The Strongest Amazon?
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(A/N will wait to drop new character sheets till I have-time to update them, they take a while, due to rolling on many stats, enjoy. Oh, but I did add Bell. Is it sad I get bummed when I get two 1-stars? Sigh I am spoiled.)

Chapter 224 The Strongest Amazon? by Bella-Fan!


     Dunbar Dwarven Trade-Union [Central Volcanic Archipelago], [Amazon Island], in the arena seen by Kris......

     Sally, Eli, Fran, Manya, and Dame are all sitting in a shabby looking box-seat with Amazon guards watching them like criminals by their exit. The five women are watching a gauntlet trial given to the criminal Amazon Bella Brave, as she fights the 3 city leaders in a row, for the chance to challenge the Queen of Amazons in a life or death match for the title of Amazon Queen..

     When the group of six landed they were attacked, and when the Amazons realized the enemy invaders were too strong they fled.

     After a one week back and forth about Bella betraying her orders and lots of bullshit, Bella was granted the right to challenge. It seemed the only Amazons strong enough to kill Bella were the leaders and Queen. So they allowed her to challenge her with life and death, her companions could not retaliate, but leave, so the deal was made.

     The first three women to fight will stand in the arena with a magic barrier to keep from killing, like back in the Academy and non-fatal duels, but when the Queen fights, the field turns off, and it's to the death. Bella will die if she loses any fights. And she was happy because it was the Queen that killed her mother.

     Eli chewing on some beef-jerky said in a mocking tone.

     "What pride?! Kris would just straight up fight and not let three scrubs soften up his targets first, the Queen is no Queen."

     The guards wanted to do something but they know every single outsider here can kill most of the Amazon in this stadium if they tried hard. Strength is everything, and the bizarre women all have it, plus they summon Spirits.

     Manya still wearing her Cait Sith mascot-outfit, jumps up and cheers for the start of the fight.

     "Nya! Kick their ass, little-sister Bella~Nya!"

     Sally smiles with her eyes half open and coldly says.

     "Those Yuri whores underestimate the training and care Kris put into Bella, this fight is pointless, plus Ark keeps wanting to just kill all of these wastes of space, sigh... But I can't disappoint my husband. Personally I would pack all of them up, and send them south to those racist slave owners, but.... Kris would hate that too."

     Fran asked.

     "Sister Sally, what is a Yuri?"

     "Oh? Sorry Fran, it's a term Kris calls lesbians, no you don't know that term either, um, it's women that love other women instead of men."

     Fran looked confused and then said.

     "So sisters May and Fay were Yuri before they met Kris, but now what are they since they like Kris more than each-other, but still play for Kris?"

     Sally smiles at the confused Fran.

     "Don't copy those two, Ufufu, Kris does not like Yuri girls actually. He only finds it okay with the twins, because they are that close as twins. Kris knew what their relationship was before taking them in. But those girls don't play with other girls, so they are their own special case, and not true Yuri women. Just don't copy them..."

     Dame points and says.

     "Oh, look, the White Wizard is starting to fight first with little sister Bella."

     The first city lord starts to cast her [Holy] spell on Bella, but she is faster than the caster and like a rocket she leaps super-high in the sky and the spell hits nothing!

     The White Wizard then cast [Shld 1] on herself to absorb the damage from Bell's attack, but...

     Bella, the Kris Cruise Missile, landed with a critical hit, and one shot the White Wizard stunning everyone!

     Immediately the Master rushed in on the defeat of the first Amazon and threw her flurry of 1's damage numbers, with one minor critical, making the attacker feel like she was hitting a pillow.

     This continued for two more rounds with Bella just taking the hits, and using the power of her gloves, yup two stacks of the [Sabre] spell giving Bella 6 attacks a round now, oops!

     Bella used her [Drain Strike] ability and inflicted 194 points of damage and healed every injury to date. The next round she leaps up into the sky dissipating yet again the Master in one major hit! No it was not a one-shot, but the next round, Bella dropped her with another Drain-Strike fully healing!

     Then the heavily armored third city lord rushed into attack, but Bella was faster and leaped into the sunlight, blinding anyone trying to see her.

     Bella with Luck on her side landed with another critical hit for a total of 1568 damage after the Light Knights Defense stat was removed, wow!

     When the field dropped the almost 7 foot tall Queen landed ready to kill Bella. Bella ignored the Queen and continued to use her Giant's Gloves, not listening to the villain's monologue like Kris taught her. The Queen being ignored just charged Bella. She is the strongest as a level 42 Master, but... Who is Bella?

     With 5 stacks of [Sabre] running, Bell uses her [Drain Strike] to slowly kill the Queen, out healing all of her pathetic damage. Why not jump? Because she's showing the amazons who the strongest is, Kris's Amazon, strengthened with his affection. Now, this kill is to prove her mother was right, her mother must have known a man like her Kris could make her stronger!

     Thinking of her mother, Bella killed the Master Job, Queen in 10 rounds instead of 2, and imagined her mothers smile. Bella removed the Queen's head at the end and held it high!

     Every Amazon, including the ones guarding the box-seat, lowered their heads, and put their right-fists over their hearts, for Bella will be the new Amazon Queen!

     Sally with a grin says.

     "Well I think Bella and Kris's relationship is going to change for the better now. Her confidence of feeling like the strongest Amazon will let her be more comfortable with him. Kris secretly likes bossy wives, grin."

     Eli grins back at Sally and says.

     "I know, that's why I act like that, ha-ha, no I really just want to be softly-loved by him. Kris loves strong women, and he only has a few of us, so I have to act like that."

     Sally pats Eli's hand and smiles at this fun woman. No, Sally knows how deep Eli feels for Kris. Then Sally smirks thinking what their child will be like growing up.

     Elfland, Elfheim, the Elf Castle...

     I have been super busy these last 3 weeks, and my dreams are causing me heartache! Why, because I have used my damn Hypnosis App on all the close women around me to find the future mother of my child, and I am in a mental mess! Why?

     Even after using the damn App on all of the Kitsune and even Lily's 100 servant-assistants, not one dream woman has come to me!!!

     Mofu Mofu! Yes I am in my room right now with both Vivian and Lacy on my sides, while their eyes are vacant.

     Mofu Mofu! I have done nothing-sexual with the two Kitsune, but I have molested their ears and tails repeatedly to help with my stress. I honestly love their tails wrapping my arms and rubbing their ears.

     Slurp, suck, gulp! And Fay is looking up into my eyes as she is draining my little-buddy. She is kind enough to do this while I am rubbing the Kitsune tails, so I don't push their hot-bodies down, sigh, I am a pervert!

     Mofu Mofu! May is holding my Magic Slab and she says to me.

     "You're at 50% my King so, your session is up with your fluff, giggle."

     Fay dressed my lower body, and I said to the two sexy fox-ladies.

     "Vivian and Lacy thanks for the tail-therapy, now go to your posts."

     As I released the two women, I patted their shoulder to help explain my smell to them. I then smile and say.

     "Girls take a break, I will take a bath, so I will be safe."

     May with a smile follows me in to wash me.

     The two Kitsune just grin, smelling themselves. They don't know how their King does it, but there is too much of his smell on them. Fay just smiles seeing their actions.

     She remembers having the same feelings. Then Fay with an impish smile asks the two.

     "I can watch the door for you two, if you also want to take a bath~♪?"

     The two Kitsune's eyes looked surprised at Fay, one of the King's lovers would suggest such a scandalous thing, but it sounds exciting, right?!

     Lucy asks nervously.

     "But won't our King get upset with us just joining him?"

     Fay with an evil-grin came to the fox-women and whispered to them.

     "Just walk-in there naked and say... psst psst psst... and he will be super happy!"

     Elf Castle, my bathtub....

     I just relaxed with my head back and a towel over my eyes. Then I heard Fay call her sister for something.

     "May dear, help me with this bed-sheet really quickly, thanks."

    So the secret Fran told Lacy before I left was... When Fran comes back she would definitely make me have Lacy join us for a night in bed, sigh, he-he.

     The sad part was the hypnotized Lacy said she wanted that so bad, and even more...

     Pat-pat, Pat-pat. I heard the two woman's bare-feet come back to bathe me, and the two got in the tub with me, but then I heard Vivian's voice...

     "My King, my ears and tails feel itchy. Can you use your amazing skills on them?! I really need to relieve the pressure."

     Lucy is seeing my submarine with red-cheeks, and Vivian is leaning towards me with her ears in hands reach. I barely even registered her enormous H-cups on the surface of the water, and her ears are slightly twitching to be rubbed.

     Vivian's wet-tails are swaying behind her large-butt, and my hands instinctively reach and ... Mofu Mofu!

     "Hmm, King, that feels, soooo good~♪"

     When Vivian had licked her lips, I realized I crossed a line I should not, oops! I have been brushing their tails and ears so much, I reflexively did it. But her misty-gold-eyes and smile tell me she loves my Mofu Mofu.

     Mofu Mofu! Her long Navy-blue-hair is now on my chest as she moves to my front quickly.

     I just give up in my mind. I think unconsciously, I knew I like the two Kitsune here in front of me. Well, I need to take responsibility if I do anything, right?

     Two of her tails wrap my arms, and she brings the rest of them to my chest, and she breathlessly asked.

     "King, rub my tails now, please? Hahn~"

     I just smile at her face that also looks intoxicated. I start to Mofu Mofu her tails. Even wet they feel heavenly.

     Then Lacy with an adorable yet sexy face and her wet-orange-hair slides to my side and she too wants to not be left out.

     I felt her nine-tails wrap around my left-leg and her left-hand landed on my submarine with a huge blush on her cheeks. It's like she is an innocent woman being piloted by a porn-star, very Gap-Moe!

     Vivian then leans her H-cup on my chest and pants in my ears, her arms are around my neck.

     "My King, my body and heart needs you. Claim this Kitsune as yours, hmm~"

     "Lacy and Vivian, I am weak to your charms, but..."

     Vivian then moved her head so her gold-eyes were looking right into my light-blues. Her breath is held, waiting for my words. Lacy's hand stopped and all 18 tails froze.

     "You two can't leave me if we go any further, I don't want an empty love."

     I felt the tails of Lucy tighten on my leg, and her hand also firmly held that submarine still. Lacy's body said it all. She even let out a tear of relief.

     Vivian slowly pushed her lips onto mine, and then my arms snaked her waist, yeah it's on.

     BANG! The bathroom door slammed open and two peeping maids fell to the ground, and a flustered naked Delta is standing there.

     "NO, NO, NO! Me first my Kris, then them! Wife first, mates second! Yup, that's what my sister Iris said!"

     I smile at this strange romance-comedy development, and I get out of the tub. I start to dry off, and I say to the two stunned Kitsune hotties that had the rug-pulled out.

     "You two heard my wife right? If you want to be my lovers, you need to follow and let me satisfy her first. Well I will let you decide, Lets go to bed my beautiful Delta."

     Delta with her tail going a mile-a-minute, takes my arm and drags me to my bedroom.

     Fay and May hand the two stunned Kitsune towels and grin.

     Both women start to dry and smile at one another, their new sister Fay's plan works well. Who knew calling 2nd wife Delta was the best way to open their King's heart.

     The two Kitsune swayed their way into my room with their tails twirling in anticipation! When the door closed the twins grin at one another.

     "May, you are so right. Kris did want to be with those two. You really know our man well."

     "Fay it was not hard to figure out, just look at his smile whenever he petted them, I will do anything to make my King's heart feel good, Ufufu!"

     "Yup, sister Fran really wanted her new friend to be a sister too. Oh when will we join in this time?"

     May tilts her head and says.

     "Sister Delta cant do hard stuff for now, and with two new women, hmm, let's serve refreshments in one hour, then he can take us then!"

     "May, you're the real sneaky one of us sisters you know?!"

     "It is not sneaky, it's knowing what my man wants and when, so it's just good planning, let's wash-up so our bodies will be ready for wine-play, giggle."

     Then their maid-outfits hit the floor....

Name Bella Brave, Age 25, Lancer-LK level 47 / (Damage: 86 / Hit Rate: 5x148/ Defense: 62) Weapon: [Moon Metal Lance (25D-10Hit)] / Armor: [Dragon Mail] [Mythril Shield] [Mythril Helm] [Giant's Gloves] / Special Ability: Jump, Drain Strike (Single Strike Heals for Damage Done, Jump or Normal) / Spells Known: Lev 1- [Blink] [Cure 1] [Shld 1] / Lev 2- [Invs 1] [Lamp] [Silence] / Lev 3- [Cure 2] [NulFire] / Uses per-level: (4) (4) (4)

Attribute Start Growth
HP (999) 1468 A
Strength 66 A
Agility 35 B
Intelligence 21 F
Endurance 32 C
Luck 27 C
Hit Rate 138 +3/level
Magic Defense 153 +3/level



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