Chapter 232 What Killed the Dinosaurs? by Motohama?
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(A/N Trying a side story that uses aspects of my two existing stories, it's called... DxD: Motohama! We will see if readers like it or not. So far it's not getting enthusiasm...)


Chapter 232 What Killed the Dinosaurs? by Motohama?


     The next morning when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw were a pair of gold-eyes looking into mine.

     Lacy is laying on top of me, and I feel her nine-tails coiled around my legs and waists. Her arms are crossed on my chest while her chin rests on it.

     Her lovely smile is making my little-brother grow big inside her again, along with her grin. She put her finger on my lips and looked at the sleeping Fran, then started to slowly grind her slit onto my morning-wood.

     Thump, thump, thump. She quickly made sure she took in my entire length deeply to feel me in her. She is a masochist like Delta and Dame. She loves it rough, but she is going slow to not wake Fran.

     "Psst, My King, I only want your seed right now, so just let it out. You worked hard last night, fufu."

     Thump, thump, thump. So I did just that, I kissed her deeply and pushed her hip straight to my base, balls-deep and let out my morning excitement inside my new Kitsune burnt-orange beauty!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     She had shivered in my arms after and I could feel she climaxed a bit after feeling her womb fill again. She then held me tight with a silly smile.

     "Kris, you conquered the wild-fox in my heart. I am shy on the outside, but wild inside, while sister Vivian is wild on the outside and shy on the inside. Sister Dame is just shy out and in, we really do span the spectrum, Ufufu!"

     "Yeah, you surprised me a lot, especially how you like to growl, um, is that just you or many Kitsune?"

     Lacy all of a sudden blushes.

     "K-Kris, last night was my first, remember?! How would I know I would growl? I was as surprised as you."

     I kiss the blushing Lacy and tell her.

    "It was very cute, so don't be embarrassed, okay."

     She just nods while turning red. She is so adorable being shy out of sex, but turning into a Delta during the act, this is the Gap-Moe I love the most.

     A short while later, Fran woke-up and kissed me and then hugged Lacy for finally joining the sisterhood officially.

     The three of us showered together to get the dried crimes off of us.

     After our group had a meal together, we went over our plans.

     "Alright, so coming with me today will be Manya, Sin, and Tiffany. The rest of you can fly around and look for that damn Tame Pride-tail."

     Tiffany leans in on the table and with her charming voice said.

     "Only my Evil Overlord will take his wives on a date to kill a big game, I am so excited to see what I find, Ufufu."

     "Nya Meteor ~Nya, he-he!"

     "I will be your Vanguard. This time I can help to heal with sister Tiffany as well, my King."

     The four of us are currently landing on the sandy-ground and forming the Party.

     [Kris, in my 100 mile scan, I noticed a small pack of Dinosaurs to the north, good hunting.]

     And with that, Sin leads our group northbound.

     Sadly the overland rate of finding monsters to kill has been bad, and I frown. I look around and currently we are walking through a rocky valley.

     I stab Masamune into the soft ground, and pull out my trusty ace!

     The girls smile as they see me pullout my trusty-bugle! That's right it's time for [Bugle Revelry] to call our friends!


     Then I put it away and pick up my sword waiting for fun!

      Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! And as my luck would have it, it worked but not as planned!

     "Well Crap Balls! Okay triangle formation around Manya! Tiffany in the back, and use your biggest area of effect as they close, let's do this! Manya [Meteor] in the front, I will get the flanks!"

     Tiffany is currently riding her buffed up Nightmare, and is able to see over our heads easily. Manya's tail is swishing in excitement and Sin is preparing to use her [Saint Cross!]

     So I expected some monsters to come riding in from down the valley where we have not been buuuuut... They did and also down the fucking slopes on the sides!

     From the front, there are about 50 Allosaurus followed by two Tyrannosaurs! And on each flank there are about 25 more Allosaurus each, that's my luck!

     "Leave one T-Rex alive for Tiffany!"

     As the flanks are closer, I unload my first casting of the mighty spell!

     "What killed the dinosaurs? A double-casting of [Meteor] and [Meteor] hah-aha!"

     And from above both groups of Allosaurus, a portal connected to the depths of space, spewed out two enormous blazing meteorites that fell quickly into their herds!

      BOOOOOOOM! BOOOOOOOM!  Two enormous mushroom-clouds were born!

     Both accurately struck the sorry lizards, and all of them took the full 540 Damage! Normally the two dinosaur types automatically resist all magic with their 100%, but not this one spell here, he-he! Extinction Bitches!!!!

     Seeing that, Manya got excited! She outstretched her cute Cait Sith paws and said...

      "Come-forth, my big-ball of fun! [Meteor] ~Nya!"

     And from the portal of space above the Dino's It fell!

     BOOOOOOOM!  An enormous mushroom-cloud was formed that blew mine away!

     Her [Meteor] did a total of 528 and all the Allosaurus died, and the two T-Rex barely survived, and then I yelled to Sin.

     "Only single target one, Tiffany unsummon your nightmare, and prepare to [Tame!]"

     Each T-Rex took a bite out of me and Sin, before Sin killed hers. I took a critical for 274 Damage, and Sin took 128 Damage from the bites! yes they have a high critical rate!

     With one T-Rex remaining I used Double-Cast [Blink] and [Blink] to make it hard to hit me as I am its target. My evasion is now 80 points higher, and it's high already thanks to my massive Agility stat and little to no armor.

     Manya and Sin just defended, then the T-Rex tried to bite me and missed!

     Tiffany attempted her [Tame] command ability and the first attempt failed as she snapped her whip at the dumb lizard!

     The following round was mostly the same, I double cast and made my evasion almost unhittable, but this time, Tiffany succeeded to tame the T-Rex!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     Fuck! After the division of 4, we all earned almost 84000 experience a piece! That is close to 3 levels for us! And for Tiffany, that is like 5 levels!

     "[Cure 4], Now go Mr T, eat your fill of Dino steak, Ufufu!"

     And with Tiffany's command, Mr T, went and ate the T-Rex that was once its mate, creepy!

     "Alright girls now for the bad part! Let's loot the bodies. I will call Ark for a pickup after, great job ladies, we accomplished a solid power-level for the day and Tiffany has a new Mr T!"

     Manya hugged me in her Mascot outfit, and said with excitement!

     "I love my new spell honey, so I will let you hold my tail tonight dear ~Nya♪!"

     Fuck, best spent 125000 gil ever!

     So after two hours of grueling work, Fahrenheit picked us up. When we got onboard, I was informed.

     "Seems that Tame has made a blockade at the entrance of the Dinosaur Valley but he is afraid of the airship, so I think he will only show up if you are on foot?! What do you want to do?"

     Mary is currently taking a shower with me to make sure I got everything off from earlier. I hug her in the water and say.

     "Then my Mary, would you like to take a romantic stroll with me to the south-exit tomorrow?"

     She put both arms around my neck, and her right leg around my bottom, then kissed me gently. She then whispered.

     "I think I can be convinced, and my dear, we still have not had our baby yet, right?"

     In my excitement while still in the shower, Mary's favorite love making spot, I fully lift her by her bottom and insert myself standing and holding her, being super strong is the best!

     "Just for that, I hope I give you triplets, he-he, I love you Mary!"

     Slosh! Slosh! Slosh! Slosh! And just like that, I held my wife in my arms and made her dreams come true!

     I hope!



Name HP Gil Exp Att Hits Acc Status Crit Abs Eva Mag. Def. Run Lev. Magic Sp. Att Family Weakness Resists
Allosaurus 480 502 gil 3387 65 1 150 - 1% 10 30 100 32 - - Dragon - -
Baretta 256 300 gil 1428 60 3 115 - 1% 38 28 65 33 - - - - -
Desert Baretta 352 1 gil 2610 98 1 127 - 1% 48 24 78 32 - - - - -
Sand Worm 200 900 gil 2683 46 1 108 - 1% 14 31 52 22 - 50% - - Earth
Tyrannosaur 600 600 gil 7200 115 1 155 - 15% 10 30 100 35 - - Dragon - -
Wyvern 212 50 gil 1173 30 1 110 Poison 1% 12 48 58 35 - - Dragon - Earth


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