I Want My Mummy?
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Chapter 131 I Want My Mummy? by Harem-Fan!


     As the battle began I see he expertly is wielding the Masamune!

     Fuck Balls!

     And the fight Kris did not expect, began in ferocity!

     "Spam your area of effect abilities till only the Boss is left, go!"

Round: 1

     This time I managed to go first before Luna! So I immediately cast a double helping of [Shld 2] x2 to lessen the incoming damage by 24, from the Masamune Mummy!

     Luna then moved and wiped out around 20 of the mummy subordinates, with her [Cleansing Strike] ability.

     Mary begins her Dance [Mincing Minuet] ability, and delivers an area of effect damage from her dance to everyone in the room, dealing 76 before Defenses.

     The Boss in his Red Robes showed he is a fast and strong Warrior, and comes in swinging, he hit me with a total of 5 attacks doing 867 damage after my damage reductions, yikes! he did score one critical though. My Defense is resisting 65 damage per hit so yeah he hits hard thanks to the sword!

     Sin beats the initiative of the other mummies and uses her ability, [Saint Cross] which the undead are vulnerable too! Dealing 374 Holy to every undead, killing all but the Boss! Fuck yeahs for the Sexy-Paladin!

Round: 2

     I immediately double-cast both a [Cure 4] on myself and another [Shld 2] to help the group, so it's at 36 absorb! I am back to full-health!

     "Luna, you can't Drain Undead, Mary keep dancing and single target, and Sin use your Sunblade due to him being Undead!"

     Both Luna and Mary unloaded their full attacks on the Boss doing a grand total of 557 damage combined! Damn this is an End Game Boss, fuck!

     Emperor Masamune, who is smart, does the math and chooses his next target ruthlessly! He regenerated his 100 health then targeted Sin with his flurry of attacks!

     Swing! 101 Damage! Swing! 52 Damage! Swing! 98 Damage! Swing! Critical 159 Damage! Swing! 73 Damage!

     Sin currently has a Defense of 87 in her sexy-silks, and the Mummy looks dumbfounded why his attacks looked so ineffective on the squishy woman!


     Sin did not banter and immediately launched her counter attack! Sin has 6 attacks around right now and her damage against undead is increased so... All of her attacks dealt a combined, 983 Damage with one critical in there!!!!!

Round: 3 

     I decide to end the Mummy's hopes by double casting [Haste] on Luna and Mary, giggle!

     Mary, still Dancing, delivers her 20 attacks into the Boss doing 462 Damage and The boss won't survive Luna, most likely.

     Luna gracefully assaults with her rapid strikes into the Mummy Masamune, delivering it rest, for a grand total of 1377 Damage finishing the battle in a short burst!

     The Boss kneels and collapses to the floor into his mummy wraps, and the body underneath eroded into sand and dust. His equipment lay there ready to be claimed.

     [We are immortal, and you cannot end us!]

     I smirk and ask his disembodied voice. While I use [Cure 4] on Sin.

     "Okay sure, but I am taking your stuff and locking the door again, so good luck with that, ha-ha!"


     The first thing I do is pick up the Masamune, and observe it while cleaning it, yeah, being held by a mummy for a long time, gotta use alcohol on that bad boy, don't want to get whatever he has, he-he.

     We got another Ribbon and a Diamond Armlet, can't have enough of those! Sadly not much else of interest. Just to make sure I add blood and aura to the sword in-case it had a bond, and my hunch was right?!

     [DAMN ELF TRASH HOW DARE YOU STEAL MY WEAPON, I can't live- with- t!]

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     "Oh, fuck he would have escaped with the sword if I didnot break his soul from the Masamune! Damn that was lucky."

     And just like that, I accidentally killed a level 110 Mummy Lord, who was supposed to be immortal according to past jailers! So my greed was a hero, cough!

     Luna smiles at me swinging my new toy around with a grin, like that of just having sex with all of my wives.

     "So how good is it? Everything you hoped for?"

     So what happened to me when I bonded with the Masamune was, it imparted the strikes and style to wield it in my mind, and this is why ANY Job can use it. Its sharpness and skill it gave me makes me critical 20% of the time, 1 out of 5 attacks! Even though I could only use a Staff and Dagger before, now I am a certified swordsman with this blade.

     When I looked at my Magic Slab and saw the combat details, I was about to cry in joy!

     [Damage: 107, Hit Rate: 6x184]

     This means every sword strike does 107-214 damage not buffed! And with one casting of [Sabre] I would have 7 attacks a round, he-he, Oh shit I'm now level 51! Oh and so is Mary but she does not notice.

     "Luna, congratulations on hitting level 53, and you Mary for level 51 with me!"

     As I locked the throne room all three women looked puzzled at their statistics. And Mary says to me.

     "Kris, how can you tell? All three of us say we have level 50 with 999 health, and I can't tell?"

     "I said it before, the Magic Slabs can only show levels up to 50 with 999 health and no attribute over 99 is also shown. But take a look at Luna's Luck Statistic and my Intellect as well as your Endurance, your level is one higher than those main stats, he-he! Also you have way more health than 999 trust me."

     Sin showed me hers and asked.

     "Is that why I took so little damage?"

     "Yes, basically even without the three [Shld 2] spells I cast, your health is over that listed 999. That's why I told you that you would not carry us down, and look at that, your level 45 my Queen Paladin! You're stronger than all current Kings, other than me."

     When we got outside and I locked the door to the Temple, Luna asked me.

     "Why don't Mary and I step out for the power-leveling, and get two more for your team? This way we can keep all of our strength close together?"

     "Sister Luna is right, get someone else to heal and magic, while you get back into your swordsmanship melee style, Kris."

     I thought and nodded, so I said.

     "Then I will drag out Manya and Tiffany with Sin. I can get Tiffany a dinosaur and let Manya run around yelling, Nya!"

     All three wives can picture that and they smiled at her complaining about the sand in her costume, ha-ha!

     [Kris, are you ready for a pickup?]

     "Yes buddy, plus I will need you to make a custom back-hanger-scabbard for my new sword, alright?"

     [That will be effortless Kris, count on me to have one ready by morning!]

     Soon my party of 4 got on the platform, and raised into the sky entering the belly of the airship.

     The many Kitsune came to greet us and see if they are needed, cough, they are a bit obvious, right?

     Vivian is currently holding my little Tia, and just rubbing her cheeks. Yeah Vivian wants me to know that all my children are important and not just the fluffy ones. Well I already accepted her, so I will let her just do what she wants.

     I kissed Tia's head and then Vivian's lips, and the mature Kitsune's tails twirled in delight.

     Then I was grabbed on each arm by Fran and Lacy, and am being taken to the mess-hall for supper. Everyone is looking at the new sword I was raving about.

     So Mary recounted the entire adventure and answered questions, while I was making copies of the two Black and White 9th level spells for my wives and lovers, oh and myself, he-he.

     I look at the many Kitsune that I just can't currently afford to make extra crystals for, and tell them.

     "I promise to the White and Black Wizards among you here, that as soon as I have the resources to do so, these spells will be given to you as well, but only you girls, so don't show off at the ones back in Elfland alright?! And for you Red Wizards, I am so sorry, but I will find ways to make it up to you in exchange!"

     The 50 Kitsune women really looked touched at the fact I am singling them out, well it's due to their pink-lines, but they don't know that. And based on the looks in their eyes, if Fran and Lacy were not on my arms, I would have been fox-piled!

     After telling Manya and Tiffany they are coming on tomorrow's hunt, we all rested for the night, well to learn spells too. Both Manya and Tiffany are so excited to learn 9th level magic. Tiffany can cast Reflect on her pets and make them a pain in the ass for casters, ha-ha!

     As I was going to enter my Captain's quarters, I saw two figures waiting for me.

     "Fran and Lacy, what's up?"

     Fran with a grin unties the top part of her white robe, and says with an adorable smile.

     "Just like in the Dark Forest, Kris, I want to learn magic with you. Also I want to finally see you claim sister Lacy, she is very sad because you still have not done it yet, Ufufu."

     Lacy covers her face in shame due to Frans words, but I find this action stimulating. I nod to Fran and take Lacy's hand.

     "Lacy, I am definitely done waiting, so I will make you my lover officially, is that fine?"

     Lacy hugs my chest and with her gold-eyes looks into mine and tells me seriously.

     "I am a bit like sisters Delta and Dame, so don't let my cute-side fool you. I want you to dominate my heart and body, my King! Don't forget, I can heal, wink!"

     Fran, seeing my slight reaction in my lower robe said.

     "See Lacy, Kris thought you are like me and need to be protected, if you just tell him your preference, he would love it, Ufufu."

     Suddenly with wildness in Lacy's eyes, she grins while her hand reaches in and firmly holds my member! Then she opened my cabin-door and pulled me in by my dick!!! She did not pull it with too much force to hurt me, but enough that I would follow her.

     When we got in the cabin, she turned to me and said.

     "My King, fuck me good~♪!"

     Whoosh! With Fran inside, the doors closed!

Name Kris Tempest, Age 18, Master Sage-(SU-BW-WW) level (50*) 51 / (Damage: 107 / Hit Rate: 6x184 / Defense: 41) Weapon: [Masamune] / Armor: [Black Robe] [Kings (Protect Ring)] [Ribbon] [Protect Cloak] / Special Ability: Ice immunity and Fire Vulnerability, Double Cast / Summons: (4/5) Choco-Mog 5x per-day, Ifrit 5x per-day, Shiva 5x per-day, Odin 5x per-day /

Black Spells Known: Lev 1- [Bolt 1] [Fire 1] [Sleep] / Lev 2- [Ice 1] [Steel] [Slow 1] /  Lev 3- [Bolt 2] [Fire 2] [Bind] /  Lev 4- [Ice 2] [Haste] [Muddle] / Lev 5- [Fire 3] [Poison] [Warp 1] / Lev 6- [Bolt 3] [Quake] [Reaper] / Lev 7- [Break] [Ice 3] [Sabre] / Lev 8- [Banish] [Flare] [Stop] / Lev 9- [Meteor] / Uses per-level: (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (8)

White Spells Known: Lev 1- [Cure 1] [Blink] [Shld] / Lev 2- [NulBolt] [Lamp] [Silence] /  Lev 3- [NulFire] [Heal 1] [Cure 2] / Lev 4- [Esuna] [Fear] [NulIce] / Lev 5- [Cure 3] [Dia 3] [Life 1] / Lev 6- [Shld 2] [Stona] [Warp 2] / Lev 7- [Cure 4] [Dia 4] [Heal 3] / Lev 8- [Dispel] [Holy] [Life 2] / Lev 9- [Reflect] / Uses per-level: (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (9) (8)

Attribute Start Growth
HP (999*) 1447 A
Strength 51 A
Agility 53 A
Intelligence 70 A
Endurance 52 A
Luck 61 A
Hit Rate 134 +3/level
Magic Defense 194 +4/level

Name Luna Tempest, Age 118, Sword Saint-DK level (50*) 53 / (Damage: 72 / Hit Rate: 5x139 / Defense: 39) / Weapon: [Defender] / Armor: [Ruby Armlet] [Protect Cloak] [Ribbon] [Giant's Gloves] / Special Ability: Cleansing Strike (x3 Damage to all Enemies), Night Blade (Single Strike Heals for Damage Done) / Spells Known: Lev 1- [Bolt 1] [Fire 1] [Sleep 1] / Lev 2- [Fog] [Slow 1] [Steel] / Lev 3- [Bolt 2] [Fire 2] [Focus 2] / Lev 4- [Haste] [Ice 2] [Muddle] / Uses per-level: (4) (4) (4) (4)

Attribute Start Growth
HP 967 B
Strength 42 B
Agility 47 B
Intelligence 26 D
Endurance 32 D
Luck 67 A
Hit Rate 109 +2/level
Magic Defense 119 +2/level

Name Mary Tempest, Age 58, Dancer-MA level (50*) 51 / (Damage: 37 / Hit Rate: 10x158 / Defense: 41) / Weapon: [Unarmed] / Armor: [Ruby Armlet] [Protect Cloak] [Ribbon] [Protect Ring] / Dancer Special Ability: Slow Dance ([Slow 2], all foes) 5x per-day, Forbidden Dance ([Muddle], [Silence], and [Blind] 50%) 5x per-day, Last Waltz ([Stop]) 5x per-day, Mincing Minuet (x2 Damage, to all foes) 5x per-day / Master Special Ability: Unarmed Combat, (Drug and Poison immune)

Attribute Start Growth
HP (999) 1420 B
Strength 37 C
Agility 35 C
Intelligence 34 C
Endurance 70 A
Luck 40 B
Hit Rate 158 +3/level
Magic Defense 214 +4/level

Name Sin Tempest, Age 42, Paladin-LK level 45 / (Damage: 96 / Hit Rate: 6x172/ Defense: 51) Weapon: [Sunblade] / Armor: [Diamond Armlet] [Protect Cloak] [Ribbon] [Protect Ring] / Special Ability: Nurse ([Esuna] and [Heal 3]) 4x per-day, Saint Cross ([Holy]) 4x per-day, Parley (Force Foe to Flee-Leave), Holy Blade (Single Strike Deals Holy Damage x3 of weapon) / Spells Known: Lev 1- [Blink] [Cure 1] [Shld 1] / Lev 2- [Invs 1] [Lamp] [Silence] / Lev 3- [Cure 2] [NulFire] / Uses per-level: (4) (4) (4)

Attribute Start Growth
HP (999) 1363 A
Strength 64 A
Agility 33 B
Intelligence 20 F
Endurance 30 C
Luck 33 C
Hit Rate 142 +3/level
Magic Defense 147 +3/level
Name Damage Hit Rate Crit Element Effective Against Price Value Spell Equipped By
Nunchaku 12 +0 1.0% - - 10 gil 5 gil - Mo, Ni, Ma
Knife 5 +10 1.5% - - 5 gil 2 gil - Wa, Th, RM, BM, Kn, Ni, RW, BW
Staff 6 +0 2.0% - - 5 gil 2 gil - Wa, Mo, RM, WM, BM, Kn, Ni, Ma, RW, WW, BW
Rapier 9 +5 2.5% - - 10 gil 5 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Hammer 9 +0 3.0% - - 10 gil 5 gil - Wa, WM, Kn, Ni, WW
Broadsword 15 +10 3.5% - - 550 gil 275 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Battle Axe 16 +5 4.0% - - 550 gil 275 gil - Wa, Kn, Ni
Scimitar 10 +10 4.5% - - 200 gil 100 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Iron Nunchaku 16 +0 5.0% - - 200 gil 100 gil - Mo, Ni, Ma
Dagger 7 +10 5.5% - - 175 gil 87 gil - Wa, Th, RM, BM, Kn, Ni, RW, BW
Crosier 14 +0 6.0% - - 200 gil 100 gil - Wa, Mo, Kn, Ni, Ma
Saber 13 +5 6.5% - - 450 gil 225 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Long Sword 20 +10 7.0% - - 1,500 gil 750 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Great Axe 22 +5 7.5% - - - 1,000 gil - Wa, Kn, Ni
Falchion 15 +10 8.0% - - 450 gil 225 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Mythril Knife 10 +15 8.5% - - 800 gil 400 gil - Wa, Th, RM, BM, Kn, Ni, RW, BW
Mythril Sword 23 +15 9.0% - - 4,000 gil 2,000 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Mythril Hammer 12 +5 9.5% - - 2,500 gil 1,250 gil - Wa, WM, Kn, Ni, WW
Mythril Axe 25 +10 10.0% - - 4,500 gil 2,250 gil - Wa, Kn, Ni
Flame Sword 26 +20 10.4% Fire Regenerating, Undead - 5,000 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Name Damage Hit Rate Crit Element Effective Against Price Value Spell Equipped By
Ice Brand 29 +25 10.9% Ice - - 7,500 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Wyrmkiller 19 +15 11.4% - Dragon - 4,000 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Claymore 21 +20 11.9% - Giant - 4,000 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Sunblade 32 +30 12.4% - Undead - 10,000 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Coral Sword 19 +15 12.9% - Aquatic - 4,000 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Werebane 18 +15 13.4% - Werebeast - 3,000 gil - Wa, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Rune Blade 18 +15 13.9% - Spellcaster - 2,500 gil - Wa, Th, RM, Kn, Ni, RW
Power Staff 12 +0 14.4% - - - 6,172 gil - Wa, Mo, WM, BM, Kn, Ni, Ma, WW, BW
Light Axe 28 +15 14.9% - Undead - 5,000 gil Dia2 Wa, Kn, Ni
Healing Staff 6 +0 15.4% - - - 12,500 gil Heal1 WM, Ni, WW
Mage's Staff 12 +10 15.9% - - - 12,500 gil Fire2 BM, Ni, BW
Defender 30 +35 16.4% - - - 20,000 gil Blink Kn, Ni, RW
Spellbinder 15 +15 16.9% - - - 25,000 gil Muddle BW
Vorpal Sword 24 +25 17.4% - - - 15,000 gil - Kn, Ni, RW
Cat Claws 22 +35 17.9% - - 65,000 gil 32,500 gil - Kn, Ni, RW, BW
Thor's Hammer 18 +15 18.4% - - - 20,000 gil Bolt2 Kn, Ni, WW
Venom Blade 22 +20 18.9% - - - 30,000 gil Poison Kn, Ni, RW
Sasuke 33 +35 19.4% - - - 30,000 gil - Ni
Excalibur 45 +35 19.9% All elements All families - 30,000 gil - Kn
Masamune 56 +50 20.4% - - - 30,000 gil - All classes




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