is almost empty.

"... Why even bother?"

But I just accepted the reality, it's not like I can do anything about it. At least I have a chance to fight someone at a distance. A single chance that is.

If I miss that single chance, I'm good as f*cked.

But anyway, I also found a bag. It doesn't have any weapons in it, but it has some food and water, half bottled water to be exact. Yeah, enough to make me survive for at least two or three days if I just do nothing and hide.

But there's no way that'll happen.

Also, one can probably see that I'm currently wearing a different set of clothes.

Yeah, I managed to get this from one of the dead bodies here.

Hey, it's not that disgusting alright.

The owner of these clothes was only shot straight in the head, so it doesn't have any blood splatter or holes in them. So it's perfectly clean. It doesn't smell either.

It is also comfortable and moving with this is much easier compared to the School Uniform I'm wearing earlier. It fits me perfectly too.

And the most important part, since it is quite baggy, I can now hide stuff in it without being too obvious. So overall, It's useful and I like it.

I guess that's all I managed to get in here.

It's not that many, but definitely much better than the one that I will probably get in the other rooms on this floor. So I say that this is a win situation.

"... There's nothing for me to find here. Alright, let's go and check the remaining rooms," I said as I stuff all the things I got in the backpack and leave the room.

I'm still not finished with the things I needed to do. I'm not an expert, but by just looking outside, I know that it will not take long before the night comes. I need to get out of here before that happens.

That's why I need to hurry up.

~Flashback Ends~


Oh hello there, it's me, Hiro, again.

While the flashback is going on, I already did all the stuff I need to do.

I already weaponized the stuff I found, sharpened everything that needed to be sharp, and transform the things that needed to be deadly.

Just kidding, I just took them the way that they are. I only sharpened the thin metal rod and that's it. It's not like I can do something more, like transforming a flashlight into some Light Saber.

Well, as I said, I finished the things I needed to do a while ago, and now, I'm already outside the room, ready to engage the enemies. I already took my things and stuff them all in me. Some go to my backpack and the things that I need to have immediately when an urgent thing happens, go to my jacket so I can pull them out quickly.

Now that I look again at myself, I don't look like a man, hiding some applianc- I mean, deadly weapons inside his clothes. The only thing that can be seen in me is the strapped guitar in my bag and the dangling coffee mugs on the side of it.


But before that, I need to find some assault rifles first.

I'm currently in front of the stairs which can lead me upstairs, or to the floors below me if I want to go there. But I prefer the first one, cause there's no reason for me to go down.

Especially now...


... that an urgent situation came up.

It was so urgent that I immediately run upstairs once I heard it.

Yes, I heard something. A scream. But not just any scream, it's a scream of a "GIRL" asking for help.

I'm no hero, in a normal situation, I won't do something like this. But the chance of me getting myself some personal heroine is sending some chills down there on my... Spine.

So, with the pure intention of saving someone that's calling for help, I ran.

I'm totally not doing this just for the sake of getting laid, it's just pure goodwill. That's just it. Nothing more nothing less.

"... Wait for me my lady, Justice is coming."