The 101 Damnations?
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Monsters Frequency

Surprise Run? Avg. Exp. Avg. Gil
Earth Medusa ×4–7 37.5% +0% Yes 6,699 6,699 gil
Clay Golem ×1–4, or Stone Golem ×1–3 37.5% +0% Yes 6,070 3,000 gil
Gnoma ×2–4 23.4% +0% No 4,608 2,304 gil




(A/N Added the list of monsters the Party encounters in the Masamune Temple, just click on the name if you want details from the game, or skip it if you hate numbers!)

Chapter 230 The 101 Damnations? by Harem-Fan!


     We get in our formation and see our first opponents!

     It is a group of 4 large Clay Golems rushing to attack us, so our first battle began...

     Luna, who added one stack of the [Sabre] spell from her Giant's gloves, took her sword-handle and prepared for her mightiest attack on the 4 incoming Clay Golem.

     When they are within her sword-domain, while holding the scabbard in her left-hand she unsheathes her sword with blinding speed.

     Honestly with her hair in a long silky black-ponytail, her pale skin, coupled with her blood colored serious-eyes, my heart moved. Well her skintight black-leather-outfit stirs me in a different way! Oh crap I am standing too close to her, I better move away, her pheromones may have hit me there for a moment, sweat-drop!

     "Cleansing Strike!"

     The flurry of white-colored sword strikes flew at the Clay golem hitting them all over their bodies.

     Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! And her attacks did after their Defense was taken, 312, critical 579, critical 621, and the last one took 364! Actually with the [Sabre] on, her minimum damage would have ended them, um, my cheats are overpowered!

     Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud! Yes all four of those super annoying Clay Golems were defeated in one move by my Goddess of beauty and sex! She is the strongest sword master on Gaia!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     Luna, sheathed her sword, looking into my surprised face and she said.

     "Hmm? I believe the way you say it is like... Don't worry Kris, just enjoy your ride on the Luna train, I will power-level you my adorable King, Ufufu."

     Sin and I just look at one another feeling like we are both Luna's bitches right now, he-he!

     "Yeah, I think you and Mary will be carrying us, well I will ride your train, cough, whistle."

     While we waited for the hour, another few groups of Clay Golem had come to attack the Tomb Raiders. But it seems Luna and Mary did kill them all, and nothing more rushed out.

     A few of the Clay Golems managed to cast [Haste] spells on themselves for strong damage, but the fact we cant be poisoned by their hits, made them trivial, but a great influx of experience and gil.

     As we finally stepped foot into the dark-grey Temple, we got a notice from Ark.

     [Based on my analysis of the dungeon, there should be a total of 3 floors. The main room you seek must be in the central 3rd floor underground.]

     So we slowly advance with light-stones. We want to avoid any common traps that might be here, but so far we have found none.

    This top floor is relatively small, and we seem to have killed all of the wandering monsters already. But when we opened the double-doors to go down, we noticed it not only had the stare-case down, but an elaborate golden chest.

     But this obvious treasury had some Earth Elementals guardians called Gnoma! They are very resistant to damage and do a lot of damage. The Clay Golem is soft and squishy compared to these guys.

     They are intelligent and not mindless like the Golem, Oh!

     I opened my Hypnosis App and hit the red button to green.

     "You four, don't move, he-he!"

     Mary, Luna, and Sin just look at me dumbly. They have never seen me use my App for fights before.

     "Don't just look at me dumbly, chop em up, free critical hits, ha-ha!"

     And just like that we dismantled the 4 sad guardians.

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     Sin knowing the App the least asks.

     "My incredible King, why don't you use that more often?"

     As we rummage the lootable pieces of body parts, I explain.

     "In a dungeon it's fine, but using it to blatantly kill where I can be seen, will alert the South Emperor and he will throw everything all at once against us if he knows I have this. He wants it to power-up his own deficient and weaker App. So I try to be careful how flashy I get."

     As I go to open the treasure-box I continue...

     "As you know, I openly strengthen your Pink-lines to make you immune to his powers, so you can never be controlled. And why you're as close to me as you all are, you have the power to cut his active control over a controlled target. So that's why I only do this under specific situations."

     Sin hugs me from behind and smiles.

     "Then never abandon my pink-line, my lovable husband, Ufufu."

     Then I opened the chest.... In my head, I am imagining Zelda loot music, he-he!

     Inside is a Spell Crystal that we learn all of our spells from. It looks like a White Spell. No looking closer, this is an original spell!

     The ones we normally learn are one time use that crumble to dust when learned, but this one is a [Master Spell Crystal] and can be relearned by many by placing copies of it into the appropriate magic-crystals.

     The spell is....

     All three women see me freeze and not move, due to my brain not responding! After a shortwhile I recover and hug the crystal to my chest with tears coming out of my eyes. What I am holding is...

     The 9th level spell [Reflect] a lost magic no White Wizard on Gaia currently knows! Fortunately this crystal also explains how to unlock 9th level spell slots.

     Fuck even if I don't get my sword, this trip is already worth it!

     So I explain what this is to the women, and even not being spell-casters, they too are thrilled! I even get to control who on Gaia can learn-it! The Emperor cannot even steal this with his App!

    Now you're probably thinking, 'damn now all your girls can have it and an army of Kitsune casting is pimp'! Nope, sigh. This is the sad reality...

     To learn a level one spell, it cost 100 gil, right? That is because that is the cost for a 100 gil magic-stone that holds the spell. So do you know how expensive it is to place this spell into a magic-crystal? Fucking 125000 gil each! Yeah, even I would go broke trying to teach an army of Kitsune 9th level magic and only the spell [Reflect] at that!

     Sadly this means I even have to pay this for me to learn it! But I do have enough of the right crystals for all of my lovers, thanks to the Factory supply that Sin gave me the intel on, see marrying her was the right call! Sin is my gift that keeps on giving!

     "Well I can't learn this now till I rest and copy it in another spell-crystal, so let's go down ladies."

     The 2nd floor of the Temple...

     The stench of long dead bodies fills this level. It seems unlike the previous floor, this one is very large!

     From our investigations, this floor is the one holding all the important nobles and warriors that perished. Some odds and ends are found and we take what can help our quest to save Gaia. I am definitely not Tomb Raiding, cough.

 Despite the sense of death, there are no undead here on this floor, but we have encountered around 200 of the Earth Medusa! This floor alone gave us at least two levels! But it took hours to clear.

     They are tough only if you don't have a [Ribbon] on, and without the rare critical hit, each one can only do a whopping 10 damage around thanks to their 10 snake bites doing a measly 1 damage, sigh, I have broken the common sense of this world.

     And when we finally got to the double-doors leading down, we had a repeat of the previous floor. I use Pal to subdue the four guardians, and we decimate them. Then, I excitedly opened the next Zelda chest!

     The 9th level spell [Meteor] a lost magic no Black Wizard on Gaia currently knows! Fortunately this crystal also explains how to unlock 9th level spell slots.

     (A/N This spell ignores the normal damage rule, and always does maximum damage on its hit!)

Type Black Magic
Level 9
Effect Blasts foes with a summoned meteorite and heat.
Power 200+Intellect x2 for maximum. This is not resistible, even with 100% Magic Defense.
Hit Rate 137%
Target All foes

     I promise, I won't shame myself and admit I got a real chubby, okay!

     I was so excited I kissed all my wives, and in panic Luna fled from me, oops I forgot, we almost had an accident!

     So when I told the girls what this Legendary Spell does, they kissed me back, well Luna just smiled with affection, he-he!

     "Alright, my spells are exceptionally good, so let's hit the bottom floor!"

     When we entered the 3rd floor of the dungeon, we immediately noticed it was much larger than the previous floor, so we started to search room by room. Sadly many of the art, and technology of the past humans did not age well. So it is mostly useless.

     We engaged many random teams of patrols that endlessly protected this dungeon. The Earth Medusa seemed to be extra agitated with our invasion, so we fought off waves of them.

     We encountered all of the previous floor monsters in random intervals. The only real challenge to us is the Gnoma, and I cant endlessly use the App, so we took some damage.

     Honestly this run is not too hard, due to our levels and Ribbons, not to mention my cheating ability.

     But soon we methodically eradicated every last monster except the final Boss Room. Our gil gains are the real treasure we found on this floor, plus a magic sword of good note.

     It is a second Defender, like Luna's. I plan to give this one to my Murder Puppy as a mothers-birth-day gift, when she can rage once again, and make a path of blood for me, he-he!

     And now we find ourselves in front of an elaborate blue and gold double-door. Like the entrance there is a side-panel to lock and unlock this door. Seems no one has come or gone from this chamber in a very long time.

     Swoosh! Swoosh! As I placed my ring on the indent,the two massive doors flung themselves into the walls like my throne-room doors.

     Just like my throne-room this has the same 100 black-stone seats with mummy wrapped nobles of the past. And on the single black-throne sits a figure clearly mummified but over his bandages he wears a handsome Red-Robe.

     But what drew my attention was not the 101 mummies, but the massively large sword held over the lap of the Emperor. That is Masamune!

     The Masamune is designed as a Japanese odachi. The design and color of the guard and hilt, alternating between blue and gold. The Masamune's exact length from end to tip, is approximately six-feet long. The angle of the curve of the blade is not entirely straight. The handle is more than long enough to accommodate both hands, but  can be used in one with unbelievable strength. It has a rectangular guard, which is gold-colored.

     (A/N The Japanese odachi, on which the appearance of the Masamune is based, is a large two-handed Japanese long-sword carried by foot soldiers as a weapon against cavalry soldiers. They were generally used on open battlefields as the weapon's length made their use indoors or close quarters difficult. During times of peace the sword was worn slung across the back as a symbol of status as it required considerably more strength and skill to wield than a conventional katana. Although odachi are designed to slash, the Masamune is capable of gruesome acts of impalement!)

     All 101 mummies look at us with glowing yellow-eyes, and the Emperor calmly says to us.

     [So after defeating us and trapping our bodies for eternity, you now come to even disturb our eternal resting place? Your Elf greed has no limits. Well, I am truly tired of this existence, so let our souls finally pass to the Spirit World... If you can, now let us fight! For humanity!]

     (A/N This Emperor did not mention he turned his empire into undead to fight the Elf, and the Elf buried him here in respect for their ferocity, but trapped him due to being an undead abomination that respawns. The Elf had sympathy for this once kind Emperor, so they made the mistake of not desecrating his undead body. He reforms if killed basically.)

     As the battle began I see he expertly is wielding the Masamune!

     Fuck Balls!

     And the fight Kris did not expect, began in ferocity!

     The 101 Damnations?




     Charicter-sheets will come later after the power-leveling!

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