Chapter 3 – Starting Business (part 3)
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--- Seth’s POV ---

I woke up to someone nudging me, so I opened my eyes, only to find my mother in front of me. “Wake up, you should get ready for school, the breakfast is ready,” she stopped nudging me, seeing that I opened my eyes.

Rubbing them, I sat up and then stretched my arms as I yawned loudly. Seeing my mother staring downwards, I followed her line of sight and realised Lien was sleeping peacefully. Mother raised her head and looked at me as she said, “She’s so cute as she sleeps, like a baby. Look, her thumb is so close to her lips, I can’t help but imagine her sucking on it, hahaha.”

Seeing that she didn’t start another embarrassing talk, I just nodded my head with a smile. Lien was really cute and peaceful, sadly, I had to wake her up. Seeing that my mother was about to open her lips, I raised my hand, “We just slept together, okay? I told you last night not to bug her.”

“Hahaha, okay, okay, just how protective can you be? I didn’t even want to comment on it,” she laughed. “I just wanted to tell you to wake her up and go have breakfast.”

“I know, I know, you’ve said it just now! But you seem to be happy about her,” I muttered.

“Of course! I may get a beautiful and talented daughter-in-law who loves you. Or does she?” she raised a brow.

“You bet,” I said with a grin.

“Good, then what more could I ask for? I just want my son to be happy,” she chuckled as she turned around to leave. It was for the best that Lien didn’t wake up else she’d have become embarrassed for sure. Pulling the strap of her nightgown back to its place, I couldn’t help but lean closer and give a kiss on her bare shoulder.

“Mhrhm,” she murmured as she woke up to my kiss. Rubbing her bleary eyes, she sat up with her hair messed up.

“Ah!” she cried out as she realised where she was and quickly fixed her hair and wiped her eyes as clean as she could.

“You don’t have to mind those kinds of things,” I said with a smile. Nodding her head, she slowed down her hands and crept to the side of the bed. I also hopped off and then dressed up while she just sat there, silently watching me. I really didn’t know what she was thinking at these times and I always felt a bit embarrassed by her silent staring.

“What is it?” I asked as I wore a black shirt. It wasn’t that I didn’t like colourful things, but I didn’t like attention and light colours naturally drew in people’s eyes.

Her pupils widened as she seemed to come to her senses and averted her eyes with a red face. Does she really like my looks that much? Nah, she must have watched something else.

“Nothing,” she replied as she stood up and walked towards the door in a hurry. One couldn’t be too blind. I didn’t think I was handsome, but she was definitely checking me out and not just my body, my face as well. Although I had a few sharp features and I may had a bit better than average face, I didn’t think I was handsome. Maybe because she grew up while in love with me, her ‘ideal man’ turned out to be like me in her mind.

Wait, now that I think about it, I haven’t trained my body ever since she came here. Damn it, I’ll get out of shape. Well, let’s do a quick training. Since it was still quite early, I knew I had the time to exercise a bit and I wouldn’t have to take a shower since I could clean myself with magic. My current mana pool was pretty large for my age, large enough that I probably had the most mana among the third year students right after Lien.

Since her Mother was a former noble, it was no wonder that she inherited her genes and with my tutoring, she was the best among the best at her age of sixteen. But with my knowledge, even if I had a smaller mana pool, I was sure that nobody at my age would be my match. Unless they were god incarnations as well, but even if they were, just because somebody had an inheritance, it didn’t mean they could use it well.

As I finished exercising, I noticed that I became strangely… bulkier. Not by much, but the change was visible even by the naked eyes, yet I didn’t feel anything while working out. True enough, I didn’t get tired either. Is this the power of the God of Sex in work? Is it transforming me now that I have Lien? I guess it’s time it took effect.

My thought line was interrupted by the door creaking. Looking towards it, I found Lien peeking through the slit. “Ehm, what are you doing?” I asked. I really wanted to laugh, but I was sure she’d feel bad if I did, so I held it in.

“I just wanted to take a peek, but then I noticed you were exercising and I…” she averted her eyes and bit on her lower lip, again. She was wearing a light pink skirt reaching a bit lower than her thighs and a white sleeveless frilly shirt that covered her cleavage. It was stylish and it was a set that I wanted to get rid of so that I could see what’s underneath. A perfect wear!

“You look great,” my thoughts slipped out, but since I didn’t want to look like an idiot by covering my mouth, I just pretended it was an intentional compliment. Seeing her blush, I knew I was saved. Unless I could push her down and do as I pleased with her, I had to give my all to control myself and not get played around with, so I was in a pretty hard position. Though, she seems to behave a bit weirdly this morning. Although I had my ideas, I didn’t want to jump to conclusions.

“I’ll go downstairs,” she said as she turned around and left in a hurry. She was really cute.

Well, I’ve got to pee. I went straight to the bathroom. But as I opened the door leading to the toilet I found something magical.

“Yo!” I raised my hand.

“This… what are you doing?” Lien furrowed her brows. She was sitting on the toilet, doing small business.

“Well, I wanted to pee, but it turned out you got ahead of me,” I laughed loudly.

“I’ll finish in a bit,” she replied nonchalantly. It was good that neither of us wanted to make this sudden meeting awkward and it wasn’t like me to care about something like this anyway. Well, not with Lien. When she finished, she stood up and pulled up her underwear and her skirt.

As she got out of there, I sat down on my new throne and followed her example. For some strange reason, though, she stayed standing there and watched me peeing, which made things a bit harder. Not literally.

“What- What is it?” I forced a smile.


“You mad?”

“Why would I be mad?” she raised a brow.

“Oookay, then… keep watching,” I leaned on my knee and finished my business shortly. For the first time in my life, I didn’t know what she was thinking and couldn’t figure out her thoughts, but there was a first for everything!

Once I stood up and washed my hands, I turned around in the door and asked, “Am I supposed to apologise or something? Please, tell me if I offended you by watching you.” I couldn’t help it, it was bugging me.

Her eyes glimmered for a moment, which revealed everything to me. “You… seriously,” I shook my head as I sighed.

“Hahaha, but it was so funny looking at your troubled face,” she broke into a fit of laughter. “You were making a face like, 'Is she angry with me? What should I do? How should I fix this?’ even though I was just pretending. But it makes me happy to see you were so concerned by it.”

Rolling my eyes, I washed my hands for the second time in my confusion and left to have breakfast. But outside the door, I found my mother placing plates on the table and she just had to face the bathroom because why the fuck not? Seeing me coming out of the bathroom with Lien, she laughed, “You really are like newlyweds. To go as far as to go to the toilet together.”

Wrinkling the skin on my forehead, I couldn’t help but massage my temples and pretend that I haven’t even heard her. Although Lien’s ring was pretty eye-catching, most people probably thought that it was just a bijou and not a real diamond. When Mr. Michael came to visit Lien, they’d be definitely surprised to find out that I meant everything I said. I really wanted Lien as my bride. She was perfect for me and I had no reason to delay things.

Since the things that she was concerned about were pretty much the same, I was quite sure that I wouldn’t have to worry about them either. This just meant that my life with her would be one that I could look forward to. Once we finished having breakfast, we used telekinesis to fly to the school, avoiding the eyes of most people by staying close to the rooftops.

Not everyone had the ability to use telekinesis, and even fewer people had the ability to use it to fly freely in the air. The control it needed wasn’t something teachers in the kind of school we attended could do, and maybe not even elite teachers had that kind of ability. It was that hard. Luckily, Lien was very docile.

But what caught my ears was what the students were talking about everywhere. The theme was the appearance of a new communication type magic that used a new kind of method and made it possible for people to connect no matter where they were. The description fitted my spell way too much to be something else, so I took out my phone and took a peek at the Spell Market, only to realise that I turned off the wifi for the night and didn’t get the flood of notifications.

The website made it possible for customers to chat with the company that sold the spell and my business profile had a few thousand incoming messages. But what really caught my eye was that all the scrolls I put up for sale were sold out, despite the price being one million dollars. That meant a hundred million…

“Seth?” Seeing that I stopped walking in the middle of the hall, Lien tugged on my hand. “What is it?” she asked.

“Ah, nothing,” I replied. Holy shit.

“That doesn’t seem to be the case to me…”

“You think so?” I chuckled.

“Why are you grinning?”

“It’s really nothing, I’ll tell you about it in the afternoon, okay?” I replied.

Seemingly a bit excited to find out my ‘secret’, she nodded her head. Except for the time when Lien ‘ran into’ Olaf, our day passed by peacefully. But in most of my free time, I was reading all the messages that were sent to me.

I could see that Lien really wanted to read my messages, but she hesitated, which showed me that she was still unsure if she was allowed to ‘intrude’ on my privacy ‘that much’. I honestly wouldn’t have minded it, not the least bit. Rather, I found it hilarious how she was being considerate of my privacy despite what happened this morning. Although I wouldn’t have minded it, I wanted to keep the outcome of my first spell that was put up for sale to be a surprise.

Having trouble containing her curiosity, the first thing she asked upon leaving the school yard was, “We aren’t home yet, but tell me, what did you see?”

“Hahaha, just wait until we get home.”

“But that’s another half an hour! Let’s fly then,” she grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the nearest alleyway. As we got out of sight of the hordes of students spreading out in the area, she flew straight up and then charged towards our home with the speed of an eagle. I didn’t even use telekinesis since I was dragged back home by the hand.

“Hi, we’re back,” Lien said as we entered the house.

“Hi, but how come you’re back so early? What about the bus?” Mother turned around on the sofa and questioned us with suspicion. Just keep watching the TV instead.

“Hi, and we were let off earlier,” I replied calmly. A surprise was best if the other side didn’t expect anything. Alas, I had no plans to tell my parents about my ‘talent’ before my plans succeeded.

“Okay, are you hungry?” she asked.

“I’m not,” Lien replied and looked at me expectantly. Since I didn’t feel hungry anyway, I decided to go along with her wish. She was dying to find out and I’d have played around with her more if not for my heart. I didn’t want to go too far with my little games. We went up to my room and as I closed the door behind me, Lien impatiently asked, “So?”


“Don’t you dare delay it any longer!” she frowned.

“Hahaha, I had no such plans. Well, I’ll get straight to the point, I put up the scrolls for a million each and by the time morning came, they were all sold out. Now people want more scrolls and the business account I made last night was flooded by requests,” I replied.

I knew that the knowledge I had in my mind was something that could make me rich any day, so it didn’t come as a huge shock, though it still surprised me. I became a millionaire overnight, after all. As for Lien, she sat motionless and in silence for a few seconds before raising her head and looking at me.

“Say, how does your inherited knowledge even work?” she muttered.

“What’s the problem?” I frowned.

“Answer first.”

Nodding my head, I replied, “When I was born, I was just a normal baby, but as a few years passed by, I started to remember more and more things. I think I was around three years old when knowledge related to souls came to my mind and I’ve been training myself ever since. Basically, training your soul is what makes your mana more powerful and if two people with stronger souls make a child, the child is likely to have a stronger soul, hence, they’ll be more talented. The difference varies.”

“I for one was an average child, but thanks to my continuous efforts, I may be the strongest of my generation. I’ll teach you soul spells soon, but as for my knowledge… I was curious about spells and what could I make as a blank alchemist, so I used everything I knew to create all kinds of spells. That’s it, basically.”

“So the spells themselves are your creation and you just had all kinds of knowledge to put together to create them,” she concluded.

“Yeah, so? Why do you seem to be a bit down?”

Clenching her fists, she lowered her head, “You’ll probably tell me that it’s stupid, but… I believe that every person has a value, and I don’t mean money here. For example, there are those who do nothing to change their environment and there are those who work hard to change it. I believe they both have different values as humans.”

“I always liked in you that you either integrated into a group or made it change from the inside to your liking. Even if I was just a kid, I noticed that much. You’re always so calm which makes you feel like a leader and even I tend to feel that you’re superior. I was fine with that. But knowing that the spell you sold for so much money is actually the result of your hard work, I kind of feel a bit left behind.”

“As in, I’m not good enough. I mean, how could I earn as much money as you’re most likely going to? I was proud of myself because I turned the knowledge you gave me to something more, a powerful spell. Yet I’m sure that it wouldn’t sell for a million and even that took me months to make it perfect and find every weakness it had. While you, you probably have hundreds of spells, much more powerful than the one I made and many other things that could change the world and its leading powers.”

“So the point of this all… are you trying to tell me that you feel inferior to me?” I raised a brow and summed up her roundabout explanation. She really didn’t want to say it straight.

“Yes,” she murmured. “You could change the world and do all kinds of things and all I have is my ‘beautiful body’, as you guys say.”

“Hahaha, just so you know, to create spells, you need experience. Since I had my knowledge from a young age and went through many trials and errors, I could apply my experiences even to completely different kinds of spells, while you, you had nothing to compare it to.”

“I know that you aren’t enjoying that you’re living here freely and you don’t want to continue that sort of lifestyle if we move out to live together, but you must remember that as a normal human who grew up like every other kid did, you’re way more than just talented. What you’re expecting from yourself is the same as if I… I don’t know, as if I was expecting a one-year-old baby to run around casting fire magic with control as good as yours.”

“Didn’t you work hard and gave your all during the time we were apart? Did you reach everything you wanted and planned for the time being?” I asked.

“I did,” she said aloud.

“Then I don’t see the problem. I always pin a few goals for myself and if I succeed, I tell myself that I worked hard enough and then make a new goal. If I failed, I’d tell myself that I didn’t work hard enough and that I was too lazy. It’s not gods and ‘fate’ that change and shape your life, it’s not even luck. ‘Luck’ will come your way if you work for it, that’s how I see it.”

“I have yet to fail in anything important I pinned as my next goal, and do you know why? It’s not because I’m the incarnation of a god. It’s because I didn’t rely on non-existent, imaginary things. I relied on my own hard work and efforts. Got it? Rather than crying about your lack of knowledge and inferiority, you could pin it as your next goal, something that you want to change and make better,” I replied.

Looking into my eyes, she nodded her head and then a sly smile formed on her face as she said, “What cheesy lines, but they worked because I feel better. It’s best if I don’t feel down ever again else I’ll have to listen to you preaching,” she laughed.

“You little- hahaha, well, it’s fine as long as you’re alright. I prefer your cheerful personality,” I said with a smile.I knew that she appreciated my words, even if her answer was questionable.

“Come here,” she spread her arms. While I received my big hug, she asked, “What’s the name of your company?”

“It’s not mine, though. It’s ours. And I named it World Path. I picked that name because I believe our times are going to change and most likely, it’ll start out with the creation of my company. Do you know why?”

“An interesting choice of name, and I’m not sure, I guess it’s because you’re going to sell spells that’d make the world change, right?” she replied as she pulled back her arms and looked into my eyes.

Sitting down on the ground in front of her, I grabbed her legs and pulled her down from the bed, making her sit in my lap, facing me. “The answer is that among the thousands of messages I received, there was one that proved my thoughts. I wasn’t the only god incarnation on this planet. Look at this,” I raised my phone and showed her the message.

“Hello, ‘World Path’, an interesting name. I’m looking forward to finding out what you’re trying to achieve by releasing a soul-related spell to the world that doesn’t even know about existences like us. What are you the god of and how many apostles do you have? By the way, I run by the name Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty. We could meet someday, I wrote only because I’ve seen that the location of your business is in Balan and I live in the same city,” she read the message aloud.

“This- and do you plan to meet her?” she asked.

“I didn’t plan to, should I?” I raised a brow.

“Well, I’ll leave it to you. I still don’t know many things about gods and whatnot, I know only you, after all,” she rested her head on my chest.

“Hehe, how come you are this clingy?” I chuckled.

“It's because your words made me happy,” she muttered, but a large earthquake followed her words.

Being in the middle of Sector One, once called the ‘North American’ continent, there weren't supposed to be any earthquakes, which meant that this was something else.

“Come, we're going out,” I frowned as I grabbed her hand and jumped out through the window.

Hugging my waist tightly, she cried out as I flew up, “Where the hell are we going at this time?”

The only reason the ground trembled was the appearance of a large monster that'd most likely require the support of a noble. After flying towards the origin of the ‘earthquake’, I spotted a giant bear on the other side of the fifty meters tall and ten meters thick wall that surrounded the city.

As it raised its house-sized paw, flames formed around its red fur. It struck the wall and destroyed it with a single attack, but it was never meant to stop powerful monsters like these. The Asuma clan was a warrior type, so this flame bear was the worst possible opponent for them. Its fur was thick and resistant against physical attacks, which meant that the flame bear would probably destroy a large area of the city before they took it down.

Well, obviously the Asuma clan wasn’t the only noble clan in the area since this was the capital city, but considering that Leo lived somewhere there and that taking it down could work as an advertisement, I decided to make a move.

Though… there was another reason, the real reason, which was quite simple, but I wouldn't tell about it to Lien, for now.

“Lien, I have two requests towards you. Firstly, take out your phone and record a video of what's to come. Secondly, I'll use the altered Link spell that I put on you to borrow your mana. I’ll need it for a moment. Will you help me?”

“I’m a bit confused now, but okay,” she replied without a shred of hesitation and took out her phone.

Taking hold of her hand, I started drawing on her mana and combined it with mine. I wouldn't be able to make the spell strong enough on my own, but with her help, it was a different matter.

Bolts of lighting started flickering above the large flame bear as I prepared to use the same spell Lien used during our spar. It was just that the volume was a bit… different.

As the Electric Field covered the whole city, I controlled the charges and compressed them to an area of fifty meters. Although the flame bear's limbs weren't covered completely, that was beside the point. Feeling that Lien’s grip on my hand was starting to loosen, I stopped draining her mana and fired the spell.

A lightning bolt as thick as a common family house struck down on the bear with a roar that shook the whole southern part of the city and turned off the lights everywhere for a few seconds. As the lights started to return and light up the signs of stores once again, the smoke dissolved and the charred silhouette of the flame bear was revealed. It fell straight to the ground without any life left in it. There were a few amperes in that lighting, really, just a few.

Lien stopped recording the video as I motioned her to stop with my eyes. When I took her phone out of her hand, she started falling, so I quickly caught her body and held onto her. I put her phone in my pocket and slowly took her on my back with a bright smile on my face. Her background was a picture of me and her when we were little, which just moved my heart to tears of joy.

While she was still out cold, sleeping peacefully on my shoulder, I took a photo of us and set it as her new background. As I hopped off of the rooftops and landed on the street, she woke up.

“Where are we?” she murmured with a tired voice.

“You up already? Sleepyhead,” I laughed.

“Why did you not use up all your mana before using mine? I would have carried you back,” she grunted with a weak voice.

“Now, exactly because of that. I'm the one who's supposed to carry you on his back. I don't want to be carried by a woman,” I replied.

“Mhm, stupid pride, but fine then,” she grunted as she closed her eyes and continued sleeping.

I was quite low on mana, so I didn't fly either, just in case I needed it for something. Due to the quality of my mana, much less of it was enough for the same effect when compared to others. For a spell of that size, a common noble would have had to use about double the mana.

After two minutes of walking, I had enough mana to fly back, but I decided to give some of it to Lien through the Link spell. The pleasant weather and the scenery of the setting sun were pretty good anyway and I was enjoying the soft texture on my back as well. I could only blame my instincts for making me love breasts so much. I knew it was mostly nothing but fat, yet it made me so happy upon contact!

“Grabbing them is better, though,” I muttered to myself.

“What is?”

“Your tits,” I accidentally and out of habit, answered her honestly. Covering it up, I added, “So you woke up again, sleepy baby.”

“I totally haven't heard what you said, okay? I’ll pretend that. Anyway, I woke up thanks to your mana,” she said with a meaningful tone.

“Any other hidden effects I should know of?” she asked.

“Uhm, I’ll tell you if you insist,” I replied a bit reluctantly. I wanted to break down every social wall between us that stopped us from ‘being ourselves’, but it was such a hard thing to do. You always had that dark thought in the back of your mind that ‘what if’ she won’t like you because of it? But if that was the case, she wouldn’t love me to begin with and then this relationship would be pointless. For me, it’d be pointless.

I always gave my all to the people close to me, but I didn’t want to break my own heart and that was the reason I had so many pre-set conditions to even make me interested in someone… It was just me being cautious and I couldn’t do anything about it, I was just that kind of person. But I had yet to break my own heart, so my method probably worked, even if I turned into a bit of an introvert because of it.

Tightening her arms around my neck, she gave a kiss on my face, “Out with it, dear~”

Now I feel fluffy inside, damn it, she knows her stuff.

“Thanks for making it easier,” I said with a smile.

“I don’t know what are you talking about,” she mused.

After looking around and making sure that there wasn’t anyone nearby, I started, “In the message I showed you, Aphrodite mentioned something about Apostles. I haven’t yet taught you how to use Link, but what I sold wasn’t the whole spell, as I’ve told you before. This was one of the few rare spells that I didn’t invent based on my knowledge. I just ‘remembered’ it the same way knowledge came to my mind. And if you use the whole spell, you can use it only on twelve people, who’re going to become the gods’ apostles.”

“This limit is due to our own souls, but even twelve is possible only if our soul matured. It’d be a bit hard for you to understand right now, so I won’t go too much into the details. In my current state and level of power, I could make six Apostles, and you’re the first one,” I explained.

Before I could continue, she cut into my words, “Wait, wait, so, are you trying to tell me that I’m the apostle of the God of Sex, basically?”

“Yes. I could revoke it any time I wanted, but then you’d lose its effects as well. You’ll realise the difference in the long run since with the help of my soul, yours will improve quicker and it’ll also make your mana more powerful. Its other uses are that I can give you or draw mana from you, we can contact each other anytime, I can find you anywhere, plus a few minor things. And what may be the most important is that it may alter your personality a bit to make you more faithful, but I don’t think that’s actually going to happen, given the kind of person you are,” I replied.

“Oh? What kind of person am I?” she asked.

I stayed silent for a bit to put my words together before replying, “Hmm, the truth is that I love that you are so understanding with me. I know that I can be a bit of an asshole or an introvert and such, yet you never complained about either of those. I love that you have a very similar mindset to my own, about people, about the things you like and you’re doing, about life, and many other things. I also love that you don’t judge me because of my lack of empathy for other people and if I have to be honest, I’m quite happy that you aren’t necessarily an empathic person either.”

“It makes me feel a bit closer to you, I mean, it’d be harder to get along if you cried over every sad thing while I stayed neutral about them. It’d surely lead to conflict. I guess it’s because people often look for common things in other people and since we have so many, I fell in love with you easily. It was a new kind of feeling. I’d lie if I said I’ve been in love with you since childhood, like you, but I definitely liked you even when you were just a brat.”

“Truth be told, when I first confessed to you, I believed I loved you because I often thought about you, but not long after, I realised that what I felt for you was more of a physical love and affection. Do you know how did I realise that? It was because something else erupted in me, at that night when you were just dozing off in front of the table. I stood there confused and happy inside as I looked at you and that keeps happening ever since.”

“Just seeing you smile makes me all happy inside, especially if it’s me who makes you happy. If we separate even for a short period of time and I see you come back to my room, to the classroom from the toilet, to the arena from the changing room, it doesn’t matter, as soon as I see you, I always feel my mood turning for the better.”

“Although you’ve got a wonderful banging body, these days I feel that I’m drawn to you much more because of something else because of who you are and how you treat me. I know that I’m not a good person, yet you love me from the bottom of your heart. Maybe that was what really moved my heart. I’m not sure myself, but I know that I’d do anything for you and that we can trust each other mutually. I think this is a truly beautiful emotion and I’m happy to share it with you,” I confessed.

“Holy shit, with so much sugar, I’m afraid I’ll get diabetes,” she laughed.

“Haha, I wasn’t trying to sugar coat things, that’s just the way I feel about you,” I said.

“Mhm, but it doesn’t matter, your words made me happy,” her arms tightened around my neck as she hugged me strongly.

“H-Hey, you’re choking me!”

“Mmm, but I wanted to give you a reaaaally big hug,” she laughed.

“Oh, it’s fine, just don’t kill me. Saying cheesy things like these made me feel embarrassed enough. I want to cover my face now,” I shook my head.

“What? But it’s just the two of us, it’s not like you have to be ashamed,” she said as she brushed her fingers through my hair and caressed my head. “I enjoyed every word you said and it made he really happy, so you shouldn’t mind it. I didn’t find it cheesy either, it was,” she paused for a moment, “romantic for me,” she muttered.

I guess that’s good then.

“Why am I even carrying you at this point?”

“Well, who knows? But I’m taller than you like this, so it’s fine,” she chuckled.

“Eh, whatever, I can feel you up, at least,” I replied as I let go of her right leg and moved my hand to her ass. “Mhm, perfect material,” I nodded my head after assessing the situation.

“What a shameless pig you are to grope me on the streets and in broad daylight!” she cried out.

“It’s not like there is anyone around us,” I rolled my eyes.

“Yay! We’re back,” soon after she jumped off of my back and ran ahead of me, seeing our house not far away.

Did I give her too much mana? Well, whatever, we’ve got to go out to deal with the scrolls anyway, but I think I should make limited scrolls my trademark. Like, I wouldn’t sell more than one hundred copies of each spell every month! I think I could raise the prices like that and due to the success of the Link spell, people would most likely pay for the next ones as well. Should I turn on the auction option for the scrolls?

Although the starting bid could stay one million or more, I could sell the other scrolls for even more money. But then I’d have to pay some additional royalties to the Spell Market and depending on the amount, maybe it wouldn’t be worth the trouble. Ah, who cares, it’s not like I need that much money. I’m not some kind of hardcore businessman anyway. I’ll just turn on the auction option and set the starting bids to the same price next time.

Reaching the house, I jumped in through the window and then closed the curtains. Lien wasn’t in my room, but she left her phone on my bed and sent me the recorded video as a direct message through Discord. Since she was still out, I used that time to add her spell to the list of scrolls I sold. I set the initial price to five hundred thousand dollars.

About two minutes later, she returned with a plate of cookies in hand, much to my happiness. “Your mother called us, but you were still out so I went alone. She made these not long ago,” she said.

“Oho! I love sweet things,” I exclaimed as I picked up two of them and stuffed them in my mouth instantly. Not much to my surprise, Lien was doing the same. Girls supposedly liked sweets.

As we finished the whole plate, I quickly took it back down and then told my parents that we’d go out for a bit. They believed it was a date, but I was fine with that. In fact, I thought about taking her somewhere after we were done with our business.

Lien came down after me, wearing a one-piece white dress with a brown belt around her waist. It emphasised her wide hips and large bust quite well and her dark brown hair created a perfect contrast with all the white. Seeing her, my mother whistled while I felt a bit conflicted inside. She looked really pure and elegant which filled me with a sense of ‘admiration’, but knowing what kind of hot body those clothes hid, I wanted to tear them off of her and ravage her as well.

Luckily, my ‘pure’ love topped every other emotion I felt and instead of lust or admiration, I just felt proud of her and was filled with happiness knowing that a girl like her was my girlfriend. “You’re beautiful,” I complimented her, but seeing my mother grinning, I really felt like flicking her nose.

“Go and take out my bashful son,” she went as far as to make a remark.

Gritting my teeth, I grabbed Lien’s hand and left the house in a hurry.

“You’re funny,” Lien chuckled.

“...You as well?”

“Hahaha, it’s because of the way you handle our relationship. It’s as your mother said, you’re bashful when our relationship is brought up in front of your parents, so I can’t help it either,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve got to ignore it from now on,” I rolled my eyes.

“Nah, you’ll get used to it,” she said as she let go of my hand and locked arms with me instead. I found true happiness.

We soon reached the closest office of the Spell Market. Upon entering the building, everyone looked at Lien and kept staring as if they’ve seen an angel. I understood how they felt. That white dress made her look as if she was an angel. She was one fitting the role of an apostle of the god of sex…

I walked up to the nearest administrator who was free. After telling him that I wanted to complete the deal by delivering the spells I sold, he led me to a private room. He even told me that ‘the Miss’ should wait outside, but I told him that it was fine and that she was an owner as well. Since when I made my business account I ticked the ‘secret ID’ option, the person managing my case had to sign a document which stated that he wouldn’t reveal anything about my identity.

The Spell Market was truly a dream place for anyone. But if the scroll the clients got was bad and they returned it, this same person would find me with a group of security guys who would lead me straight to the court… Well, that was a bit of an exaggeration since they’d investigate the case at first.

I also gave him the other one hundred scrolls that contained Lien’s Electric Field spell, but since she still didn’t know about it, she just looked at me confused. She didn’t understand why would I sell another batch of some kind of spell. The faces she made at the meeting were quite funny.

After thanking the man who dealt with our business, we left the building. Once the client verified that the scroll was working, ten percent of the price would be deducted for handling my matter and the rest would be transferred to me. The company would earn ten million for advertising, selling my spell, and dealing with me secretly, while I’d earn ninety million. However I looked at it, this kind of platform was totally worth it. It made things much simpler for everyone.

Obviously, there were countermeasures against the client abusing the reporting system. If they claimed that my scroll wasn’t working or that my spell wasn’t doing what the description said, which had to be exact, then the case would be investigated and depending on the outcome, one of the two sides would be severely punished. In case I made a mistake, I could just hand out another scroll that was working.

“I’m kind of lost now,” Lien mumbled as she looked around on the streets.

“In that case, let’s go somewhere fun before it turns completely dark outside,” I mused.

“Oh? Where should we go? Do you have any plans? Though it’s pretty late to do anything big,” she replied.

“How about having some ice cream? The weather is good anyway,” I said.

“Sounds like a plan, also, I think that we should visit a lake or something one of these days. I’m going to seduce you in my swimsuit~”

“You aren’t even hiding your intentions at this point?” I laughed heartily.

“Should I?” she asked with a smile.

“Nah, do as you please,” I said as I gave a kiss on her cheek. We spent the rest of the day together and then had some lovely time outside, again… Going back home, we took a bath and then went to bed together. Life was truly nice with Lien, but things were about to change for two reasons.

The first one was that Mr. Michael called Lien and told her that he’d return tomorrow. The other was that the next day, on the way to school, we were stopped by a beautiful blonde haired woman. She had blue eyes and a body comparable to Lien’s. Still, I believed Lien was hotter than that girl, even if I felt that way because I loved her. But really, Lien was more beautiful…

“Hello, you two. May I have you for a moment, Seth?” the blonde woman asked. Lien kept looking back and forth between us and furrowed her brows when looking at the woman. I was happy to see that she had no doubts about me, but I was more interested to find out who the hell was blocking our way.

“Who’re you?” I frowned.

Sighing loudly, the woman slumped her shoulders and shook her head, “You didn’t even answer my message, so I had to go out of my way to find you. But now I’m here,” she added as a smile formed on her face.

“Oh, right, just call me Aphrodite, no need to know my current real name~”

“How did you find me?”

“Well… I could tell you if you took your time to hear me out,” she mused.

Rubbing my eyes, I tightened my grip on Lien’s hand. I found this more important than school, so nodding my head, I followed ‘Aphrodite’ to a restaurant.

I guess it’s time to talk with another God incarnation.


(AN:\\This is for all you out there who've read my novel up to this point. Thanks! On a side note, some of you may be worried about this novel having rape, cheating, ntr, etc... but I can assure you, nothing of the sort is included. I hate that kind of content. So rest assured and enjoy the fluff! XD)