Chapter 2 – A weekend together (part 2)
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--- Lien’s POV ---

Looking at him devouring the food we prepared so feverishly, filled me with a sense of fulfillment. He was so cute when he was being all honest with his feelings, which he was, most of the time. Both of us tasted the food numerous times while cooking, so it was no wonder that he adjusted the spicing accordingly and made it very delicious on his first try. He was truly well versed in the kitchen, which was a plus for me.

When I returned to Eglon from Ushua, I was prepared to see a completely different person and leave my emotions for the old him as nothing but a nice memory. Luckily, he didn't change the ideals he kind of… beat into me in my childhood. I came to be sure of this through the week I spent with him. And one of the these 'ideals’ was that everyone should be able to take care of themselves.

Well, I wouldn't have cared much even if I had to cook for him for the rest of my life, but it’s definitely better this way. Cooking is much more fun if we do it together, after all. If we married, we could go to work and when we got home, we could do the house chores and then have fun together. Hehe, that sounds great! Hmm- but I can’t be sure that it’d really be like that. He could be just showing his better side, for now. But he would marry me and stuff like that, right? Well, he said it himself, though are we going out now or what? I guess we do.

Hehe, but look at him stuffing his mouth~ Should I feed him like in the afternoon? That was a rather crazy idea, but it turned out so well! Though… I can’t even remember the food I ate. Damn it, my brain wasn’t working properly, after all.

“What is it? Did it get on my face?” he asked as he licked his thick lips. I felt like leaning over and biting them, but I decided to let him have his meal in peace.

“No,” I said amused and picked up my fork. I ate rather quickly, but I’ve noticed that he was actually a very quick eater. It wasn’t that he ate like a pig or dirtied anything or something of the sort, he just gulped the food down quickly. I wasn’t sure how did all those forkfuls fitted in his mouth, but he seemed to have no problem devouring it at all.

I was only half-done with my plate when he finished his and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his belly. “Holy shit, this is my new favourite.”

Gulping one, I said with a smile, “I told you.”

“Well, I love meat and up till now, I couldn’t pick between pizza and spaghetti, but this… this tops both of them! I love you so much for sharing this with me!” he blurted out something like that out of nowhere. I almost choked on my food, but I managed to avoid it with a small cough.

“Was it cold while being naked, after all? I hope you didn’t catch a cold because of me,” he murmured.

Biting my lips, I replied, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing like that. It was just a small cough.”

“You sure?”

“Yes…” I rolled my eyes.

“Fine, fine.”

Since when did he become a caring person? And he doesn’t seem to be faking his curiosity either. Is it real? Well, even if it isn’t, I don’t really care. But it certainly makes me feel good to see him all serious about me.

“Are you by any chance… thinking that I didn’t actually mean my questions?” he frowned.

I didn’t even say a word and just kept looking at his face and he came to this conclusion.

I shouldn’t have stared at him.

Since he found me out anyway, I nodded my head. “I think that you meant it, but I’m not sure. I know you aren’t an empathic one.”

“I did mean it, really.”

Leaning back in my chair, a big smile formed on my face, “You know, it makes me really happy that we can talk so openly with each other and don’t build our relationship on the ‘looks’. I’m pretty sure most couples reach this phase of trust only after months or years of being together.”

“Well, you’re to be my wife,” he laughed, scratching his stubbled face.

Clenching the fork in my hand, I felt like leaning over and kissing him in my happiness. “Do you not mind that I’m a bit… perverted?” I looked at him with upturned eyes, trying to look as cute as I could.

As expected, he gaped for a moment without his notice and shook his head sideways, “There is no way I’d mind it, as long as it’s pointed towards me.”

“It is,” I replied. I totally want to push you down on the table and ride you, how is that? No, I shouldn’t say that. Or should I? Wait, I think he’d take me as his dessert instead.

Ah- just imagining it makes me wet!

“Then it just makes me happier,” he mused. While talking, I also finished eating, but I really wasn’t in the mood to move an inch, so I just sat in front of the table and gazed into nothingness. Without saying anything, he picked up my plate and took it to the washing basin. I was about to stand up to help him when I felt something invisible blocking me.

“Just stay put. You seem to be sleepy,” he chuckled.

The next moment I tried, there was nothing blocking me, but I still stayed on my butt. Sometimes I forgot that he wasn’t your average student. Well, power was a nice thing to have, but it never really caught my heart or my eyes. It was just a bonus for me, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe I didn’t care for the riches because in the first half of my childhood I grew up rich, and then turned much poorer in the middle of it which made me learn the value of all the little things I had. And losing my mother made me value strong and real bonds and relationships much more while the shallow ones turned into nothing but nuisances.

Looking at his back, for some reason, I felt a sense of comfort and ease. Although I thought that maybe he was just acting like this since our relationship was new and he wouldn’t be this nice to me in the future, even if that was the case, I was sure he loved me. But truth be told, I loved him as well, so I’d probably bear with much worse things than small problems like those if it meant I could be with him.

Well, I had yet to see his bad side.

As he finished washing up, he turned around and walked up to the dozing me. I really had trouble staying awake. I felt his strong arms sneak behind my back and under my legs. A moment later, I felt a rush of air under me and in the next moment, I felt the warmth of his chest against my right side.

I raised my eyes to look at his face and met his eyes to my surprise. After a few seconds, he stopped looking at me and gave a gentle kiss on my forehead. “Did you do something with me? Why am I so sleepy?” I muttered.

“Nope. Maybe you were tired to begin with?” he thought aloud.

Leaning on his chest, I closed my eyes, “Maybe.”

“Actually, I think it’s time I told you about something,” he said as he started walking. “You know about the seal on my belly. Now, whenever we have sex or even when you were just preparing me for it, it filled my body with hotness and after each act, my mana pool increases as much as the base pool I had before I met you. I wasn’t sure if I should tell this to you since I was a bit afraid that you’d think that I wanted you because of this… but I’m sure you aren’t that stupid, so I told you about it, after all,” he said.

Opening my eyes, I smiled at him, “Girls can feel it when they’re lusted after and yours was pretty obvious.”

“Hahaha, that’s good then, I guess,” he said with a chuckle and put me down on my bed in my room.

Feeling his warm chest separating from my body, I said, “Hey, stay. It was so comfy.”

“Gladly,” he mused as he took off his clothes and then started to undress me. I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to do it now, but I’d bear with it even if it turned out I didn’t. But to my surprise, after leaving only my underwears on, he tucked me under the blanket and crept under it. Embracing me tightly, he closed his eyes with his arm under my head and his right leg between mine. A bit curious, I reached down and found him soft.

“L-Lien?” it started hardening in my hand, so I pulled back in a hurry and shut my eyes.

“I was just… curious,” I muttered.

“Do you want to do it?” he lowered his head and looked into my eyes.

“I had no plans to, but if I aroused you-” I started, but he put his lips on mine and stopped me. He didn’t push his tongue into my mouth like all the time and just kept his lips against mine for a few seconds before pulling back.

“Your touch was a bit dangerous, but I’m in a loving mood right now. I just want to cuddle you, that’s all,” he said and turned off the light with telekinesis. He probably couldn’t see the huge smile that formed on my face, but he definitely felt me return his kiss before I also closed my eyes and fell asleep.

We usually went to bed at around midnight and woke up at around seven in the morning, a bit more sleepy than we were supposed to. But this time, we went to bed at nine, so I woke up at six in the morning, completely refreshed and filled with energy. Since the window was opened the whole day yesterday and the weather had been warm the whole week, I had a wonderful morning in the arms of my loved one.

The gentle wind brushed against my hair while I took in the rays of the sun like some kind of flower.

There was only one problem. I had to pee, but I didn’t want to wake up Seth for no reason, so I had to think of a way to get out of his tight embrace. But his leg was still between mine, his right arm around my back, and his chin on the top of my head. Even if I could teleport short distances with dark magic, there was no way I could get out of this situation without moving him. Only he’d have that sort of crazy control over his spells.

Ah, whatever! If he wakes up, he wakes up! I’m not going to pee myself because of something like that. Feeling it becoming more and more urging, I raised his hand and got out from under the blanket. I returned a minute later with that pressing feeling gone. I felt so much lighter!

Seeing his arm thrown to the side and the blanket raised, I thought of two things. I could either go back and take a quick nap, or I could wake him up in a lovely way. But I knew he had enough sleep, so he’d most likely be energetic even if he woke up and considering that he liked to be productive, he wouldn’t want to sleep for too long. Nine hours of sleep was more than enough for the likes of us. It was too much even.

Rolling up the blanket, I found a magnificent tent. “What an amazing morning wood,” I muttered as I put my hand on his penis and looked at his cute sleeping face.

You’re going to have a wet morning dream~ But I wonder, would he prefer if he woke up to me riding him or if was blowing him? I know that some guys dream of waking up to either or both of these, but which one would he prefer?


If I rode him it’d feel as if I was raping him or something, so I’ll just go with the blowjob, hehe~

“What’s in here,” I mused as I grabbed his pant and pulled it down, revealing his thick and hard thing. The thick smell of his penis hit my nose like a car and filled my mind with nothing but cock. The gentle love I felt for him last night was nowhere in my mind. I desired him, I wanted him to pound me like yesterday because every time I saw him lusting after me, I felt something overwhelming, which just made me truly happy and satisfied.

Well, and the pleasure his thing made me feel was an extra. Okay, who am I lying to? I came to love sex… Aaaah! Stupid Seth! You dirtied my pure love for you! Sure, I prepared for things like these and even found a contraceptive spell, but I didn’t think that he’d actually start lusting after me this much. Am I weird because I’m enjoying it?

Hmph, who cares, even if I am, I’m going to enjoy his attention to the fullest!

Taking off my black bra, I inched closer to his erect penis and coiled my slender fingers around his hot shaft. “You’re burning up,” I said in a low voice, partly hoping that he’d wake up, partly hoping that he’d keep sleeping until the moment he came. Seeing his eyes twitch and his head turn to the side, I knew he was in a half-awake state. Maybe he was dreaming something already, so I quickly got to work and put my lips on his penis.

It was really hard to get it all in my mouth since his penis was very thick. Sure, its length was about average, in case a length of twenty-two centimeters was average, but he was quite a bit thicker than the guys I’ve seen in porn. I loved when he scrubbed the walls of my pussy, it just blew my mind away.

Putting my tongue under the head of his penis, I slowly moved my head towards his root and used a spell to stop myself from choking. It just numbed my throat as long as I used a bit of my mana. Despite my spell, his thick cock just barely fit in my small mouth.

Well, maybe it’s not that small if I can fit you in.

Placing my hands on his thighs, I started caressing them, until I got bored of it and moved my left hand to his balls and coiled my right hand around the base of his penis instead. Since it was getting in the way, I pulled my hair behind my ear and started moving my lips up and down on his shaft, never forgetting to lick the bottom of his glans. Feeling that he became a bit bigger in my mouth and that he started twitching, I decided to make use of something he held dear, my breasts.

Placing his penis in between my breasts, I engulfed him almost completely, only the head sticking out. Being a bit of a rookie, I fumbled around for a few seconds before getting the hang of it. His dick was visibly enjoying its time in my deep cleavage and the soft pressure of my breasts, since as soon as I started moving them up and down, he started twitching.

Knowing that his glans was the most sensitive, and that he wouldn’t cum unless I pleased it, I put my tongue on its lower part and slowly moved up to his urethra. A shudder ran through his legs under my arms, followed by yet another when I took him in my mouth. After getting accustomed to moving both my head and my breasts in sync, I could see Seth wrinkling the skin on his forehead in his sleep.

I was sure I wasn’t doing anything painful, so he was most likely enjoying it. As I looked down for a moment, I could see his balls trembling, so I looked back up, hoping that he’d open his eyes. Much to my happiness, he looked straight at me with his eyes opened wide when I felt his hot and thick semen spurt into my throat and fill up my mouth.

It didn’t have much of a flavour or taste. Surely, it wasn’t something I’d drink or eat normally, but seeing that enthralled face he made every time he saw me drinking it, I couldn’t help but go along with it. It wasn’t like it tasted bad.

As another shudder ran through his body, he instinctively closed his eyes, put his hand on the back of my head, and focused on the pleasure. It came a bit as a surprise that he pushed my head against his penis, making me deepthroat him as he shot his sperm down my throat. I felt his penis soften in my mouth while I tried to deal with the incredibly thick and insane amount of cum that filled up my mouth and painted it white.

Pulling my hair behind my ear, I sat up and looked into his eyes. Although I had nothing to do with noble blood, I was pretty confident in my own body. The other guys were good for something, after all. They gave me some confidence. He kept staring at my face without saying anything or making any movement.

Awawawa, say something! It’s so embarrassing when you just keep staring at me like that, I never know what you’re thinking!

“Your beauty… I can’t comprehend,” he sighed.

Well, now I do. Yay!

Facing him fully, I slightly opened my lips as I looked into his eyes. “Did you like your wake up ceremony?”

“I was having a wet dream with you, or so I thought. Turned out it was real. It made everything much better,” he laughed.

Rubbing my belly, I said amused, “You even fed me~”

Not saying anything, he crept closer to me and looked at my face from up close.

“Look, this kind of staring makes me feel uncomfortable!” I pointed out.

“Do you mean wet?” he pointed at my crotch. Looking down, I realised I was pretty much drenched…

“N-No, that’s because of my blow… job,” my answer turned into a whisper. Unless we were actually doing it, it felt weird to say those kinds of words aloud. Maybe I was just too conservative. This was all for his sake.

“Well, then let me return the favour,” he raised to his knees and put his hands on my thighs, his face only inches away from mine. I felt him force my legs open, letting some air rush in towards my crotch and in the next moment, I could feel his finger tracing the lines of the laces of my black panty. His finger felt soft and caring yet powerful.

He slowly moved from my side towards my thighs, arousing me more and more as I felt him getting closer to that place. Stopping right above my clitoris, he looked into my eyes with amusement, “How do you want me to proceed?”

Biting my lips, I pressed my hips against his finger. His finger brushed against and touched my sensitive spot, sending a wave of pleasure through my spine. Leaning closer, he took my lower lip between his teeth and gently bit on it. I noticed that he liked doing this, but it was turning me on as well. It made me feel as if he was wildly desiring me.

Letting go of my lower lip, he pressed his rough and dry lips against mine, and put his strong arms around my back. Feeling his tongue reaching my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked on it happily. His body wasn’t super bulky like some other guys, but he had quite a bit of muscle everywhere, turning him into a massive person.

I just loved when his strong arms locked me in his warm and loving embrace. When we paused kissing, he pulled back and gave a long kiss on my forehead and murmured while his lips were still touching me, “You know, I really want you to know that no matter what you think, I never said that I loved you because of sex. Those are my real feelings for you.”

“Uhm… did you forget that you confessed before me and not when you pushed me down?” I asked. “It's not like you confessed right before putting it in or something like that, and honestly, I'd notice if you didn't care about me. It's pretty much all on your face.”

“Ah! You're right! I actually forgot that. It feels as if it happened months ago… But spending time with you is fun, so I forgot all about it somehow,” he laughed, scratching the back of his head.

“You can be pretty forgetful sometimes…”

“Not just sometimes,” he grumbled.

“Mhm, you ruined the mood,” I shook my head.

“I’m sorry?”

“You don't, but now I have to clean myself up…” I muttered. Letting go of me, he stood up from the bed and stretched his muscular body.

Ah, those lines of muscles. As I imagine them holding me down and… Shit, if this goes on I’ll get horny.

“Could you get dressed already?” I said, biting my lower lip.

Turning around, he looked at me with an amused face. “Did you know that when you're horny, you often bite your lower lip?”

“I think… I noticed,” I mumbled.

“Hahaha, I love you,” he gave another kiss on my forehead and then dressed up. Fully prepared, he left my room.

I felt a bit conflicted because we had only this day left together in the house and yet we had sex only once. At first, I wanted to use this time to the fullest, but the mood just wasn't right after what he said. But truth be told, I believed we shouldn't have sex because nobody was here and we could do it anytime, but because we wanted to do it. And the main problem was none other than Seth's loving attitude. Since last evening, his lusting eyes seemed to disappear and got replaced with pure love.

I was fine with that as well, but I felt a bit worried. Would he look at me like that all the time from now on? Even if I was called a pervert, I would want to have sexy times with him. And clearly, that look in his eyes was obstructing me. I had to get rid of it, at least for today!

The best way to do that should be to seduce him. Hehe, I know all your fetishes-

Wait, what if they changed since then? No, that's no good. I better check his browser history, I might find something.

Proceeding with my plan, I snuck into his room and turned on his PC. Unluckily and as I expected, I couldn't find anything. He was a maniac when it came to hiding tracks.

I was sure he had some porn somewhere, but if the extension was removed from the end of the full filename, the video wouldn't be listed. He taught me that, so he was most likely still doing it. Even if I searched *.mp4 or any other format, nothing came up, so I decided to believe in myself.

I knew he loved black lingeries combined with stockings and high heels, so if I wore them and showed myself in front of him, he’d definitely fall head over heels for me. Yosh, it’s time for action! Hmm- or not. I’ll do it a bit later. It’d be weird if I showed up right after a ruined mood.

“Asterisk dot mp four, p.o.r.n.” I was kicked out of my thoughts by his voice. Raising my head, I realised he was spelling the elements in the search bar.

I froze on the spot.

Shit. What should I do? How deep is the shit I’m in? Will he think that I was trying to look him up and get rid of his collection? Assuming he has one… Or will he-

He put his hand on the backrest of the chair and turned me around with it, interrupting my thoughts.

“Can you explain yourself?” he asked with a different smile than the ones I’ve seen before. Lowering my eyes, I found his hands resting on the armrest, so I was completely cornered with no way out. This was an interrogation, no, an execution!

“This… what if you just forgot you’ve seen this and I’d do the same?” I forced a smile onto my face.

“Hmm, that’d go against my principles.”

“Damn your principles.”

“Hahaha, sucks for you, but if it makes things easier for you, I’m not angry or anything. I’m just,” he paused for a moment and tilted his head to the side. “Curious. Curious to find out what made you look for porn on my PC,” he chuckled.

Pressing my fingers against each other, I murmured, “I was just curious about your fetishes and wanted to know if they changed since childhood.”

“Wait, what? I’ve never thought about it before, but how come I told you about fetishes when you were just a kid? Not to mention that I was one as well. It makes no sense to me,” he frowned.

“Uhm- You don’t remember it? We were watching the TV at that time and you kept switching the channels looking for something interesting. It happened at that time that you accidentally switched to a porn channel and although you quickly switched to the next one, I’ve seen it as well and thanks to my curiosity, it led to a small sex-related talk… In fact, you were the one who gave me sexual education,” I replied, remembering more and more about it.

“Eh? There was something like that?”


“I didn’t do anything weird to you, right?” he asked, visibly panicked.

“Ah, you dirtied my body,” I posed. Seeing that he was about to explode, I started laughing, “I was just kidding, you moron. You didn’t do anything.”

“Haah, okay then,” he sighed out of relief.

“But I’m curious as to why you had knowledge about it at that age. I mean, you even told me about different hymen types and whatnot. That is most likely weird,” I said, turning the table on him.

Averting his eyes, he raised his hands and said, “Ah, uh, it’s nothing. I had it in my mind since birth, so that’s it. Nothing too strange, right? Well, I don’t think my fetishes changed much and I still like the same things, but with your beauty, you really don’t have to worry about it. A-Anyway, I’m going back to cooking!” he quickly turned around and tried to flee.

The hunter becomes the hunted! I laughed in my mind as I sprung up from the chair and grabbed the back of his shirt.

“My, my. Why are you running now? What about your principles of telling everything to each other? Am I not your to-be wife? Don’t tell me you plan to keep things from me?” I asked as I walked around him and looked into his eyes.

“Uh, no, I just wanted to wait with it until we warmed up to each other-”

“I think that we’re past that point, don’t you think?”

Sighing loudly, he slumped his shoulders.

“Look, you believed me just now, so it’s only natural that I’d believe you whatever you told me. So?” I tilted my head to the side.

Sighing again, he sat down on the side of his bed and patted the spot next to him. Nodding my head, I took my place and focused all my attention on what he had to say. It seemed to be important, after all.

“Firstly, I’ll tell you why I didn’t tell you about this. Although I came to love you, I didn’t want you to ‘like’ me for the things I had, like talent, money, and other crap. I know that you aren’t like that, so I didn’t wait with my confession either, but you must understand that I can be a rather insecure person when I have to deal with trust-related things, especially if the other one is a beautiful girl like you. Most of the girls like you have many male friends, which I wouldn’t really want, to be honest.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you got angry with me for saying this, but I wanted to be honest. Secondly, most people wouldn’t believe me and would think that I was a delusional idiot. Note that I have no doubts about your feelings and motives anymore,” he said seriously.

“And now on to my little secret,” He seemed to brace himself before continuing.

“I have a peculiar origin because I’m the reincarnation of the Sex God. Almost since birth, I had a lot of knowledge in my mind about spells, the elements, and the traits people could have were just the side dish. I had massive knowledge about both the male and the female body and the ways to please them, and you probably noticed by now that I’m pretty perverted, though I’m quite sure that has nothing to do with my origin,” he laughed.

“But seeing that you’re the same, you were most likely affected by me in your childhood. I’d lie if I said that I didn’t plan to make you turn into the kind of person I could love when you grew up.”

“And lastly, sex not only makes my mana pool grow, it makes me stronger altogether, but since I had no contact with the female gender before you, my power refused to serve me. No, that’s not the right way to put it. I couldn’t access it. The more I do it with you, the stronger I’ll become.” As he finished talking, he looked at me expectantly.

I honestly wasn’t sure what was he expecting from me. “Putting the fact that you’ve just called me a pervert aside, your tale is indeed fucked up… but I do sense that you’ve grown much stronger since I came here, so I have no reason to not believe you. Not to mention that you have no reason to come up with something like this if it wasn’t true.”

“So you believe me?” he opened his eyes wide.


“Uuuu- I love you!” he jumped at me like a koala and pushed me down.

“What’s wrong with you?” I raised my head in surprise and tried to free my arms.

“You know, I told this a few years ago to my parents, but they told me that I was fantasising too much and that I should train more instead. I wasn’t sure whether you’d believe me or not and I certainly didn’t want to look like a delusional idiot in front of the girl I loved, so your answer really put me at ease.”

“I’m happy to hear that, but putting the fact that you’re a God aside…” I pointed downward.

Following my line of sight, he realised he was lying on top of me, pushing me down and even his left hand happened to be resting on my breasts. He didn’t even notice that he groped my breast when he realised where his hand was and how his face changed to one of pleasure. But I was the one being groped! Why was he pleased?

I guess he loves my breasts.

Since I gave him no signs that he should go on and do me, he forced a cough and sat up. But because I gave him no sign, he looked at me a bit worried, “Are you angry with me?”

Without saying anything, I leaned over and gave a kiss on his forehead. Having a taste of his own meal, he looked at me with a surprised face. Smiling at him, I stood up to leave the room.

“I’m going to train outside and we’ll have fun later, so don’t relieve yourself,” I said and then closed the door behind me.

I used my mana to amplify my senses, so I could hear him curse even through the door, “Fuck it, she’s toying with me.”

Holding back my laughter, I ran to my room and changed into something lighter. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I picked up a jean hotpant, that revealed about the half of my ass and combined it with a top that ended right below my breasts. I was confident in my charm and I was pretty sure that if he saw me in this get up, he’d definitely become horny.

Teasing him was so much fun! I tied my hair into a ponytail on the left side of my head and let it hang down on my left shoulder. Since my hair was naturally wavy, I believed I looked pretty good with that hairstyle. Turning around, I left my room and made my way towards the back door, leading to the yard. On the way, I ran into Seth, who gave me a good and long look, satisfying my confidence.

Since the fence around the house was tall enough to hide me, I didn’t have to mind the neighbours or anyone else seeing my spells. Well, most people built tall fences in this age to avoid curious eyes.

I started out with practising my control over magic, and then moved on to exercising my body. I had yet to show Seth and the class the spell he created and I enhanced. I didn’t want to use it against Seth before I was sure that he had enough mana to defend against it, after all, even the instructor who tested me at the entrance exam had to be helped out by another teacher. In the end, they stopped my spell, but they both got pretty beaten down.

As I started exercising my body and made a few squats, I noticed Seth standing in the window, peeking at me. When I made push ups, I even turned towards him and looked at him, but he seemed to be lost in my cleavage. I really wasn’t sure whether he didn’t notice that I noticed him or he just didn’t care about me seeing it. Well, it was fun seeing him coming to the window and sneaking peeks at me every so often.

Okay, it was hilarious.

Even though I trained for four hours, it was still only thirteen minutes to nine since we woke up early. Satisfied by my progression, I made my way towards the bathroom, covered in sweat.

Honestly, considering how attentive he was, I was pretty sure that he did know that I noticed him and yet he kept staring at me. It excited me a little, actually. That rigid, unwinking gaze, that stiff and unmoving face, it showed clearly how much he was lusting after me.

As I stepped into the house and closed the door behind me, I felt Seth’s arms sneak around my body and pull me into his tight embrace. His arms sank into my breasts as he pushed his face against the side of my neck and took a deep breath.

“Seth, stop it! Not in the door, and let me take a shower!” I grabbed his wrists and tried to push them away, though I had trouble dealing with him. He was way stronger than me, physically.

Like a hungry pig, he made me turn around and pushed my front against the door while he pressed his body against mine from behind. Taking in a long breath of air, filled with my stuffy sweat-filled smell, he growled, “I don’t mind it, I want your body.”

I really wasn’t sure if that was normal, but he seemed to like my smell. Either way, it felt strange and I didn’t want him to sniff me while I was dirty.

“No, Seth, wait,” I put my hand on the top of his head as he started kissing my neck and tried to push him away. The real problem was that he knew that I wanted to do it as well, so he didn’t care about my pleas.

“Your body doesn’t even smell, this is more of a fragrance. Have you purified your body? That should be the reason why your sweat doesn’t smell. It just makes you… slicker,” he said next to my ear, pressing his hard penis against my bottom. Even though we both wore clothes, I could feel his hard thing getting between my buttocks.

Enhancing my body, I put more strength into my arms and managed to free myself from his tight embrace. Since he didn’t want to be too forceful, he stopped forcing it and stepped back, “For how long do you want to play with me?”

Standing on my toes, I grabbed his penis through his pants and whispered into his ear, “If you’ll be a good boy and let me take a shower, I’ll show you something really good.”

Looking down at his hard thing, I added, “This one is going to enjoy it the most. I was curious about your fetishes, what do you think?” Without saying any more, I stopped massaging his erect member and walked towards the bathroom. This time, he didn’t stop me again. Grabbing the handle of the bathroom door, I turned to look at Seth and said, “You should wait in your room.”

“I will,” his voice sounded a bit dry. There was something otherworldly in his eyes. That kind of lust… it was amazing. Stopping in the doorway, I turned around and slowly squatted down and stood back up while pressing my body against the door frame. Seeing me swaying my hips, he turned away instead, probably having trouble containing himself. His only response was a low grunt, a truly satisfying one!

Upon stepping into the bathroom, I arrived to a short corridor with the laundry basket on the right and the washing machine on the left. I took off my clothes and shoved them straight into the washing machine since I was sure that the things I was going to wear would end up there anyway, along with Seth’s clothes. The bathroom wasn’t that spacious, but it was more than enough for a single person. Leaving the corridor, I took a quick look at the door on the right that led to the toilet, and then entered the spacious shower on the left.

There was a bathtub in here in the past, but they built a smaller pool-like thing in place of it, which could be used as a shower or as a bathtub as well. It was really neat.

I opened the water and after getting the temperature right, I slowly and thoroughly washed my whole body. Every nook and cranny. The water trickled down on my plentiful bosom, into my cleavage. As I reached my private place, I could feel my hand becoming wet even before the water reached that place. The way he lusted after me excited me, I couldn’t do anything against that. Spreading my lower lips, I inserted a finger and tapped around in a circle. A strong jolt reached my brain as I imagined my finger being replaced with something… thicker.

Mhm~ I should stop playing with myself or he’ll notice. Ah, shit, when he puts it in, I’m definitely going to scream out. I hope the house is well insulated, I wouldn’t want the neighbours to hear me moaning. Or should I not let it out? But he seems to like it when I moan loudly. I guess it fills him with self-confidence or something…

Well, I certainly wouldn’t fake my moans. You’ll have to perform well and satisfy me, dear Seth~ Who am I lying to? He destroys my mind all time.

While thinking and fantasising about all kinds of things, I finally finished taking a shower. I ran up to the front door and locked it, and then ran to my room where I retrieved my seductive set.

After wearing everything, I stopped in front of the mirror and took a quick look at myself. The thigh-high frilly black stockings combined with the high heels accentuated my sexy legs, while the frilly black lingerie tied under my breasts and barely reaching the top of my ass, put great emphasis on my ass and breasts.

Since my skin was fairly light coloured, the all-black and my dark brown hair created a perfect contrast with each other. Leaving my room, I made my way towards the next one, which was Seth's. All of a sudden, I felt a bit nervous about all this, though I didn't know why. Bracing myself, I put my hand on the handle and slowly pushed it down. The door opened with a click and I pushed on it, revealing myself to my one and only love.

He was looking towards the floor, but not for long. As he raised his head, his pupils expanded and he clenched his fists. Even his jaw seemed to stiffen. Seth awaited me stark naked and with a huge boner, much to my happiness. But the moment he looked at me, not only his face and hands stiffened, his penis started twitching like some sort of pole that was being shaken by the wind. His naked, muscular chest, started heaving up and down in a quick succession, showing his excitement. I’ve never seen him this excited since the short time I spent with him, which made me happy.

I didn't know you were such a hardcore fan of these kinds of get ups. Good to know, I might seduce you more often from now on.

“Like it?” I asked with a smile.

He closed his eyes for a moment, and then looked into my eyes with a burning gaze that told me tales about the kind of lust he felt. Just the way he looked at me made me feel as if he tore the clothes on me into pieces and started ravaging my body in his mind.

“Come here,” he commanded me.

Why do I love this tone? I’m not even a masochist, but I love it when he’s like this!

Following his command, I walked over to him, slowly swaying my hips a bit. His twitching penis told me clearly how much he liked the sight of my body.

Stopping in front of him, I pushed my right knee between his legs, against his hard penis, and put my arms around his head. Shoving his face into my breasts, he took a long whiff of my perfume, and then pulled back. Grabbing my sides, he brought me onto my knees and put his hand behind my head. Pulling off the rubber ring from my hair, he pushed it behind my head. Placing his big finger on my red lips, he pushed my head towards his member, clearly telling me what he wanted.

Looking up at him, I engulfed his thick penis with my breasts and then took the tip of his penis into my mouth. Before I could do anything, he sprung up from the bed and grabbed my hair gently but firmly. He looked down at me with a cold gaze as he slightly gripped the back of my head and pushed his penis deeper into my mouth.

Seeing that I was raising my hands, he said, “No hands.”

Oh, shit, this is turning me on so much. Do I like being dominated?

My thought line was interrupted by his thick cock that went down my throat, cutting me from air for a moment. Looking up at him, I put my tongue under his large glans and tried to lick it but he filled up my mouth so much that I had little space left to move in. Grabbing my head with both hands, he started moving his hips back and forth, not minding me in the slightest.

His bulging penis moved in and out of my mouth at the pace he wanted, while I wasn’t allowed to do anything. Still looking at me, I felt something coil around my wrists and tying them. It felt like a thick vine, so he probably used magic. Lowering his right hand to the back of my neck, he started caressing me and fucking my mouth at the same time. His penis twitched inside my mouth, so I was pretty sure that he was close to cumming, but instead of cumming into my mouth like before, he pulled it out and ordered me to lick it.

While I was doing that, he started rubbing it out in front of me. I saw his balls move up for a moment, and in the next one, his thick white cum spurted on my face. He used his finger to wipe it off and held it in front of my mouth. Going along with his wishes, I licked it off with pleasure as I looked up at him. Probably excited by the sight of my red lips coiling around his finger, his penis twitched above my face, slightly hitting it.

Most likely being as aroused and impatient as me, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me onto my legs. Turning me around, he made me move to the wall. Upon reaching it, he raised my hands above my head and pushed it against the wall. I tried to move my hands as a test, but he was holding me so firmly I couldn’t even budge my hands. Was this my punishment for teasing him all day? If yes, then it was really worth it.

I felt his other hand tracing the edges of my black panties. Hooking his finger into it, he pulled it down, revealing my pussy. “Why are you soaking wet? Are you enjoying it this much?” he asked as he caressed my ass. Biting my lips, I kept silent.

Soon I felt his wide tongue cover my whole pussy. Cleaning me up with one long lick, he pulled back his head and inched closer to me. Putting his hand between my legs, he pushed my lower half against the wall, most likely smearing a bit of my pussy liquid on the wall.

He stuck two of his fingers into me and started moving in and out of me, stirring up my insides really quickly. I could hear my pussy giving out squelching sounds continuously and I felt some liquid flowing down on my legs. I was fucking aroused and yet he still didn’t put it in. Pulling out his fingers, he took my clit between his fingers and pinched it strongly. Gritting my teeth, I closed my eyes and tried my best to hold back my moan, but a small yelp still escaped my lips.

“Does it feel that good?” he asked.

“No- Ahn~” I denied, and pressed my bottom against his arm.

“Well, then let’s go on,” he said coldly and pressed his chest against my back, squeezing me between the wall and his hot body. As he let go of my hands, I lowered them to my pussy and opened my labia. Turning to the side, I looked at him from the corner of my eye, panting heavily. Biting the tip of my ear, he rubbed his cock against my pussy, arousing me even more.

“How do you want it?” he muttered before he moved towards my lips and stuck his tongue into my wide-opened mouth. Kissing was so good, I just couldn't stop to answer a pointless question like that. He’d do it as he wanted anyway.

“I want it from behind, while you embrace me tightly. We could do it in your favourite pose,” I managed to quickly answer when we ran out of breath. Nodding his head, he peered over my shoulder and glared at my breasts squeezed between the wall from my point of view.

“Oh, God… do you see this every time you look down? It's so hot,” he said next to my ear, his breath ragged. Feeling his ‘excitement’ poking my entrance, I pressed my pussy against his penis, trying to get it in somehow. Realising that it wouldn’t work out, I stuck out my butt and started swaying it in front of him, invitingly.

Clenching his fists, he threw me on the bed and knelt down over my ass. I felt his fingers sinking into my soft ass, but a few seconds later, he stopped playing around and finally got his penis in front of my vagina.

“Pound me,” knowing that he would start teasing me, I turned around and said with a begging voice. Since my hands were still tied, I couldn’t even put it in myself. Probably having enough of playing around, he pulled my ass apart while I opened my labia. Biting the blanket under me, I tried my best not to give myself out. I felt the tip of his penis entering my pussy, spreading me out inside.

Resting his hands on my shoulders, he weighed his whole body on me as he shoved it all into me in one go and stirred me up all the way to my womb. Gritting my teeth with the blanket in between, I couldn’t help but give out a sharp moan of pleasure. In the next moment, I felt the vine around my wrists dissolve into nothing, freeing my hands. Pulling them out from under me, I clenched the blanket in my hands as Seth started pounding my pussy relentlessly.

He leaned on my back and pushed his arms under me, his hands right under my breasts, my nipples between his fingers. His embrace tightened around my body as he picked up the pace even more. He didn’t let me move in an inch, only my hands were free. I had no way to resist his monstrous strength and I really had no chance against his massive body.

“I know that you came,” he whispered into my right ear, and then bit the tip of it. Clenching the blanket in my fists and between my teeth, I tried my best to contain my voice, but did a terrible job. He rubbed his face against the back of my head, which made me feel affectionate with him, but not even for a moment did I forget about his cold lust.

A powerful jolt rushed out of my clitoris as his penis strongly brushed against my g-spot. “Mhaaahgn~” I let out a loud moan happily as I came. There was nobody to hear me anyway.

“Let it all out,” Seth growled in my ear. I happily obliged and let out my voice whenever I felt like crying out loud.

His dick moved in and out of my pussy, stirring me up all the way inside.

“It’s sho good,” I said with a shaky voice, trying to keep my eyes opened. The amount of pleasure coursing through my pussy and my body just put me on the edge.

Pulling out his right arm from under me, he raised it up to my head and stuck his fingers into my mouth. I happily sucked on his fingers and started rolling my tongue. Pulling it back out, he leaned over my shoulder and gave me a deep kiss. I felt his index finger tracing down the line of my right side, coming to a sudden halt at my breast. Slowing down his hips, he caressed the side of my breast and then grabbed it firmly.

“Ahn! That hurt a bit, be more gentle with it,” I cried out. Without saying anything, he moved on towards my lower half. When his hand was moving over my bottom, he stopped moving forward once again and grabbed my ass with even more strength, though that just turned me on.

“You love how I'm lusting after you, don't you?” he breathed heavily in my ear.

“Mhaha, yes~” I replied and then continued kissing.

I felt his hand move on to my thighs, tracing the line of my stocking. “You're way too hot,” he growled in my ear. “But you're mine alone.”

Picking up his pace once again, he pushed his hand under my hips and took my clitoris between his fingers. He started pinching and pulling on it strongly, edging me closer and closer to my limit.

“I’m coming,” Seth grunted and a moment later, I could feel his hot sperm spurting into my womb. I was about to show my dissatisfaction because of his sudden halt, but he continued moving right after. Feeling his penis slipping in and out of me while surrounded by that slimy texture, I twitched inside and came not long after him.

“Holy fuck, you’re so tight,” he grunted as my folds convulsed and gripped his shaft tightly. Raising my hips, he knelt down behind me and continued pounding my pussy. Strong jolts rushed through my whole body every so often since I came not long ago. But he was cruel, or I should say nice enough, to focus on my g-spot.

His thick cock brushed past and rubbed against it every time he pushed it in or pulled it out, keeping me on the edge continuously. A few seconds later, I squirted some more liquid, drenching his cock in it. Resting my forehead on the bed, I raised my chin and looked back between my wide opened legs, at the part where we were connected. My pussy was leaking liquid non-stop, dirtying the blanket beneath us with each drop that fell on it or flowed down on my leg. Seth was surely enjoying the sight of my drenched pussy.

While I was consumed by the sight of my dirty place, he came again, but this time he pulled it out, leaving only the tip of his penis inside me. A moment later, I could see his thick sperm dripping down from my clit, onto the bed.

Thanks to his relentless attacks, my legs grew numb from the pleasure I felt. Slumping down on the bed, with no strength in my legs, I turned to look at the person who made me feel so wonderful. Sitting down on the side of the bed, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards himself.

Under his guidance, I had to kneel over his penis, but since I had little strength in my legs, I quickly sat on his penis. He filled me out once again. Embracing his body, my arms around his neck, I put my forehead against his as he started rocking my hips back and forth with his strong hands. I was at his mercy and it felt really good.

“You love being dominated, don’t you?” he whispered in my ear and then rubbed his face against mine affectionately. Raising my chin, I showed him my neck. Not having the will to miss out on an opportunity like that, he moved in and started kissing and sucking on it, which slowly edged me closer to cumming once again.

“I do,” I cried out with a weak voice. As he grabbed my ass strongly, a wild jolt rushed through my body, tipping me over the edge. I shut my eyes and curled my toes into balls as my pussy contracted and I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I couldn’t help but claw his back as my body stiffened up from the pleasure.

Not minding any of it, he continued moving inside me as if nothing happened. When my orgasm ended, I lowered my head and looked deep into his eyes. I really wanted to nibble on his meaty lips, but before I could make a my move, I heard my phone ringing. Picking it up, Seth held it in front of my face. It was my Father. And while looking at me with a smirking face, Seth picked up the call and shoved the phone in my hands, while he started focusing on my weak spots.

“Lien? Lien? Are you there?” Father asked.

Uncovering my lips, I tried my best to speak coherently, “Yes, hi.”

“Ah, hi. You weren’t saying anything, so I wasn’t sure if you were there. I didn’t want to bug you right after moving in, but I couldn’t wait any longer and called you up. How are things going there? Are you treated well? What about school?”

My lips trembled as I realised this was supposed to be a long conversation. “Father, this is too ahn~ long. Can I call you back la-later?” I said with a shaky voice.

“Lien? Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m training,” I lied.

“Okay then, dear. Contact me later then, please,” he said with a gentle voice. If only he knew that the guy who he entrusted me on was pounding my pussy while I was talking to him…

“You bastard!” I punched his chest as I threw my phone to the side, turned off.

“I’m training,” he stopped moving for a moment and mimicked my voice.

“What could have I sai- aahhn~” realising that he’d just have more fun if I continued talking, I shut my mouth and indulged in the pleasure instead. We continued having sex for who knows how long, but I was sure that it was nighttime when we finished. Since I was completely numb by that time, Seth cleaned up alone and then got in bed. Thanking him for this wonderful day, I gave him a long deep kiss and then closed my eyes in his arms. I had zero complaints about sex, I was sure of that much!


I woke up in my lover’s warm and loving arms. Surprisingly, he woke up right after me and yawned loudly. His mouth smelled a bit since he had yet to brush his teeth, but probably I was no different either.

Turning around in his arms, I gave a small peck on his lips and smiled at him happily. “Are you sleepy?”

“I wouldn't say, but that yawn felt great,” he chuckled, and then returned the favour.

As he looked down, his eyes stopped on my breasts, which were pressed against his chest. They were bulging out quite a bit from my short lingerie.

Chewing on his lips, he averted his eyes, probably being troubled by my revealing clothing. Well, it was meant to seduce men.

“You’re cute,” I laughed as I put my hand on his face and gave him another kiss. For the first time in my life, I felt truly satisfied by everything I had. I was content with my life and it was all because of a single man!

“Mmm, stop teasing me,” he grumbled as he let go of me and sat up on the side of the bed. Following his example, I pressed my chest against his back and put my right hand on his shoulder, the left one around his waist.

“What? Was yesterday not enough?” he turned his head towards me to ask.

“Oh, don’t be stupid. That was amazing. I’m pretty sure I’d be fine without sex for a while after a day like that,” I laughed. “I just feel like hugging you.”

“Well, that’s good then since today my parents are coming home, so we won’t be able to go at it whenever we feel like it,” he muttered.

“I’ll get by with your love,” I rubbed my head on his back affectionately.

“Lien, um, can you let go of me for a moment?”

Raising my brows, I nodded my head and sat up with a straight back, curious to see what he wanted. Standing up, he walked up to his drawer and took out something. I couldn’t see it since he was showing his back to me and hid it completely. As he turned around, he put it behind his back once again and came closer without me being able to see it. My curiosity was killing me, but I knew that I’d find out what it was in a moment.

To my surprise, he he knelt down in front of me and moved his hand in front of me. In his palm laid a small black box, containing a ring.

“This may not be the best time to be asking it, and I’m sure that my attire isn't exactly fit for something as important as this, but I still wish to make this step. Lien Newin, would you marry me?”

Raising my hand to cover my mouth, I shouted, “YES!”

Heaving out a sigh of relief, he took out the ring and put it on my ring finger.

“This makes me so happy!” I raised my voice and hugged him tightly, pressing his face into my breasts once again.

“Although I made it with transmuting, it’s still diamond. I hope that it makes you happy,” he struggled to pull back a bit and speak. I really didn’t mind whether it was gold or diamond or even if it was just a trinket, I was more than happy because of the thought. Either way, I didn’t say that aloud since I didn’t want to make his efforts look pointless.

“I love it,” was all I said and leaned forward to kiss him.

Upon separating, he said, “I’ve been working on this for a while now, but making diamond is a pretty hard thing to do. Since alchemists can create it, it isn’t as valuable as in the past, but it’s still the fanciest piece of stone out there,” he chuckled.

Taking a closer look at the ring, at the result of his efforts, I could see how perfectly polished the diamond was. “Actually, I’ve done this last year and it took me a month since I didn’t have the mana capacity. I always hoped that one day I’d meet a girl I could give it to and call me rash or stupid or whatever you want, but I can see that you’re that girl. A week was enough for me to find out that much,” he said.

“Alas, we have wedding rings as well,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of perfectly polished diamond rings. The size seemed to fit my finger perfectly, even just by a look.

Now that I think about it, when did he put on that jean? Did he wake up earlier to prepare this and then got back in bed with me? I guess he did.

Looking at his half-naked state, I moved closer and gave a kiss on his chest, leaving a red stain of my lipstick. “You’re mine, now you’re marked,” I said with a chuckle.

“Also, can you stop kneeling?” I added.

“Ah, yes. Actually, I hate kneeling in front of others and I’m probably never going to do it again unless it’s for you,” he quickly stood up, scratching his head.

“Yeah, I know,” I said with a smile.

“I’ve prepared breakfast already, so you can go down and eat. I’m done with my part already,” he added. Looking a the clock, I realised we had only twenty minutes till the bus came and it was school day. Rushing down the stairs, I quickly had breakfast, but only then did I realise that I never changed clothes and was still wearing my black lingerie.

So that's why he was trying hard to look away…

I quickly stood up from the table and walked to the bathroom in a hurry. I took off my sexy clothing and threw them in the washing machine and started a quick program. After running to my room, I switched to something that I would wear casually. A short bit of thinking later, I decided on a one-piece, dark grey dress, ending a bit above the knee, and fitting around my waist perfectly, emphasising my bust.

Honestly, there was no reason to emphasise them since my bust was large enough anyway, but it was worth it because I could look at the man I loved secretly sneaking peeks at my breasts. I found it cute and funny, especially when I stopped pretending that I didn't notice it and he made a face like, 'I was busted’.

Going down the stairs, I looked for Seth since I couldn't find him in the living room. But as it turned out, he was standing in front of the entrance door, waiting for me to get out of the house. Once he locked the door, he put the key in his pocket, and then took hold of my hand on the way to the bus station. Rubbing the engagement ring on my finger, he turned to look at me with a smile.

“I have something to say,” I said all of a sudden, seeing all the love and kindness he showered me in ever since my return.

“I know that you really never thought about it as a burden or something, but I don't like being a freeloader, so-”

“I won't allow you to move out, if that's what you want to say,” he cut into my words impatiently.

Reaching the bus station, I shook my head, “I had no such plans. Rather, I think that if we both started working, we could live together.”

Knowing that it was a childish idea and that it was probably too soon, I was about to say that I was just kidding, but Seth said with a thoughtful face, “That's not a bad idea. But it’d be hard to work besides school. In that case, maybe we should just drop out and take the end year exam. School is just a waste of time for us anyway.”

Trying to keep a straight face, I said, “You'll have to reveal your power like that.”

“Meh, who cares. If it means I can have a private life with my soon to be wife,” he replied, and started laughing weirdly. If not for imagining the same kind of life, I’d have been creeped out by that laugh.

Clearing my throat, I said, “That’d be nice, but we shouldn’t get too much ahead of ourselves.” My words successfully kicked him out of his fantasies, but the bus arrived at the same time. It wasn’t that I didn’t want it, I just didn’t like to be rash, and we were definitely being rash this time.

Half an hour later, we reached the school early in the morning, as usual. As we took our places, Seth turned towards me and said, “I thought about what you said and if I sold the ‘recipes’ of a few of the spells I know, I think that we could earn enough money to start a company. If we used the money cleverly, I think that we could make huge profits. Noble clans pay a lot of money for new spells that could be useful.”

Shaking my head, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What is it?”

“It’s just that I never thought that you’d take my words so seriously,” I replied.

“Do you not want to move out then? Sorry, maybe I got a bit ahead of myself imagining our married life,” he scratched the back of his head.

Raising a brow, I said, “No, you misunderstood me. I do look forward to it, it’s just that I didn’t think that you’d be actually interested in it.”

“Why wouldn’t I be interested in something like that? I told you, I love you, so anything that has to do with you, makes me interested,” he said with a straight face, keeping his eye contact with me. I couldn’t see even a shred of hesitation or signs of lying, which made me all the more embarrassed.

“You’re unfair,” I shook my head with a goofy grin on my face.

“Did I ever lie to you?”

“I don’t think you did, not openly,” I replied. We all lied, even if it was only something small and simple, but he obviously meant his emotions and such.

“I thought so. So? How about my plan?” he pressed on.

“But, it’s too sudden for me! Why do we have to talk about this in school? Let’s do it when we get home, at least…” I raised my hands to cover my face.

“You’re a woman, after all. You think of something and then can’t decide on it,” he said with a chuckle.

“Well, not everyone can go through with whatever they think of immediately, okay?” I defended myself.

“I know, it’s fine. I just found it funny. Anyway, tell me if you really want to move out with me whenever you feel like it. You got me pretty excited about it, so I’m kind of ready for it anytime,” he mused.

This is like telling me to decide quickly, and say yes… but it was really me who brought it up, so it’d be stupid to change my mind now. This bastard, I bet he’s doing this purposely. Hmm- let’s imagine it again-

Hehe, I still want it, after all.

“I’ve got a question and you have to answer honestly. Really, really honestly!” I broke my silence all of a sudden.

“I’m all ears.”

“I have no problem with either of the habits that you showed last week, but was any of it just you trying to appear in a good light in front of me?” I asked.

“Hmm, the only thing I could mention is that I might be a bit messier than I look, but you’ve come to my room many times and seen what’s in there. I don’t think I’d ever be messier than that since I like organising my stuff, so in turn, I never leave too big of a mess because it’ll start bothering me,” he replied, pausing for a moment and then continuing.

“Or in case you meant cleaning the house and other chores, even if we lived together, I’d still feel responsible to take care of my own stuff, so I do plan to cook and wash and stuff like that, if that was what you meant?” he raised a brow.

“I pretty much meant those, yes. I’d do it alone as well, but it felt really nice cooking with you last time and sharing work with you. I don’t know why, I just found it…”

“Fun?” he finished my sentence.

“Yes! That’s it!”

“Yeah, that was nice. Hmm, should we organise cooking days? Like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday would be cooking day? Or something like that. Of course, if you were too busy, I’d cover for you and you’d probably do the same. Though I don’t see why would either of us become too busy,” he murmured.

“Hey, hey! Calm your tits! We haven’t gone anywhere yet and I don’t want Miss Anna to feel that I stole her one and only son from her,” I raised my hands.

“Certainly, she’d most likely cry if she heard I wanted to move out. Whenever the idea of a future where I’m not living with them comes up in a conversation, she does that, though she still says that ‘it’s only natural’ and stuff,” he nodded his head.

Our conversation was interrupted by a few of our classmates who entered the classroom and greeted us. Greeting back, we didn’t feel like talking about those kinds of things in front of others, so we just sat in silence.

I was pretty sure that once we returned home, we’d have a long chat with Miss Anna. Or should I call her my mother-in-law? Maybe we should talk about marriage as well. But as that came to mind, I realised I never called back Father and that he had yet to hear about my relationship with Seth. If he found out that his one and only dear daughter was kind of… marrying already…

Looking at Seth from the corner of my eye, I felt like praying a bit. Leaning on his shoulder, I said in a low voice, “My father usually returned weekly even if he had to move out, so will you tell him about us? Yesterday you had so much fun while I was trying to talk with him on phone anyway.”

I felt his body stiffen for a moment. “You can’t be like that, that was another thing! Your father is going to kill me if it’s me who tells him! You’re his one and only dear daughter, his pearl, how could I tell him that I’d take it from him? Hell, no, you tell your father and I tell my family,” he tried to reason with me, visibly panicked. I could see why he had fun dominating me in bed. It was pretty fun!

But he wasn’t enjoying it… I guess it was just me.

“Hehe, fine, I’ll tell him, so you don’t have to panic so much. I never planned to let you tell it to him to begin with,” I replied.

“Hmm, or wait, you know what?” he said all of a sudden. “Let me tell it to him, I have my backbone and I’m going to take responsibility for it. Whatever your father says, you’re mine and I’m not going to hide behind you,” he said.

“You sure? He’s been in the field of monster-hunting for a while, he’s pretty strong,” I replied.

“I am.”

Raising my brows, I added, “We better have more sex before he returns… you’ll need your mana.”

“Oh, for the love of God,” he rolled his eyes. Actually, my father wasn’t that unreasonable and if Seth really stood up to tell it to him, he’d definitely appreciate it. At least, I was pretty sure that he would, but we wouldn’t know until we got there. But it was so much fun to tease him, I couldn’t help it. Closing my eyes, a smile formed on my face, but it soon turned into a frown as my thoughts progressed.

Well, it should be alright. It’s not like I was wronged or anything, so he should be supportive of our one week long relationship, right? Marrying is totally fine as well, right?

Does it sound as unrealistic as I think it does?

I wonder.