The Fox And The Hound?
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(A/N For those readers that don't read the comment section, I have included a list of the complete-harem minus one hidden woman. This is a semi-spoiler, soooo!)

This is the full and almost-complete harem of 25*(24 shown) for end of the story!
Sally 1st wife, Delta 2nd wife, Alice 3rd wife, Iris 4th wife, Tiffany 5th wife, Manya 6th wife, Luna 7th wife, Mary 8th wife, Sin 9th wife, ?10th, ?11th, ?12th, ?13th, ?14th, ?15th, ?16th, ?17th, ?18th, ?19th, ?20th, ?21st!!
*Eli, *Elena, *Shiva, *Lily / *= Forced harem member does not count for the wife list.
Fran, Jean, Bella, May, Fay, Cali, Dame, Vivian, Lacy, Carla, Ariel!



Chapter 225 The Fox And The Hound? by Mofu-Mofu-Fan?


     Delta pulled me into my large-bedroom with white walls and a ceiling made from Moon Metal. The floors are all black-carpeting with silver embroidery. My large bed is covered in black-sheets and many pillows.

     Delta dived into the bed and rolled in the sheets messing up the bed and pillows. Then she stretched all four limbs in preparation for love making. 

     I follow and hug her, then break her heart.

     "Remember my dear, we have to be gentle and only light-spanking is permitted, okay?"

     She gives me sad-eyes but rubs her tummy and nods understanding it's for our baby. Thankfully Delta is pregnant, because she stopped biting my neck now, phew.

     She lays on her back with her long white-braid off to one side and her white-wolf-ears standing at attention. Her tail is trying and failing to stay still, as I climb on top of her.

     I start kissing from her ankle up her tanned-legs till I stop at her belly, and leave a bunch of little pecks on it making her ticklish. Her hands run through my long white-hair, and she brings some to her nose to sniff it with her eyes-closed.

     I hear the door to the bathroom close, so I am guessing it's the Kitsune beauties. But for now I focus on my Delta, my first party member.

     I made it to her large breast that is as big as Vivian's, and I suck very hard on Delta's nipple, and her slit starts to flow with excitement from the hard suck.

     I just push in my full length because she loves it the most, but I am not going to jackhammer my wolf-girl, no she is getting normal thrusting today. I switch nipples and start my hip-thrusts.

     "Love, Kris!"

     I start to kiss her deeply like the beast-man style she loves, then Vivian and Lacy laid on the bed naked, watching us.

     Thump, thump, thump! As I start to suck on Delta's neck and slowly make us near our climax, an unexpected event took place.

     Mofu Mofu! With a trickster-smile, Vivian started to rub Delta's ears in a daze.

     "Ah! Um, That tickles!"

     "Queen Delta, your ears are so soft and fluffy! I can't help but rub them, fufu!"

     I noticed that Delta was actually enjoying the ear-rub! No, Vivian was not being sexual, but honestly loves Mofu Mofu like me!

     I get a great idea and turn Delta over into doggy-style, and then restart my pumping!

     Thump, thump, thump! Mofu Mofu! Now I think Vivian and I are doing the most bizarre threesome in all of existence!

     I am thrusting Delta from behind, holding her hips and tail, and Vivian with a dopey-smile, is rubbing Delta's ears. Delta has a smile on her face with blushing cheeks. And I am getting turned on seeing Vivian's melons like Delta's rocking with the motions of all three of us!

     That is two sets of H-cups swaying-magically, and I can no longer hold my nuts back from cumming!

     "K-Kris, Delta feels tingly, Haaahhhhh~!"

     Thump, thump, thump! Mofu Mofu! For some reason Vivian is panting while dazed at Delta's expression while rapidly fluffing her ears, all of her nine-fox-tails are thrashing about the bed in a chaotic-storm. Seeing this visual mess, I unload my vanilla-cream into Delta!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     Delta collapsed due to the stimulation of our climaxes and the intense ear-rubbing. Her tongue is almost hanging out of her mouth while she is panting for air. Vivian and I both looked at each-other awkwardly at how what we both did was very unexpected.

     "Delta honey, are you alright?"

     "Sorry 2nd wife Delta, um, I just like rubbing ears and tails, sorry...."

     Delta does not even answer either of us, and waves her hand signalling she is fine and good.

     When Vivian and I heard a noise, we looked to the side, and saw a red-faced Lacy with wide open eyes at what we did to poor Delta.

     And when she realized the two of us looked at her, she cutely held her ears to hide them and sat on her tails, so Vivian could not grab them. Seeing this, Vivian and I...


     After we laughed a bit, I pulled out of Delta and covered her with one of my many blankets. I took an extra towel at the side and cleaned up a bit, then I kneeled in-front of Vivian who was watching me in a daze.

     My gut is telling me that despite Vivian's sexy moves and bravado, she is actually a pure-woman, this too is that Gap-Moe I was talking about. So I take both of her hands in mine and ask her.

     "Are you nervous?"

     Her eyes opened a bit, and then put on her fake-seductress look on her face.

     "I am never nervous, we Kitsune are natural seductresses, my King."

     I smirk and roll with her play.

     "Great, because Dame said to be very rough and make sure you can't walk for a week, I am excited now!"

     As I slowly pull this Kalawarna-lookalike to me, and she panics.

     "What?! No, my King, um, my body is weak as a Black Wizard and you must be gentle with me, please?!"

     I quickly pulled her into my chest, and I put on my evil-smile watching as tears threatened to come out of her eyes, then...

     Mofu Mofu! I had grabbed a couple of tails and started to stroke them gently, and my smile warmed seeing her confused face.

     "I am teasing you Vivian, we don't even have to have sex right now. Honestly, just holding your sexy body in my arms and petting you is joy for me."

     I felt soft hands and gentle lips kissing my back all of a sudden, and I could see some burnt-orange fox-tails swishing at my sides trying to rub my legs and thighs, cute.

     Vivian seeing her junior Kitsune get the jump on me, her bravery came back and she wrapped her arms around my neck. Then with determination in her gold-eyes she plunged her tongue into my mouth. Yeah she is definitely not very experienced here.

     By this time in my life, if I was not good in bed, I could not have a harem, right?

     In my left hand I hold one navy-blue-tail, and with my right I grab one of the burnt-orange-tails at my side, and start to rub both while I can feel the breast of both women pressing on my torso now. Lacy has wrapped her arms around my waist, and now is licking my back like a tasty treat.

     Mofu Mofu! I can feel both women tremble from my petting and fluffing of their fur. I know I mentioned it before, but Lucy's breasts in my back are G-cups like Sally and Bell, but like Fran, her shorter height makes them look larger than the actual cup size.

     Vivian feels my full totem-pole poking her belly, and while she does not break our kiss, she attacks.

     She lines me up with her wet-slit, then with her muscular-hips, lowers herself. I stop with her tail and hold her lower-back to brace her to make sure she is stable.

     I know she is pushing herself, but I will not point this out. her first time should be her first time after-all.

     Vivian's kiss stopped and her eyes closed, as I can tell she is holding in her pain. She really put it all in, and I did feel her hymen break.

     "I can heal you dear Vivian?"

     Lacy stopped to look over my shoulder at Vivian's tears.

     "No, it's not the pain, my King, it's the fact, I did not think you would want me. I am very happy right now, that's why I have tears."

     "Let me put you on your back, so you can be more comfortable, Vivian?"

     Vivian lost her seductress aura and nodded like a young woman, so I slowly and carefully put her on her back with me on top still inside of her. I made sure her tails were between my legs and not getting pinned.


     Her long-legs coiled around my waist to keep me from running, and then she kissed me again, so I took this as my sign to start thrusting.

     Thump, thump, thump! While I started my rhythmic-dance with this sexy Kitsune, Lacy was using her tails to rub all over my body, and she was masturbating with glazed-eyes, smiling at me. Creepy but hot!

     "M-My King, ah, this feels good now~!"

     "Delta play-dead attack!"

     Thump, thump, thump! Mofu Mofu! And my Delta with a mischievous grin, shot out of the blanket just as Vivian was really getting into it. She started rubbing on all of Vivian's tails from behind us!

     "Ah-ha-ha, No please, ahhh, I am sorry, stooop~!"

     Lacy, seeing the sudden change in the battlefield, grinned and used her one free hand that was not exploring her clit, to grab and rub on one of Vivian's ears!

     Vivian was feeling good, ticklish, and in pure-shame all at this very moment! I suck really hard on her massive breast, and grin thinking how much Dame is going to love this story.

     Thump, thump, thump! Mofu Mofu! Vivian was crying in shame, and her nails dug into my back as her legs clamped hard on my waist, yeah she is cuming!

     "Delta loves doing-this Kris, lets go faster, ha-ha!"

     Thump, thump, thump! Mofu Mofu! Yes Delta is actually having fun, and not getting revenge. This is like playing for her, so adorable, and I am cumming now, so I press deep into Vivian's belly, and she felt the warmth she never had before, and her eyes opened wide in surprise!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     As I was pumping the last-shot into Vivian, I saw Lacy struggling on her climax, so I turned her face from looking at Vivian's ear to look into my eyes and I kissed her deeply! Lacy's climax hit her out of nowhere, and she fell into my chest breathing-deeply with her eyes half opened in a daze of her orgasm.

     Her nine-tails are squeezing me as hard as they could while her waves hit her body, cute!

     Delta let go of the now limp fox-tails and hugged me and said.

     "I think sisters Vivian and Lucy are done dear. They look sleepy, giggle, good job Kris, now hug me to sleep, husband!"

     Hearing that, Lacy panicked and hugged my neck while I was still inside Vivian.

     "No my King, I can still do it too, I-I don't want to miss-out on your love?!"

     I see that Vivian is passed out, so I slowly pull out of her, and Delta is using a towel to clean her gently. I then hold the almost crying Kitsune in my arms and look into her gold-eyes.

     "Fran will be back within this next week, would you like to wait till she can be with us? You two are friends, right?"

     I see in her eyes, she remembered the secret that Fran told her, and now she understands she should wait, that would make them true sisters, but Lacy asked in worry.

     "My King, um, I want to wait for Fran, but I don't want to miss being your woman!"

     Delta is now wiping me with a moist-cloth, and then I smile at poor Lacy. I capture her lips and hold her tight. My hands roam her back and hips, then I say.

     "You're already mine, Lacy."

     Her nine-tails hug me hard again, and she puts her face in my chest with a wide-smile, then...

     In walks May and Fay with the naked-aprons on, carrying snacks and wine, with juice for Delta. May smiles and says to us.

     "My King, I have brought your snacks, Ufufu!"

     I am missing something here, but I just smile at this wonderful Elf maid of mine.

     (A/N Navy-Blue-hair ... Burnt-Orange-Hair ... Gold-Eyes ... If your not color-blind like me, this should help with the Kitsune girls fur and hair color!)



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