Chapter One
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Sitting on my jet on course back to America, I close my eyes as my thumb and second finger holds my chin balancing my head. The slight sound from the buzz of the turbulence going soothes the dull aching pounding about in my head.

“Boss, we’re landing in an hour. You haven’t rested since the meeting back in Shanghai, how about you rest for the time being and I’ll wake you up once we’re cleared to leave the jet,” says my first in command Brian. The worry is evident in his voice and I am in need of rest.

I wave my hand without opening my eyes and lean back against the seat. Taking in a deep breath I sag into the comfortable seat and relax my frustrated expression that is causing my brows to knit.

My mind is still racing like crazy after the conversation I had with my new business partner Wei Lan that is based in Shanghai. He owns a few hotels and decided that he wanted to expand to South Korea and wanted my support. I’m happy to support anyone as long as they are willing to work with me and not fuck around.

Wei Lan doesn’t seem to fuck around so I’ll cut a deal with him in two weeks when he comes over, I don’t want to host him but I will most likely have to when they arrive. I say they, meaning him and his boyfriend.

I was pretty surprised because I’ve known him since my predecessor was in charge of the mob and I know he isn’t a homosexual and this took me by surprise when the man, his fiancé, Tian showed up and sat down on his lap.

Our conversation paused because, the moment Tian sat down on Wei Lan’s lap, the two exchanged a heated kiss that even I, a heterosexual felt heat coursing through my body. I was totally taken by surprise because I know for a fact that he isn’t gay so how could he have suddenly changed?

I’m a straight forward guy so after their kiss ended and the lovey-dovey shit or well I shouldn’t be disrespectful when they were done fawning and mewling over each other:

“Wei Lan, and this? Since when are you gay?” I right out asked him and he looked at me as if I was crazy. His fiancé looked over at me with a frown and got off his lap and sat his arse down on the seat beside Wei Lan.

Wei Lan looked at his lover and smiled at him reassuringly while patting his hand. He turned to me and asked while narrowing his eyes at me, “Well, do you have a problem with me being gay?”

I lean forward in my seat and reach out my hand to pick up the glass of CHÂTEAU PETRUS GRAND VIN 2007. Swirling the glass in my hand, I bring it up to my nose and inhale the deep mulberry and black cherry along with Ceder wood and earthy smell flavour.

Taking a sip from it, I swirl the glass in my hand again and tilt my head. Looking at him, “I particularly don’t care since I have a few business partners and Chandler  has many gays working for him so I’m not offended that gays exist but I’ve known you for over ten years and you were never gay,” I say as I look back at him with a smirk.

He nods his head with a bob and takes a sip of the wine in his glass. We have different drinks and I don’t care about what he puts in his mouth, “No not actually but I have been since I decided kissing Tian was delicious,” he says making me frown.

“I used to think faggots were disgusting and all since same-sex marriage and sex didn’t seem right because it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be but then I met Tian. I didn’t like him but I love and appreciate him now. Our relationship was a farce in the beginning,” he says and looks at me.

I raise a brow and he smiles, “I had this girl I was crazy in love with and fucked her. After a while, I grew tired of her because she became too fucking clingy and I felt that our relationship was suffocating and becoming toxic since we always ended up arguing and I hated the make-up sex so, I thought of playing gay thanks to Chandler’s idea and it worked. My parents didn’t believe me so I had to actually get myself a boyfriend I found Tian online, I offered him money and he showed me how to act gay, you know, like kissing and holding hands in public. We planned to get caught by my ex and my parents so that it was more convincing. It worked but I had to play along for like about a year and seeing that the two of us had nothing else to do, we got to know each other better. Later, I found out that Tian was rich and if the two of us worked together, we’d become great together and so after some deliberation, I proposed the idea to my father and we’ve been working together running the hotels.”

“I thought about actually being in a genuine relationship with Tian one night and invited him over. I caught him by surprise by mouth fucking him with my tongue and have been addicted to kissing him, another year later, we started touching each other sexually, diving into hand jobs, oral and currently, I fucking love the taste of his inner walls,” he says answering my unspoken question but the last part I don’t understand.

“Inner walls?” I question and Tian chokes on his water. Wei Lan helps soothe him while whispering who knows what in his ear. After his coughing fit, they both looked at me. Smiling, Wei Lan answered, “I’m not surprised that you don’t know, but I was referring to fucking his ass with my tongue,” he says and my eyes widen. If I had wine in my mouth, I’d probably have a fitting cough like Tian.

Wei Lan laughed it off and I didn’t comment, it wasn’t my place. I raise my glass and drink a third of the wine in my glass while looking at the couple exchange looks. After a moment Wei Lan turns to me, “You know, I never knew that having sex with a faggot would be so pleasing. Fuck it, I am currently proud of being a faggot and I don’t give a shit about what anyone says, if they have a problem then so what, as long as it doesn’t affect my Tian, we’ll proudly walk side by side being faggots, right babe?” he says looking at Tian and he jumps in his seat while wiggling his body and it kind of looks cute if you think of it.

They both look at me and Tian says, “I hated him but after getting to know his ass, I’ve loved him ever since, that mixed together with his dick game in bed, I’m sure that we’ll be together for many years to come and I’m surprised that we’ve done so much, because when I met him, I instantly knew he was a dick but now, he’ll get down onto his knees and suck my cock and he loves it while I ride his face. I’m actually surprised that you haven’t left the room yet with our vulgar speech but I’m glad. I can actually see you partnered with another man, Alexander.”

I look at him with a raised brow, “You do?” I ask and he nods his head.

“Honestly yes. Just because you’re the mobs boss, I can understand why you still don’t have a partner, whether your significant other is male or female because of the dangers you face but just imagine yourself with the one you trust the most. The one who comforts you, the one you feel safe with, I know for a fact that you most probably have someone but you don’t let anyone know of it, since he or she could be threatened but if that person is a he, strong and compliments you. As in he can hold his own and stand by your side, you’ll be so happy and who knows what else. So like I said, I see you with a powerful man beside you, it’s up to you who you choose but then again, it’s no one’s business who you stick your dick up as long as you followers don’t fuck around right?” he says and I nod my head.

“I understand yes but being gay is another thing,” I say and he nods knowingly.

“You’re already thirty-one Alexander, its time you get someone, empty sex is for teenagers not us adults,” Wei Lan chirps in.

The conversation stirs to our business talks and so forth after that.

I’ve never thought of being gay but the idea of having someone strong besides me, that’s an offer I don’t want to lose out on.

“Boss, we’re here,” Brian calls out and my eyes shoot open. Looking at him, I nod and unbuckle my seatbelt.

We get off the jet and I slide into the back seat while Brian drives the SUV off to my home with three other SUV’s, two behind us and one in front. Looking down at my gold wristwatch, I sigh. It’s six in the evening and I’m hungry.

“Where’s my phone?” I ask and Brian hands it over his shoulders to me. I take it while thanking him and he complains about me thanking everyone even though I’m the boss and I need to stop.

I mentally roll my eyes while glaring at my phone as it starts vibrating as if it's malfunctioning after I switched it on. When it calms down, I swipe the screen open and go through my messages. Finding one by Chandler, “You piece of shit! Let me know when you return so we can go eat out. It’s been three days and you know I can’t go a day without seeing your handsome and shitty face.”

A smile tugs at my lips and I dial his number. After three rings his deep and raspy voice greets me, “You piece of shit!!”

“You motherfucker, why do you sound out of breath?” I ask and he starts laughing.

“Well, I just got back from my evening run, are you back?” he answers then asks me. Humming I answer him, “Yes, still on for dinner?” I ask and hear him chuckle.

“Always, where should I meet you?” he ask and I feel my heart tighten for some reason.

“I’ll head over to your place after freshening up, I’ll be there at eight, cook us something delicious,” I say and hear him groan into my ear.

“Fine!” he says and immediately ends the call. I’ve always hated when he did that and I’ve spoken to him about it being bad manners but he shrugged it off by saying he hates goodbyes. It’s silly but I dropped it, it’s him and I’ll let it pass… it’s him?

Come to think about it, I’ve always let the things Chandler has wrongly done go. He’s not one of the men working for me so I never treated him like I treat my employees. I met him by chance and I wanted him to join the mob but he refused and we’ve been friends ever since.

Whether your significant other is male or female because of the dangers you face but just imagine yourself with the one you trust the most,” his voice and words echo in my head. Why does this suddenly, “The one who comforts you, the one you feel safe with, I know for a fact that you most probably have someone.”

“One who comforts me, I feel safe with, is that one Chandler?” I ask myself while running my hands through my wet hair while washing out the conditioner from my hair. I then grab the axe body wash and scrub myself down.

Chandler, he, I don’t know, maybe but I’ve never thought of him that way. If we go about it the way Wei Lan did. Chandler, a multi-millionaire. He received the inheritance from his previous boss and was handed his company because the boss saw his like a son and a year ago he inherited a jewel company that he did the finances of.

He’s a brilliant financial advisor and he does my finances for me too. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have found out that I was having my money taken from me.

Sexually… I doubt I’m attracted to men and him… he’s never had a girlfriend no? No, wait, we threesome with Bianca every other weekend.

Drying myself off, I pull on black briefs and a Nike, grey sweat pants that has a black stripe going down its sides. Pulling a white tee shirt over my head, I pull it down and pull on socks and step into my Nike slip on’s.

Tossing the towel in the basket, I switch off the lights and grab my car keys and cell phone. Quickly texting Chandler that I’m on my way, I head to the garage and climb into my red Audi A5. Pulling out of the garage and closing the door behind me. I drive off while heading for Chandler’s home.

Looking into the rearview mirror, I see Brian following behind me like always and look back in front of me at the road. I pull into traffic and I can’t help but think back to that conversation and comparing it with Chandler.


Just maybe…

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