The Death of Kris Tempest?
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Black Mage

Based off the favorites, some readers think this is chapter one.... In fact this is Chapter 2! They start the same that's it.

    Cough "What is Hypnosis App?"

     Yes, those were my last words before I died. Honestly I do not understand how or why I ended up with a knife in my gut.

     If anyone out there can understand my thoughts, then let me give you a brief recount of my life till I apparently died.

     I am a 18 year old human who had just this week enrolled in the prestigious Sword and Spell Academy, in the Royal Capital. Unfortunately I am a commoner that received my job class a year late due to being on the poor side. Oh and if you live on one of the two moons, then our planet you can see is called Gaia!

     My family lives in a smaller city called Westerly Town, and we are near the Ocean. There are seven continents on Gaia, but I don't know them all. Our Human continent is known as the Eldridge Human Kingdom. The West side of the land is relatively peaceful with only low level monsters seen very rarely.

     My mom and dad are a bit on the older-side and tend farmland that I have helped out with growing up. They unfortunately never unlocked the class tree and have stayed as Jobless commoners. The reason for this is it is super expensive to travel to the Capital to get tested to see if you can gain a Job. Sadly only one in ten people can do it and even fewer can get Advanced Jobs.

     The worst part is even if you get a Job, you cant advance it without killing, whether it's humans or monsters. The world of Gaia has always controlled what Jobs an individual can receive! I once knew this fat kid that was lazy, ended up getting a Brawler class. That was very sad for him. He ended up staying level one for his whole life.

     My family however wants me to unlock my Job for a better future than what they have. It costs a whole 10 gil to unlock your class! And the real bank breaker is if you unlock any mage class, each beginning spell costs around 100 gil I think!

     Finally by the time my family and I saved up our savings of 200 gil, it was time for me to travel to the capital to go to the Sword and Spell Academy, to get my unlock! You have to be at least 16 years old to unlock your Job, and incidentally that is the age of adulthood in our Kingdom! Well I am 18 so it's all good.

     The day I left for the Capital, I looked in the dirty mirror and saw an average looking young man, with short white hair and light-blue eyes. My clothing is a bit worn, but there are no holes in it at least. I stand at about 5 feet 9 inches tall and have a good build due to the farm-work I do all day.

     My mother packed my rucksack full of clean clothing and dry rations for the road. I have a simple sleeping bag so I can camp on my long journey. Walking it will take me about two weeks to get there. Thankfully I have enough survival skills for camping.

     After our tearful parting I made my way. Thinking about some of the difficulties I will face when I get to the capital, the first problem is, I am barely literate and my math-skills are super basic. Sure hope this won't cause me too many problems with the nobles at the school.

     A couple of days in, I encountered a caravan of traders. The Merchant leader was kind enough to let me tag along for assisting with the animals at camp sites. This was right up my specialty! This cut my journey in half.

     "There you go kid, it's the Capital City of Eldridge! Good luck on your Job promotion youngster, ha-ha!"

     The Merchant was very happy to arrive and sent me off to the gate I needed to head too. He was kind enough to sketch the layout of the huge Capital, so I could more easily find my way to the School.

     I thought my heart would leap out of my chest when I had to pay 10 gil just to enter the city. I only have 190 gil left, and I don't want to waste too much of my savings!

     Remembering my parents words, I stayed away from all the fancy looking people walking the streets so I didn't offend anyone. However I was so shocked when I saw other races than humans for the first time. I saw elves, dwarfs, and beast-men! My eyes could not handle this massive Capital City at all!

     After two long hours of walking, I finally made it to the awakening center. After paying my fees for the test, I was given a magic crystal slab. It was slightly bigger than my flat hand. It was about an inch thick and it was mostly transparent. The shape was rectangular like it was an oversized Domino Tile.

     "Alright kid, just take this Magic Slab and put your hand on it then touch it to the Master Crystal over there and it will reveal your new Job if you get one, good luck!"

     I listened to the teacher and went up to a massive transparent crystal floating in the center of this massive dome room. I then placed it and after a few moments some glowing information revealed itself in the small crystal Slab.

Name Kris Tempest Age 18 Black Mage Level 1

Attribute Start Growth
HP 25 D
Strength 1 F
Agility 10 F
Intelligence 20 A
Endurance 1 F
Luck 10 F
Hit Rate 5 +1/level
Magic Defense 20 +2/level

     White light covered my body, and I felt my mind sharpen along with the feeling my eye and hand coordination improved! This is the power of having a Job! I then look at the crystal. Wow I am a Black Mage! Crap that is a super expensive Job to get! I hope I can even afford a single spell to learn!

     "Congratulations student Kris! Just wait a few more minutes and I will have someone take you to the Mage dorms. Glad you did not fail. Also do not lose that Magic Slab! That is your identification and it is also a storage space for your gear. Try putting your sack in there.``

     After a while about ten more teens also passed and most of them looked like nobles. They were all told to stand in one of two places. The areas seem to be for mage dorms and combat dorms.

     Two students wearing class uniforms came to us along with the teacher.

     "These two students are Edger and Fran Farmington. They will both lead the two groups to your respective dorms. Edger please take the fighters to the combat dorms. And Fran take the new mages to your mage dorms. Good luck everyone and welcome to Sword and Spell Academy!"

     We all follow the two siblings, and the brother is a big guy and he is wearing a Brawlers uniform that is grey in color. He is at least six feet tall with brown short hair. I think his eyes are brown too, but he is giving us all the stink eye! It seems anyone who looks at his sister, is getting angry looks.

     Fran Farmington is wearing a White Mage uniform, and she has long wavy brown-hair tied in one loose braid, with amber-eyes. She is at least around 5 foot 5 inches tall. She is actually a super beautiful girl that must be just turning 18. But the thing that stands out the most even with her white with red trim robes are her massive chest. Sadly I don't get to see many beauties where I grew up.

     "Eyes off my sister, commoner! Or this may be your last day in Sword and Spell! Got it fucker?!"

     Shit I guess I was rudely looking. I cup my fist and apologize.

     "Sorry young master and lady! I have not seen a White Mage's robes this close before."

     "If I see you looking at her again, I will poke your trash eyes out! And sister pull-up your hood so perverts can't see your face, now!"

     Shit why is that guy yelling at his sister too? Oh well I guess it is a noble thing and I will just move away from them.

     The two groups finally split off and from the mage group you can hear a couple of them exhale due to that guy's intensity. I sure as fuck don't want to piss that guy off. Shit, I bet his sister is probably just as bad! look at her holding her staff like someone will mug her.

     When we get to two big buildings the girl points with her staff, and instructs us...

     "Boys dorm to the left and girls dorm to the right. Go in and they will give you all school related items and rules."

     She said that in a quiet voice and pulled down her hood even more so we couldn't see her face. Then she took the girls inside their dorm. The three of us boys went to the left as told.

     We were then given four sets of uniforms based on what class we earned, and we were put into rooms with four people with two bunk beds. This is still ten times better than my straw bed at home!

     I was charged 5 gil for a knife for self defense, but the uniforms were free. Armor is not mandatory unlike the weapon. We are also fed two meals a day. We are given a curfew to be back at sunset. I think that is about 7 pm by a magic clock standard. We are given a pale to wash up and keep our cleaning supply. If we want fancy food or bathing facilities then we have to go into the Capital. Finally classes start tomorrow, so I guess I would have been late if I walked!

     It seems the three roommates I am with are mid-class nobles and they don't seem to want to talk to me, just a farm boy. I get it, but that's kinda sad. I think I am a nice guy?

     Well it is not all bad! When I can reach level 10 Black Mage, I will be given the rank of a non-land Baron, or you can call it Knighthood. Sure it's the lowest of nobility, but maybe I can make friends then?!

     After a good night's sleep I made my way to the Black Magic Tower! I am wearing my black robes with my pointy wide-brim hat. I do think I look pretty handsome in this getup! Well it hides my farm clothing at the very least. And as required I have my simple knife at my side and I washed my body extra well, so as not to offend the nobles.

     The Magic Tower has nine floors and after the bottom floor each one is a separate classroom. So it seems my classroom is on the 7th floor and my teacher's name is Sally Frost! I hope she is a nice teacher. One of my hopes was to become a White or Black Mage, so I am extra excited.

     Thankfully I do not seem to have a problem getting to the 7th floor like some of the other students. And when I walk into the class, I see stepped seating where the back row is up high and the front row is low to the teachers desk. There is a black board behind the desk too.

     But what stops me in my tracks is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life! No really she is tall and full of charm. Her Black Wizards robe has high slits on her muscular legs, and the exposed skin around her neck is absurd! No, I could truly fit my whole head in between her chest! I think magic was involved to make them that enormous!

     Sally Frost seeing my and two other boys' looks gives us a very unpleasant face and she points to the top row...

     "Men in the back and girls in the front, move now or I will kick you out of my class. Also keep your inappropriate eyes off your teacher. I do know how to cast the 7th level spell [Blind] so if you like your eyes don't lick me with them!"

     Crap! She is super pissed. Why are all nobles so aggressive? Honestly I did not have any bad thoughts, right? Alright I will just look at my desk and I don't want to lose my eyes.

     Thankfully she did teach us how to prepare the Magic Core positions in our bodies, so we can learn our first spell reservoir. Everyone in the class quickly learned that Sally Frost hated all men, and some of the girls looked uncomfortable with the touches and glances the teacher gave them! Um this is the first woman I have ever seen that likes girls?!

     "Now students go down to the first floor to purchase any spells you want and bring back the homework by tomorrow! Oh and all the boys have to do this mission solo! you are boys after-all and killing an imp in the forest to the east of the city will be child's play. Bring back its nose and good luck!"

     Everyone left immediately to go buy their spell or spells. I am crying on the inside because a spell will cost me 100 gil and the entrance fee to get back will be 10 gil. So I am only going to be left with like 75 gil. if I buy a Cure potion I will be broke.

     While purchasing the spell crystal there was a commotion at the door, as three girls wearing Red Wizards robes came in, well the back two girls were wearing Red Mages uniforms but that's not the point.

     "That's the 4th Princess, Alice Eldridge! When she tested for her Job she skipped Red Mage and got an advanced Job of Red Wizard right away, she is amazing and beautiful."

     The girl that they are talking about in the front may not be as sexy as my teacher but she is full of overflowing elegance! She has drill-style blonde-ponytail with deep-blue eyes. She looks to be as tall as me. Her red robes and hat are a step above what the mages wear and it highlights her flawless figure!

     I bought my spell already but I guess she is also buying a Black Magic spell. She gives me a disgusted look and firmly tells me...

     "Trash should be removed, stop looking and beat it! I will forgive you this one time for not knowing your place but next time I will blast you for getting in my space, commoner."

     I immediately looked down and moved from her presence, but it seems she looked outside the tower and saw three men there watching the scene. She just clicks her tongue at them. Oh shit it's that angry looking brother guy from yesterday!

     "Oh it is the 3rd Prince Alex Eldridge, and both Kent Weston and Edger Farmington, those three are so dreamy!"

     "Maybe the Prince will take me as one of his concubines! I might try!"

     "Yes, but Kent Weston is so handsome with his long blonde-hair with red-eyes! Also I hear he plans to propose marriage to the 4th princess too! I want him! He might be a Warrior now but it's only a matter of time till he advanced to a Light Knight!"

     I finally got away from those fan-girls! Wow and they said it loud enough for the boys to hear them, sigh! Heck, I never even held a girl's hand, and those three guys have girls throwing themselves at them. If they are so lucky then why are they so crabby?

     Sadly I did not notice that three individuals were tracking my movements. This was the beginning of my last day...

     Three hours later outside the east side of the Capital.......... If this story is on any-other site than Scribble Hub, then it was stolen without permission!

     I learned my first Black Magic spell! I chose [Bolt 1] ; it's a spell that launches a small bolt of electricity to kill weak targets. I would have learned [Fire 1] as well but I am too broke. I also plan to buy for my final 1st tear magic the spell [Sleep 1] this one can help in a group fight! I can't wait.

     I think there are too many students in the woods and the imps are hard to find?!


     "Good hit Edger! He went down fast, ha-ha!"

     I had my vision go blank for a moment as I fell head first into a tree! I think I was hit in the back of the head....

     "Don't think I did not see you looking at MY sister you little bitch! She is not your property to touch. Next time I will kill you, you little farm boy! SPIT!"

     As I fall on my back I can barely see the three young masters from the Black Magic Tower. Man, he just spit on me too. Oh I dropped my magic slab, gotta reach for it.

     "Alex and Edger, go ahead and look for the girls, I want to say something to this scum in private!"

     I see a sinister smile from both guys as they turn to walk deeper into the woods looking for others. The last piece of shit puts his knee into my throat so I can hardly breathe or talk.

     "Alice Eldridge is my property! I just want you to know why Kent Weston is ending your life today! Oh this is a brand new knife! Well I guess it's good for you, it's clean right, ha-ha!"

     He then drew the knife at my waist and plunged it into my stomach. The fucker just smiles at me as he gets off me. Then he turns like nothing and finds his two buddies...

     Just as I was expiring from blood loss, I see the screen of my Magic Slab light up with my health reading 0, and on it it reads...

     Cough "What is Hypnosis App?"

     I then died...........

     A figure then came around a tree and from there hands a golden feather fell upon Kris Tempest's body.  And bits of golden light rise into the air. The figure then walks away mumbling.

     "All of them are stupid assholes..."

Base Job Looks: Warrior, Brawler, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage.