292. Lotus Spire
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Chen Wentian and Zhou Ziyun returned to their room with many things to think about. Immortal Phoenix Legend Shi Shi’s words could not be taken lightly. The one about the disciples in the dream array was especially concerning. He couldn’t imagine how they could be in danger but now he had a shadow of a doubt. Anything was possible, anything.

“Ziyun, do you think this Shi Shi is being sincere?” He asked, seeking her opinion.

“I do… I could tell the anger in her voice. Her emotions were hard to fake.” She said, “Still, it was difficult for me to accept that she would take the bribes for her tacit cooperation. Does she have any morality or self-respect? I thought a Spirit Lord would be better.”

Chen Wentian smiled wryly, “A Spirit Lord is just a Spirit Lord. They are still human and bound by human emotions. Although we have shed a few of our mortal shackles, the prospect of death is still scary and can drive immortals to do crazy things. To her, even a chance of progressing toward the Spirit King Realm was enough to sway her.”

There was also the fact that Shi Shi’s disciples were merely placed in the middle ranks of the Monster Fighting Competition. Unlike those in the top ranks, her disciples almost had no chance of breaking through to the Spirit Lord Realm. It was thus highly likely that Shi Shi did not have the capacity to develop a successor. If she wanted her sect to survive, she had to survive herself.

Sect masters that had an established succession plan were more willing to embrace death. Their legacy was secure in knowing that their immortal disciple would continue their teachings. They could die without any regrets, even if they were unable to cultivate to a higher realm. This was how many of the best Spirit Lord Realm sects operated and it served them fine through hundreds, even thousands of years.

Chen Wentian and Zhou Ziyun continued discussing the matter through dinner and until bedtime. He described the mindset of an immortal and how it wasn’t too different from mortals. She absorbed everything and asked questions occasionally. They ultimately came to the same conclusion, that more information was needed.

“I agree.” He said as they both tumbled to bed, naked and freshly cleaned from the bath, “Tomorrow, I will go visit Gong Liyun’s tower to check up on your sisters. I will bring Chen Mo for maximum effectiveness.”

“Mmm, and I will review everything I can in the library about the four Spirit Kings and their backgrounds, as well as all affiliated immortal factions to them.” She said.

“Good. We should get an early start tomorrow morning.” He said and then grinned, “You know what would help me have a good night’s sleep?”

He spread his legs and his little dragon roared to life.

She rolled her eyes but dutifully moved her mouth down…


Lotus Spire was the enormous pagoda that was home to Gong Liyun and The Lotus Guild. This was her so-called sect, although it didn’t operate like one. Immortal Gentle Lotus Gong Liyun didn’t so much accept disciples as she accepted talented men from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes.

All members of The Lotus Guild were men and all of them had sexual relationships with her. This wasn’t a rumor. It was an accepted fact. It was so widely known that male cultivators were willing to join the guild simply at a chance of being favored!

But being chosen and raised by the gentle lotus was supremely difficult. Her tastes were mercurial. Her preferences changed with the seasons. Some men could hold her attention for a year, perhaps five years. There had never been a man that could charm her forever, except one…

“Brother Wentian!”

A delighted cry rang out through the Lotus Spire, startling everyone from their morning routine. Their queen was happy, extremely happy. There was only one person in the world that could do this!

Chen Wentian sat inside an intimate room that made him extremely uncomfortable. It wasn’t so much a meeting room for immortals as a private playpen, a setting for lovers. Instead of chairs, there were only soft sofas filled with plush pillows. The tables were adorned with exotic lotus candies and jugs of sweet-smelling lotus wine.

Gong Liyun was sprawled out on the couch beside him, a few meters away. As the guest, he tried to be polite but it was hard to. His mind was constantly being barraged by an alarming sight.

She wore very little, even less than usual, and her illusory arts were turned up to the maximum. Instead of her wrinkly old self, she took the form that appeared to him in the past. She looked like an angel, with cascading black hair, pure white skin, and an impossibly flawless face. If that wasn’t enough, she wore nothing to cover her breasts that were as large as melons. There was only a tiny piece of modesty, a thin silky panel of cloth that covered her groin. If she moved her legs even slightly, he would be able to see what lay hidden underneath. From the lack of hair in the surrounding, she was definitely shaved!

She reached over to pluck a piece of candy and put it in her mouth.

“Mmmm… Hehe!”

Her breasts shook as she laughed and she squeezed them together.

“Brother Wentian… do you like them? I could show you more!” She teased.

Chen Wentian’s eyes roamed a little before snapping back to her face. He grimaced and fought back her illusion with his soul powers. A silent battle raged between them, one that always did. She tried to subdue him under her spell while he resisted her doggedly.

During the process, that thin piece of silk disappeared. At some point, she even managed to spread her legs, giving him an eye full of a perfectly pink slit and rose-colored labia that peeked out.

A lesser man would have already fallen under her spell. But Chen Wentian wasn’t an ordinary man and he eventually wiped the illusion from his mind. Gong Liyun’s most beloved was also the only man she could not get.

Her old lady visage returned as reality returned. She actually was fully naked and her body bore the signs of the centuries. It wasn’t a good sight. She looked even older and weaker than he remembered.

She sighed and with a wave of her hand, a set of crimson robes covered her body to some form of respectability.

“You’re no fun.” She muttered, almost as if it was his fault.

“Perhaps you can just give up.”

“Hehe, never. I’ll make you mine one of these days.” She fluttered her eyelids at him.

This only caused him to want to throw up.

“Anyways, what do you want? To see how your disciples are doing?” She asked.

“Yes, as a good master, I should check on them from time to time. This is not meant as a disrespect to you, elder. This is only so that I can have peace of mind, I hope you can understand.” Chen Wentian replied.

Gong Liyun stared at him a few moments before grunting in annoyance.

“Men… all the same. So what if things are tighter and less saggy… do they have the experience that I do?” She said, mostly to herself, “Waking me up and getting me all excited just so you can go see your little lovers… Fine… Fine! You’re not the only one that has requested this. You’re all a bunch of annoying brats!”

She flew out of the room and he rushed to follow.


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