The Death of Chris Taylor? By Harem-Fan?
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     Cough "What is Hypnosis App?"

     Yes, those were my last words before I died. Honestly I do not understand how or why I ended up with a knife in my gut.

     If anyone out there can understand my thoughts, then let me give you a brief recount of my life till I apparently died.

     I am a 20 year old sailor in the US Navy. I joined the service for the benefits, to go to University. I am working on a degree in Marine Biology. Just in case you're not from around here, I lived on Earth.

     I used to live and grew up on the East Coast, and when I graduated high-school I enlisted. Honestly the main reason I joined was to get away from my family and the place where I grew up. The reason for this is I was falsely accused of sexual harassment, in my freshman year of high-school. No seriously, I was innocent! I can prove it! I am still a virgin despite what the girls said.

     The girl's name was Alice Cooper, and she was my high-school crush. She was a true American Beauty with blond-hair and blue-eyes. Yes she was your typical cheerleader with everything going for her. Well she also had a sadistic side to her, and peer pressure from the other girls set me up for a fall.

     She invited me to a football game party and had me drink a bit, but that's when it went wrong. I was surrounded by drunk football players mocking me for wanting to date a hot girl when I was clearly a nerd. Well after playing as a punching bag for a while they threw me in a dumpster.

     The next day when I went to school it was told that I forced myself on Alice and the football players rescued her.....

     At the time I did not find anything fishy, but my family of course heard about the rumors due to it being a rural community. Yup if a girl is sexy and claims rape, then everyone automatically believes it! Well due to the fact she must have had a small amount of guilt she did not turn me into the police.

     Well for the next four years of high-school I was a pariah and no girl would ever come near me, sigh! I guess if there was any justice it was the fact that in her senior year, Alice became a gang-bang target for the whole football team. I wanted to feel sorry for her but, I have lost the urge to pity attractive girls. I did not turn into an emo-edge-lord or anything, but the loss of friends over the years made me a bit bitter.

     So when the Navy recruiter came to our high-school, I signed up without any second thought. Hell I did not even say goodbye to the parents that betrayed my trust when they too thought I was a criminal.

     So after boot-camp I was sent to a ship on the West Coast. Surprisingly I met a guy from the football team I knew in my hometown. He and I pretended not to know each-other. Actually that guy is super scary, even though he was on the football team he was not blamed for any crimes regarding that Alice incident.

     His name was Kent Parker, and he seemed to always have the hottest and sexiest girls by his side?! He would even make out with two girls at once where I could clearly see him, I started to have this feeling he was doing this on purpose for some bizarre reason?

     One day I was called into my Commanding Officers, office and when he closed the door he asked me a bizarre question.

     "Seamen Taylor, I have heard from one of your fellow servicemen, that you have been inquiring about my wife? Can you explain why this rumor is going around? My wife is a very kind woman and I cherish her deeply. She has been acting strangely lately and I am trying to find the cause of her distress."

     "CO sir, I honestly do not even know who your wife is sir! I have not inquired about any service women or any wives since I have come to this deployment sir!"

     My CO seems to be able to tell there is no falsehood in my expressions or words, and he looks like he is now doubting the source of the rumor instead. If this story is on any-other site than Scribble Hub, then it was stolen without permission!

     "Thank you Seamen Taylor, you are dismissed!"

     About three weeks later there was a work BBQ party being held, and everyone was invited to a beach-house of one of the officers. I was not going to go but the coworkers of mine refused to take no for an answer. I had a chill go up my spine for no reason when I saw Kent Parker playing on his smartphone and when he looked up and saw me he just smiled creepily.

     Well the day of the party arrived and I rode up on my motorcycle, and then went to the single story beach house with many men and women drinking and laughing.

     A handful of people that recognized me gave me perfunctory greetings and I grabbed a Lite beer and went to the back yard.

     There were easily about a hundred men and women just in the backyard alone. When I had gotten some food to eat I noticed my CO and a black-haired woman next to him. Wow, she was like a supermodel. If I met her before my boss talked to me, I might have looked guilty. Honestly she is easily one of the top beauties I have met in real life. Sadly I would even let her have me if she wanted. I can understand now why he was asking me questions before.

     About 15 minutes later I noticed that the CO had gotten a call and he kissed his wife and left the venue, my guess is the office needed him to unlock a file or something.

     What was suspicious was the fact Kent approached the wife and started talking to her. She looked like her shoulders trembled slightly while she was talking to him. His smile was super slimy and then he looked at me and waved. He then looked at his phone then said something to the black-haired beauty in front of him.

     He then walked into the house and the wife followed him, but I noticed her eyes. Her eyes were emotionless and unfocused, and she followed him with no trace of hesitation like this was something they did all the time.

     While I was following behind the two I noticed that they entered a room at the back of the house where there was no one. They closed the door and Kent licked his lips and shut it like he was telling me he was going to take her while her husband was not there.

     I had so many conflicting feelings right now and I was about to pull my phone out and call her husband back. But like he could read my mind the door opened once more and  he pointed the smartphone he had at me and said...

     "Hey Chris can you say, Hypnosis?! ha-ha!"

     The next thing I know after my head went fuzzy is I am standing in the room, and Kent was standing behind a video camera. The craziest thing however is I am completely naked, and so is the tied up woman in the bed! She is gagged and blindfolded with earplugs in her ears? Holy shit her breast are so fucking enormous!

     "Chris just stay calm for a moment and like any good evil boss, I will explain everything to you good brother!"

     He then shows me his smartphone screen and I don't see anything out of the norm. However he smirks and explains.

     "You can't see it but my phone has an app called [The Hypnosis App] and it showed up in my phone about four years ago just when you got interested in that slut Alice. How dare you like the girls of my dreams! You were my first target of my powers, Chris! I made you ask her out, and I made her say yes! Setting you up for a life of misery was too easy."

     "I am not fully understanding all of this, but why would you make me miserable when I didn't even know you?"

     He just looks kinda pissed and he then explained his insanity...

     "Because that slut Alice Cooper liked you, a fucking nerd! What a fucking joke right?"

     Alright now I am even more confused and somehow I have forgotten about the two nude people in the room.

     "Plus I only had to hypnotize the football team captain to get you beat up regularly, ha-ha! I even hypnotized your family to believe they saw pictures of you raping that slut. Man your home life had to be so fucking fun!"

     My heart feels like it is sliced to pieces right now, why is this happening to me? Is this just another nightmare I am having? Maybe this is what this is. He sees my face and drives it home.

     "Not only that, but I turned Alice into my obedient sex slave and made her say your name every-time I had sex with her! When she was finally broken and useless to me, I then had the football team fully give her a workout if you get my meaning! Trying to find out whose baby she's carrying was the best part! Spoiler alert though, it was mine, haha!"

     He smiles and as he sees I am about to leap at him he puts up his finger and says....

     "Wait there's more. I even found out you joined the Navy to get away from me, so I signed up along with you! I found out with my powers where you were deployed and had myself sent with you. I could not let my first pet get away like that right? So I turned our bosses wife into my new toy and well her husband figured something was up. And that's where you come in, old friend! Wait for it its fucking EPIC!"

     "I-I cant believe you hate me so much to ruin my life like this, your fucking insane right? No this is a dream and I will wake up soon."

     "No it's no dream Mr Nice Guy! I just can't stand guys like you, is all. Well first I will do you a solid and I will get rid of your virginity status since it is my fault anyway right? Hypnosis!"

     My head went fuzzy for a moment then I was confused? I am now tied to the bed and my boss's wife is riding cowgirls style on me with the blank look in her eyes. I look over and see Kent is making sure the camera is filming us having sex. His smile is making my heart sink.

     I was a virgin and the feeling this mature woman is giving me is in direct conflict with my heart's desire. I have a gag in my mouth and cannot shout or beg. The sensation in my manhood has seemed to hit its limit and the woman keeps going as my seed flows out of her.....

     "Sally now you can stop, go ahead and use the knife at the head board. That's right. Now plunge it two inches above his belly button all the way in. And don't forget to smile."

     Sally then smiled with blank eyes and grabbed the knife, she then plunged it into my belly.

     SLICK "Gahaaaaaa!"

     I could only let out a quiet sound as the blade slid into me, the worst part is my erection intensified from the pain!

     "Alright Sally keep fucking him till he is dead, hah-aha!"

     He turned off the camera while Sally rode me hard, although I cannot feel it like before due to the blood leaving my body. Kent comes over and pulls the gag from my mouth and talks more.

     "Dont worry, as soon as you bleed out, your lover Sally will join you when she commits suicide over her lovers body, ha-ha. Goodbye old friend. And thanks for letting me get this Hypnosis App! It was great for getting revenge on my hated foes."

     Cough "What is Hypnosis App?"

     Oh! I can now see the App on his smartphone now! Shit she pulled the knife out of me. She is smiling at me with those dead eyes and she plunged the knife into her heart, while we are still connected. Damn she did it when my body released, sigh this guy planned too well.

     She slumped on top of my fading vision and her eyes are now clear just before the light leaves them. Fuck Kent is going to get away with everything! I guess bad guys always win right?

     In all the fan-fiction stories of transmigrates, I am sure I am the ONLY man that wished he died a virgin...


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