Ch. 4
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Meanwhile at the BullLily Sect.


"You four are suspended from the Sect!"

Headmaster Yan glares at the four bowed low to the ground.

This was not the first time they snuck out of the Sect.

They were trouble from the very beginning.

Besides he have been trying to get rid of these four for a while now.

None of them were that strong to stay in the Sect.

What was the point in keeping losers!

The group walks out.

"I seriously hate that old man!"

Reiji punches a nearby wall.

Leaving a small dent.

If only he was stronger.

"I agree, he's been totally trying to find a way to get rid of us from the start."

"Let's just leave, we never belonged here anyways."

That's right they never belonged anywhere.


That bastard, he would love to ring his old neck.

"Let's go before our leader commits a crime."

They left the Sect without looking back.

The destiny of these five will soon intertwine.


A group abandoned by it's Sect.

And a girl who journeys to discover herself.

What are they likely to face?


We see the protagonist as she had already made it to to the end of the town's border.

If only that Goddess gave her the ability to teleport.

Well no sense in complaining.

Perhaps too many cheats wouldn't make this journey that fun.

 A few days had gone by.

Our FL is hiking through a large Forest.

It was known for having magical beast of many kinds.

Which meant she could level up.


Not a bad thought.

"Alright Garney, let's have some fun."

Roni pulled her dagger from the Nuro Beast's heart.

This creature was a level 5 Soul beast.

She felt that she could do better.

Extracts the Soul Pearl.

It was useful for magic level ups.

It will hardly add even an ounce of magic to her person.

Although it could be a great level up for her small dagger.

Wonder what attribute it will add?

Sits on a nearby Boulder.

Why would Ernie kick her out like that?


Looks as though she didn't have time to relax.

A baby Nuro Beast jumps from the bushes

But this one was different, it had a purple tent color to it's fur.

The father had a grey tent.

That means, she just got a rare find.

Level 8 Soul Nuro Beast.

Picks up.

"Since I killed your parent you are mine now. If you are not loyal you will become my food."

The creature snuggles into her.

It is just a baby.

Hopefully she will make great use of the beast.

She continues her journey of self discovery.