Chapter 272: Who’s in charge? (NSFW)
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Rosa stepped slowly towards Mason as Haley and Rebecca pressed themselves against his sides. He slid his hands down their backs, groping their asses as he watched Rosa walk.

"What's this?" she said with an eyebrow raised. "Some kind of initiation thing? Am I about to get hazed?"

He knew she was just being playful. Just as he knew he should have just laughed and been less serious. Maybe it was because he'd just had to tell Rebecca how things were, or maybe it was the constant responsibility and risking his life. But he definitely felt a different energy.

"No," he said. "It's me being home and wanting all of you. Now. Lose the shirt."

Haley practically started humping his leg. Becky still looked like a naughty girl who'd been caught, and Rosa seemed ready for a challenge before she stripped off her t-shirt. Mason's eyes were locked on her cleavage.


She unclipped it and let it drop, and Mason practically licked his lips as he stared at her amazing breasts.

"What do we do?" Haley whined, as ever loving his more aggressive side.

"Same thing," he said, still waiting, still groping asses in each hand as Haley worked at her buttons and Becky pulled her shirt over her head. He was still wearing Eve's Garb, which were innate and banishable just like his Claws, so in a blink he stripped himself naked.

Haley gasped in obvious delight, reaching down to stroke him as she slipped his thigh between her legs and ground against it.

"Easy, girl," he chuckled, not at all unhappy, kissing her a little as he pulled her and Becky against him to feel their soft breasts against his skin. Rosa came forward and squished against his chest, and then they were all kissing his neck and shoulders as he swapped between their lips and tongues.

He hadn't even activated Gaia's Blessing. A few days of absence in the ridiculous phase two seemed enough to drive the girls mad, so he wasn't even sure he should turn it on. least not yet...

"On your knees," he said, pushing Becky and Haley down and waiting for Rosa. The always competitive, willful girl gave him a look like 'that's what I wanted anyway'. Then she dropped down and looked at his cock like she wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

Becky and Haley had no such hesitation. They started licking and sliding their lips against the sides of his shaft, and that was already pretty amazing. But he was losing patience now and gathered up a fistful of Rosa's thick, black hair. She gave him a mock expression of shock before he pulled her open lips to his tip. She tasted it with her tongue as if trying to decide if she liked it.

Mason growled and pulled her forward until she took a quarter of his length with a muffled squeal. He let out a breath and closed his eyes as she sucked while the other girls licked. Haley was playing with his balls, too, and for a little while he just stood there and enjoyed three mouths working his manhood.

Then he opened his eyes and enjoyed the view. Three beautiful women, all topless and on their knees, getting more and more into the act of sucking him off. Not that he was going to let them finish. But it was a very nice start.

He took control of Rosa completely, fucking her mouth deeper and deeper until her eyes widened and she fought to take him all without gagging. Mostly he just wanted to remind her who was in charge. Soon her hands were on his thighs, gripping slightly as he worked further and further, until his balls were hitting her chin.

He pulled out when she choked but didn't let go of her hair, leaving her gasping and looking up at him. He pulled her up and turned around, pushing her against the wall.

"You too," he said, until Becky and Haley stood and stuck out their asses on either side of Rosa. He pulled Rosa's sweats down to her knees and put his free hand between her legs, finding her very wet already.

"That room is yours, but your body is mine. Understand?"

Rosa made a sort of whimpering sound, and Mason let go of her hair to pull Becky up against her. Then he reached up her skirt and started fingering them both.

"There's no point in fighting, no point in drama, because you're both mine and that’s just how it is."

"Yes, Mason," Becky said instantly, wiggling against his hand. Rosa didn't say anything, so he put his hand around to the front to play with her clit, then pushed out her ass and slid himself inside her. She gasped and clearly didn't know whether to put her hips forward or back, and Mason just kept circling his fingers as he gave her inch by inch.

When he was buried to the hilt he stayed where he was, using his fingers to get her closer and closer until he could feel her gripping him inside. Then he stopped, and she groaned.

"What did I say?" he told her.

"You said..." she moaned again and tried to move on his cock but he held her steady. "You said I'm yours."

"Good girl. Now you say it."

"I'm yours," she said, eyes fluttering slightly as Mason moved just a little. He was fingering Becky now faster and faster, and his sensitive country girl was already breathing hard as she moaned.

"If you want to cum you better say it like you understand," he said, and Rosa made a frustrated groan.

"This is your pussy," she said, grabbing the hand between her legs. "Now please fuck me."

Mason couldn't have asked for more than that. He pushed Rosa back with his hand as he thrust into her, giving her good hard slaps of flesh against flesh as he drove his cock deep inside her. Finally he turned on Gaia's Blessing, and as the scent hit the girls they took deep breaths and closed their eyes.

Even Rosa seemed affected, or maybe she'd turned off her protection. She clenched her walls hard around his shaft, digging her nails into his hand as she shook and went up on her tiptoes. Becky came a second after, flushing and letting out little squeaks as she almost bounced away from Mason's fingers.

He had plenty to give, and didn't hold back. He pounded Rosa straight through her orgasm, letting the pressure build and warmth flood through his body until Rosa was bouncing her ass back against him.

"Please cum," she begged as she realized he was close. He thrust deep as he sprayed, letting a few hard waves fill her before relaxing and letting her back up to milk the rest. He felt her pussy clenching against him, and she seemed in control for a moment until she froze up again and cried out, shivering as she came again.

Mason grinned, knowing it was the effect from Eve—that somehow his own orgasms were like liquid fire inside his girls. Rosa spasmed and went slack as Mason gave her a few more thrusts, then pulled Becky in for a kiss before glancing at Haley.

"You've been very patient."

"I love to watch, but it's so hard," she said, one hand buried between her legs, the other massaging her nipples as she leaned against the wall. Mason grinned at the sight, and the smell of sex, and the wetness running down Rosa's thighs as she trembled.

His almost endless stamina was keeping him hard, and he was already picturing what he'd do to his girls next.

"Don’t worry," he said, giving Rosa's ass a slap hard enough she gasped. "We're just getting started."


* * *


It was Haley worshiping time next. He kept them against the wall, but pushed the other two girls into her until they started kissing and touching her everywhere. Rosa eventually made out with her as she worked her nipples, and Becky got down and buried her face between her legs.

Mason got behind her and slid in his cock. Becky worked her clit, Rosa letting Haley suck her nipples as she bounced and moaned from Mason's thrusts. She came hard and fast, then Mason picked her up and carried her to their bed with the other girls in tow.

Pretty soon they were all naked on their backs in a line looking up at him with sex glazed eyes. It was hard to know where to start.

"Get us some wine," he said to Haley, and the blonde leapt up to obey as Mason mounted Becky and started fucking her. He pulled Rosa close, leaning over to kiss her as he did. Then he pulled out and flipped Becky on top of Rosa like lovers, adjusting so he had an angle to enter them both.

They moaned as he took turns with them, pushing their faces together a little until they started making out. Haley came back with the wine, and they both drank from the bottle and grinned as he kissed her red lips.

"You see how nice they are now?" she said, giving Becky's ass a pat. "You'll just have to keep fucking them together until they behave."

Rosa made some pitiful groan of protest, so Mason switched and started jack hammering her into the bed. Then Haley giggled and tried to climb on, which didn't work well until Mason had the two at the bottom ready for missionary, with Haley on top turned over.

They were giggling and trying to find comfortable positions, with Becky at the bottom—because with her vitality, the other girls didn't weigh a thing. But he got impatient and just started lifting their legs to take turns with all three of them, watching the others bounce and shake as he fucked a girl on top of them.

Haley came again, so he came with her, pumping her full of cum until he watched it dripping down onto the other girls. They thought it was over after that.

"Riding time," he said, and they all groaned and practically flopped on the bed.

Mostly two girls just cuddled to each side of him as the other rode his cock. He loved watching each girl's different, amazing body, each girl's struggle to take his length and focus, to keep moving as they fought their own pleasure.

Becky came in minutes and could hardly move, getting teased by the other girls until he promised to keep them up all night. He rolled Becky off with a tender kiss, then let Haley try and exhaust herself. Which she eventually did. He helped her at the end, pounding up until she literally screamed and went slack.

Rosa rode slowly and more intimately, staying down to explore his mouth and tongue, whispering 'ai papi' in his ear as she slid him back and forth. He was going to finish with her until Becky practically jumped up and complained he hadn't cum in her yet.

They were all touching and tender now, but still Mason met her eyes and raised a brow.

"Who's in charge?" he said, and Becky slumped a little.

"You are."

"Good girl," he said, but pulled her over to sit on his face facing Rosa. She gasped as he licked her from below, teasing then sucking on her clit before working his tongue inside her as Rosa bounced on his cock. This time the cowgirl managed to hold on awhile.

By the time her juices were dripping down Mason's chin, she was moving against him and moaning with every breath. But Rosa shook and clenched on his cock first, crying out as she stopped moving and just held on. Becky came a second later.

Mason let them both ride the high and come down, then sent them both to 'finish' him with their mouths. Haley perked up and crawled down to join them, and pretty soon they were back to where they'd started.

Three mouths and tongues worked his cock, three naked, amazing bodies squirmed as they worked, three beautiful pairs of eyes turned towards him.

He just put his hands behind his head and enjoyed, not moving a muscle, and not making it easy. The girls took turns, probably when they got tired, swapping him back and forth between their mouths as they tried everything.

Rosa slowed and sucked on the tip as the others licked him like a popsicle, trying to edge him to the finish line. Becky pumped him at full speed as the other girls played with his balls and kissed him all over.

When he could tell they were tiring he decided it was time to stop torturing them. He stood on the bed and pulled them close, taking turns with their mouths, their faces all together. He couldn't decide if it was a more beautiful sight than all their asses sticking up just for him, but at this point who even cared.

Their warm, wet mouths and tongues felt amazing. He took turns groping their tits and taking control of them as he fucked their throats, still training Rosa and Becky to take him fully. By the end there was wetness dripping down all their chins and tits. Their exhausted jaws were hanging open, their eyes glazed and hardly focused.

"You'll be good girls and share it?" Mason said, holding Rosa and Becky tightly by the hair.

"Yes, Mason," they said more or less in unison, and he hid his smile. He let Haley almost finish him, stroking her cheek with a thumb as she stared into his eyes and bobbed, still able to squeeze him tightly between her lips.

He could hardly imagine life without her now, imagine a world where he couldn't look down into those big blue eyes, her thick red lips tight around his cock…

He shuddered and came, giving Haley a little reward before pulling out and spraying across Becky and Rosa's faces. They tried to come closer to get it in their mouths, but he wanted to see them covered. He dug deep and let Haley keep stroking him, loosing stream after stream into the surprised, blinking faces of his other girls.

He wasn't sure what he wanted next, but all three girls started licking his cum off each other's faces until they were giggling and trying to get their own. Mason just lay back and watched them with a smile, his eyelids instantly starting to droop...


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