Chapter 14: He Was Nobody
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I had expected no greatness. Even the mystery that I dully sought for was taken from me. Some answers are revealed despite your looking for them.

The world wasn’t that easygoing that it would just stop, and let you win. The shaman that was hanged on top of that peak fell on the ground. His body eaten by the Bakr that somehow remained around the area.

The coastline area was called the Khal Port in honor of the tribe.

The tribe was adapting rather easily to the chances. Karan and Cagon, in particular, were leading the tribe. The delegates from the Assembly welcomed them, and through Commander Darvon, they were given some rights in the land. Strangely, although most of their agreements were verbal, the tribe pulled a scrolled fur with the handprints of the Elders of the tribe.

The handprint was magically sealed. Inside this magical contract was a curse that would bear down upon the violation of their word. The contract would be passed down through their bloodline. It was a strange curse that was made from the sacrifice of the elders.

The state of the coastline of Khal was serene. The communities were divided with a central hub where most of the activities were. The Company had a base of operation on the coastline of Khal. Some safe houses and outposts would relay any news to the forces of the company.

We learned that the Commander was aiming for a place to rest. I expected the Commander to have bigger ambitions. But he was an old man who had fought his entire life. He said to us that he wanted a place for the Company to thrive while he hands the management of the company.

The Commander was planning to make a profit out of the profession. The news was taken with grains of salt. Some thought of it as a clever idea. The appearance of the monsters all over the world was going to be a problem with the exploration era. So brave men were needed to hunt down monsters. Armies were political, and their movements can cause tensions. The Assembly was different than their causes are more in regards to money. When money comes into play then things are different.

The adventurer that I was looking for was a fraud. The fluttering feeling that I wanted was nothing more than a sham. The ticking patience inside of me that was calm as fuck started to roar. I didn’t sign up to become a fucking guard standing near crates. The world’s dangerous and yet here I was standing around for these idiots to work there building.

Not far from where I stand guard was a galleon ship that belonged to the Empire. It was another ship that had a different flag on it. There was tension in the water between them. I don’t know why but the main core had their fights. I wasn’t involved in such fights. I merely stayed back knowing that I had no chance of joining their battle.

Jabez stood next to me with a helpless gaze. He was the kind of guy that didn’t care about a damn thing in this world. He’s a fucker who barely joins the patrol. I sometimes wonder where he usually goes. I think that he’s fucking around

It was foolish to chat with him. I stood in silence until my shift was done. I didn’t return to the barracks made by the company and instead went to the office of the Commander where I was called alongside Harlow, Serena, and Captain Mikhail. Captain Mikhail was already acting as our new Commander. I was given better equipment as well. A gambeson and chain mail layered by leather. I got myself a spear just in case.

Captain Mikhail stood alongside the Commander. The Commander looked at me.

“Was it you who found that well?”


“So you were,” he said. “The tribesmen had accepted us far easily because of your gift of water. They had thought that there would be problems regarding how you sniffed the area.”

So he knew. I could only freeze my face in hopes that no fear comes out. The spider creeps, the shark swims, and the Wise Owl stared inside the darks of my eyelids.

“I shall be sending the three of you to the Caldera of the Republic. I tasked you to find the monster that had been killing in the shadows. This is a crucial mission, and I need those who can sniff around to do it.”

“I am an adventurer, Sir.”

“You are, Brone,” Mikhail said. “But this comes first. You’ll be compensated for your troubles. The Assembly wants us to do this favor for them.”

Why would the Assembly want to do a favor for the Republic? It did not make sense.

“So why not send the core members?” Harlow said.

“They are too important, and we don’t want them clashing inside the Caldera of the Republic. Besides, your goal is to find the monster, and go to the Merchants once you’ve found the nest. These monsters might be dangerous and thus we need a few of you.”

Captain Mikhail turned towards us. “Harlow, Serena, I recall that you two have been in the Caldera?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. You will bring along Brone with you. He’ll be your nose.”

“I know nothing of the Caldera, Sir.”

“Then you will have to learn.”

Commander Darvon didn’t leave me with anything to say. The best thing about this was that I would be leaving this place. I ventured out of the room and went into the stables to get my horse for the job. Then, I realized that I had no idea how to fucking ride a horse. The stableman saw my inability to ride one so I choose to practice before leaving. By the time I got the basics I was still being thrown on the back, but at least I don’t have to worry about not being able to ride. Just have to clamp my legs on the belly of the horse and make sure that I don’t fall over.

The next destination was the Caldera of the Republic.