Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End (Analogue)
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A beautiful woman opened her eyes revealing a dark, lifeless, misty gaze, piercing deep into one’s soul. 


“Why?!? Why did you...? WHY, DID YOU KILL THEM ALL?” A woman with overly teary eyes screamed as she clung to a handsome man and looked towards a woman standing upfront, tall, seemingly unbothered by worldly things, especially as the dainty woman ferociously barked at her.


“Well, why not, they were just a waste of space, just as you are a waste of air.” The woman standing in front arrogantly declared with a slight smirk.


“Now, just as they have died, it is your turn to follow.” Taking out a large knife she brought it to the girls neck, slowly sliding it sideways as scarlet blood was drawn. Just as she was about to fully slash the beautiful white neck that was starting to mix with the scarlet color, she felt a numb feeling in her back. The girl on the ground looked up in shock with her tear stained eyes. Then suddenly an immeasurable pain filled the villains soul as she looked behind her. 


“Ah-Ha, yo-you... sta-stabbed… m-e.” 


The villains lips shook, still holding a smirk as her mouth filled with the taste of iron. Slowly she crumpled to the ground looking to the man who was supposed to be her one and only ally. 


“Ha...Ha…” The villain slowly, using all her strength, got up to walk towards the man who had stabbed her. With her dark, dead, misty eyes that never left his and still a big beautiful smirk on her lips she slowly pulled towards his ear whispering two words.


 “TOo..pre-predictable.” She spat out with the rest of her strength. With the shocked look on the mans face, she finally closed her beautiful but lifeless, dark soul piercing eyes, never to be opened again in that world. 


Suddenly the just recently dead villain opened her eyes, although they were lifeless and devoid of emotion, she was indeed alive. She opened her eyes towards the all too familiar dark, empty space. Silently she stood until she mockingly shook her head and uttered to herself. “Each world is so predictable, everyone always stabs me in the back...LITERALLY” 


“You have finished the world Host. You have again completed every task, therefore you have amassed 10,000 points from the last world.” 


The villain looked towards her robotic companion that was no more than an uncaring, emotionless, monotone, computer system, unfortunately much like her current self. Calmly she lamented her life as she thought back on her precious decisions that lead her to her current state. 


The villain had not always been a villain, long, long ago, she had once been a normal soul who sought love, happiness, and a bright future. But now she couldn’t remember much of those days since she had long ago been forced to go through so many worlds, making it hard for the villain to distinguish between the villain system she had been forced into and her original life. Rather, her strongest memory is when she took her last breath in her original world leading to her first encounter with the deity Asdon, he who forced her into the villian system.


 Although she encountered him, she never actually met him. It was after her first death that her mind awoke to a sweet tempting voice that hid a deep sort of malice behind it. Because she was too naive at the time she had listened to the males seductive voice promising a chance at redemption, a chance to get any man she sought and live again a much more fulfilling life. All it would take in return was for her to sign a contract binding her to the villain system. Little did she know the pain and suffering it was cause her for hundreds of lifetimes. 


After she had naively signed the contract she was thrust into a new world, a new life, one in which she had to play the role of the villain. A character that was always subjected to humiliation, betrayal, loneliness, pain, contempt, and always died a gruesome death. In the first few worlds she was subjected to, the villain tried to cry and beg for release, however her tears were wasted on deaf ears as her heart slowly hardened. She was abused and tortured in each world, all because she was the villain, and could not go OOC (out of character) for if she did, her soul was tortured far worse by the supposed emotionless supercomputer system that was meant to be her guide. Yet, that was not the worst of it, when she did risk going OOC to reach out to the characters around her they would just insult and spit on her saying she was acting fake. And when she tried to rely on the characters that were friends with the villainess and treated her kindly, they would always either end up dying by her side cursing her very existence, or stab her in the back. Much like the world she had just come out of. The villain silently gave out a hysterical laugh as she thought back to her naive weak self that had relied on those around her, when in reality she was all alone. No one would save her, no one would help her, she was all alone, stuck in the endless cycle of being a villain in each world. The only one she could truly rely on was herself, she thought as her dark lifeless eyes looked into the vast void of her space.


Her only solace was that at least now she knew she was no longer weak. 10 worlds in she learned how to perfectly act. Due to the torture her soul would receive if she were to fail. 20 worlds in she stopped crying at her miserable self. 40 worlds in she was not only able to decipher emotions but also able to read the souls of others due to always being tricked or deceived by those around her since she was the villain. 100 worlds in she no longer felt the pain of death or any other pain since she had been tortured and abused so many times. 250 worlds in her heart completely transformed into that of a villain, no longer capable of beating or caring for another soul, becoming an emotionless brick, incapable of experiencing true emotion. 


Although she could perfectly act happy, sad, surprised or angry, she was incapable of feeling such things, if one were to observe her dark and lifeless eyes carefully, maybe they would soon be able to see through her carefully woven facade. However, since she was the villain, usually she was too intimidating for others to take notice or those who could didn't care enough to push past her outer boundaries in order to see the original soul. Therefore, although her emotions were on par with that of  a brick, she was still able to complete each world with a perfect score. 


In the beginning she had originally cursed and completely despised the deity that forced her into the villain system, yet now, she no longer felt any such emotion, rather her emotions became dulled by each world. Now she only had one wish that kept her soul inact, all she wanted was the sweet release of death. 


Although she had originally been promised a chance at rebirth into her original body and a chance to start over, she had long since given up on such notions. The contract she had been tricked into had promised her strength and power that she never would have possessed in her original body, granted she was able to gain enough points. If she had stayed true to the contract then by the time she had reached world 200, she would have been able to rebirth into her original body, living out her life again, processing both unrivaled beauty, intelligence, and wisdom, being able to capture whoever she wanted. She would have become OP in her original world. 


The trick was that for each world she finished she was awarded points, and those points would be distributed into a small ball like pill. Once it reached a certain amount of energy, the villain was supposed to swallow it, leading to her once again being alive in her original world. However, unlike what was expected of her, instead of taking the pill she kept doing worlds upon world's, leading to the small ball like pill to increasingly fill with energy to the point where it gave off a faint glow of power. Many may wonder why the villain would allow for this? Well, after living through so many worlds she no longer desired rebirth like the contract granted. Instead she hungered for death, true death, one in which her soul could become vaporized. Using her current knowledge, she had calculated that the only way to accomplish her goal would be by creating a pill that was too powerful that even her soul could not sustain it, inevitably leading to her souls demise. 


Silently the villain took out the small glowing orb and unconsciously upturned her lips a little as she poured the points she had gained from the last world into the orb, feeling one step closer to reaching her goal. Then with her dark, dead misty eyes she scanned the system. “Triple 6, Take me to the next world. However this time I will do a level D world.” she spoke in her mind knowing full well the system had a certain amount of access to her thoughts. 


Each world was categorized by its power. The stronger the world, the more difficult it would be to complete and the more torture and abuse the villain would sustain. Currently there were 5 levels of worlds the villain knew about. 


Level A- Earning 100,000 points (the hardest level the villain was familiar with)

Level B- Earning 10,000 points, the world she had just completed

Level C- Earning 1000 points

Level D- Earning 100 points 

Level F- Earning 10  points 


Because she was currently exhausted from doing level A and B worlds, she chose to do a level D world. Although she needed points to fill her death orb, the villain knew she was close to reaching the max . Therefore she only needed a few more points, meaning a level D world would suffice her need. As she thought all this, the monotone supercomputer spoke.


“You will be thrust into the next world in 3 seconds”