Inspecting the Airship Fleet?
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Chapter 236  Inspecting the Airship Fleet? by Harem-Fan™


     Last night I slept with Lily and Elena, and well, sleep was not something we found a lot of.

    Currently as the light enters Lily's chambers I am holding her in my left arm and kissing her gently, my sister Elena is servicing me for soft-serve.

     I feel the passion in Lily, and I then ask her.

     "I know you can't tell me about your vision, but are you that worried for me my wife?"

     Lily then put her head on my heart to listen to it and told me.

     "I am not worried for your safety my King, I am worried for your heart. I already know you will be fine, but I hate that I cannot come with you. No one can, you must go alone, and I hate it."

     I kiss the top of her head and say to this worrywart.

     "As long as you all and the kids are safe it will make my trial easy as a walk in the park. Just love me... OH! I am cumming soon!"

     With my warning, Elena with a dopey smile inserted me in her and slowly lowered to make me feel incredible and as she fully engulfed me, I came!

     [Imaginary Final Fantasy victory music here!]

     Elena with an intoxicated-look feeling the warmth says to me while her E-cups heave in excitement.

     "Song needs a sibling my King, so try hard, okay, I looooove you, Ufufu!"

     While she is in delusion land already full of seed, my hand just rubs her flat-belly gently. Lily just shakes her head at this normally ferocious woman.

     Then I feel Elena tighten her pussy on me, as she comes back to reality, and with a serious face says to me.

     "Brother, I want to show you the newly modified warships, so come with me today. Fortunately we are done in time, thanks to those new factories you found."

     "Yes my dear, I am yours for the day then."

     Aaaaaand dopey face is back, sigh, she cant make up her mind if she is cute or serious.

     Dame then came in with Fay and May to clean me up, and get us ready for the day. Lily's maids also came in to attend to her and Elena.

     "My cute King, please come with me and the twins, so we can get you dressed and ready, giggle."

     "Yes, Dame. My adorable maids, ha-ha, let's get ready."

     I take dames hand as she sticks out her tongue at me playfully. Then she remembered something.

     "Ah, Kris, next week we the Kitsune shall escort Delta to the Savage Lands so she can participate in the new Beast King trials. Unless you want any of us to help with the Dark Elf War?"

     I lean down and kiss her, then I say.

     "I thank you for worrying, but I believe it's best for the strongest three Kitsune to be at Delta's side and show the Kitsune supporting a Beast-woman for the top spot. With you, Vivian, and Lacy, I will be assured no one can touch you 4. Also I want you to take the other trusted Kitsune."

     With half closed eyes Dame said.

     "So you want me to take your Pink Kitsune with me so they won't worry about you? Hmm? Will you reward them for doing this? They have not said it to you, but privately they hope you will grace them. Sadly I too agree with them on this. They don't want to be official mates, but they definitely won't mate with anyone anymore due to your connection, so this is your responsibility."

     I look into her eyes and Dame is serious and not joking. Fuck I did not think my pink-lines would keep them from mating with other men. This was a blunder on my part. and if I refuse them, they might turn into black-lines, and I most definitely don't want that even more.

     "Fine, once a month, I will throw a private Kitsune only party in my Gentleman's room. What happens in that one night is not spoken of outside the room, understand, sigh."

     Dame put on a big-smile knowing this is all she can get for her girls, and we walked happily to my bath. I did not notice the twins behind me with sly smiles on their sexy faces.

     While I wait for Elena, I am making out with Dame, who is trying to get her private affection while she can. She is wearing her maid outfit and not her Dancers attire. Soon she asked me.

     "We won't be taking Ark with us to the Savage lands, so is it okay to bring Tia, Moon, and Hero with us to stay with the Kitsune? I don't want to leave her here without me for too long."

     I hugged my worried Loli Kitsune and said.

     "I trust you mothers, plus I cant let my children grow up in a bubble, and they too need to feel hardships and different cultures. I want to lock you all up forever, but that's not love but tyranny. Well I think Iris and Elena would love it if I locked them up though?"

     Dame with a grin pinched my cheeks and agreed with me.

     "How about I make a fake prison cell for the two for a play-day and let you role-play a bad warden in a women's prison, he-he! I will be your assistant, Ufufu!"

     "Sure, let's do that, those Yandere will love it, oh and make their cells oppose each-other so they can watch. You really are naughty, Dame."

     Soon we had to stop our surprise party plans and see Elena come in dressed in her sexy military outfit.

     "Brother, playtime is over, now it's serious work time! Let's go and inspect. Dame, you maids get him tonight alright?"

     "Just don't tire him out too much sister Elena, he-he!"

     "I had my fun last night, I am good, but I will snuggle in the carriage ride though, Ufufu."

     Yeah, Elena insisted on taking the Royal Carriage for the one hour ride to and back, but it's fine. The company is great.

     I am currently holding Elena while she excitedly tells me about all of Song's firsts. Yeah she is a cute little Elf baby.

    "Elena, do me a favor, try not to drive Song into getting strong too early alright? I really feel she will have a soft personality, and I want her to keep her innocence as long as possible. I want her to have a mother and father that supports her. You know what I am talking about right?"

    Gone is Elena's playful cute side and she becomes serious with me.

     "Kris, I understand, you want to give her what you could not give me right?"

     I nod thinking how Elena only had Lore, and how that was definitely not a healthy relationship. Elena lifted my chin to look into our identical eyes, then she firmly said.

     "Song will have the-most love from the two of us. It seems I have not fully removed your guilt, Kris. You're my new big-brother not the old, now love me, and I will love our Song for us both. So call my name!"

     Just before I kissed her passionately I said two words...

     "Little Sister..."

     After the long carriage ride, we finally made it to the military compound, and the Elf all knelt for the two of us.

     Not only is Elena the Air-fleet General, but their Queen as well.

     """"""""""We greet his Majesty and Queen!""""""""""

     Gone is Elena's cute side and her firm military General outlook is on, she however holds my left arm like a Queen should as she guides me past all of the parked warships.

     "As you can see my King, all warships are now in the Moon Metal white. Painting them is not worth the time and manpower so I left the exteriors and interiors with the stronger metal. Sadly even Brother Tempest had to go all white, humph."

     Speaking of The Brother Tempest, that's the Flagship of Elena's that we are currently boarding. All the crew stand aside as we walk the halls.

     "Sadly, I could not replace all of the interior framing and the like with the Moon Metal because it would be easier to rebuild from scratch. So I focused on only the areas with vulnerabilities and engines. All of our ships are capable of double flight speeds when doing forward traveling in a single direction without high maneuverability, but the new models will have both in the future."

     We entered the command-deck and Elena sat in her Captains-chair while I stood next to her and watched her bring up monitors and data.

     "All of this new technology is based on the Fahrenheit interior designs. I could not get the radar to reach the 100 mile mark of Ark, but I did get it too 50 miles, and most current airships have a mere 10 miles, so we have a long range advantage in out maneuvering in poor visibility, like cloud warfare."

     She pressed a communications device and said into it.

     "Launch airship 07 to demonstrate the shields for our King, go."

     After the acknowledgement, an airship took to the sky and then Elena gave another command.

     "Fire old generation magic-canons at airship 07 now!"

     The airship with a silvery-bubble around it, suddenly had 20 magic-cannons from the ground fire up at it. The crew aboard gave Elena constant updates on how much shield they had left, then she called off the strike before the shields were breached.

     "Right there my King, that shield lasted three times longer than the ship could have stayed air-born, meaning, the effective health of our fleet is 4x  stronger than before. Now when the new models come out in ten years, they will be much stronger than this, but I had limited time, as well as a pregnancy to deal with. What do you think."

     I ignore the crew and lean over and kiss this War Goddess that will carry me in the future. She melted in the chair and I told her.

     "I thank Gaia everyday for giving your heart to me, my adorable sister. I will let you stay in charge of all of this. Just let me know what I can do for you and it's yours."

     "Brother, I meant my King, I need to go home soon, I think I need your help with something I forgot, in the carriage."

     The crew pretended to be working really hard, funny since the ship is parked, but I saw smiles on their faces as Elena was pulling me along,

     Yeah she is breaking her promise to Dame now, he-he!



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