Good Idea
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“Whozzat?” Renard asked, glancing over at Dane's phone. The Wolf was running a paint-roller sized lint roller over the couch. It was a picture of Dane and the Dragonkin in an uncomfortable selfie. The red-haired boy had his arms crossed and was only hesitantly staring up at the camera while Dane hovered a hand over his shoulder.

“Roy. My 'roommate.'”

Renard kept rolling, but flashed a looked of surprise. “How'd you swing that, bro? You don't even go there. Not really.”

“Yeah, I dunno either. Maybe there's something else going on? The school is weird. Weirder than we could've thought. It's not just some enforcer daycare. Turns out they just let students run wild in there.”

“No rules?” Renard tore off one off the pages on the roller after it was too covered with fur to work any longer, then he kept going.

“There's rules, but they seem arbitrary. Everyone just does their own thing. I somehow got into classes. Maybe got an in with this hot milf and her nephew. Dragons.”

“Dragons? You sure this's a good idea?”

“If we're just going off good ideas, I shouldn't even be there to begin with.”

“Oh, true! What about that Beastfolk girl? You talk to her or see her around?”

“Nah, haven't mixed with any of them yet. Just the dumb elf.”

Renard seemed disappointed. “No problem.” His ears drooped sadly.
“Wish I could go to school.”

“What do you want?”

“I dunno, bro. I just wanna have a piece of this too, you know? And she was-” The wolf was cut off by Dane's phone ringing. He looked down to see the screen change to the image corresponding to who was calling. It was the Elf girl, squatting and flashing dual peace signs.

“Gotta take this.” He answered on the last ring.
“What's up? I'm busy.” Dane lied.

“I just need a little something to get me through a study session, Dane.”

“You sure? This's a bit more than is necessary to ween you off of the stuff.” Dane flashed Renard a cheeky smile and a wink. The Wolf stifled a chuckle. He waited through a long pause.

“I know...” Dane visibly counted down on his fingers.
“But-” In response to that 'but' coming through on speaker, Renard flashed an excited thumbs up.
“It's not that bad, right? I can take a bit here and there and not have it control me. I mean, it feels good and doesn't mess me up as bad after and there's nothing wrong with just feeling good, right?”

“Can't argue with that logic. Sounds like you know what you want and what's good for you, so I wont deter you any longer. You wanna meet up?”

“Y-yeah. Do you need some time to get it together or-”

Dane stared down at a table stacked with leftover merchandise. He huffed. “Well... It's gonna take me a bit to gather the ingredients and make it, but you did give me something nice so for you, I could probably have it ready in an hour.”

She breathed a sigh of relief that came through the receiver. “You're the best. I'll meet you soon.”

“Oh, about payment this time.”

“Huh? Payment?”

He smirked and turned up the volume. “Yeah... You know what I want.”

There was another long silence, then. “I am obsessed with your cock, daddy. I want to come down there and just to worship your dick, Dane. Can I suck it when I get down there?” She sounded stilted, but it was what he wanted and the nerves she had over saying it almost made her saying it even better.

“Damn... You mean it? Maybe I should be asking you to pay me.” He joked.

“The hell? No way I-”

Dane clicked his tongue. “Doesn't sound very 'cock-worshiping' of you, Eriel.”

“What do you want from me? I'm not stupid...” She groaned.

“I just want you to commit to the role and take your free drugs like a good slut.”

“C-commit?” She gulped.
“But it's just a role, right?”

“I dunno.” Dane laughed.
“Maybe you don't actually need what I provide all that much, after all. Good for you!” He hung up.

Renard lifted his thick brows. “Wazzat a good idea to hang up like that? What if she doesn't call back?”
“This is why I'm in charge, Renard.” Dane waited and after a few seconds he got another call. The Wolf shrugged and went back to rolling.

“H-hey? Dane? “

“I get what you wanna say. I'll get you what you need and we can talk about it then.” He offered slyly.

“You really are the best.” She stated before hanging up.

“Why didn't you take advantage when you had her against the ropes like that?” Renard asked.

“Because, dear brother, when her brain is soft from the hit, that is the actual best time to start pressing her on details. And as of right now, all she knows is that I am being nice to her. A proper gentleman. Anything that I've done so far can just be read as me protecting my own interests.”

“Woah, smart.” Renard complimented.
“Yeah, I dunno about any of that stuff. You hungry? I could put a few steaks on and there'll be less fur in 'em now.”

“I'm good. Free food at the Academy for students.”

“Sounds nice. Can you bring me a doggy bag? Curious what their food's like.”

“Lunch tomorrow. I'm on a tighter leash now. Can't leave after dark.”


Eriel injected the vial and rapidly slumped down. Her eyes became unfocused and her plush lips became painted with a dopey grin.
“You wanted to talk to me about payment?” Dane brought up in a strategically clueless tone.

“I did?” She seemed amicable to remembering, even though she had no idea what he was talking about.

“Think about it.” He prompted her without offering too much more. He granted a few keywords that her brain could latch onto.
“Worshiper, payment, lust...”

She furrowed her brow. “Didn't you mention something about-”

“YOU brought up something about-”

She continued as though nothing had happened with a short nod. “I brought up something about?”

“You were thinking.” Dane smiled.

Eriel shrugged. “I was thinking...” The elf climbed onto his lap and draped her arms over his shoulders. Her stared into her deep blue eyes.
“I should be like... Paying you.”

“Ohh.” Dane feigned remembrance.
“Is this about how YOU mentioned that your cock worship of me wasn't an act?”

“What?” She looked confused.

“Didn't you-”

“Ah, I see where you're mixing things up.” Dane slapped his forehead and used his other hand to slide her further up onto his lap until both their torsos were touching. She shimmied up to help unconsciously. He could already feel her wetness through his pants.

“Where I'm-” Eriel tilted her head on confusion, her cute ears bouncing at the tips as she did.

“I brought up how I only wanted it to be a role you play. But you insisted-” Dane made clear, intentional moves to position her in a particular way. Her arched his lap up and let his bulge press into her sex through her panties as he spoke. The objective was to stimulate her and active her pleasure receptors while he spoke.

“Insisted it's real...” She moaned, beginning to grind on her own.
“Totally real, daddy. I was thinking, like, why don't I just become your cock-worshiping cunt for real and have that work as payment. Then I thought-” She grinned lewdly as Dane drew his cock from his zipper, opening her up to grind on that directly instead of the bulge. She gasped happily and continued.
“I thought- I thought I should be PAYING you for this shit, it's so fun!” She paused and pursed her lips. Blushing deeply she stared into Dane's eyes and begged.
“Y-your cock. I want it inside, Dane...” She gasped.
“Fuck I'm so horny, is this the drug?”

“Drug? Haven't given it to you.” He chuckled.
“I'll get it to you once we're done talking, alright?” He was conversational. Lying was like second nature to him.

“Eh?” Eriel held her head and tried to control herself, but ultimately failed and continued idly grinding back and forth over Dane's hard member.

“That's impossible, I remember-” He stared at her incredulously. Her face became bright red. She held her head and looked to be losing it.
“N-no way... I'm-” As Dane refused her any ground at all she cracked, her lips curling up madly. She removed her hands from her head and her face and excitedly claimed.
“I'm so in love with you!” She admitted.
“That's what this is...”

“You act like this whenever you're around me, for sure.” He lied.
“It'd be off-putting if you weren't so cute.”

She seemed orgasmic. The drugs were making her incredibly horny, lovey and sensitive. But she no longer knew that.
“Dane said I'm c-cute.” She gasped.


Roy walked in on something he should not have. The Dragonkin was sweaty and pumped from practicing, only to arrive back to his room having forgot he had gained a roommate.
“It smells like-” His ears immediately twitched and were overcome with the sounds of moaning and mewling. He took a few steps in and saw an elf bent over his bed. Her legs were curled up tensely as Dane fucked her with an extremely large, engorged cock. Around her thighs, stuck in her garters were already a few condoms that were full of seed. Evidence of past lovemaking over HIS bed.
“W-what the hell!” Dane looked over and shushed him. He held up one finger as he pumped into Eriel one last time, cumming and filling another condom.

“No more space, babe.” He claimed, handing it to her.

“I-I'll keep it in my mouth for the new picture.” She offered, turning around and spreading her legs wide on the bed. She was still leaking juices onto the sheets, even if Dane wore a condom. She held the newly filled rubber in her cute mouth by biting down on the opening. Roy was stunned, but he was even more stunned as the moment Dane clicked a picture of her he threw his phone down, closed the distance and shoved his member base-deep into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back as he held her like that for just long enough that she was about to pass out, then the boy drew back slowly and released the gasping elf. He made sure to do it in clear sight of the Dragonkin for maximum effect. He was not sure what effect that was going to be, but it was going to be fun to find out, he decided.

“Alright, you're good to head back, Eriel.” He gave her rear a tap as she straightened her skirt to hide the condoms and tossed the remainder into Roy's trash.

The Dragonkin gulped and waited and watched as the girl passed him. All he could think, all he could ask was.
“A-are you secretly a huge ladies man!?”

“Not secretly...” Dane was surprised the toned twink had nothing to say about the bed or the use of the room. He was ready for it.

“That was Eriel, right? Do you think you could have her introduce me to Maria?”

Dane laughed. “Who?”

“She's friends with Eriel. They all hang out.”

“Which one? Sword girl or the Beastfolk.”

“Sword girl, I guess? She's human.”

“Got it... You like her?” Dane asked. Roy offered an excited nod.
“Guess I could help you out...”


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