Chapter 124: Just a quickie (NSFW)
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Mason was not the dangerous quickie type. He was practical, and he supposed generally serious, and not at all prone to getting himself screwed just to get...well, screwed. Or at least he used to be.

But as he pulled Rebecca along the tower wall, glancing back to see her excited, naughty smile, he was starting to see the appeal. Still, first things were first. He wanted to make sure there wasn't an army of orcs lurking somewhere inside.

"There's gotta be a way in. Or up." Mason inspected the wall surrounding the next tower and decided it was very climbable. The rocks were rough and in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with hand holds practically everywhere. He'd rarely practiced climbing, assuming it should be avoided in a post-apocalyptic scenario at all costs. But then he'd not had a super-enhanced body...

He put his hands and feet to the wall and reached up, blinking in something like surprise at how easy it felt.

"Aila was wrong," Rebecca said from the bottom. "You're Spiderman not Superman."

Superman and Spiderman were about the limit of Mason's comic awareness, so he grinned a little as he hauled himself up the stone with ease. With a slight grin he gripped and went hand over hand, barely needing his legs until he'd reached the top and pulled himself up. The walls weren't that high, actually, and he suspected most players could climb them.

He stepped to the far side and looked down, hearing nothing but the wind.

"Anything?" Rebecca called up.


Mason stretched out with his senses one last time, but heard only a few insects and the wind, then briefly considered dropping down on the other side. But frankly he didn't need to get in. He could climb over again whenever he wanted, and he realized he could even have Violet dig a tunnel for anyone else. He half climbed, half slid back down to Rebecca, then pulled her into his arms.

"Are we really going to do this?" she whispered as Mason inspected her clothes. Some kind of stretchy khaki-like apocalypse pants. Simple enough to get down. Cowboy boots and long sleeve button shirt. No problem.

"You don't want to get fucked next to an orc tower?"

The words were getting her going, and as Mason put his knee between her legs she pushed down against it. "The others could come looking for us any second,” she said, moaning a little as Mason helped her grind against his knee.

"Or man-hating monsters could come out that gate,” he said, then turned her around and pushed her against the wall.

"I guess we'll have to be quick, then."

He ran his hands up her legs, over her hips and waist to cup her breasts as he kissed her neck. Rebecca was already breathing hard as Mason pulled down her pants. He slid his hand down her stomach, under her panties, cupping her sex before spreading her folds. He wasn't surprised to find her wet, but started playing with her clit and opening as he worked to free his erection.

"Oh God I want it now," she said, squirming against his hand. He took a moment to admire the beautiful, eager woman pushing her ass towards him, hands on the stone wall as she waited patiently for whatever he gave her.

"You definitely deserve it," he pulled down her panties and lay his hard length between her cheeks, rubbing his dick up her back. She pushed towards him and clenched him between her cheeks, sliding him back and forth. She was making little whining moans, and he held her ponytail before pulling back and sliding his tip straight to her opening and pushing inside.

She gasped and froze as Mason slid himself in inch by inch until he'd buried himself to the hilt. He just held her there, lips on her neck and cheek and ear as he twitched deep inside her.

"This is a quickie, handsome," she smiled as she turned her head enough to kiss his lips. "You're supposed to pound me hard and fast until you cum."

Mason practically growled at the words. He'd forgotten the world and could have stayed inside her all day just like that. She yelped and gave a throaty chuckle as he arched her back with her ponytail and slapped her ass.

“Quiet!” she hissed, but he was really starting to not care.

"Hard and fast it is," he whispered, then pulled back and thrust deep. Rebecca soon held onto the wall for dear life as Mason rammed into her, the sound of her ass slapping against him mixed with her moans and mindless curses.

He sped up and bent her over further, letting go of her hair to grab and squeeze her ass as he practically lifted her up to fuck. He wanted to rip her panties and pants off but managed to refrain. Instead he pulled up her shirt and took her tits roughly in his hands, squeezing her always sensitive nipples as he kept on pounding into her.

Then she was shaking and making little whimpering sounds as her skin flushed red. She clamped down around his cock but he didn't even slow down. She leaned up and grabbed his arms, gripping as her eyes rolled back and she came hard enough to scream. Mason just managed to get his hand over her mouth in time to muffle it.

Then the pressure was building in his balls, his cock twitching at the hot tightness of Rebecca's clenching pussy, her moans of pleasure at giving him every inch of her amazing body.

He bit her shoulder as he came. Hot, beautiful release pulsed through him, spraying into Rebecca without a thought of pulling out. She lay her head back against him and moved with his cock, milking him and moaning as he twitched and shot with every spasm. She ran her hands over his on her breasts, letting out another throaty chuckle as she licked her lips and rocked against him.

"I think someone likes dangerous sex." Mason whispered, cock still twitching inside her.

"Mmmhmm," she agreed, biting her lip and letting out another moan. "Oh God I want more," she whined, and Mason suspected he could oblige. But as the world returned he heard movement coming from the tower tunnel. And maybe a slight sizzling sound from somewhere close he couldn't pinpoint.

"You two alright?" called a male voice and the sound of footsteps along the wall.

"Shit." Mason fixed his clothes, walking to intercept the concerned player to buy Rebecca more time.

He found Phuong halfway, using a wooden walking stick and rolling a piece of grass between his lips. The old man looked Mason up and down.

"I thought I heard...something."

"We're fine. Not to worry. There's no orcs at all as far as I can tell."

Rebecca came around the corner looking...mostly fine. But Mason had apparently left dusty handprints directly over her breasts, and he gave a slightly resigned smile as Rebecca looked between him and Phuong.

"Ah," said the old man, with a yellow toothed grin. "Glad you're OK. Did you hear some kind of...popping sound?"

"I would have said sizzle," Mason cleared his throat. Then he heard footsteps from inside the walls, and felt all other feelings drain like sand. He gestured back towards the tunnel, and whispered. "Move. Now." Then pushed Rebecca and ran to fetch his bow.

The sound, he realized, was familiar. It was the same as Carl coming out of the Grey Tower. There were some kind of dungeon portals activating.

The footsteps were increasing and matching and mixing with thuds and clangs. The orcs were coming.

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