Chapter 8 – Marriage (part 3)
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--- Sylvanus’ pov ---

Not long after that puny human awakened me, another human came by and offered me with something very promising. My eggs were supposed to hatch on their own, but that didn’t happen even after a hundred and fifty years passed by. That human told me that my eggs needed the blood of another god incarnation to hatch and that he’d help me if I played along with them. Considering that one of the eggs cracked when it came in contact with his blood, I came to trust his solution.

Although I found it very annoying that I had to play along with their humiliating game, it was better than risking a battle with two god incarnations who I didn’t even know. I didn’t really understand why they wanted me to help them play the role of the hero, but I couldn’t care any less about silly human affairs. All that mattered was that I’d get to hatch all my eggs after more than a hundred years of sleeping and waiting.

My master would be definitely pleased to hear about it as well.

I laid on the ground peacefully as usual when I sensed something disturbing the wind in the area, and it was nearing me with incredible speed. Closing my eyes, I tried to sense what was coming my way, but I couldn’t see anything. It either didn’t have a soul or it was much stronger than me, though I quickly discarded the second option since that was impossible. Sticking out my tongue, I sensed the air once again and noticed that the thing nearing me wasn’t slowing down, even though it was about to crash into my mountain.

Jumping up, I used WORD magic to create a shield in front of me, realising that the thing was using the same kind of magic to mask its soul. “PROTECT THE EGGS!” I shouted back to the cave as I jumped to the side in a hurry, sensing a terrible power charging straight towards me. The shield I created with WORD magic was destroyed instantly and the thing that attacked me smashed straight into the mountain. There was a short flash and the mountain suddenly turned into a cloud of dust around us.

I used wind magic to blow the cloud away and breathed out a sigh of relief seeing my mate coiled up around the eggs. But as the cloud cleared out, I noticed that her whole side was destroyed all the way to her core. If this attack was bit more powerful, my mate could have died.

“Who are you?” I roared as I started looking for the offender. As the last bit of dust cleared away, the silhouette of a human clad in black was revealed. Although he hid his face with dark magic, based on his body structure I realised it was that boy who woke me up.

“It’s you,” I growled at him.

“How did you recognise me?” he waved his hand in front of his face and removed his mask of darkness. Turning towards my mate, he muttered, “An unexpected obstacle, whatever.”

“Your body structure is the same even if you hide your face, stupid human,” I snarled at him as I walked up to my mate and took a closer look at her. By the time the cloud cleared out, she healed her body completely. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yes, but we should team up against this boy, Master,” she replied. She was obviously my creation, so it wouldn’t be a big loss even if she died, but she grew much stronger during the last two hundred years and was the best candidate to give birth to my eggs. My children would be stronger that way.

“Ah, what a beautiful night this is, it’s full moon,” the boy muttered as he took a deep breath. Still looking at the starry night sky, he asked, “Would you mind telling me why’re you helping those two?”

“Heh, do you think I’d tell you anything?” I showed him my teeth. Humans always flinched when they saw them, though he didn’t even bother looking at me.

Now that I think about it, I don’t even need that other incarnation’s help if I kill this boy. He has more than enough blood to make my eggs hatch!

“You go and leave with the eggs,” I told my mate, but when she was about to move, a giant black box appeared around us, cutting off all of her escape routes.

“If you answer my question, I’ll let her go,” he said.

“If I kill you, she won’t have to go anywhere,” I growled at him.

“Do you think that as an incarnation I wouldn’t have the power to kill her along with your eggs if I knew I was about to die?” he asked with a smile on his dirty face. “By the way, there’s a curse on your eggs.”

Gazing into his eyes, I asked, “What do you mean?”

“Somebody cursed your eggs, though it’s quite old. Could it be…” he started muttering to himself. I couldn’t help but flinch when he looked at me, thinking that maybe he found out the contents of our deal. It was still better to fight this boy alone than to fight the other two at the same time.

“Did I figure it out? Do you need high quality blood to break it? If I could take a closer look at the eggs, I could make sure but I assume you wouldn’t let me. Are you afraid of Leo and Mary? Did they tell you not to tell me anything?” he started throwing questions at me.

“Your stiff stance and your silence is like answering with a yes to everything,” he started laughing.

“Grr- what are you? I can’t let you live another day,” I growled.

“I think I’d have killed you anyway since you’re hard to control because of your pride, but you sided with the wrong people,” he shook his head, ignoring my threat.

“We’ll see about that-” I was in the middle of talking when a mountain sized ice pillar grew out of the ground from under his feet and shot towards my head. Thanks to my reaction speed, I quickly stood up on my hind legs and cut the ice pillar into two halves with my claws. Since I didn’t want him to annoy me with shitty elemental magic, I quickly messed up the laws, making their usage impossible.

I was about to counter attack when I realised he disappeared from my sight. In the next moment, I felt my right arm disintegrating with incredible speed, so I quickly swept towards it with my other paw. The boy jumped back to avoid my claws and then looked at his hand in wonder.

“It seems like traits aren’t as powerful against creatures of your level,” he said.

Looking at my right arm, I realised that he used alchemy to destroy it.

“You… You’re a Blank Alchemist, aren’t you?” I growled.

“Aye, you hit the nail on the head,” he nodded.

Well, next time I’d stop him sooner but my regeneration was my strongest point. By the time he finished his sentence, my arm finished regenerating. I wanted to retaliate but he was quick enough to finish his next spell, which also happened to be WORD magic. The ‘pierce’ word turned into a ray of light and shot towards me with a speed that was impossible to avoid, followed by a cracking sound.

Looking down, I realised it penetrated my chest. “I curse you-” I hoped I could curse at him one last time, but my core exploded before I could finish my sentence. I’ve made a big mistake when I sided with the other two, though I realised it too late. With my core destroyed, I couldn’t talk or move anymore and my body slowly started disintegrating. It was ridiculous that I thought I had a chance against him, his casting speed was way quicker than mine, even while he was talking. I also tried to write the word ‘shield’ while talking with him, but I finished only two letters.

In a minute I’d be no more than a pile of dust. It felt terrible to know that I wouldn’t get to live any longer, but even those thoughts faded in the next moment, along with my consciousness. In my last moment, I saw him finishing my mate and my eggs with a single spell. I could only hope that one day I’d get to see him again and torture him to the death, sadly, I knew I wouldn’t get to see that happen.

Maybe my creator would take care of him.

--- Lien’s pov ---

“So you’re back,” I muttered, feeling him embracing me from behind. His embrace was as gentle and warm as usual, I could never get enough of it.

“Yes, you don’t have to worry about that stupid dragon anymore,” he replied as he started caressing my arm. Happy to know him by my side, safe and sound, I closed my eyes and went back to sleeping. I tried to sleep when he left, but I was too nervous as it turned out. Much to my surprise, it took only about twenty minutes to go there and come back.

Next morning I woke up to a nice smell permeating our room. The curtains were still closed but Seth was nowhere to be seen, which I found a bit weird. I usually woke up when he got out of the bed. The clock on my left was showing that it was 10 a.m, so I really should have woken up when he left. I was about to call out my lover’s name when he appeared in the door with a tray of food in his hands.

“Oh, look who’s awake,” he said with a small smile on his face. His eyes seemed to shine when I looked at the tray, happy to surprise me with something so pleasant. I was honestly left speechless and just kept looking at him in wonder.

Pleased by my reaction, he sat down on the side of the bed and inched closer to me. At first I wasn’t sure what did he make, but I realised in the next moment that it was semolina pudding. He just had to mix the milk with some sugar and semolina and cook it until its texture turned similar to cottage cheese. I haven’t told him yet, but I loved milk and every milk-related product. He also seemed to love milk and his parents often bought it, but I never really dared to drink it, even when he offered me.

There still existed vegetarian beasts, like cows, but only one out of ten stayed vegetarian while the rest turned into predators. Space was also limited in the city and these peaceful cows were worth a lot of money. Naturally, this meant that milk products were very expensive and not many could afford to drink it on a daily basis. The same could be said about every other product that had to do with animals in the past, they were luxury items.

Wheat and other plantations were taken care of by large businesses where a few people cast nature magic to grow the necessary types of plants and then harvest them. By repeating this many times a day, the city had enough supply. It was also one of my lifetime dreams to create safe lands around the city where we could keep many cows and make plantations.

By continuously practising and learning whenever I had the time, I knew I was getting closer and closer to my simplest goals. Soon I’d have the power to make them come true, but before that, I had to fulfill one of the biggest ones.

Marry Seth!

“Thank you,” I took the tray from his hands with a smile, feeling really warm inside.

I knew he could be cold to others, but why the hell would I care about it when he was this nice to me? He had a heart of gold when he dealt with things that concerned me.

“Hahaha, why are your eyes glistening?” he asked, seeing that I was about to cry in my happiness. Years ago, my mother died, her clan took everything from my father, and even refused my existence. Once I started maturing, idiotic people started flocking around me, hoping that they could get into my underwear or that they’d become more popular by being friends with me. The only person beside my parents who ever thought of me as something more than a tool was Seth.

Wiping my eyes, I started eating without saying anything.

“Ah, wait, you silly! That’s now how you do it, I’ve brought both cocoa powder and cinnamon which you should sprinkle on it,” he grabbed my hand. “Also, it’s still hot so you should be careful.”

I had a sweet tooth, so I obviously picked up the cocoa powder and hinted my breakfast with it. Looking at me with an amused face, he picked up the spoon before I could and raised a spoonful to his mouth. After blowing it, he stuck it into my mouth without saying anything. In the end, he fed me until the plate was empty.

Gulping down the last bit, I looked into his eyes and put my hand on his while saying, “Thank you very much. Now could you check my phenylethylamine level? My level of chemical love?”

“Haha, that sounds quite strange to hear,” he chuckled as he closed his eyes for a moment and opened it wide a moment later. Looking deep into my eyes, he probably realised that I knew what’d be the result. “I’ll be honest with you, I’d say it’s unhealthy right now,” he laughed, visibly happy about it.

Leaning closer, I put the tray out of the way and hugged him with all my strength, locking even my legs around his waist. Feeling his arms slowly moving around my back, I felt fluffier than ever inside. Moving to his ear, I started in a low voice, “Did you know that a maiden in love would do anything to get her hands on her love? At least, the one in front of you is that kind of person.”

“Oh? Is that so?” he chuckled.

“This evening will be our honeymoon, right?” I asked.

“Of course, we should get going while we’re at it…”

“Then make sure to remember that tonight I’ll let you do anything. Anything,” I repeated before I pulled back.

He sat unmoving and in silence for a few seconds when he suddenly said, “This feels as if I’ve unlocked an achievement. It could be something like ‘get Lien to do anything for you in bed’. How does that sound?”

Hearing his answer, I couldn’t help but break out in a fit of laughter. I was quite sure that he intentionally ‘ruined’ the lovely mood, especially when I noticed the bulge in his pants. He wasn’t the kind of brick head who would say something like that at a moment like this. Well, I could understand him. He definitely wanted to push me down, but he also wanted to hold back until tonight. In our country, it was customary that couples left for their honeymoon right after the wedding.

Shaking my head, I asked, “By the way, what about the reservation in that hotel? Wasn’t it close to the area where Sylvanus attacked?”

“Oh, right, that’s what made me nervous yesterday. I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you but I forgot. It seems like their hotel was destroyed, so we’ll have to go somewhere else. I happen to have something in mind, but the way there could be a bit dangerous.

“Oh? I’m all ears,” I replied. Nothing was safe these days, so even if it was dangerous to get there, it’d be worth it for me if it was a good place.

“It’s further beyond Sylvanus’ mountain, I spotted it last night. There is a beautiful lake with a smaller island in the middle and its water is as blue as the sky! I’ve never seen water like that, it looked really beautiful,” he started smiling while talking about the place, so it must have been really nice.

“So are you telling me that we should go to the middle of the jungle and spend our honeymoon on an uninhabited island?” I raised my brows.

“Only if you’re interested, but don’t be surprised if SSS ranked monsters attack us,” he remarked.

Smiling at him, I put my arms around his neck, “Well~ you’ve piqued my interest. I’ll gladly accompany you if you want to go there.”

Turning away, he grunted, “Ugh- why are you so devilish?”

“Haha, what are you talking about?”

“Come on, don’t play the fool. You know exactly what you’re doing,” he rolled his eyes, trying to free himself from my embrace. Seeing that I was having fun teasing him, he grabbed my breasts and pushed me back.

“Hyaan~ how wild,” I moaned as I fell on my side.

“You should wear something while sleeping,” he muttered, peeking at my naked chest once again. He’s been doing that ever since he entered the room. I had so much fun teasing him, I could never get bored of it and his ‘punishment’ always felt wonderful so it was really worth doing it.

Scratching the back of his head, he stood up and left in a hurry.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, I’ll find a room where I don’t have to look at a naked beauty like you and still hold back myself,” he replied while showing his back to me.

“You’re cute,” I shouted after him.

“You should get dressed instead. There is a lot to do today,” he shouted back from the corridor.

After rolling around on the bed for a bit more, I got dressed and then went to the living room while looking at the news feed on my phone. I was curious about how people reacted to Sylvanus’ appearance, but what I found made me stop in place.

There were pictures about the destroyed area which I expected, but what was more shocking was a picture made from the top of an intact part of the city wall. Not far away from where the person took the picture, Sylvanus’ head laid on the ground, surrounded by large groups of people, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the slain beast.

Somebody also used earth magic to carve a few words into the ground in front of Sylvanus’ cut off head. For the glory of Light city, it read. Raising my head, I called out, “Seth?”

“Hmm?” he came out of the kitchen, licking a spoon with chocolate on it. Rushing up to him, I took it out of his hand and cleaned up the little bit of remnants while I showed him the picture.

“It was me, but you should always say that you don’t know about it,” he replied through Link.

“Do you know anything about this?” I asked aloud.

“Huh? Isn’t this the dragon that attacked the city yesterday?” he frowned. Considering his reaction, I believed somebody was spying on us, though it sucked that I couldn’t sense it. Well, maybe he was also being cautious, but it was better to be careful than to ruin his plans by making a mistake.

“Yeah, people found it in front of the city today morning, it seems. Didn’t they want to stay hidden? That’s what Cayn said last time,” I frowned.

“Well, they either changed their mind or a few foolish idiots are trying their best to offend a city of god incarnations,” he replied as he took back the spoon and turned around to go back to the kitchen. “Whatever, this just means that I won’t have to bother with that stupid dragon anymore,” he added.

“Hey, wait, what are you doing?” I followed him into the kitchen, dropping the matter at hand. He’d probably tell me about it later anyway.

“I’m making chocolate pudding,” he replied.

“Pudding? What is that? Is it that squishy stuff I licked a moment ago?” I got closer to the pot and looked into it.

“Yep, you just have to mix one spoon of flour, one egg, two to four deciliter of milk depending on how thick you want to make it, and then add sugar based on taste. I know that you’ve got a sweet mouth and so I do, so I made it really sweet! I also added some cocoa powder to make it chocolate flavoured. Did you like it?”

“I don’t know, there was barely anything left on that spoon!” I cried out, even more interested in it after hearing its receipt. Milk and cocoa powder, with components like that, I knew it’d be sweet and delicious!

Raising a brow, he put his finger into the piping hot pudding and then stuck his finger into my mouth. As the sweet food came in contact with my tongue, I reflexively rolled it around his finger and licked it clean.

“Mhh- this is so good!” I shouted, clenching my fists.

“I’m glad to see you like it. I was hoping that I could show you something new in the kitchen as well,” he chuckled.

“What’s gotten into you? Is it surprise day for me or what?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Raising his brows, he asked, “Isn’t it obvious? It’s our big day and since I’m super happy, I’m in the mood to pamper you.”

I often wondered whether he was doing this intentionally or not, but he didn’t seem to realise that all these ‘pampering’ actions made me want to give him my everything. Even now, I started desiring him and wanted to push him down to please him with everything I had. Whether he understood women and knew that we were always hungry for our lovers’ attention or he just happened to be the kind of person I loved, I didn’t know. But I was sure that if he kept these habits, I’d have a wonderful life by his side.

He had always been an attentive person, so I had high hopes for our married life. We had no problems during the last month we spent together and even if it was a short period of time, I believed we were a perfect match.

“Did you know that I love milk?” I asked.

“I wasn’t sure since you always refused to drink it even if I offered it thrice, but knowing you and remembering the kind of faces you made, I always had a feeling that you actually liked it. Am I right?” he started pondering.

“I love it,” I nodded.

“Haha, I’ll remember that. By the way, why don’t you produce milk from those amazing tits of yours then?” he smirked, peeking at my breasts. His gaze seemed to burn a hole through my thin clothes. Well, I wasn’t wearing a bra either and the shirt I was wearing slipped into my cleavage.

“I’m not a cow, I’m not going to produce milk unless I’m pregnant. Also, it won’t taste good, I believe,” I shook my head.

“I’m definitely going to taste it!” he raised his fist.

“Yes, yes, you will,” I waved my hand. “I think I should go and meet up with our parents, I’ll call you when I’m ready,” I added.

“Alright, I’ll be waiting,” he smiled at me as he ran his fingers through my hair.

“Mhh~ I love it when you do this,” I purred like a cat, slowly backing away from him.

After saying goodbye, I left the house and made my way towards his parents’ house. I found a book in my childhood which was about marriages before the outbreak of monsters happened, but I had trouble imagining it. In our present, the fiancée always went back to her family house, dressed up in her wedding dress and awaited the fiance’s arrival. We also had a short ritual which was performed by the couple’s parents or closest friends.

Considering how small families were in our country, the ‘after party’ was just a small celebration of the event. I found it a bit strange when I imagined that everyone in the past held large banquets and celebrations after the marriage and spent thousands of dollars on it. Although most people had enough money to live a simple life, big parties could easily make them go bankrupt. After all, large houses were hard to afford for most people and reserving a place cost even more.

Only noble clans held big banquets to celebrate their weddings. Well, we had enough money to do something like that, but we not only didn’t have enough relatives and friends to invite, we didn’t want to hold a big wedding either. I was perfectly fine with our simple customs instead of the fancy showcases nobles made. Most of them even held small tournaments.

The only problem was that since we lost our house, I couldn’t go back to it, so we used Seth’s parents’ house this time. On the way I ran into many people who were still rushing towards the front gate to see the cut off head of the monsters that destroyed a quarter of the city with a few swipes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about it, but there were more important things right now.

Although I received a few ‘curious’ eyes on the way, nobody bothered me during my travel. It wasn’t that every noble was some terrible lusting animal, I’ve met their counterparts among ‘commoners’ as well. It was just that nobles had more resources and people backing them, so they tended to be a bit more forceful when they really wanted something, or someone…

Ironically, the worst guy I’ve ever had to deal with was a commoner. Some men simply didn’t know how to get closer to women without forcing themselves onto others. Taking a quick look around, I opened the door and entered the house.

Today was a big day, one which I’ve been looking forwards to for years. It was time to make things official!

--- Seth’s pov ---

After Lien left the house, I felt kind of lonely and bored so I just laid down on the sofa and closed my eyes to meditate. I was hoping to see some sort of reaction from the two sides by placing Sylvanus’ head in front of the gate, though I had yet to see something happening. For now, I just had to wait and see what would become of my little game.

About twenty minutes after Lien left, my phone started ringing. “Yo, I was starting to be bored,” I answered the call.

“Already? I left not long ago,” she laughed.


“I’m all prepared, so you can come over,” she said, making my heart race a bit faster. I became kind of excited to see her. I didn’t even know what sort of wedding dress she bought, but knowing her, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a bit on the kinkier side. It was a real wonder, something that was worth looking forward to.

“Do you mind if I just fly over and get there in like a second? I can’t be bothered with the custo-”

“No~ Bear with it and come over normally. I think you’re going to like what I’ve prepared with,” she giggled and then finished the call before I could say anything.

While I changed my clothes to something more elegant, I couldn’t help but sigh. Thinking back to the time I ‘asked for her hand’, I realised it was more like a joke. Although I gave her a ring and all that, I’ve never asked for her hand properly. After making up my mind to fix that mistake once the moment was right, I made my way towards my family house.

Although I took care of Sylvanus, it was only the beginning of something much bigger. I realised this when I killed him because I could feel that I also cut through some sort of connection. It was a one-way connection, and Sylvanus was at the bottom of it. If my senses were accurate and I was right, it’d mean that Sylvanus was nothing more than a clone of a much stronger entity. Well, the thing that created and controlled Sylvanus certainly wouldn’t appear today, so this was the best time to hold our wedding. It was unlikely that anyone would interrupt us.

I wasn’t sure why, but even though I was about to see the person I loved the most and who knew me the most, I was becoming more and more nervous as I neared the house. Upon reaching the front gate, I put my hand on the handle and took a deep breath before opening it. There were tiny white rocks placed on the ground, forming a pathway to the garden behind the house. I followed it until I reached the backyard and found my parents standing next to a white wooden pole.

I found it a bit silly, but its meaning was that our relationship should be as persistent and strong as the laws of nature. Ironically, they weren’t even ‘persistent’ since I could change them any time I wanted.

“Aww, look at our son. Two months ago I was worrying about his life since he never talked about girls or brought them home, and now he’s marrying. Isn’t it wonderful?” my mother said happily to my father as soon as she noticed me.

Rolling my eyes, I walked up to them, “Leave me alone already. I’ve told you long ago that I’m a picky person in various things.”

“Yes, but it was really worth waiting in your case,” she mused, seemingly imagining Lien. Seeing that my curiosity was piqued, she looked at me with a teasing smile as she asked, “Are you looking forward to seeing her? You’ve found yourself an amazing woman, she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“I know,” I shrugged my shoulders, not giving in to her teasing.

“I’ll go and call them,” my father said, but I stopped him by placing my hand on his shoulder.

“What is it?” he raised his brows.

“There is no need to call them. She knows that I’m here,” I replied.

“Oh, you must have told her already,” he caught to his head.

“Nah, I didn’t have to,” I smiled at him. Thanks to Link growing stronger and stronger between us, I could feel her presence even without looking for it.

“Whatever, what matters is that I don’t have to go,” he shrugged his shoulders and stepped back to my mother’s side. A moment later I heard footsteps nearing us, one of which belonged to Lien. Even if I heard only her footsteps, it was enough for me to recognize her. I had no intention to use my mana, but I reflexively enhanced all my senses to take in everything I could when she appeared within my sight.

I could hear her breathing even from ten meters away, which turned rougher and rougher as she neared the corner. She must have been just as excited and nervous as me. Strangely enough, the moment she turned the corner and appeared in my sight, I felt my nervousness dissipating like a fog.

Her silky, dark brown hair was let down on her bare shoulders as usual, though this time a few locks were braided around the top of her head. It was probably my mother’s doing, though I cared little about it since she was beautiful either way. Her dress was a shoulderless one and my eyes were instantly drawn towards her chest. I’ve seen some women in wedding dresses during my life, but neither of them filled out their dress as much as Lien in that area.

It made me want to push my face into them, though I knew I’d have the chance later. Her dress outlined her beautiful hourglass figure perfectly, and to top it all off, its lower half was cut up a bit above her knees. I barely saw a little part of her thighs, but it was more than enough to move my fantasy and make me want to find out what was hiding underneath. Even if I knew every part of her body at this point.

Some areas just couldn’t be explored often enough. Realising that I opened my mouth a bit at some point, I quickly closed it and cleared my throat. My mother was visibly having fun seeing my reaction.

“Don’t be shy,” she whispered behind my back, though I was so focused on Lien that I didn’t even bother reacting to her teasing.

Michael held her hand and slowly guided her to the white pole where I awaited her. Stopping in front of me, she looked up at me with a smile, her hands rolled into balls. She was really the most beautiful woman in my eyes. While Michael proceeded with the ceremony, I continued staring at Lien in silence.

The silence between us felt rather strange, but nice. We were looking into each other’s eyes the whole time and if I had to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to repeat a single word from what Michael said.

“And now, Lien Newin, do you accept Seth Clearfall as your husband?” Michael finally got to the end.

“Yes,” she replied without a shred of hesitation, showing me a big smile.

Turning towards me, he asked, “Seth Clearfall, do you accept Lien Newin as your wife?”

“Yes,” I replied just as quickly.

“You may seal the ceremony with a kiss,” he said, his voice sounding relieved. I didn’t get why was he nervous, it was obvious that neither of us would say no…

Placing my hand on her face, I slowly pulled her closer as I said in a low voice, “You’re beautiful.” She probably wanted to say something since she opened her lips, but I sealed them before she could utter a single word. As I started to lose myself to the feeling, I couldn’t help but push my tongue into her mouth and suck on her tongue with all my might.

Returning the favour, she also pushed her tongue into my mouth when Michael cleared his throat loudly. Both of us were startled awake from our dream-like kiss and opened our eyes to looked around.

“You should do that elsewhere,” Michael said with a frown.

“Why? I had fun watching them,” my mother started laughing.

“Dear, I don’t think that you should say something like that,” my father shook his head.

“Oh, you men are so jealous,” she waved her hand as she turned around to go back to the house. “I’ll bring some champagne, we’ve got to celebrate this!”

We spent about another hour chatting and celebrating before Lien and I said our goodbyes and left our home. When we got to the front yard, I took Lien into my arms and flew towards the place I found last time.

Surprised by my flight speed, Lien gripped my arm and looked down as she shouted, “Since when can you fly this quickly?”

“I’ve been becoming quicker and quicker, though I’m going to reach my limit soon,” I replied.

“Your limit?” she looked back at me and raised her brows.

“Well, the power I inherited has a limit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t become even stronger than my ancestor. I’ll just have to put more effort into training my mana and soul once I reach that boundary,” I explained myself.

“Do you mean you’ll have to… do it more often?” she chose her words carefully.

“Hahaha, that’d be a solution as well, but I didn’t mean that,” I shook my head as I landed on the mountain I cut in two last night. Well, it happened today early in the morning to be more exact. While she was still looking at me, I put her on the ground and then knelt down in front of her.

“What are you doing?” she squatted down right after me.

She really made me want to facepalm, but I just grabbed her hand and said, “Please, stand up.”

Raising a brow, she nodded her head and stood up. The only problem was that her wedding dress was cut up on the front, so the slit was at eye level and upon seeing her sexy thighs, my mind was blocked.

“Seth? Is that why you made me stand up?” she shook her head, noticing that I was staring under her dress.

This time I really facepalmed as I shook my head, “No, I’m sorry. That was my mistake.”

Looking into her eyes, I turned serious as I said, “I’m sorry for doing this only now, and I’m sure that it’s strange after we’ve gone through the marriage ritual, but I still feel the need to do this.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Back then when I asked for your hand, it was more of joke and I didn’t expect that you’d seriously agree. That’s why I’m sorry for not asking this before the marriage, but my mind was too clouded by happiness and I completely forgot about this. That being the case, I’ll ask you once again. Would you marry me?”

Showing me a smile, she started laughing as she replied and pulled me to my feet, “Yes, but you’re really overdramatizing things right now. Still, I appreciate your efforts.”

“I feel better this way,” I smiled at her and then grabbed her shoulders. “Now then, turn around and see where we’re going to spend our honeymoon.”

Doing as told, she gasped a moment later, “This is beautiful!”

Although the mountain was cut in half, we were still at a height of seven hundred meters. We could see the whole valley in front of us, which was a breathtaking place. Small and thin trees populated the whole area, ending in a sand-covered beach around the large lake. Its beautiful blue water reflected the rays of the sun, illuminating the whole valley in its blue light.

Even the waterfall on the other side of the lake which came from a mountain cave was as blue as the lake. The small island in the middle had only a few palm trees on it, but it made the whole place look more cozy. Turning back towards me, she hugged me with all her strength, almost throwing me off of my feet.

“Hoo- what’s it?” I asked as I put my arms around her back, surprised by her strength.

“Thank you!” she shouted with an excited voice.

I started caressing the back of her head as a smile formed on my face. She was worth so much more than that little trouble she brought along with herself. At this point, I was sure that it was the best decision of my life when I took my courage and asked her out. Well, she pranked me a little by refusing it first, but things turned out well in the end anyway. Slowly separating, I took hold of her hand and glided off of the mountain, straight to the island.

“Aaah- this is so beautiful!” she spun around, stumbling and almost falling. Luckily for her, I caught her in time, though the fact that I grabbed her breasts was an unintentional mistake, really.

“You shouldn’t be jumping around like that in the sand while wearing high heels,” I advised.

“I know, I was just really happy,” she grumbled. “Also, you have no right to complain, you pervert.”

“It was an accident,” I replied.

“Do you think anyone would believe that?”

My face twitched as I replied, “For fuck’s sake, I know that nobody would believe it, ever, but it was really an accident. Unlike this one!” I grabbed them once again, this time intentionally.

“Oh, right, do you know of any other similar place?” she asked, not even bothered by my hands. That was kind of crushing…

“No, in case you forgot, I haven’t explored the outside world yet,” I replied as I pulled back.

“This may be a bad idea, but I’d be happy to create a place which belonged only to the two of us, one which wasn’t in a city. Of course, I’ll have to become much stronger to do that, I know, but maybe in the future we could-”

“Sure,” I smiled at her. “In fact, how about we turn this place into ours during the time we’ll be here? Monsters aren’t stupid either. If they know that this place is the territory of something much stronger than them, they won’t dare to come over here. We could also lay formations around the place and create barriers and whatnot,” I said.

“That sounds great!” she cried out. Covering her mouth, she whispered, “Ah, sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I just tend to forget about my surroundings when you’re around,” she frowned, realising that it was a bad habit. It was nice that she believed in me, but she shouldn’t rely on my power too much and become careless.

“Look, you should be more careful, but this is our honeymoon so I want you to go wild and do whatever you want. If you want to shout, then shout to your heart’s content, alright?” I remarked.

“Okay,” she nodded. “Now then, shouldn’t we prepare a place to sleep at for the night? Although I know that there won’t be much sleeping, but you get my point,” she said as she looked around.

Tilting my head to the side, I quickly designed a small house in my mind and then used nature magic to make trees grow out of the ground in an orderly manner. Since my mana pool stopped growing at that insane speed, I finally had some time to practise my mana control and get back to shape. I also made a bed out of leaves inside, though Lien couldn’t see it from outside.

Looking at me in wonder, she stepped into the house and looked around. “Aah~ you even made a kitchen and a table with chairs inside. Oh, and you made a bed of leaves, this looks so fancy!” I could hear her cries of joy. I always had fun listening to her.

Should I get rid of her dress now? I can’t wait to be honest, but I shouldn’t just push her down right after arriving, should I?

“Hey, why don’t you come in?” she peeked out.

“Ah, I’m coming in a moment. I was just thinking about setting up a few barriers around this place,” I replied and then left the island in a hurry.

“I’ll be waiting then!” she waved after me.

I was really terrible, but both my mind and my body was desiring her whole being. She was so lovely she made me want to devour her. Moments like these always reminded me that I was only a simple human, and a perverted one at that. I just had ‘a bit’ more power than most of them.

Once I finished with the barriers, I jumped back to the island. Almost an eerie silence loomed over the area, but it was really the best place to take a breather from our common daily lives. There was no noise unlike in the city and even the air was fresh and clean. Only the water and the trees added some nice smell to it. Taking a long deep breath, I entered the house and looked towards the bed, expecting to see Lien there.

She was sitting there with her knees pulled up, staring through the window, seemingly lost in her thoughts. “You know, I really have to thank you for all that you’ve given me in my life,” she said in a low voice. Turning towards me, she held out her hand, “Come closer, I’m not going to bite, I think.”

“Haha, I may bite back so be careful,” I replied.

Once I took her hand, she pulled me towards the bed and put her arms around my back. Her touch was so pure and gentle, my lustful mood was completely demolished. “I’m sorry,” I muttered.

“For what?” she asked as she laid down and dragged me with herself. She pushed her body against mine and looked into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

“All this time, all I could think about was your body,” I shook my head.

“Haha, and do you think that’s news to me?”

“I guess it’s not,” I grumbled.

“Well, I don’t think other guys would feel different and to be honest, I’ve been struggling myself,” she murmured. Her crystal clear green eyes seemed to glow in the shady house. She seemed to be gazing into my very being with those unmoving, beautiful eyes.

“What are you looking for?” I asked.

“The bottom of your love,” she chuckled, moving her focus to my lips. Looking back at me, she raised her right hand and pressed her finger against my lower lip, “It’s so meaty and dry. I’d love to have a taste of it, I wonder if I should bite it.”

“I’m not against it, though you said you wouldn’t bite,” I laughed as I pressed my finger against her lips, slowly forcing my thumb into her mouth. “Yours are so soft and wet, and red, and seem to be delicious. Do you think their owner would mind if I took a bite?” I asked.

“I think that she’d be happy if you did that,” she smiled back. Grabbing my hand, she sat up and motioned for me to follow her. I let her push me where she wanted and I found myself kneeling in front of her, on the ground. My eyes were instantly drawn towards her thighs and while I was still looking, she slowly opened them.

Raising my head, I looked into her eyes as I reached under her dress and moved my hand until I reached her wedding garter. It was customary that the husband would take it off on the first night of the honeymoon, which I was really looking forward to. She was playful enough to pull it up as much as she could on her leg, so I accidentally touched her pussy when I grabbed it.

“Will you really do it with your hand?” she asked with a smile.

“Hmm~ do you want me to do it with my mouth?” I smiled back, amused by her question. She didn’t reply, but the look she gave me was a clear yes. Leaning forwards, I gave a kiss on her knee and started caressing her thighs. Her unblemished white skin felt smooth to the touch, but once I sank my fingers into her flesh, I was met with some resistance. She had a perfect amount of fat on her body, which mixed with her muscles made a pleasantly squishy texture.

I felt blood rushing my member as my nose caught wind of the fragrance of her skin. For some reason I really wanted to bite her and leave a mark on her body, but I decided against it. Looking into her eyes, I kissed her leg every few centimeters as I slowly moved towards her wedding garter. Once I reached it, I took that silk fabric between my teeth and started pulling on it. Upon reaching her knee, I let go of it and tore it off with my hands.

Taking a deep breath, I put my hands on her ass and pulled her to the edge of the bed. As she laid her hands on my shoulder, I looked into her eyes once again. Looking back at me with a knowing smile, she opened her legs as wide as she could and then leaned back.

“Black? How surprising,” I remarked.

“Well, I can’t really call myself ‘pure’ after doing it so many times with you. I guessed I shouldn’t go for white everywhere,” she chuckled.

“It was a good idea,” I nodded, pressing my finger against her clitoris. Even though I was touching it through her underwear, her reaction was strong enough to make her legs twitch.

“Mhm~ I like that spot.”

Licking her quivering lips, she asked, “How about we do it without using spells? I want you to rely on your own skills this time.”

Raising a brow, I asked, “Please answer me honestly, has it been bothering you that I’ve been using pleasure touch?”

“Don’t be silly, why would I deny greater pleasure? I just want this time to be special. Like my first time,” she shook her head and then started caressing my face.

“Oh, okay then. I was startled for a moment, I thought I’ve been doing something that you disliked,” I sighed out of relief.

“I’d have told you if that was the case.”

Relieved to hear her answer, I buried my face between her legs and took a whiff of her wet pussy. Even with my senses enhanced, I couldn’t smell anything else other than the fluids she was leaking.

“Yah-” she shrieked as she shut her legs, startled by my sudden move.

“Have you washed yourself before you dressed up? I can't smell anything except for what you’re leaking,” I asked playfully.

“Don't talk with your nose in my pussy,” she ignored my question. She probably took a bath before calling me over. Peeking at her face, I grabbed the hem of her panties and pulled it down on her legs. The only problem was that upon reaching her feet, it hitched into the heel of her shoe. Trying to fix my blunder, I was about to free it and then move on, but she put her feet on my chest and kicked me to the ground.

Before I could do anything, she slid down from the bed and seated herself on my chest. “Let’s get this out of the way,” she growled as she grabbed my shirt and tore it off of me. Her fingers slowly moved across my chest and continued on their way through my abs, down to my crotch. Laying down on my side, she stuck her right hand into my pants and wrapped her slender fingers around my member. Her hand was a bit cold, but it started warming up at a quick pace.

Leaning close to my ear, she whispered, “Do you remember what I told you this morning? I meant it, so do you have any special wishes?” Her fingers skillfully danced around my penis, always touching my weakest spots. But what excited me the most were her kisses on my face and her hot breath that tickled my ear.

“Oho~ you twitched in my hand,” she giggled and then gave a small kiss on my face. “Have you come to a decision? I’ll do anything,” she repeated. The only problem with her statement was that I could make her do anything even at other times and we’ve tried quite a lot of things already and had sex in all kinds of places.

Although I couldn’t say I was very interested in it, there was one part of her body that I’ve never explored before. Probably realising where my mind was wandering, thanks to my eyes, she reached behind her back and covered her butt. “Are you kidding?”

“Well, why not?” I laughed.

“I did say that I’d do anything, but do you really want to put it in there?” she asked, her voice a bit shaking.

“Hahaha, I’m not sure myself. I’m a bit curious about what it’d be like, but I’m fine with doing it normally as well,” I replied. Averting her eyes, she took a deep breath and then sat back on top of me. While keeping eye contact, she freed me from my pants and then knelt over my crotch.

“Hyaah!” she cried out as I surprised her with some water magic which I sent up her asshole.

“Damn you, why can’t you warn me before doing something like that?” she looked at me with a frown as she covered her butthole with her hand. “Uww, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she muttered, slowly lowering her hips.

Smiling at her, I put my hands on her waist and slowly moved them down to her hips. Her wedding dress was a bit frilly at some places, but it still felt smooth to the touch. It was definitely a high quality piece which wouldn’t tear easily, not that I wanted to tear her wedding dress. Moving my hands back up to her chest, I pulled down her wedding dress until I could see her plentiful breasts.

The part that was cut up on the front revealed just enough to let me see her pussy and my erect member hiding under her dress. I believed only a few people would be lucky enough to experience a beauty like Lien kneeling over their erect penis, and even fewer would see happening that in a wedding dress.

Showing me a foxy smile, she did something I haven’t ever seen before. She used the muscles in her chest to make her breasts bounce up and down. It was the same as what body builders could do, the only difference being that she had some awesome tits! Pleased by the awesome sight, I felt the need to take them into my hands and reward them for being so wonderful. I was a hardcore breast lover, it was only natural that I fell head over heels for her showcase of… skills.

“Fufu, I knew you’d like it. It seems all that body training has some use even in bed,” she took hold of my member while talking and pointed it towards her butthole.

“Are you sure you don’t need foreplay? I could ease you up a little,” I remarked as I felt the tip of my penis hit something really hot.

Placing her hand on my face, she slowly sat down on my penis until it went all the way in. “This much is nothing if it makes you happy,” she said with a smile. Despite her words, her lips quivered.

“Does it hurt?” I asked as I took hold of her hand. Pulling them back, she leaned on my chest and gently shook her hips left and right, probably trying to ease up. Since she didn’t answer, I used chemical magic to check on her and found out that my guess was point on. Although my member wasn’t the longest, I believed, it was probably thicker than most which was a real pain in the ass right now. Literally.

I’ve never used that magic before, but I decided to make an exception this time for her sake and used ‘Penis Enhancement’. Originally, it was made to make penises longer and thicker, but I used it the other way around to make myself thinner. I found it quite hilarious that it was another rather easily accessible spell which wasn’t even invented by me. I could have bought the scroll for about a hundred dollars long ago, though I didn’t need it since I never planned using it and I found out how to do it myself.

The author of the spell also happened to be a female, which just made things even funnier in my eyes. Well, it came in handy this time, though I used it the other way it was supposed to be used.

“Is it not good?” she said, her voice shaken up, probably thinking that I was going limp.

“It feels good for me, but I used a spell to decrease my size. It didn’t feel good to see you being hurt because of something like this,” I replied. Hearing my answer, she heaved out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve never realised that you’d be so bothered if something like that happened, though you don’t have to worry about that, believe me,” I chuckled as I put my hand on her face. I was quite sure that anything she did to my penis would feel good at this point. If not for my body then for my soul, though I had yet to experience something that my dick didn’t enjoy. The closest to that was when she gently took my member between her teeth and played around with me. It didn’t feel that nice, but it was psychologically satisfying for some reason.

“Of course, I care a lot about your entertainment. It wouldn’t be good if it was only me who felt good,” she replied.

“After saying that, let me ask you. Does it feel any good for you now?” I asked.

Staring at me for a moment, she started laughing, “Haha, I get your point. You won’t feel good unless I do, is that it?”

“Something like that,” I smiled at her.

“Well, it feels comfortable for me and if I mov- ahn~ that’s… pretty nice, actually,” she closed her eyes as she slowly started shaking her hips. I felt her fingers slowly sinking into my flesh as she started giving in to her feelings. She was like a wild cat every time she lost herself to the pleasure.

“It’s rubbing a good spot over th-mhh-” she bit her sentence in half as she took up a rhythm and started hitting the same spot over and over again. Since it looked fucking hot as she was riding on top of me, I used magic to levitate us back to the bed, and then put my arms under my head. I really didn’t want to interrupt her movements. If I had to be honest, her pussy felt better, even if her asshole was a bit tighter. I believed that most men enjoyed anal sex more because it was a showcase of dominance.

In our case, whenever I wanted to do something out of the norm, she always allowed it even if she said ‘no’, which made me care little about this play of dominance. I didn’t feel the need to use her butthole when her pussy was just as tight and it was naturally wet. There were so many small things that made it better than her butt. It was also psychologically more satisfying to dump my load into her pussy.

She didn’t even notice that while she was riding on top of me, I slowly returned my penis to its original size. Having enough of fooling around, I grabbed her waist and raised her up. With my senses enhanced, I timed it so that as I pulled her back down, my penis went straight into her pussy.

“Yahn~” she screamed out, surprised by the sudden switch between her holes. Covering her mouth, she muttered, “You fucking bastard.”

“Hahaha, your shriek was really cute. I wonder if I could make you do it more,” I said with a smile. She was so amusing, even at times like these.

“Jeez, how can you talk so much? You’re ruining the mood every time,” she shook her head. “I was starting to feel good,” she muttered. Looking into her eyes, I sat up and put my arms around her back, my hands on her round ass. I could feel their firmness even through her wedding dress, which made me want to touch them directly.

“Take this off,” I commanded.

Nodding her head, she slowly removed her dress while looking into my eyes. Once she finished, I put my forehead on hers and asked, “Do you want to do it for real this time? Call me lame, but the only thing I ‘wish’ is you, and that you’ll enjoy the time you spend with me. Now that you understand my intentions and you’re done with your ‘You can do anything to me’ game, I’d like to start working on your body.”

“It’s not lame, your words made me happy,” she mumbled. “You could have told me sooner,” she added.

“I’m sorry, but I had fun watching you.”

“Damn you,” she pushed me back down and grabbed my wrists. After placing my hands on her breasts, she put her left hand on my chest and used her right hand to reach between her own legs. Looking into my eyes, she took up her rhythm from before and started playing with herself. The sight was a feast for my eyes, but no matter how awesome it looked, it’d never give me the kind of kick that I felt when I did whatever I wanted with her body.

She loved when I did her wildly and I loved handling her roughly, so I realised that no matter what we did, sex would never feel as good as when I was the one on the top. I wanted to dominate her in bed, push her down, pound her pussy, switch poses as I wanted, and more. That was what gave me that bit of extra that made sex the best with her.

Grabbing her wrist, I pulled her down and made her lay down on my chest. Surprised by my sudden forcefulness, she opened her eyes and looked at me in wonder. Embracing her body, I turned over on the bed and shoved my member all the way inside her pussy. Stopping for a moment, I covered her mouth with my hand and raised my upper body before continuing. As I took control, I felt the usual satisfaction kicking in and filling my mind.

Even her pussy reacted differently and wrapped around my penis with more pressure. I left her no time to say anything as I put my left hand on her thigh and started pounding her pussy. Lowering my right hand, I grabbed her breast and started rubbing her nipple with my palm. Thanks to using pleasure touch on her nipples many times, they became really sensitive. Pleased by my hand, her pussy twitched and latched onto me even more. Sometimes I couldn’t help but think that it had a consciousness of its own, it moved around so much.

“Hyaahn~ what the hell are you doing?” she moaned.

“What? Do you not like it?” I asked with a smirk. She was visibly enjoying it much more than her ride earlier. Her lips quivered as she tried her best to hold back her moans, she was nothing like a minute ago. She looked way more erotic, enough to make me want to fuck her all night.

“No, it’s not that,” she muttered as she covered her mouth and looked at me with upturned eyes.

“Holy shit, you’re so fucking cute. Don’t I have the cutest wife in the world?” I mused.

She kept staring at me for a few seconds until she started blushing and then averted her eyes as she muttered, “Stupid.”

Overcome with lust and excitement, I felt my sperm rush out of my balls and shoot straight inside her wet pussy. We kept eye contact the whole time I was cumming into her, which was strangely more satisfying than most things we did up till now. It was even better than cumming into her while kissing. I was about to use magic to restore my libido, but she put her hand on my abdomen and pushed me back while saying, “Wait.”

Raising a brow, I asked, “What’s up?”

“How about I make you horny instead of your magic?”

Tilting my head to the side, I said, “You do realise that you’re challenging mother nature, right? I mean, I could go again for sure, but I’ll be very sensitive and I don’t think I’ll produce much sperm after busting a load like this one into you. I’m quite sure that it won’t shoot either, it’ll simply flow into you.”

“I’m fine with that. I want to see how far I can make you go without magic,” she smiled at me. As I sat back on my ass and waited for her to do something, I ran my eyes over her naked body. Although I didn’t get excited enough to become hard, I felt something running through my spine just from seeing her.

Laying down on her front, she crept closer to me and kissed my glans without any warning. I was on halfway to going limp, but I felt the flame inside me regain a bit of its light. Pulling her hair to the side, she took my balls into her left hand and rolled her slender fingers around the root of my penis. Looking up at me, she took me into her mouth and started rolling her tongue around my member. Noticing that I was getting harder, I could see the sides of her lips rise a little.

She must have been happy to see that she could arouse me so easily, but I couldn’t help it. She was my type in every aspect and I came to love her more than anything and anyone in the world. She was my soft spot, my weak point. As I was getting bigger and bigger in her mouth, my glans traveled deeper and deeper into her throat. Overtaken by a sudden impulse, I raised to my knee and grabbed the back of her head.

I gave her only a moment to raise her upper body before I started shaking my hips and used her mouth as if it was her pussy. Her eyes opened wide in her surprise, but she still moved her tongue skilfully and continued licking my weak spots while on the move. She became much more experienced compared to her first time, enough to make me want to bust my load into her mouth. Of course, after cumming once, I was still far away from my second load.

I thrust my penis as deep as I could before stopping in place. Lowering my left hand, I wrapped my fingers around her throat and gently caressed it. As I started moving once again, I could feel my penis moving inside her throat, even with my hand. Raising my right hand, I ran my fingers through her silky hair and then grabbed it. While looking at her beautiful face, I slowly pulled her head back on my cock and then let go of her hair.

The sight of her mouth filled to the brim with my penis looked so hot that I considered doing only oral sex, but I decided against it since her pussy felt even better than her mouth and I still wanted to please her. It was also a lot of fun to see her reactions during sex.

Her saliva covered my whole penis and slowly flowed towards my glans even after she separated from my cock. Just knowing that it was her saliva that flowed on my penis, aroused me even more. Licking her pink lips, she sat up and spread her legs as she leaned back. Looking at my shiny penis for a moment, she looked back at me and smirked.

“What a self-satisfied face,” I chuckled.

“It wasn’t even hard to achieve, darling~”

Shaking my head, I leaned forwards and put my hands on hers, my face only an inch away from her. “What do you think, why’s that?” I asked. Her green eyes burned like a fire as she gazed deep into mine. Without saying anything, she spread her wet lips and pressed them against mine. Only a few seconds passed and she couldn’t bear it any longer and pushed her tongue into my mouth. She loved french kissing and so I did. It was simply amazing.

While I became more and more excited thanks to her greedy kissing, she embraced me and pulled me even closer to herself. Separating again, she whispered into my ear, “I want you so much, so…”

Moving back, she motioned with her eyes downwards. Following her intentions, I looked down and saw her spreading her pussy. She was such a lewd girl, I loved it! As I looked back up into her eyes, she added, “Please?”

An unbearable hotness flooded my whole body which made me pant like a dog from the excitement. Grabbing her thighs, I thrust my penis straight into her hot and tight pussy. She stayed in her half-sitting position as I started pounding her, still looking out for her weak spots.

“Haahn-” she breathed hard, biting her lower lip. “You’re so hard, I love it,” she whispered into my ear and followed it up with a short chain of kisses on my ear.

“Our leaf bed will be soaked in your pussy juices if you keep leaking this much,” I remarked, excited to see it myself.

“Who cares? Just don’t stop. I’ve been on the edge all this time,” she started shaking her hips, matching her pace with mine. A few seconds later her pussy contracted and gripped my penis with all its strength. She came quite easily despite that I wasn’t using pleasure touch, so she must have been really aroused.

“Already? I’m still far from cumming again,” I smirked.

“Oh? Are you provoking me? Your magic isn’t going to save you this time, dear,” she replied. Leaning closer to my ear, she whispered, “I wonder for how long can you withstand my pussy.” Her voice tickled my very existence.

“Do you think I don’t know why you slowed down? Your glans are sensitive, right? I bet you’re having trouble doing me hard like usual,” she continued as she moved her hand and took my balls into her hands. “It’s fun to play with them.”

“You were wrong about that, dear. You’ve trained my penis quite a lot, you know?” I smiled at her as I started moving once again. Pushing her down, I turned her to her left side and put her right leg on my shoulder.

She suddenly turned silent and turned towards the window. I could feel her pussy twitching and gripping my penis with even more strength from time to time, always followed with a load of her pussy juices. Once I made her cum, it was always easy to make it happen another time. She was very sensitive and I also happened to know all her weak spots.

“Haahn~ for fuck’s sake, this is so good,” she cried out, cumming once again. Reaching under her armpits, I raised her up and put her in the window. It was no accident that its height was perfect and I could reach her pussy while kneeling on the bed. Realising this much, she started, “I can’t believe you- ahn~”

I pinched her clitoris in the middle of talking, interrupting her little speech. Grabbing the sides of the window frame, she leaned out and closed her eyes, giving in to the pleasure. The light shone on her chest and lit up her whole body, making it easier for me to see the place where we were connected. The sight of my cock going in and out of her always looked amazing, I could never get bored of it.

Raising my right hand, I ran my fingers up on her front and took her left breast into my hand and started rubbing her nipple with my palm. Thanks to using pleasure touch, she became really sensitive even there. Lowering my left hand, I pinched her clitoris and started playing with her without slowing down.

“Ugh, you’re so tight,” I couldn’t help but remark.

Raising her head, she looked at me and showed me an incredibly lewd face, almost making me cum on the spot.

“Haahn~ why are you slowing down?”

Uh, shit. She’s way too hot. This is so unfair, why can she keep cumming and enjoy being fucked?

Gritting my teeth, I stopped caring about it and picked up my pace. Feeling my sperm building up, I pulled her out of the window and pushed her face on the leaf bed with her butt sticking into the air. After slapping her round ass, I watched it bouncing for a moment and then continued pounding her as quickly and skilfully as I could.

Turning towards the window, I noticed a long trail leading to the leaf bed where the leaves were glistening in the bit of the sunlight that entered the house. Grabbing a handful of those pussy juice soaked leaves, I sniffed them and then pushed them under her face.

“Talk now,” I remarked, satisfied by the results.

Turning to the side, she started grinning, “Haah- It was worth riling you up, I’m having a great time.”

“Well, I can tell the sa- uh… I’m going to cum.”

“If you can hold out a bit longer, we might be able to cum together,” she panted heavily.

“I’ll try,’ I said through gritted teeth. I thrust only five more times when I felt her pussy spasming and gripping my penis with incredible strength. Crying out in pleasure, she orgasmed on the spot, making me cum instantly. As I continued pounding her for as long as I could, I slowly loaded my sperm into her and laid down on her back, breathing heavily.

It wasn’t that I got tired from sex, it was just that my heart beat so quickly that I felt really hot all over. As I sat down on my legs, she followed me with her butt and sat in my laps, pressing her back against my chest.

Jumping up and down on my penis a few times, she chuckled, “That was great. Now go ahead and use your spells all you want. I want to go crazy.”

“Eh? Is normal sex not even enough for you?” I mused.

“No, I was satisfied, but as you can use spells to return your libido, I can also use them now,” she replied, showing me a smile.

“Have you learned how to control some of your chemical levels? Nice,” I praised her.

“Hehe~ I worked hard, so you should reward me, husband.”

“I will, I will, don’t worry,” I said as I started kissing and nibbling on her ear.

The night was long and the barriers were strong.

We made good use of our time…

--- Five days later, Em’s pov ---

“Hey, is that a house I see?” I pointed at luxurious wooden building.

“What.the.fuck? I can see it as well,” Sean, my friend rubbed his eyes.

“Why the hell is there a mansion in the middle of the forest, so far away from the city?” I frowned.

“Do you think it’s the doing of those common humans?” Sean asked.

“Don’t be an idiot, they’d die in a single day in the wild,” I rolled my eyes.

“That’s what you say, but they must have built their cities somehow, don’t you think?” he raised his brows.

“This is why you should listen in history classes, those cities were built with the help of a few god incarnations else they would have died before finishing their walls. They can at least protect themselves,” I replied.

“Oh, now that you mention it, there was something like that,” he clapped.

“Shh, what if you draw a horde of monsters near, you idiot?” I slapped the back of his head.

“Why would I care? We can just massacre them.”

“Yeah, but I want to see what’s in that house, so could you fucking shut up?” I glared at him.

“Aww, you’re such a meanie, Em,” he patted my shoulder. He was way too carefree sometimes.

Shaking my head, I took a step forwards and hit my nose as I bumped into something invisible. Being one of my most sensitive points, my tears flooded my eyes from the pain.

“Hahaha, you should see yourself,” Sean laughed while pointing at my face. Rubbing my nose, I kicked his leg and then took a step back from the invisible barrier. As my finger came in contact with it, a fog-like wall appeared in a small circle.

Looking at Sean, I tilted my head to the side, “Well, that’s definitely not the work of common humans.”

“Have we just found a treasure trove?” a grin formed on his face.

“Heh, we’ll see, but this barrier is sure as hell isn’t the doing of some weakling. I think I’ll need about an hour to break it,” I smiled back, excited to see what would we find inside.

“So long?” he cried out.

“What? You’ve got a problem? You can do it yourself if you don’t like it,” I snapped at him.

“No, no, I was just surprised. Go ahead, Master Em, I’ll watch your back!” he saluted.

Shaking my head, I chuckled as I got to work. Only a few minutes passed when I heard footsteps behind my back, but I thought that it was Sean walking around in his boredom. Feeling something touching my face, I pushed it away as I said, “Damn it, Sean. I can’t concentrate like this.”

Despite warning him, he still continued so I opened my eyes and wanted to stand up to beat some sense into him, but I was frozen unmoving. I realised that it was someone’s hair that tickled my face, so I raised my head and found myself facing an incredibly beautiful young girl. She probably wasn’t even twenty.

Smiling at me with an annoyed face, she asked, “Would you fucking stop that?” Following her eyes, I realised she was talking about the barrier.

Looking around, I found Sean laying on the ground with a buff guy sitting on his back, waving at me.

It was at this moment I knew, I fucked up.



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