Day2b Being Flexible
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"Here we are." She leads you through a doorway into a room that feels somewhat spacious.

"Good to see you here 53! Welcome to my classroom."

"Ah, well... glad to be here I suppose."

(Doesn't sound like anyone else is around, am I the only student in this class?)

"I'll leave you to it, I'll be back to pick you up when the class is over."

"Oh, umm, alright..." (Somehow I was assuming she'd stay with me.)

"Don't worry, she's a nice lady and will take good care of you while I'm away."

"Indeed, there is nothing to fear."

(I suppose she has other stuff she needs to do so it probably can't be helped. And the teacher does sound nice and welcoming even if I'm still assuming she believes in some weird stuff.)

"Uhh, okay." You hear Nina walk out and close the door. (Just me and her now.)

"Umm, are there other students?"

"Yes! But they'll be coming later I wanted you to come in a bit early to get a better feel for you." (Oh, what exactly does that mean?)

"For now take your shoes off, you'll want to feel the ground under your feet." You do as told, crouch down and remove your shoes but aren't sure where to place them. She notices and takes them from you and seems to place them near the entrance.

"And now come here and sit down." She takes both of your hand into hers and walks backwards pulling you further into the room.

She brings you on top of a soft mat and sits on it making you follow her down and cross your legs as you sit on the mat.

"Now relax, listen to my voice and do what it tells you to do and I should be able to get a good feel for your aura."

She says while continuing to gently but firmly hold both of your hands.

"Uh, okay."

(Aura? Is she serious? In case she is I suppose I should just do my best to play along.)

"Slowly take a deep breath, just like that, hold it for a bit and now breathe out."

"Breath in... Hold it... Let it out."

"Breath in... Hold it... Let it out."

"Now as you continue doing that roll your shoulders gently forward and then back."

"Turn your head from side to side, bringing your head toward your left shoulder, and then toward your right shoulder."

"Let your muscles relax. Now as you continue to relax focus on showing me your aura, focus on who you are as a person and then show that image to me."

(Uhh, alright.) You try to focus on being open to whatever way this person would sense your aura and allowing her to see yourself and get the vibe for what kind of person you currently feel yourself to be like. You aren't sure it's working.

"Wonderful... I see that you'll do fine in my class, you'll easily be able to enjoy things and without worrying about it. You'll focus on feeling your body and listen to what you're told to do."


The door opens and after a while you hear people walking into the classroom.

"I should go greet and check up on the other people coming in and then get ready for the class, you should focus on breathing and relaxing as much as you feel comfortable with while I do that."

"Mmm." You express your understanding and do as suggested.


As people keep coming in and form up you realize you're at the front where you'd expect the teacher to be.

"Like I mentioned last time this is that another student, going by 53, who will be joining us starting today," The teacher says as he walks back to you. "as he won't be able to see"

"I'll be guiding him along physically as needed so"

"this time he'll be showing the poses I'll be telling you to do."

(Oh my, I guess that explains why I'm at the front.)

"You should do your best to memorize names of each pose so that you can follow along without needing guidance."

She says somewhat quietly to you.



"Now let's get into it."

"Now, let's begin with tadasana as usual."

"Place your feet together, draw your belly button in, turn your palms to face forward and take a breath."

You do as instructed.

I wanted to do this bit in more detail and include various images to keep descriptions simple but I kept procrastinating on doing it that way so for now I'll just leave it at that.

After spending majority of the class guiding into you various poses she stops and tells the class to just sit still for a while.

Then she declares the class over.

"I hope you all have a wonderful day, we'll meet again tomorrow."


As the other students leave you're left sitting there.

"As for you, you aren't quite done yet, to make sure you thoroughly familiarize yourself with everything and won't need as much guidance in the future you'll be here for the next two groups I teach too."

"Anyway did you enjoy your first class?"

"Yeah, it was nice." (Her hands guiding me into various poses in particular felt nice. I probably should have focused more on memorizing what each pose was called but I think I do remember some of them.)



The next two sessions go by much like the first one and by the end of it you need barely an guidance for the poses you are able to do.


As the third group leaves you continue to sit at your spot. (I hope Nina comes by soon.)

"That's it for the day. If you've got everything memorized you'll get to do tomorrow's session without as much help. But don't worry if you forget some of it you can come in earlier like today and I'll help refresh your memory."

"In fact I'd recommend you come earlier either way to start the day with some meditation."


"Wonderful, anyway I need to be going now, when you leave make sure to close the door."

"Oh, okay."

You hear her walk out of the classroom. (What's taking her so long? I guess I'll just focus on breathing calmly until she gets here.)

You do so and eventually you hear steps approach and you recognize them to be Nina's and eagerly stand up.

"I'm here, sorry it took a while."

"I hope you don't mind?"

"Nah, not really." (I did think and worry about when she'd come a bit but it's all good.)

"Cool, shall we go?"


She takes your hand and leads you out of the door.

"Oh, right, the door should be closed, the teacher told me so."

"Oh, ok."

She lets go and and you hear the door close.


"So, how was the class?"

"Not bad the teacher was nice and helped me a lot." (Actually, I don't think I heard her name being mentioned at all. Oh well, just thinking of and referring to her as my yoga teacher or instructor should be fine.)

"Cool, I had a lot I needed to do and still kind of do so let's get you to your next class right away." (She's kind of busy today it seems.)