Chapter 86: Greetings, Players (NSFW)
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Satisfaction soaked Blake like a warm bath. His ‘Dreamwalking’ had worked exactly as intended. Well, almost.

He was sure there was something in the world better than gaining power, he just wasn’t sure what that was.

He opened his eyes and looked at the cool, dark room of his Neuroamplifier. His mana was almost drained, his head slightly sore, his body stiff from so much time spent in the amplifier’s chair. Perhaps it was time for a little walk.

He cracked several joints and stepped into the main hall. It was the middle of the night, apparently, though he’d really had no idea until he looked. A huge crash made him jump, then he looked out a window to see it was pouring rain and maybe hail, the sky flashing with lightning.

“Guess I’m not going for a walk after all,” he muttered, and heard a chuckle from somewhere nearby.

“No boss, don’t think so.” Tommaso the Italian ‘Swashbuckler’ was apparently the player on guard tonight at the hall. He cleared his throat by the door, and looked suddenly awkward at Blake’s inspection. “Would be a rotten time to have to fight worms, too, eh?” he added.

Blake smiled politely. “Let’s hope they don’t like the storm, either.”

He walked on, looking around the hall, finding everything clean and maintained as usual. In the day it would be filled with civilians and players looking for something to do, or to ask Blake questions, or just to be close to the action.

But this late, or early, he supposed, it was pleasantly peaceful and Blake could be alone. He went to his favorite chair in the lounge and sat by a window to watch the storm.


He smiled when he heard Seul-ki’s voice.

“The one person I’m happy to see,” he said without looking.

The Korean girl moved to his side with her usual grace. She was wearing a silk pajama top and shorts, and kissed him on the cheek as she slid into his lap to watch the storm with him, not saying a word. The perfect woman, he thought with a sigh.

A little later, mostly from whim, he unbuttoned her shirt and slipped a hand inside to cup one of her ample breasts. She gasped slightly and looked around the room.

“It’s just us,” he said, massaging and playing.

“Did you find your brother?” she closed her eyes and moaned.

Blake put his other hand on Seul-ki’s thigh and frowned. “Sort of. I was in his dream. Which wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience.”

“So the new power worked?” she asked, legs closing slightly until Blake pulled them back apart and smiled.

“Yes, yes it did.” He put his face against Seul-ki’s neck and inhaled. “You smell wonderful. What is that? Lavender?”

“My secret,” she said and smiled. “Mmm. That feels so good.”

Blake’s hand slid on its own accord up Seul-ki’s thigh, tracing the outline of her sex and finding the fabric slightly damp.

“Seul-ki,” he said, his voice hoarse. “I don’t think I can go another minute without making you cum.”

Her hands moved to his, trying weakly to move it away.


“No.” He tried to find the words to explain. “I’ve been very, very selfish. Usually that’s fine, but I can’t stand it any longer with you.”

He slipped his hand inside her baggy shorts, practically groaning as he touched her soft, moist flesh. Her hands were still on his, but her legs were opening and she squirmed in his lap as she bit her lip and didn’t say a word.

Blake watched her face as he moved his hand back and forth between her legs, touching every nook and cranny. Then he spread the folds to play with her clit.

She tensed and gripped the chair as he rubbed, and to his surprise he loved every moment of her enjoyment. Frankly he didn’t usually care much about his partner’s pleasure, but he did with Seul-ki.

He was tired of the shorts getting in his way, and with one quick tug he pulled them off. Then Seul-ki was naked from the waist down, her amazing body still squirming against his legs.

Now with total freedom he worked a finger inside her, slow and sure until he’d buried it all the way. He pulled up her shirt and kissed her breasts as he slid it in and out, unable to stop smiling as he watched her pushing against it.

“Oh, Blake, it feels so…” she stopped and inhaled as he added a second finger, using his thumb to play with her clit. He worked her slow and steady, curling his fingers occasionally to test and look for her spot.

Then her chest was heaving with faster and faster breaths, and she clutched him and crushed her face into his hair as she clenched hard on his fingers and started to shake.

Her wetness soaked his fingers and leaked down his hand, and he just held her as she rode the wave.

She covered her mouth with a hand like she’d done something wrong, but he knew it was fake. She was so Korean and adorable and sexy, and his hard on was straining the fabric of his pants. Seul-ki noticed.

A better man would have been satisfied. Would have taken his time and enjoyed a series of nights like this one, getting Seul-ki comfortable with everything after a dozen orgasms. Blake wasn’t that man.

He activated Mental Influence, using every last scrap of mana to flood her with lust. She looked in his eyes and squirmed against his erection.

“It’s a very romantic night,” she said, “with the rain, and the lightning, and only us.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “Very romantic.”

She leaned in and kissed him, making a little whining moan that kept driving him wild.

“Are you using your power on me?” she said, and raised one plucked brow.

“No,” he lied without hesitation.

Seul-ki smiled and whispered in his ear.

“You are the most exquisite liar. I truly can’t tell if that’s true.”

Then she worked at his belt and fly, removing his painful length and wrapping her cute little hand around half the shaft.

“It’s so big,” she said as if frightened. “I don’t know if I can take it all.”

Was that true? Was her fear real? He honestly had no idea, which he found oddly exciting. Then Seul-ki straddled him and reached back to guide his tip to her wet opening, sliding it back and forth between her lips.

“Maybe just the tip?” she said. “For a little while?”

“Yes,” Blake lied. “Just the tip. And not for long.”

He let her play with it like a toy, unmoving as she used his tip to play with herself.

“It feels so good,” she breathed, rocking against it and working it just slightly in.

She was so incredibly warm and wet, so smooth and perfect against his skin.

“Take a little more,” he urged. “Just a little.”

“I shouldn’t,” she whispered, then did, getting at least a quarter of his cock inside.

She was driving him mad now with the feel and the game and all he wanted was to grab her and shove her down until he’d skewered her balls deep.

But he waited. He let her work him inside inch by inch, protesting and swearing every movement would be the last and she was about to stop. Then she was gasping and clutching him as she dropped the entire way down and he was buried inside her.

Her ran his fingertips up and down her back and she shivered and moaned. Finally he cupped her ass and slowly lifted her up, then slid her back down, tilting his head back in pleasure at the feel of her on his cock.

Still she whimpered and pretended like she hadn’t intended this all along—that she was oh so helpless and innocent and being taken rather than sitting on his cock in a chair.

She started riding him, and he pulled up her pajama top and tossed it away so her tits could bounce in his face. He sucked her nipples and spanked her ass, still not moving from the chair.

It didn’t take long until she was sweating and trembling and failing to ride smoothly. He helped her until she clenched around his cock and froze, gasping and clinging to him as she came again. She held her breath for an eternity, and when it released it was almost like a sob.

He held his own orgasm, waiting to see what she wanted, what she needed. She finally kissed him, slowly at first then more passionately.

“I’m so happy,” she whispered in his ear. “Cum inside me, please.”

This surprised him. It didn’t seem like part of the game. Blake Nimitz was not a slave to his passions. With any other woman it would be out of the question, but with Seul-ki?

Even before he was sleeping with her, he had no intention of ever losing her. Her class and powers were amazing. She was amazing. So why not? He tried and failed to think of a single reason.

Slowly he started pumping up inside of her. She was watching him now as he’d watched her, spreading her legs wide for him.

“Take me,” she whispered. “I’m yours to fuck, to fill.”

Jesus. She certainly knew what to say. He could usually last as long as he chose—completely in control of his body and mind in this as in most things. But Seul-ki made him want to lose control.

Lightning flashed behind her, lighting her incredible body clear as daylight in different poses as she rode him. She was so sexy, so pliable, and all his.

She was watching him closely, and he understood how much she loved his pleasure, his orgasms, just as she did when he sucked him off. He felt adored, worshiped.

His release built without his effort now as he let her ride him.

“Get me off,” he instructed her. “Drain me inside you.” She slid up an down his cock as she moaned, tits pushed into his face. He felt utterly at ease, utterly in the moment, nothing to do but fill a beautiful woman with his cum.

His eyes rolled back as he came, lost in the bliss, lost in her. It spasmed through him in wave after wave, finally feeling more drained than he’d been in his life in a release that seemed to last forever.

When at last he came back to reality Seul-ki was caressing him, kissing his face, smiling with his big cock still buried all the way inside her.

He let out a very long breath. “I hadn’t realized that was a weight on my mind,” he muttered into Seul-ki’s tits.


“I’m glad I could help you,” she giggled.

“You always help me,” he said more seriously, blinking eyes that threatened to shut for the night if he let them. He chuckled at the thought. There would be a fine sight—his minions finding him still buried in a naked Seul-ki in the morning.

But he could linger a moment. Life was looking pretty damn good. The worms were a problem, yes, and there would always be more challenges. But his inner circle was leveling up, getting more powerful.

The players were increasing in loyalty. The town was getting bigger and better and they had a lot of civilians now, some actually producing things in their crafting quarter. He had his amplifier, and Seul-ki. He had Mason the monster at his side.

The storm seemed to stop at his command, turning to a light, pleasant drizzle that reminded him of home. The sun was slowly starting to rise, and Blake turned his body slightly so he and Seul-ki could watch it together without her moving.

Yes, he thought, everything is going to be just fine.

He jumped as a mechanical voice sounded in his ears, omnipotent, intrusive, ruining the moment entirely.


[Greetings, players and civilians. Congratulations on your ongoing survival. Your progress continues to impress and inspire us. Today is the thirtieth day of the Great Game and marks the end of Phase One. Tomorrow, biological imperatives will increase in both speed and intensity. Please prepare accordingly.

Helpful Tip: avoid wilderness and dungeon areas without suitable strength or protection. All risks and rewards have increased.

Good luck. And as always, we are rooting for you.]


Then the voice was gone, quick as it came, and Blake met Seul-ki’s eyes. She nodded to confirm she’d heard it too, and icy cold dread shot through his body. He did his best to remain calm, to show no sign.

He was in charge, after all. Of himself, of the settlement, of everything. He had to show no fear, to always have the answers.

“Go get dressed,” he told Seul-ki, “then head to my chair. I’m going to need some of your mana. We’d better gather everyone for a meeting.”

He lifted her off without further thought, accepting that the beautiful moment was gone.

He let Seul-ki manage her own clothes, no longer touching her or worrying about her. His eyes and mind were already on the future. And it promised to be a very long day.

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