Kris Becomes a Dark Elf?
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(A/N Sorry for the slower updates on this story, DxD: Motohama! has been fun to write and is flowing. This story is unfortunately hitting its Darkest period, with the Dark Elf War and Black Moon. I generally like writing more lighthearted material, so I have to make the push for this Dark Elf War. But once we clear the Black Moon it will be more fluff for a while with Kris's family. Thanks for reading.)

Chapter 237  Kris Becomes a Dark Elf? by Harem-Fan


     So it finally happened to me! Before the Kitsune left to help the future Beast Queen, I had my first Kitsune lock-in party.

     It was an invitation only event that was not leaked to the public or even the other Kitsune in fear of a Kitsune revolt.

     In my Gentleman's room from 7 pm till 7 am 53 Kitsune including Dame, Lacy, and Vivian with the 50 pink-lines, were altogether locked in with me.

     For the full 12 hours I had a different Kitsune riding me for baby-juice and all the [Cure 4] were used on me that night. For the first time in my life, I was overwhelmed by fox-tails. I think it was a blitz of fluffy, and a furry-pheromone! I can now be assured I have felt every variety of Kitsune pussy this world has to offer.

     I felt like I accomplished something in Gaia that morning! I successfully filled up 53 Kitsune's bellies at least once, and Lacy twice. Um, I think I am proud of this?!

     Fay and May coming in to get me froze at the sight of all of the Kitsune women curled up in different states of happiness, but fortunately the girls obeyed the rules and did not speak of the tragedy that befell my room. I feel really bad for whoever has to clean the place though... More than half were virgins too.


     The day came for me to send off the Savage Lands party. I am currently standing in-front of the Elf Gate that will send the girls to the Misty Mountains.

     Delta with a sad-face comes to me while holding Hero, and hands him to me to hold. I kissed and fluffed this little white-wolf and then a nanny took him.

     Delta, wearing her pure-white and silver battle outfit with her new Defender sword on her back, stepped up to me.

     She gently rubs my cheeks with a worried look, then she said.

     "Delta will be a good-girl and be safe for Kris. I will miss Kris so much. Love Kris!"

     Delta is crying softly while we tightly hold each-other.

     "I am glad you were my first party member, my sexy Murder Puppy. Now make me proud and capture the Savage Lands for our happy future. You're my mighty Berserker, so Chop Chop anyone who makes you angry. I will support you in anything you do or want to do!"

     Delta kissed me passionately and then gave me the biggest fake smile she could muster.

     Dame, Lacy, Vivian, and Manya all exchanged their goodbyes with me. Yes Manya is also going to help Delta, it was her idea after-all, plus she will get on the Crimson Court's ass over there. The girls will return after the King selection is final and this should be when the Elf War ends.

     The 50 Kitsune I had ravaged the other day, all knelt to me before they left with swishing tails, sigh.

     Soon the last person left in to the Elf Gate, and I was standing there alone with Sally. She was now hugging me and asked.

     "Do you have to leave now? Can you wait another week?"

     I looked into her worried green-eyes, and a single tear left my eye, as my heart hurts having to leave Sally behind.

     "If I don't go now, I will find excuses to keep staying, then I can't get to the Black Moon. Lily, like you hates it, but she said this is the safest time for me."

     She then deeply kissed me and she cried, the taste of salty green-apples is a bitter sweet flavor both literally and figuratively. Our passionate Kiss ended.

     Soon the ramp from Fahrenheit landed and I climbed on. In the distance I see my other lovers and Queens crying. Even Luna wanted to come so badly since she is a Dark Elf, but this is a mission I have to be alone for.

     I put on my upper-face mask with red-lenses, the same one I bought for Luna long ago, my hair is dyed with hard to remove black-dye, and my Black Robes are in my inventory, and I am wearing Diamond Armlets instead.

     I am wearing full-body soft-leather black-clothing, and I have my Masamune strapped to my back. My hair is sadly in a man-bun for my disguise. But I truly look like a Dark Elf, Dark Knight.

     As the platform lifted up to the airship, I put on a smile for my girls, so they can think I am confident. I am infiltrating after-all so anything can happen.

     Soon I was fully onboard the now empty Fahrenheit. I say to Ark.

     "Okay Ark, fly me into the Jagged Mountains, so I can infiltrate on foot."

     [Yes Captain! Also Lulu said good luck. Now I shall destroy any Dark Elf force on our way there so no reports of me will be sent.]

     "Thanks ark, and do the high-altitude skydive plan for me, I will [Warp 1] in there so you can hide in the clouds as my backup."

     [Affirmative. I will locate the general area of Carla as well and put you in that vicinity. I will travel under the speed of sound when we are near for stealth.]

     "Thanks Ark, I am going to stand on the flat-deck for a while to unwind my mind."

     Thanks to my super high level, the winds that would normally kill normal humans from Earth, just felt nice to me, as I stared forward. Well Black Moon here I come!

     A few hours later.......

     The Fahrenheit fully stopped in a cloud high in the sky and Ark can be heard.

     [Kris, the GPS shows that Carla is currently in the location she spends the most of her time, this implies her home. She is at a depth of 300 feet below the surface however, so I can only show you her position on your wrist-device compared to your location, good luck and I shall only send you text messages in the Moon tongue for unimportant things to not blow your cover, good luck sir.]

     "Alright, thanks buddy, here I gooooooo-!"

     I nosedive at night out of the clouds like a speeding star. Fortunately my excellent eye-sight will keep me from going splat.

     After a few minutes of free-fall, I see the ground clearly and cast my [Warp 1] spell to silently touch down, man I love magic!

     I immediately climb a tree to hide from both man and monster, while I pull out a map given to one of the freed slaves.

     "Hmm, Seems I am near three entry points, and two of them lead into Duchess Carla's Dukedom. I need to pick this one, it's the furthest away, but its also the most dangerous meaning less patrols of dark-elf."

     I remember what spells a Dark Knight can cast and I will stick to only those in combat to avoid suspicions. Well that's all level 1-4 Black Wizard spells so I am good.

   As I move through the swampy marsh I encounter things like Sea Snakes and Evil Treants. Nothing out here can challenge me or is the Experience even worth killing them, so I avoid and Run from most fights with ease. The monsters don't have the ability to hold me down here at all.

     I did find a patrol of Dark Elf at the entrance to the Underdark, so I tried to pass using Carla's name, but they got hostile. I think their from another Duke and wanted to rob me, so I removed their heads.

     Using my [Kings Authority], I empty their Magic Slabs of anything useful, and I found something interesting.

     First they had a more detailed map of the local Underdark. Second they had Keys to pass the locked-doors I would have otherwise had to break down alerting others. Third was a news report about the build up of forces.

     Seems the Dark king Astos is requiring another 10000 troops from each Duke for the invasion into the Elf Gate to conquer the Black Moon. The war on the Elfland is only a diversion to keep the Elf from stopping the Moon invasion.

     After memorizing all of this information, I descend down into the passage and this dim lighting even affects Elf sight. But it's like a full-moon night for us.

     When I got to the first locked checkpoint I used the keys to pass, and the scene in-front of me angered me, but I had to stop from blowing my cover.

     An emaciated Elf woman is being abused by two Dark Elf men who are both enjoying in a sick-way the poor woman with lifeless eyes. My fist tightened and I now know why Lily was crying for me.

     Just encountered this disgusting sight as soon as I step into the Underdark, how much more heinous will it get? I just want to kill them all and even the poor slaves to end their suffering!

     "Hey brother, don't just stand there, there is still an unused hole, he-eh, join us, her mouth is available, he-he!"

     In a cold voice I am trying to contain, I just pass this event and say.

     "Next time brother, I am on a mission, good bye."

     I have remembered their faces, they will die eventually. My fist hurt from anger. I just try to focus on Lily in my mind to help me remember my mission. I need to stop Astos and claim this filthy throne, then I can change things.

     As I pass many more atrocities that break my heart, I think of Dream Luna's request for me. How much harder it is than when I was still a student in school.

     "Luna, pray for me. I will do this for you."

     I kill my feelings the best I can to not let my heart get blackened. No wonder I seemed tired sitting on my throne in the dream.

     "Carla, how do you live like this? Sigh, Yeah Sally is right, you can slap me and yell, let out your whole life's frustrations on me. I will take all your anger."

     Following the map, I finally found in the depths an enormous cavern city belonging to Duchess Carla. looking at the GPS, she is indeed in the center.

     "I hope our reunion is not going to be too horrible. I am coming for you!"


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