The CEO Is My Lover: Arc 2 Chapter 23
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V-tech continued to rise up within the world until it finally did become the number one company.


After becoming #1 Sage completely stole Rey’s role as he was supposed to be #1 with the FL. Instead Rey’s company continued to plummet while Zana’s whereabouts were still unknown.


Story Progress Update: -100.00%




Jun woke up with a start as he looked around. Slowly he calmed his beating heart as he realized he was just in his room. It had been so long since he had a nightmare, ever since he moved in with Sage they completely stopped. 


Yet, suddenly after so long he had had one. Moreover, it was the same dream that he always used to have about the dying woman, except this time it was slightly different. 


In his dream, Jun had been chasing after Sage who was the only light in all the darkness. 


Slowly she started getting farther and farther away as Jun started to become surrounded in darkness. He struggled to get closer, only when she was by his side could he feel peace. 

When he finally reached Sage her body turned completely limp as it fell. 


Before it could fall to the ground Jun desperately reached out to catch her yet, as soon as he touched her his hands became completely dyed in a scarlet red liquid as Sage’s body turned cold stiff. Then she suddenly disappeared as everything turned black. A darkness enveloping Jun as he realized he was all alone. That's when he woke up yelling with a cold sweat.


Looking around he was still in a dazed state. “Where’s Sage!?” he frantically asked still feeling the effects of the dream.


“SAGE! SAGE!” Quickly he yelled as he ran out of bed to go to Sage’s room, before he could get there though, Sage tiredly opened her door as she looked up at the perpetrator.


“Wha-” Before she could finish speaking Jun tightly embraced her making sure she was real and alive as he held her in his arms.


“D-Don’t, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t!” Jun frantically muttered over and over while still tightly clinging on to Sage.


“Don’t what?” After a minute Sage blankly asked, her emotionless tired eyes squinting at Jun.


“Leave me… Don’t leave me, Don’t ever, ever, ever leave me! Please!” Jun pleaded looking straight into Sages dark misty eyes.




“PROMISE ME! PRO-promise me… Promise me you won’t ever leave me!” Jun spoke as his eyes looked dark bordering on insanity.


Sage Stayed silent. “...”


The man saw her silence and looked up at her with terrified eyes.


“...If… If you keep making meals as good as you do, I’ll never have a reason to leave you.” Sage tried to calm the situation by talking about food. 


However, Sage couldn’t completely keep it together as she looked down avoiding Jun’s gaze, knowing full well that she couldn’t keep such a promise.


“Y-you promise?” Jun asked acting like a naive young child.


Again Sage looked down avoiding his gaze as she nodded. “...Yes.”


“Good, then I’ll start making breakfast! As long as you like it you’ll stay, don’t forget you promised!” Jun said aloud calming himself, as though doing so would guarantee Sage’s promise. 


While Jun did this Sage looked at the story progress report, surprised she noticed it was at -100. She wondered how much time she had before the world killed her off...


After awhile Jun brought out a feast for breakfast as he carried out Tea, bread rolls, toast, pastries with different fillings, pancakes topped with whipped cream and classic bacon. Sage felt a twinge of guilt as she ate the meal, feeling as though it were made especially grand in order to make her stay but she quickly shooed away such emotions. She was the villain, her heart was already filled with stone, she had no room for guilt.


This was also a fun chapter to write for this arc. I like the more physiological scenes where we get to see the hints of progression of Jun's character as he turns more yandere. This is only the second arc tho, so if you came for the full yandere, you must be patient

(ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ but don't worry, it will happen, I assure you   (ц`ω´ ц*)

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