Chapter 10
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I counted the overall number of zombies who flooded the room... and managed to get a whooping eight zombies.

Eight Zombies who I have to kill right now and cannot leave this place unless I do so cause of Shizuka-sensei.

"Goddamn. Much more than I expected."

Obviously, I am quite shocked by the number cause I expected less. Given that in the Anime, as far as I can remember, they only showed 4 or probably 5 of them.

"Oh well."

But as much as I want to procrastinate right now, I pretty much know that I have no time for that. Literally, cause the zombies in front of me are seconds away from getting a piece of this juicy meat of mine.

Though, fighting all eight zombies at once sounds easy only on paper. In reality, given how unnaturally strong and extremely unpredictable these bastards are, fighting all of them and eventually winning without getting bitten is almost impossible.

With what I have in hand right now, coming out of here unscathed is a pretty hard feat.

That is... if I decided to fight all these guys, all by myself. But what would I do that?

Can't forget that I have someone here to help me.

"Wha- what do we do?! They're getting close!"

The other student here with me, whose name I don't know, exclaimed while holding a broom as a weapon. ('cause I took the metal pole from him). And obviously scared cause we are getting cornered as moments pass by.

"Calm down. I have a plan."

Now this very student is currently my hope. With his help, the chances of me getting out of this place alive increase exponentially.

"... R- really? What is it?"

Oh, but I did not mean it that way.


What I truly mean by 'getting his help' is actually...



Kicking him toward the horde, making more than half of them distracted as I deal with the rest who unfortunately resisted his charms.


Well, as much as I want to reprimand him cause of his furious gaze, which is pretty rude and offending, I have no time for that as I would need to quickly deal with the three zombies who ignored him and decided to come for me instead.


Wasting no more time, I quickly grab the metal pole beside me and swung it toward the head of one of the incoming zombies.


To which, with a boom, knocked that particular zombie toward the floor. Now whether I killed that zombie or not, doesn't concern me for now. I can just do a double tap later anyway.

What's more important right now is for me to cancel the momentum of the attack so I don't get overwhelmed by the three.

Well, it's a good thing that the first zombie who lunged at me has a pretty good amount of distance from the other two behind him, giving me enough space to prepare a response attack.

But that said distance between the three isn't really that exaggerated, there could only be so much of it given how small this room is. That's why the moment I dealt with the first zombie, the other two behind it immediately lunged at me with no delay, almost at the same time at that.

And since that is the case, I immediately prepared for impact.


As one of them lunged at me, I quickly raised my arm in order to block its mouth, making it bite the books who was wrapped around my arm instead.

"RAAAAA- aaughh~"

As for the other one... Well, I managed to keep it at a distance by thrusting my metal pole toward its chest, preventing it from advancing toward me.


After this, I took a breather and look at my current situation. Well, I'm currently being pushed against the wall by two zombies who are much bigger than me, cornered with no escape, but hey, I'm surviving so far.

Besides, it's not as bad as it looks.

But it will be if I stay like this for much longer than I already did, that's why after making my breather, I immediately took my next actions.

Now in order to get out of my current state, I decided to push one of them, the one I'm currently keeping at bay with my metal pole, away. I did that by thrusting my metal pole forward.


Making that zombie stumble backward. Also freeing one of my arms in the process cause I had to let go of my steel pole that got stuck in that zombie's chest.


But that doesn't matter anymore since now that my other arm is free, I immediately took the sharpened screwdriver from my pockets...


... and then quickly plunging it right into the head of the zombie that was rigorously eating the wrapped books in my arms. Killing the guy instantly.

"Oh no you don't!"

Now, as much as I want to, I have no time for another breather.

""Grrrrr ~""

The two zombies who I knocked and just knocked are currently in the middle of getting back up. I had to deal with them before any of them could do that or I might get pinned to the wall again.

That's why after dealing with the book biter, I immediately run toward the two fallen zombies, stomped them back to the ground, then quickly plunged my screwdriver into their heads.

Making a quick work out of them.

Now my only problem is the remaining five... which are still busy for the time being.

"AAAUGGH~ augh! aah!"

Not gonna lie though, as much as this guy irritates me with his hated gazes, I admit that he's doing a great job of keeping them off me as I dealt with the rest.

He has my respect for that.

Now In order to show my appreciation for his commendable sacrifice, I also made quick work with the remaining five who were busy biting the hell out of him.

Finally freeing the guy from his misery. Well, he still looks pretty miserable but at least, not as much anymore.

"... YOU- *couch's blood* You~ fucke-"


He was about to say something but I immediately stopped him... by covering his mouth with a tattered cloth.

"Don't worry, I understand."

Looking at how hard and traumatic it must have been for him, he probably wants to be free of the pain he's feeling and rest already. So with a nod of respect, I raised my trusty screwdriver and was about to plunge it right into his temple... giving him one quick death.


But I stopped midway cause just as I was about to do it, the door of this room slammed wide open.

And a certain girl with purple hair and a wooden sword entered.

Right after that, she scanned the entire room, as if looking for someone.

Then... obviously, since I was the only one here in the middle of the room, our eyes met.

Just for a moment though cause she immediately breaks contact and glances at the pile of zombies on the floor.

"HMMP!!! HMMP!!!"

Then at the poor individual below me who started quivering again the moment she entered the room.

Well, she has a pretty questionable gaze the moment she saw what was happening between the quivering guy and me... and I can't blame her for that.

But as obvious as it is, I have a pretty good alibi.

"... He's bitten."

After I said that, she immediately looked at the bloodied clothes of the quivering guy and saw the bite marks all over them... then to the screwdriver at my hand.

"I understand."

"... You don't have to worry about this guy. I'll deal with him."

"What about Marikawa-Sensei?"

"Oh, she's right there at that corner. Hiding."

I pointed at the spot where I made Shizuka-sensei hide earlier.

"I see. Thanks for protecting her."

"No problem... Can you get her for me?"

"... Of course."

"Thank you."

After that, she just walks past us and heads straight to where Shizuka-sensei is hiding.

"... hmpp~! HMMP!"

Ignoring the quivering guy beside me... which made me laugh for a bit.

"... Well, she's more interesting than I thought," I muttered to myself

No matter how hard she hides it, she clearly knows what's happening between the quivering guy and me, there's no way she wouldn't. She's not that dense, no one is.

But even though that's the case, she decided to ignore everything and just ride my little charade. Acting as if she did not notice anything.

Well, no one can really blame her for doing that. This is a dog-eat-dog world after all.

Unless you have plot armor, being a Justice Driven individual doesn't really help you survive in this world.

Just like the quivering guy below me who's not quivering anymore.

He probably realized already that there was no more point in what he was doing anyway so he just accepted his fate.

Though the hatred in his eyes while looking at me is still there. Which in response, I gave him my most harmless smile and one last parting words.

"Sucks to be you."

Before I drive my screwdriver right into his skull.