Chapter 12
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We killed all the zombies within the faculty area and save Kota and Saya. Yes WE, I cheered for them that counts.

After that, we introduced ourselves to each other, finally making me an official part of the gang, at least I hope so.

Then, well... there's also that drama right after that, which is so cringe that I rather not talk about it. I'm just purely glad that I managed to survive that one.

But in any case, we are now inside the faculty office after all that shenanigans. Chilling.

We all decided to rest here in the meantime since, why not? We have been running and fighting this whole time ever since the outbreak happened with little to no rest. This couple of minutes of rest, we pretty much deserve it.

Plus, we need to plan our escape here... or at least that's what they said we needed to do.

Obviously, I know the future, and I know what's about to come to some extent, so my plans were already established before this whole thing even started. I already know my next actions from here on out. If more, what I need right now is preparation than planning.

But of course, they don't know that. And unlike me, they know nothing about the future. So this planning, as a group, we seemed to need this. That's why, given how stupid some of their takes are when it comes to our current situation, and it's making my ear uncontrollably twitch, I just let them be.

Let them speak all their given dialogues first and when they're all done, that's where I'll come in... or at least that's what I planned to do.

Cause in the midst of their planning and info dumping, Saeko kept glancing at me with an expression that said, "Aren't you going to say anything?" which, I pretended not to see. But I seemed to have greatly underestimated her patience cause only a few glances later... she exploded and finally said it out loud.



"... Give us your opinion."

Obviously, I was pretty surprised. Didn't know that she was that impatient.

"Oh, well..."

But of course, I immediately regained my composure and give a reply. I don't want to keep her hanging, don't I? Not now that I was forcefully dragged into the spotlight and everyone is now looking at me, wondering what I would say. It's not like I can still ignore her at this point.

So, even though this is not what I planned, as per Saeko's request, I finally voiced out my opinion.

My Opinion about the things they have been talking about throughout this whole time.

"... It's just a waste of time isn't it?"

But, for some reason, my opinion was received quite badly by the gang as almost all of them, other than Saeko and Shizuka sensei, started frowning at me. Hmm, I wonder why is that.

"HUUH!? Waste of time!? You say that when all this time, you a-"

"Wait, Takagi."

Obviously, if someone is going to react first, then it's gotta be Saya the tsundere 'genius', whatever the fuck that means. But, as she was about to continue exploding, thankfully, someone stopped her.

But to my surprise, as unexpected as it is, the one who stopped her from going all out is also one of the guys who frowned at me, Mr. Main character, Takashi.

"WHAT!? Don't tell me that you're also siding with this guy!?"

"No. But at least let's hear what he has to say."

After Takashi said that, Saeko immediately followed up... leaving no room for Saya to react.

"... That's right. Hiro, can you explain to us why you said that?"

"Hmm... it's as I said. It doesn't really matter what exactly those things are, or where they are from. Thinking about the current situation in such a manner is nothing but a waste of time. They are monsters, zombies. They bite people and turn the bitten into one of them. We blow their heads, and they die. That's all we need to know, and that's enough for now. About the government and the world, do we really have the luxury of time to worry about them?"

"Then what do you suggest we do." Rei, who's been quietly sitting at the back this whole time, asked a question... which I am so glad to answer.

"Well, we ready ourselves to leave this place."

"And how exactly would we do that then??" Saya, the tsundere genius, asked in probably the most sarcastic way possible, which... made me chuckle and shake my head for a bit.

"Something's funny?"

Her provocations are so petty it's almost cute. Making me want to tease her more. But I stopped myself from doing that as I get to the matter at hand.

"Getting out of this place is pretty simple actually. But, you see, our original plan, the reason why we came here in the first place, is to get the keys for Shizuka sensei's car and use it to get out of here. But since there are so many of us already, I think we need a much bigger one now... right?"

"Then how about the micro-busses used for field trips?" Saeko thankfully suggested the exact thing I want her to suggest.

"Yeah, they are still there at the parking lot." And Kota followed up, confirming the existence of the said bus from the window he was looking at.

"There we go! That's the plan then. We take the keys, we walk towards the parking lot, take the busses, then zoom out of this place. That easy."

"Walk? Do you think we can really just walk there?" Takashi asked

"Well, yeah~. Given that they are blind and only rely on hearing, we can just lure them out of the way by creating noise in an opposite direction. Unless someone is stupid enough to shout while we are doing that then, we are pretty much good."

Obviously, there are also some instances that for some reason, the Zombies still know your position even though you are not making any noises anymore. As if you are marked already the moment you create a single sound.

But that doesn't matter for now. This theory of mine, which came and was proven in the anime, will do fine for now. About the problem of the zombies, well, we can just worry about it later.

Anyways, after that explanation of mine, more followed. We all started discussing to ourselves about some other stuff. Well, 'other stuff' but it's mostly about our plans for leaving this place really. Like strategies, what is the quickest way to the parking lot, what we do after we escape, etc.

Also, as our talking goes by, the frowning and sarcastic tone between Saya and Takashi seemed to have disappeared as well. They probably realized already that I spit nothing but facts and started to take my opinions more seriously. Well, Saya is a tsundere character so I can't really do much about her attitude but at least I can talk to her now without getting insulted.

That's a development right there. One step closer towards my goal.

In any case, our little discussion didn't last for a long time as we decided to finally end it after a couple of minutes so we can start preparing our things.

Now, moments later, when we are all finally done, we started gathering in front of the door, holding all the things that we need to hold.

In short, we are now ready to leave this place.

"Now that we are about to go out, I want you guys to be clear and remember our plan well. We go out of this place, find a safe place, then secure ourselves first. After we have done that, then we can finally worry about our family. Useless worrying won't help us survive here. We can worry later, for now, let's cooperate to survive. Did you guys get that?" I said out loud while holding the handle of the door.

Upon seeing that all of them nodded to my question, I immediately unlocked the door and grip the handle... but, as I was about to open the door, my head perked up. I suddenly remembered something. One crucial thing, and the exact reason why the escape of this group in the canon, got exponentially harder.

So, I look back to the group once again, though I'm mostly looking at Takashi, and say...

"Also, while we are out there, remember, make sure to lower your voices. Do not, for the love of god, SHOUT. Okay?"

Well, I asked them a question, but I did not really wait for their answers cause right after I said those words, I immediately swung the door wide open.

Initiating the start of our escape.