Chapter 80: Like the flower room (NSFW)
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Haley went first, of course. She was already all in and threw back her wine with a hungry look as she started unbuttoning her blouse.

Becky took a deep breath then did the same, raising both arms as she peeled her thin sweater over her head. Mason watched her round tits bounce at the motion, her erect nipples showing through the tight white t-shirt underneath. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Still not fair,” Mason said. “All I’ve got is a towel.”

Becky bit her lip and unbuttoned her pants before wiggling out of her jeans. Haley smiled and took the straps off her dress, letting it fall down to her waist.

Then she took off her bra to expose her full breasts, nipples pink and upright and amazing. She hiked up the bottom of her dress to show a black, paper thin thong.

“Come here.” Mason felt his voice getting husky.

Haley obeyed instantly, stepping to him as she locked his gaze with her bright, blue eyes. He kissed her and took a handful of her ass, groaning as she slid her hand over the front of his towel, her soft breasts sliding against his chest.

Rebecca approached more slowly, still obviously shy and uncertain. The thought of breaking down that resistance nearly drove him mad, and when she came close enough he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. He paused when their lips were close, then kissed her until she moaned and opened, exploring her with his tongue.

“What was in that wine,” she mumbled.

Haley laughed. “It’s actually quite weak. And not very good.”

Rebecca giggled, and Mason pulled them closer together, until Haley’s exposed chest was against Becky’s t-shirt.

“I guess we’re just drunk on Mason,” Haley said with a teasing tone.

“I’m sure he’s happy to hear that,” Rebecca added.

Mason most certainly was happy. He leaned in and kissed Haley, then Rebecca, pulling them even closer.

“Taste each other,” he said, feeling more and more overcome with lust.

Becky went slightly pink, but still leaned in as Haley crossed the gap and kissed her. At first it was just their lips, but soon Becky closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and Haley stuck in her tongue.

Mason squeezed their asses and pushed them together. Then he pulled up Becky’s shirt so their tits would squash together, and soon Becky was moaning as she wrapped herself around Haley.

He put his hands down the back of both their panties, sliding his fingers along their tight openings from behind. They kept making out, so he kept rubbing and finally slipped a finger inside both of them.

Both girls gasped and finally broke off their kiss as they looked up at him with half-lidded, lust-filled eyes.

“You always get what you want, don’t you?” Becky breathed as she pushed her ass against his hand.

“Only the important things.” He pushed his fingers deeper.

Then Haley flicked the front of his towel, and it dropped to the floor leaving him naked, fully erect, and very hard.

“Oops.” Haley smiled, lowering herself down to her knees. Rebecca looked down at him and went to join, but he kept her standing.

“Not yet.” He kissed her again, then helped her pull off the t-shirt as Haley wrapped a hand around his shaft and started licking his balls. Then he pulled Becky’s panties down and turned her sideways to work her pussy with both hands—one on her clit, the other fingering her from behind. She closed her eyes, and maybe just for something to do with her hands, she held Haley’s pony tail as if in encouragement.

Then Mason’s cock was plunging into the warm, wet hole of Haley’s mouth, as her thick lips slid like silk along his shaft, her tongue teasing his head.

“Bedroom,” he growled, unable to stand it a moment longer. When the girls didn’t move fast enough he pulled Haley up and pushed Becky along. He held them both by their hair, marching them to the bed as Haley looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass as she walked.

They were going to climb on, but giggled in surprise as Mason instead bent them both over the side of the mattress. They looked at each other on the bed, giggling again as they raised their asses higher in the air.

A perfect peach for Becky, leading down to tight, moist lips with her tiny folds just barely showing. Haley’s hips were wider, her ass round and thick, her pussy dripping and already gaping. Mason could have just stood admiring the view if it wasn’t all for him.

“Fuck her first, Master,” Haley groaned, “I want to see her cum.”

Rebecca bit her lip as Mason circled her asshole with his thumb. Then he played with her lips with his tip, giving her plenty of time to get ready. He eased himself deeper and deeper, until he felt her slide open fully and he pushed balls deep with a moan.

“I love your noises,” Becky closed her eyes and spread her legs. Her face was already red like she was halfway to orgasm, her eyes barely able to focus. “Oh fuck me, Mason. Please.”

Mason practically growled as he slammed into her. His vision blurred and he lost all conscious sense of plans of how to touch her. He just pumped inside her again and again, arching her back with her hair, groping her ass, and wrapping his hands beneath to hold her tits.

Then she was crying out and clenching her pussy all around him, and he knew he had another girl waiting but in that moment just didn’t care. He came when she did, driving hard into her as he felt his balls empty with stream after stream. He stayed motionless inside her for several breaths of bliss before Becky opened her eyes with something like alarm.

“Poor Haley,” she said. “She didn’t get a turn.”

“Sweet girl,” Haley cooed, and Mason noticed her hand was between her legs. She leaned over and kissed her, slowly and intimately, and Mason instantly started hardening inside Becky’s pussy. She moaned in delight, panting as Mason started moving again inside her.

She shuddered and whined slightly as Mason pulled out, shifting to line himself up to Haley’s opening. There was no need for gentleness with his little French whore.

He slapped her ass hard enough to make her yelp and clench, then drove inside her.

She groaned and opened her mouth with a side smile. “Mason always has more,” she pushed her ass back against him. “Show sweet Becky how you’ll fuck us every night.”

In his mind, Mason had all kinds of plans to change positions and make a night of it. But between the sight of his girls fondling each other and themselves, and Haley’s dirty talk and tight pussy squeezing against him, all his plans were out the window. All he wanted to do was keep thrusting and giving her exactly what she wanted as she screamed his name.

She obliged, and he just kept ramming. How long it went on he had no idea. At some point he managed to collect himself long enough to put two fingers into Rebecca, feeling her soaked pussy made even wetter with his cum. Both his girls were moaning in pleasure as he fucked them with fingers and cock, lost in the pure lust of the sights and sounds.

Then he was covered in sweat, and he felt Haley’s juices running down his balls and dripping on the floor. He looked over and saw Rebecca was fingering her own clit, a look of mindless pleasure in her eyes. He spanked her hard and put one of his fingers in her ass, grinning at the look of surprise. Then her eyes were rolling back.

Haley tightened and laughed as she began to shake with her own orgasm, and Mason saw no reason in the world to hold back a moment longer.

He grabbed Haley’s hair in a fist as he rode her, loving as always how she moved against him, as if desperate to take him as deep as she possibly could. He finally exploded after the girls had both finished, draining every drop of what he had left deep into Haley’s body.

When he finally stopped twitching she still squeezed her pussy around him, sighing as she lay flat on the bed and grinned. Becky collapsed next to her.

“Um. So that was..” Becky’s eyes fluttered as if she fought sleep.

“Hot.” Haley finished.

With his cock still inside her, Mason pulled Haley up further onto the bed, then rolled over beside her and gestured for Becky.

“Come and cuddle me, sister wife,” Haley teased, and Becky chuckled as she crawled on her knees, dropping to face Haley as she wrapped her leg overtop. Mason pulled them both in closer, kissing Becky over Haley’s head as he trailed his fingers along her thigh.

“Are you still inside her?” Becky raised a brow, and Haley giggled.

“Yes. And he’s still not soft.”

“Oh my God.” Becky giggled too, and the girls laced their fingers, Becky’s eyes open and on Mason.

“I’m going to need to hydrate.” Mason said, not at all unhappily, planning exactly what he’d do to them for the next round.

Some kind of alarm interrupted his thoughts. He groaned and looked for the clock or phone before he remembered it was the apocalypse.

“What in the bloody hell is that?”

Haley looked like she was about to explain, then a familiar voice materialized out of nowhere.

“Welcome home, brother of mine. Now get to the hall, please, your services are required.”

It was like Blake’s voice had come from some damn loudspeaker, and Mason practically growled.

He looked at the two, beautiful, naked girls in his bed, both ready for whatever else he had in store for them. And he very seriously considered telling Blake to go fuck himself.

But ignoring his brother was just not a thing Mason did. It wasn’t in his DNA. He threw back the sheet he’d been slowly pulling over them, and rose up with a sigh.

Oh hi there. This chapter is pretty much entirely a sex scene. So yeah.

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