Chapter 3 – Starting Business (part 2)
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--- Lien’s POV ---

Am I the only one worrying? We aren’t strong enough to face a noble clan alone, yet he seems to be completely calm. Should I just follow his words for now and meet with Olaf?

Olaf… what a retarded name. I’m already hating him.

“Say, will you be alright?” I asked.

“Why are you asking me? Shouldn’t you worry about yourself instead?” he shook his head. We were standing in front of the school gate, preparing to go separate ways. I pretty much got used to going back and forth with him to school, so I felt saddened by the fact that I had to go somewhere else, especially when I imagined meeting that pig.

Well, based on Seth’s description, he wasn’t fat, but he was still a pig in my eyes, one that should be slaughtered!

“I’m just worried,” I said disheartened.

“There is no need to,” he said as he caressed me. Feeling his fingers sneaking through my hair and grabbing the back of my head, a sense of peace and ease filled my heart. He was always so gentle with me, well, except for when he didn’t have to be, like in bed~

I wasn’t sure why, but seeing him so sure of it, I couldn’t help but calm down. Well, it was just a psychological reaction. He was quite a bit of a leader figure when it came down to things like making decisions. He was always calm and collected. Strangely enough, he got flustered only when I went overboard with teasing him. Sometimes it made me question if he was really the ‘god of sex’, but then again, it was just a title, his origin. It didn’t mean he’d be some kind of fucking machine!

Pulling my head towards himself, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against mine. He didn’t push his tongue into my mouth and just enjoyed the contact of our lips and bodies, like me. Closing my eyes, I put my arms around his neck and stepped closer to embrace his warm body. I really loved kissing like this.

Once we separated, I turned around a bit dazed by our long kiss, but as soon as I did, he slapped my ass, breaking me out of my stupor. Fixing my dress, I turned to glare at him.

“Haha, why the angry look?”

“It hurt!”

“I can’t say I’m sorry, anyway, don’t hurry so much to meet Olaf, I have something else to say. We need to buy a few ingredients before going home, so I think I’ll wait somewhere for you,” he said.

“I’m kind of in the mood to go with you,” I said, my mood becoming even worse.

“Don’t make that long face, I’ll wait for you and once you’re done, we’ll go together. Also, I don’t plan to let the Asuma clan do as they please for long. I grew up hearing bad things about them and now that one of them is trying to take you away from me…”

“I know, you aren’t necessarily a forgiving person,” I chuckled.

Sighing loudly, he waved his hand, motioning me to leave. He seemed to be as unhappy with this as me, which made me happy. Turning around once again, I made my way towards the appointed restaurant. Maybe other couples wouldn’t have told each other about these meetings, fearing the wrath of the Asuma clan, but since we shared even the things we weren’t supposed to, nothing would come as surprise. That was the main reason I thanked him for telling me at that time.

Olaf probably believed that if I knew about his secret talk with Seth, I’d behave differently and he’d notice, but Seth was my master in numerous ways. He’s been a control maniac person ever since I knew him and I was ‘trained’ to have self-control. And even if Olaf sent people to watch over us, it was pointless since Seth told me about everything through telepathy. Whichever of the two was true, he’d never find out that I knew about his stupid plans.

Upon leaving the area of the school, someone started following me, but he soon disappeared, seeing that I was going towards the Blue Hound restaurant which was the appointed location. I was no more than an ‘object’ Olaf desired to have, which made me feel pretty angry, even if I got used to it already. It wasn’t like this was a first for me.

Although it hasn’t been long since my return, I knew where to find Blue Hound since it was a famous and expensive place in the area. People tended to remember those kinds of places. The travel there took about five minutes on foot. Reaching my destination, I had to raise my hand to take a look at the neon blue sign of the restaurant because the scorching sun glared straight at me and blinded me. Once I read the sign and made sure that I was at the right place, I clenched my fists for a moment and then walked towards the entrance.

Upon opening the door, a pleasant smell and climate encircled me, compared to the heat outside. There were black covers over the windows, so the interior would have been pretty dark if not for the gentle blue lights illuminating everything. From the tables to the tiled floor, everything was clean and expensive looking, but it looked really good altogether. It was my first time in a place like this. I barely finished looking around when two hulking guys stopped in front of me. They must have been the henchmen Seth described to me.

“Welcome, Miss Lien. Please, come this way, the young master is waiting for you,” the shorter of the two said. They were wearing suits, which I found a bit strange at first, but as I looked around, I realised everyone else in here was wearing expensive clothes. Although my grey dress wasn’t an expensive piece, it was still a dress, so I didn’t look out of place too much.

I was quite sure that this was a sort of psychological attack on my mind. He wanted to make me feel that I was inferior, though I wasn’t sure whether it was intentional or not. I had a hunch that he’d tell me that I could enjoy these kinds of places if I became his girlfriend or something of the sort. I had yet to talk to even one of these pompous brats, but I believed they liked showing off their might, be it money or talent.

Unluckily for him, with so many men lusting after me, calling me out, and trying to date me, I cared little about how much I looked out of place. Whatever kind of clothes I wore, I was confident in my looks. I found it quite funny how Seth felt a bit unconfident in that aspect. I didn’t like crowds because most of the time too many guys eyed me, but Seth didn’t like crowds because he hated the attention of strangers.

I think I felt like that in the past, but I got used to it over the years, I thought as a small smile formed on my face and I made my way towards Olaf. His blue hair blended perfectly into the blue lights, so he was quite hard to spot, but since I wasn’t supposed to know what he looked like, I didn’t even stop my eyes on him and continued scanning the people in the restaurant.

“Here,” the shorter of the two guys blocked me with his arm. On the right side, Olaf sat next to the window, eyeing me in silence.

Nodding my head, I grabbed my dress and sat down with my legs properly closed. When I was with Seth, I often opened them a bit because I always found it funny how he kept staring at my thighs, thinking that I didn’t notice. True enough, other girls didn’t notice his hungry eyes since he moved only his eyes, not his head, but as one who often spent her time scanning him, I was different.

Ah, wait, I should stop thinking about him. Let’s focus on this stupid monkey.

“Hi,” I greeted him, feeling awkwardness building up. It was just so much different than with Seth. I didn’t even know this guy, how was I supposed to handle this silence?

“Hahaha, that’s one way to start,” he laughed.

“Don’t people usually start by greeting each other, though?” I raised a brow. Is he used to different treatment or something?

I could see his face freeze for a moment, but he quickly brushed it off as if nothing happened and continued without returning my greeting. “Maybe. Do you know why I called you here?”

Ooookay, this guy is weird.

“I have no idea and who are you, by the way?” I raised a brow.

This time his eyes twitched as he rolled his hands into fists for a moment. His jaws seemed to stiffen as well, so he was surely gritting his teeth. Hey, this isn’t even that bad, I’m having fun! Ah, if only I could laugh at him openly, but I’ll hold myself back and won’t go too far.

Clearing his throat, he introduced himself properly, “My name is Olaf Asuma of the Asuma clan. I called you here for a simple reason. I was amazed by your talent and your beauty, so I thought about it and I’d like to go out with you!”


Do humans speak like this? Are you a different race or what? I’ve never seen a guy talk like this before. And why’d he shout towards the end? Am I supposed to fall on my knees in happiness or what? God… even ‘common’ guys are better than you. You can’t even compliment me naturally, I’m cringing, man, I’m cringing!

Trying hard not to sigh and roll my eyes upon hearing this crap, I replied raising a brow, “Is that it?”


“Then may I leave now?” I asked kindly.

“What?” he asked stupefied.

“I have a boyfriend already and you're not the first noble guy asking me out, so I’m sorry, but I have to refuse,” I explained myself.

He visibly had trouble keeping his composure. He probably thought that either out of fear or happiness, I’d just accept it. This was my ‘big chance’, after all! Well, no.

“Your boyfriend? What was his name again, Seth?” he showed a mysterious smile.

Furrowing my brows, I nodded my head.

“Well, I prepared something for you. I happen to have a girl working for our clan and I sent her on a small job. In a bit, you’ll see how easy it is to sway these low-class men like him if a nice girl tries to pick them up,” he said as the shortest of the two servants took out a tablet from his inner pocket and put it in front of me.

“This is live, by the way,” Olaf added as he unmuted it. There was a hidden camera fixated on the strap of the girl’s bra.

Oh, shit, I’m so looking forward to this, though really, this guy too…

As soon as I started watching the screen, I saw Olaf fixating his eyes on my breasts. I didn’t find it as funny as when Seth was doing it… I kind of wanted to cover my cleavage this time, though I had no way to do something like that. Based on her voice, the girl trying to pick up Seth was none other than Elena, though I probably missed the beginning since she was walking side by side with him already.

“And where are you going now?” she asked.

“I’m going home, where else?” Seth replied blandly. Is he actually annoyed? He seems to be, why though?

Stepping closer, Elena whispered, “Are your parents home? Don’t you want to have some fun with other girls as well?”

“No,” Seth replied sternly. I guess I know why.

Becoming a bit more aggressive, she embraced his arm, pressing her breasts against him. Reaching down, she tried to caress his crotch, but before her hand got anywhere close, Seth grabbed her wrist.

“A-Auh! It hurts, let go of me!” she raised her voice, catching the attention of other people nearby. Quickly looking around, Seth pushed her hand away and turned his back on her as he said loudly, “Stop following me, I have a girlfriend already!”

Hearing that, the people who seemed to be ready to step in to help Elena, continued walking as if nothing happened. Hah, double standards! So a girl nagging a guy isn’t a problem? If only I was there, I’d slap that bitch, but for now…

“I can see that my low-class boyfriend cared little about your girl,” I said as I put my hands under my chin and leaned on the table. I knew him better than anyone, probably even more so than Ms. Anna. It was understandable since he was good at pretending to be normal. He valued my personality over everything. Sure, he loved checking out girls, but without knowing anything about them, he wouldn’t care much about them, so tricks like these would never work on him. Given how picky he was, I was quite sure that he’d want to avoid Elena instead of hanging out with her, much less get in bed with her.

On the other hand, I was quite sure that after spending a whole week with me, his standards turned even crazier, crazy enough that the poor Elena lost all her chance, basically. I also had much better sex appeal than that bitch. Even if it sounded pompous, I wasn’t that kind of person. I just based it on the attention I got and she got.

One couldn’t be too blind… and people without confidence would always lose sex appeal. To my happiness, Seth’s confidence was at its best when we were having sex, which always fired me up. In fact, he seemed to behave differently when we were having sex.

Could it be because he is sure of his knowledge about pleasing women? I guess it’s because of his origin-

My thoughts were interrupted by Olaf’s low grunt, “Well, he isn’t that bad then. But could you give more thought to it?” he asked, taking all my punches without saying anything back.

What a loser. All you have is your background.

Since Seth told me to come here in hope of getting more time, I replied with a yes. “Can I get a few days to answer your question?” I asked as I looked around and eyed all kinds of expensive things.

Noticing it, his eyes lit up as he realised that he hasn’t used his ‘money trait’ yet. It was honestly hilarious. “Like the place? I could even buy it for you if you became my girlfriend,” he winked at me.

I really wanted to laugh at him in the face, but I smiled ‘mysteriously’ instead and said, “I may reconsider my answer.”

“Haha, you’re a clever person. Here is my contact,” he put a thin plate in front of me, which had his phone number.

Stuffing it between my breasts, I winked at him and stood up, “See you later~”

He seemed to want to jump out of his pants as he nodded his head. As long as he thought I cared about his money and that I’d answer him with a yes in a few days of time, I’d be able to spend more time with Seth in peace. I left the Blue Hound in a hurry and contacted Seth through the spell he put on me.

I really had no idea how it worked, but I didn’t want to use Seth and learn his spells just because I was his girlfriend, though, I’d lie if I said I didn’t want to. Still, I decided to leave it to him. If he taught me, I’d be sure to listen to everything he said, just like back in my childhood! All I had to do to contact him was to close my eyes and feel his presence. I could do that as soon as he put this Link spell on me and it was rather easy as well.

“I’m finished with him, we should have a few days since he’s expecting that I’d become his girlfriend in a few days of time. Is that outcome any good for your plans?” I asked.

“If I have to be honest, it’s better than what I was hoping for. What did you do?”

“Well, I kept refusing him until he brought up his money, so now he probably thinks that I care only about money. I told him that I may become his girlfriend in a few days and left with that,” I replied.

“Although the outcome is great, I’m kind of sad just hearing that,” he muttered.

“Aww, don’t be jealous, my heart is only yours~”


“Why the silence?” I mused.

“I love you too,” he replied shortly.

“You’re cute.”

“I’m not cute, for fuck’s sake!”

“You are~” I laughed.

“Where should I go? I've been moving towards your house,” I said, but I barely finished my sentence when he appeared in front of me.

“So who is cute?” he cracked his fingers.

“You,” I mused and then changed the theme. “So where do we go and what do we buy?”

“While you were having your audience with his majesty, I had to shake off Elena, who was probably sent by Olaf, and then I went home to retrieve all the money I earned and piled up over the years. Now we'll go and spend it on buying scrolls. The rest won't be bought from my money since it will be ingredients for food and we'll go to the supermarket nearby,” he replied.

“Sounds like something that would take a few hours with all the walking,” I said.

“I planned to go by car, though,” he replied. “By the way, Mother and Father are back,” he added.

“Oh, okay, but I’m fine with walking as well, I didn't mention the time it’d take because I’m lazy to walk,” I said, thinking that he may said it in consideration of me.

“No, I really planned to go by car, I don't want to walk around the city with large bags full of stuff. Now that my parents are back and the car is free, we might as well use it,” he shook his hand.

Nodding my head, I followed him back to his house and got in their car. Of course, only after we listened to Ms. Anna and Mr. Peter's stories. The sky turned grey by the time we were able to leave. Knowing that we were going to the supermarket, Ms. Anna wrote a list of things we were to buy.

Since we would be done with it quickly, we first went to a shop where Seth bought a hundred scrolls, each costing one dollar. One dollar for a price of paper was rather expensive, but anything that had to do with magic was expensive, hence, the high price. The travel to the supermarket took another thirty minutes and once Seth parked in the parking lot, we retrieved a trolley and entered the supermarket.

I haven't been to a place like this for about a year, so I felt pretty excited to look around. It was like window shopping most of the time, which was quite a lot of fun to do. Well, not alone but with Seth! The long shelves were filled with wares all the way to the back of the supermarket, spanning at a length of about three hundred meters. The place was simply huge.

I didn't remember the interior of this place, so I followed Seth tightly in the crowd of people by locking arms with him. Considering how much he loved my breasts, I was sure he took pleasure in the way I held onto him and the lewd face he made upon contact proved my thoughts to be true. Shaking my head amused by him, I took off one of the things from the shelves that was on the list. By the time we got out, it had become dark outside.

The city of Balan was built around a steep mountain, which provided most part of the city with shelter from the scorching summer sun and the monsters outside. But since the school and the Blue Hound were in the outer districts, the afternoon was a bit hot most of the time.

What I didn't understand was that why was he driving the car to somewhere other than his house. Weren’t we supposed to go home after finishing our business, but I soon found my answer. He drove the car up to the middle of the mountain on the narrow, twisting roads, stopping at a strange hook which extended outwards. It looked like a viewpoint. As he stopped the car, he got out and wanted to open the door for me, but I was out by the time he got around the car. I wasn’t that much of a ‘lady’ when it came to things like these.

“Did you bring me here to leave the troublesome me here?” I chuckled.

“Hahaha, should I do that? But no,” a smile formed on his face. “I wanted to show you this place since it was built a few years after you left. At the top of the mountain is an amusement park. I plan to take you there someday, but I felt the need to show this to you before. It’s truly beautiful only at night and we were out anyway. Come closer,” he called me over to the edge of the cliff.

Holding the handrail tightly, I marveled at the sight of the city at night from above. Although I had the ability to fly with the use of telekinesis, I never did it at night and even if I did, it just wouldn't be the same.

“Thanks,” I muttered, a bit losing myself in the sight. Luckily, it was just the two of us there, so even the mood was perfect.

Stepping behind me, he embraced me from behind and rested his chin on my right shoulder. “I want you to stay by my side, whatever happens. I’ll do my best to make you happy, 'kay?” he said in a low voice before giving a loving kiss on the back of my head.

“You are unfair,” I muttered.

“You’re one to talk,” he laughed as he grabbed my breasts, but let go of them quickly.

“You perv.”

“Well, I’m the ‘god of sex’,” he laughed.

“You know, I never told you about this, but the fact that you care so much about me and our relationship makes me really happy,” I said with a smile.

“That's good to know,” he replied as he made me turn around and pulled me into his tight embrace. I could barely move in his strong arms as I kept eyeing him in silence, waiting for his next move. Raising his right hand, he grabbed my chin and pressed his lips against mine.

I could feel that overbearing and dominant personality taking form in front of me as he cuddled me in his embrace. But rather than wildly taking my lips and sucking on my tongue, he gently nibbled on them and caressed my back. I couldn’t help but get caught up in his pace.

Lowering his hand, he snuck under my dress and pulled it up to my ass, revealing everything to the city behind me. “Haah- hey, stop. What if somebody passes by?” I said, pulling back from his lips as I caught my breath.

“Hmm? Why would anyone come here at this hour?” he said as he took out his phone and showed me the time. It was 10 in the evening and there was really no reason for anyone to come here at this hour.

“But-” before I could protest any longer, he sealed my lips once again and started caressing my bottom and the sides of my thighs. He always put me on the edge with his sneaky little hands, I could only curse them. The only sound in the warm and dark night was the sound of his fingers brushing against my skin, sometimes a small cupping sound following when he grabbed my ass with a slapping motion.

I couldn’t help but focus on the sounds since it was quite dark in the area and I couldn’t see him properly. He must have used some kind of spell because in the next moment, his pupils lit up in a violet light. With something to look at, I instinctively looked into his now violet eyes.

Raising his right hand, he hooked his finger into the hem of my panty and slowly pulled it down. I really wanted to tell him not to, but he didn’t cease attacking my lips greedily. Feeling a sudden rush of air towards my moist lower parts, I managed a yelp, “Noh~”

Pulling back his lips, he grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face against his broad shoulder, leaving me with no way to protest. Moving towards the side of my head, I could feel hot air blowing into my ear as he whispered, “You want it, so stop saying no.”

As he finished his sentence, he slowly moved his right hand down on my ass and touched my labia. His left hand on my head, he kept pressing me against his shoulder as he spread me apart with his fingers and stuck in his middle finger. My pussy gave out a squelching sound as he pushed it in and pulled it out in quick successions for a few seconds.

“See, you’re leaking,” his gentle and deep voice resonated in my ear and shook me to the core. Since I had high heels on, I didn’t have to stand on my toes to reach his lips, but instead of assaulting him, I peered over his shoulder, hoping that there was nobody here.

Seeing that the area was devoid of life other than the small critters, I held in my voice by biting the shirt on his shoulder. Raising my arms, I put the left one around his back while I put my right hand on his left shoulder, next to my head. As I grabbed him strongly, he started playing around with my lower lips without any reservation.


“Does it feel good?” he growled in my ear as he pulled out his finger and moved to my clitoris instead. “This one here needs more attention,” he added in the same manner as he took it between his fingertips and pinched it.

A strong jolt rushed up my spine and down my legs, and as he started tugging and pulling on it, the pleasure I felt only increased. “Someone is coming by,” he mused. I could feel my pussy contracting as soon as he said it.

“Holy shit, this is crazy. Why are you so wet? Are you excited?” he laughed as he stopped playing with my clit and pushed his finger into my pussy once again.

“N-No,” I tried to answer, but it turned into a small stutter instead. The worst was the I knew my whole lower half was stiff because of my nervousness. Seeing the headlights of a car moving up the mountain, I realised he wasn’t just playing with me, which only made me tighten up even more.

“My, my, another one is coming. Did you know that this amusement park is opened 24/7? I bet they’re going there,” he revealed a small piece of important information he forgot to tell me.

“Nho, that can’t be,” I moaned as I gently bit on his shoulder.

“But that’s the truth,” he said as he pulled my hair back with the tip of his thumb and bit the tip of my ear, sending a strong jolt towards my brain. Lowering his head, he started kissing my neck, not minding the car that was already taking the turn to come straight towards us.

“No, it’s coming,” I said as I bit his shoulder and closed my eyes because of the blinding headlights of the car. I could see everything turn darker in the next moment, so I knew that the car passed by. Opening my eyes, I could see the red lamps on its back getting further and further away, but I knew there was another one coming.

“You came as well,” he chuckled, his hot breath tickling my ear. I really felt like hitting him, but I didn’t really have the strength in me to do that, especially because his strong arms restricted my movements completely.

Probably not wanting others to see me naked, he slowly walked over to the left side of the car with me in his arms and pressed me against the door on the driver side. His violet eyes gazed at me sternly as he raised my right leg and pulled up my dress. Stuffing my mouth with its hem, I heard him unzipping his jeans and in the next moment, I felt his thing brushing against my entrance.

“Want it?” he asked as he put the tip between my labia and started moving it back and forth in between. Placing his right hand on my left shoulder, he used another spell that made his hand shine with a dim yellow light, providing us with enough light to just barely see each other.

Since the shoulder part of my dress was was quite wide, it hid the strap of my pink bra perfectly, so I didn’t look improper. But he quickly ‘fixed’ that problem by raising his left hand to the shoulder part of my dress and pulling it down to my arms. Moving to the part around my breasts, he pulled it off in one go, along with my bra. As I looked down, I could see my nipples standing erect, undeniably proving my aroused state.

Seeing him glaring at them without doing as much as moving his eyes, I felt a bit embarrassed, but it happened at the worst possible moment since he looked at my face exactly at that moment. “You’re cute when you’re blushing,” he said.

Although it made me happy, I really didn’t want to hear that now. Turning my head to the side, showing him my neck, I looked at the second car that reached the hook and took the turn. Biting my lower lip, I felt Seth penetrating me at the worst possible moment, when the headlight was radiating us with the most light.

“God, you’re tighter than ever before,” he grunted as my pussy convulsed because of my nervousness and excitement. Grabbing his wrist, I gritted my teeth as I felt his thick penis spreading me apart all the way inside, and then slowly moving back out of me. As his cock brushed past my folds, a sense of pleasure filled my whole pussy, sending strong jolts towards my brain. I was really feeling it, stronger than ever before, though we had sex only a few times compared to many other teenagers.

Grabbing my left breast with his right hand and holding my right leg with his left hand, he started moving inside me. My only support was the door of the car behind me and my arms on his shoulders. I forgot all about the weird sight of his shining hand as he started moving inside me, stirring me up to my very core, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

Raising up my left leg as well, he pushed me so much against the door that he held me up with his lower half. With his hands now free, he put his right hand over my crotch and gently pushed on it while he used his thumb finger to play with my clitoris. I locked my legs around his hips and put my right hand under his shirt, on his chest. Slowly pulling it up, I revealed his fit body. Raising my left hand, I bit on my finger as I traced the lines of his muscles across his chest, down to his crotch.

“I love your body,” I couldn’t help but say.

“Well, that’s mutual,” he chuckled as he pinched my clitoris, sending me straight to heaven.

I bit my lower lip for a moment, but realising that I really didn’t want to hold back my voice, I let out a loud moan as I came once again.

“What a nice moan,” he remarked with a smug face.

Leaning closer to his chest, I rested the side of my head against him and looked downwards, towards the place where we were connected. I could see his thick penis spreading my labia and going in and out of me. It looked so hot and perverted, but I was really enjoying it. His penis was slightly shining since my lubricant liquid kept leaking and covering his penis each time he pushed his penis into me.

I just loved how thick his cock was, it always rubbed against my most sensitive spots, causing me more pleasure than anyone could ever do. At least, I couldn’t imagine anything better than this. We were definitely compatible. Raising his right hand to hold the back of my head, he picked up his pace.

I could feel his penis growing a bit larger as it started trembling inside me. Still pressing down on my belly and holding my head, he put his forehead against mine and looked into the depths of my eyes, my soul, as he pushed his penis as deep as he could and busted his load into me. I could feel his hot sperm filling me up and creaming me inside, so I quickly used my spell to avoid an accident.

Looking down, excited to see his penis slowly coming out of me, I could see it being covered in his white stuff and my lubricant juices.

“Haah, this looks so fucking hot,” his voice shook as he watched the scene with as much excitement as I did. As his thick cock got out of me, I could see my labia slightly closing after this wonderful round. His penis slowly softened and stayed in a half-erect state. With the help of some water magic, he quickly cleaned himself and then put me on the ground.

Finding my legs a bit numb, I stumbled over a small bump and fell into his arms. Quickly standing back up, I thanked him for this wonderful time with a silent kiss.

“What was this for?” he asked.

“You’re stupid if you don’t know the reason,” I mused.

Nodding his head, he stretched his arm while I fixed my attire, “Thank you for being you, this was fun~” he said with a bright smile on his face.

“I’ll pretend that nothing happened,” I laughed.

“Same here, let’s go back,” he followed my example. It was great that we understood each other so well.

As we both got in the car, I couldn’t help but ask, “Did you bring me here with the idea of sex, or was it just spontaneous?”

“If I have to be honest, it was spontaneous,” he replied. “I just found you very beautiful in the whole picture and it made me feel the need to give you some love, is that bad?”

“No,” I mused happily. It just meant that he didn’t say what he said because he wanted sex. Well, it wouldn’t matter much even if he did, but it still made me feel better. Twenty minutes later, we got back to his house and carried in the things we bought. After telling Ms. Anna that we were so late because Seth showed me the viewpoint on the way to the amusement park, she stopped questioning him and told him that it was fine then.

I remembered only then that I still haven’t called my Father back… so once we took a hot shower together, we went back to Seth’s room and settled down on his bed. There were a few important matters to discuss with my father, and while I prepared to do that, Seth started his online business. He told me that the first spell which he’d sell would be the simplified version of ‘Link’. The online Spell Market provided him with the necessary tools and interfaces to get everything done without going anywhere. Of course, he’d have to deliver the scrolls one way or the other.

The Spell Market was just a giant web store, the only one of its kind where you could buy legit and original spells. The author would get their money only if the scroll was delivered to the client and the client proved that the spell was working, so there was no way to scam people. If it turned out that the author sold a scroll that wasn’t working, the clients would get back their money while the author would be punished severely.

One could always ask what stopped people from using the knowledge they learned from a scroll to make a scroll of their own and spread the spell in their clans, but the answer was simple.

Each spell had to be registered along with the author and only everyone who had the ability to inscript a spell onto a scroll was working for the Spell Market. If somebody without the identification of the author tried to re-register a scroll which was already up for sale, they’d be punished heavily, more so than the price of a scroll. Hence, not even noble clans bothered going around the laws and just used the online Spell Market to order enough scrolls for everyone.

But as one knowledgeable in magic related things, Seth didn’t have to bother asking an Inscription Master to make the scrolls for him, which also spared him from extra expenses. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to know how to do it. Leaving him to do his stuff, I called my father. It was time to chat…

“Hi, dear, how come you call me so late?” he said as soon as he picked up the phone.

“Hi, I’m sorry but I kept forgetting about your call… I’m really sorry,” I replied.

“Oh, so that’s why you didn’t call back. It’s fine, I’m sure you were busy now that we came back to Eglon.”

“Uhm, you could say that,” I said. He must not find out that I lost my chastity barely after he left me here. But I wanted it as well, I couldn’t help it!

“So? How have you been over there? Are you being treated well?” he asked, his voice showing his concerns.

“Yeah, I’m being treated really well and I get along with everyone in the house. I’m also… going out with Seth,” I admitted. Being met with silence, I asked, “Father? Are you there?”

“That was quick, but I hope that you aren’t rushing things too much, are you sure he isn’t using you or anything of the sort? I know that you’ve been in love with him since childhood, but I don’t want you to-”

Looking at Seth from the corner of my eye, I realised he heard everything father said, so I quickly cut into his words, “Father, it was him who confessed to me, so don’t worry, it’s mutual.”

Seeing Seth making an amused face, I sighed inwardly. Now he knew that I was basically a ‘fangirl’ at this point. But I couldn’t help it, I liked him so much when I was little and despite being apart for years, my feelings only grew stronger over the years. There were countless nights when I dreamt of reuniting with him. He was really good with kids.

Whatever, he wouldn’t make fun of me, I think.

“Alright, in that case. Haah- you’re growing up so quickly. If only your mother could see you…” Father sighed in the phone.

My eyes twitched as I remembered the time she was still around, but all of a sudden, I felt Seth embracing me. “Cry if you want,” he said.

“Seth is there as well?”

“Ah… yes,” I sniffed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you sad, it just slipped out,” he laughed a bit awkwardly, but I could hear that he had trouble containing himself. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without Seth, so when I imagined what my Father had to go through, I couldn’t help but shed some tears. Beside Seth, he was the only other person in the world who really cared about me, so they were both very important to me.

“It’s alright,” I replied, wiping my eyes. “When you return, we’ll have a few things to talk about,” I added.

“Okay, though you could tell me now as well.”

“Mh, no… I want to tell you in person. Also, how is your job this time around?” I asked.

“Is it something bad?” he ignored my question.

“What? No, it’s something good,” I said, immediately feeling better. I didn’t want a big wedding, but just thinking about it made me feel happy. I surely looked like a rash and silly girl with all this rushing, but I was sure of my relationship with Seth. He was just… different. Well, maybe it was because of the way I felt about him.

“Ah, okay then. It’s alright on my side, especially now that I don’t have to bother with noble clans,” he laughed.

“I’m sorry about that,” I averted my eyes and looked at Seth.

“Hahaha, it was fine. Rather, I’m a bit worried about you now. What’re you going to do if one of them screws up your relationship with Seth?”

“I’m quite sure that we’ll be fine, our talk is related to that as well,” I replied after thinking about it for a bit.

“If that’s really the case, I’m very happy for you, but I can’t express it enough that you should make sure that you aren’t being rash,” he said sternly. I knew what he was talking about and I lost exactly what he was talking about, barely after he left… I really couldn’t help but feel bad for him, but I didn’t have the courage and the face to tell him that Seth already made me a woman.

“Yeah, sure,” I muttered. When dealing with people important to me, I was a terrible liar.

“Lien?” he raised his voice.


“Don’t tell me you…”

“What are you talking about?” I tried to corner him by making him say it. I was sure he wouldn’t want to bring up a matter like that while talking with his daughter!

But to my dismay, he was a real father and didn’t fear talking about that sort of stuff, “Sex, obviously.”


“Don’t Father to me!” he raised his voice. Clearing his throat, he said, “You should make sure that you use protection and-”

“Please, stop it,” I covered my face and peeked at Seth. Seeing him trying to hold back his laughter and having fun, I kicked his side, which only made his ‘struggle’ even more visible.

“Haah, so my little daughter grew up. Either way, be careful. I guess I’ll have to talk with Seth when I get back. I’ll visit you within the next two days,” he sighed.

“Okay, bye,” I said in a low voice.

“Mhm, be good, my daughter,” he replied and then finished the call.


“You fucking bastard!” I kicked him again.

“I’m sorry, but your face was hilarious!” he continued laughing.

Puffing my cheeks, I asked, “Anything else you want to make fun of? Right, there was the moment he mentioned that I’ve been in love with you since childhood, make fun of that as well!”

He stopped laughing and furrowed his brows, “What are you talking about? I wouldn’t laugh at something like that. It just made me happy,” he said as a smile formed on his face.

“Is that so? Then come and give me a hug,” I spread my arms. “And you aren’t allowed to do anything perverted. It’s to prove your innocent love to me.”

“What?” he cried out, but followed my words nonetheless. As he put his arms around me, I pushed mine under his armpits and pressed my breasts against him.

“But this is-”

“Shh, you’re proving your innocence to me,” I chuckled. This was one of those rare moments when he didn’t get the mood and thought that I was being serious, even though I was just fooling around with him. But since I sounded pretty serious a moment ago, he thought that this hugging was really a test.

It came as a surprise that he started kissing and caressing me in a loving way and no matter what he did, I didn’t feel him getting hard.

Wait, what? Is he getting bored of me or what? No, that shouldn’t be it… I can’t be this retarded.

I believed pure love went beyond the emotion of lust, but never in my dreams did I think that he’d be able to do it. Raising to my knees, I pushed his face into my chest and spilled my thoughts into words, “Although I was just fooling around with you, I didn’t think you’d be able to do it, so I’m honestly surprised now.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t bear with this,” he muttered.


Feeling something poking my belly button all of a sudden, I looked down and I could see him rubbing his thing against me. “What are you doing…”

“I was fine as long as it was just hugging and kissing you in a loving way, but you shoved my face into these soft mounds, so it just made me forget all about it,” he said as he grabbed my breasts with a bit more strength than I appreciated.

With my confidence regained, I let go of him and sat down on my legs, separating from him. I was amazed by the fact that he was able to shake my self-confidence so easily. It never happened before so this made me realise that I was way very heavily influenced by his words.

“What now?” he asked a bit confused.

“It’s nothing,” I averted my eyes reflexively. Shit, he surely noticed.

“Out with it.”

“It’s just that I realised your words have a much stronger effect on me than I thought and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.”

“Oh, that. I feel the same way about you. For example, you keep telling me that I look good and I can’t help but believe it more and more,” he sighed.

“I guess it’s because we find each other’s opinion very important,” I chuckled.

“Yeah, though I don’t think it’s a bad thing,” he said.

“Mhm.” Well, that much was fine. Averting my eyes and caressing my right arm, I asked, “Say, could we sleep together?”

“Just sleeping,” I added. I couldn’t help it, I got used to the warmth of his body since we slept together every night at weekend. I knew we couldn’t do it while his parents were home, but I was sure I’d have trouble sleeping without him. It just felt so comfy and safe in his arms.

Nodding his head, he said with a smile, “I’d also be happier with that.”

“I’ll go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a moment,” I said as I stood up from the bed and left to pee. Once I was done with that, I went back to my room and changed into my pajama, which was a simple black nightgown that ended a bit above my knees. But it revealed my cleavage and had frills around the shoulder parts and around my breasts, so even that looked pretty daring. I couldn’t help it. I was prepared to seduce Seth in anything I had, but now that I just wanted to sleep with him without doing anything, I realised I’d have to get something less revealing in the near future.

Not having anything better, I turned off the lights and entered the corridor. Standing on my toes, I quickly walked to his room. The light on the ground floor was turned on, so I knew that his parents were still up. Turning back towards the door, I put my hand on the handle, only to hear a click behind my back. On this floor, there were two bedrooms, one being Seth’s the other being where I resided. Opposite of those was Ms. Anna’s study room and a storage room.

I knew that click could be only one thing. My mother-in-law just left her study room and was standing right behind me. Although I looked proper, I still looked like someone who was about to seduce a man, especially because my hand was on the handle of the door.


Clenching my fists, I turned around, trying to make it look as if nothing out of the norm was happening.


“You’re going in like that?” she pointed at my nightgown.

“Uhm, I’m just going to fetch something.”

Raising a brow, she smiled at, visibly amused by my answer, “And I’m supposed to believe that?” Before I could say anything, I felt the handle of the door being pulled out of my hand as Seth opened it.

“Are you coming in? And stop cornering her, Mother,” he rebuked her.

“What? But I was just talking with her!”

“Come on, we both know you were having fun,” he waved his hand, trying to shoo her away and pulled me into the room at the same time.

“Use prot-”

“We won’t do anything!” he cut into her words and shut the door in front of her.

“Okay, this was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life,” I said as I covered my face.

“Meh, don’t worry about it,” he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the bed. Without me being able to break out of my stupor, he tucked me in bed, hugged me tightly, put his legs between mine, and closed his eyes as if nothing happened. I just wanted to sleep feeling his warmth, but that night, my eyes were opened for quite a long time…