Ch. 5
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We can see the FL as she drinks from a river.

It's been a month since she left Ernie's.

So far she had leveled up her Beast tamer skills to level 2.

She was also able to train her body to get used to her martial arts.

It's been a while since she used her 16 year old muscles.

She felt like this was useless.

Why was she sent here?

If only she knew what kind of life she wanted in this world.

It still surprises her that a world like this existed.

Back in modern times she would have laughed if someone mentioned this world.

Well here was better than the hospital.

"Let's go you two, might as well keep moving."


It was coming from somewhere deeper into the forest.

She takes off running towards the roars.

It felt like deja Vu.

"Why do we always run into such dangers?"

Nera was dodging rocks.

A beast about 9 feet tall with the features of a gorilla was attacking them.

"That's a level 1 Sacred Beast, the Yarlic."

Yarlics had large blue diamonds on their foreheads.

And they were dangerous beasts.

They weren't very smart like an actual gorilla.

But they are pretty accurate when it came to targeting.

"It's because Ken went and woke it up!"

Xia grabs Ken by the collar.

He was knocked out from a while back.

Once he woke the beast from it's slumber.

It knocked him into a tree.

Then Ken passed out.

Reiji was busy dodging large branches and rocks.

"It's seriously pissed off."


Suddenly as if appearing from nowhere.

Roni stands before the beast holding her level 2 dagger in her right hand.

These four again.

She should have known with the sense of deja Vu.

Do they have some kind of red target marked on their asses or something?


Might as well help them out again.

The problem though.

Glances over at the angry beast.

This kind of beast couldn't be bargained with.

Like the wolves.

Might as well bring it down.

Smiles fearlessly.

Level 1 Sacred Beast this will be quite the challenge.

But then again.

It was a great chance to level up her magic skills.

Holds dagger in front of her.

There was a magic spell she wanted to try.

Closes eyes.

Starts whispering incantations.

A blue symbol appears before her dagger.

Opens eyes.


The same symbol appears beneath the beast trapping it into place.

Her dagger transforms into a sword covered in blue flame.

Jumps off ground.


Raises sword.

A smile on her lips.




Lands on ground.


Blood was shooting out from the beast.

The seal dissappers.

And the beast falls.


Hits the ground causing it to shake.

"Holy crap she killed it!"

Not bad. 

She had to strike it to many times though.

Still needs work.

Nera, Reiji, and Xia stare at the beast.

Then their gazes fell upon Roni.

Her dagger no longer a sword.

And her hair flowing in the breeze lightly.

Roni has leveled up.

So far she was at Level 2 Magic:

Level 2 Beast Tamer

Level 4 Martial Arts 

Level 1 Healing 

Level 1 Alchemy.

Level 1 Spellcaster.

Her Sword has reached Level 1 transformation.

Task completed defeat the Yarlic. S Level.

Award: New Spell learned

Brain has received spell

Can now seal low level beasts.

That will come in handy.

Turns to the four.


Seriously who was she!?

Again she proves to be much stronger than the four of them.

Reiji hates to admit it but they need someone like her as their leader.