Chapter 28
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Whoops, apologies for not posting a chapter yesterday. There are stuffs I had to do yesterday so I didn't have the time to write (totally not gacha games, plz don't stare at me like that). Anyway, here's de new chapter. enjoy~



“Nee, are you okay?” (Cielle)

El poked at my unmoving body.


Way too exhausting.

My brain hurts.

After today’s class was finished, Firana-oneesama came and picked me up.

Right after we get back to our room, she started lecture for tommorow’s class.

It took 6 hours before Firana-oneesama would let me go.

El came somewhere in the middle of our lesson, and waited silently for for our study session to finish.

“Unlike history, there is no clear order on what they would teach so the best thing to do is to cover everything.” (Firana)

“A break somewhere in the middle would not hurt though.” (Misa)

“It is better to finish something in one go rather than leaving it half-done.” (Firana)

I could only let out a tired sigh.

“El, keep an eye on your sister. I will go grab something light to eat for her. Does El want anything?” (Firana)

What do you mean keep an eye on me?

Also, why is El more trusted than me.....

Firana-oneesama has only met her yesterday!

No, I guess I’ve also only known Firana-oneesama for a short period of time but still, it’s longer than El!

Muuu, while I do agree that El is reliable, this and that are 2 different things.

Of course, I cannot voice any of this out, it’ll only make me look petty.

“Sweet.” (Cielle)

“Something sweet is it? Leave it to me.” (Firana)

With that, Firana-oneesama left the room.

El then got in front of me.

Well, I knew what she wanted.

I set aside the doll I was hugging and El then sat on my laps.

Today she’s not wearing the castle’s maid uniform.

No, she came here with it but Firana-oneesama then offered her a change of clothes.

It’s quite scary that the dress El is wearing now fits her size perfectly, not too big nor too small.

She only met El yesterday and she didn’t touch El or even had a closer look at her but she was able to still make the size fits perfectly.

“?” (Cielle)

Ahhh, I was staring at her for too long.

“I-Is it okay for you to come here again today despite just being here yesterday?” (Misa)

“Un. When El’s not attending Asa-hime, El’s free to do whatever she wants.” (Cielle)

“I would’ve thought being a personal maid of Asa would mean you sticking close to her at all times.” (Misa)

“Rather than personal maid, it’s more fitting to say that El’s disguised as Asa-hime’s personal maid. El has no prior maid training after all.” (Cielle)

Hmmm, I guess that’s true.

As amazing as my El is, she never had prior experience as a maid before.

Most of the houseworks are also done by me, though El would occasionally help with cooking.

“So El serves more like a bodyguard for now?” (Misa)

“Un. El’s age is also close to Asa-hime so that was another reason El got recruited in the first place. No one would expect El to be capable at fighting after all.” (Cielle)

True enough, at first glance you won’t even guess that El can use offensive magics.

I’m not sure how proficient El is in fighting, but catching someone offguard with a magic attack would most likely be enough for most situations.

El also has teleportation magic to safely evacuate Asa out of danger, she can just teleport to somewhere she thinks safe and their pursuers would have no way to react.

“Still, the maids at the castle has been slowly teaching El. El will be able to serve as Asa-hime’s real personal maid in the future.” (Cielle)

“I see. Seems like you’re having fun.” (Misa)

“Un. It’s a whole new experience for El.” (Cielle)

Still, wouldn’t serving as Asa’s personal maid means she’ll actually have to stay by her side at all time?

No, I mean I don’t plan on keeping El leashed to me, but El’s still way too young.

“Nee, it’s fine. El will still stay with Nee even after El becomes Asa’s personal maid. If they don’t let El to do so then El will just quit.” (Cielle)

Seems like El read what I was thinking.

“Would it really be that simple for you to quit when you get to that point though?” (Misa)

“El being Asa’s maid is something they selfishly requested to El. El already stated at the start that El wouldn’t take the job unless they give El the freedom to come home to Nee.” (Cielle)

I’m still wondering what El did to caught their eyes so much that they would still employ her even though she said something like that.

“Besides, if El ever be in any danger, Nee would come and save El like Nee did before right?” (Cielle)

Save El.....

I never did nothing of the sort.

The dragon incident, I was unable to do anything other than being a dead weight.

And even back then before we came to the academy.....

“I have returned.” (Firana)

“Welcome back.” (Misa)

I quickly set aside that memory, as I usually did.

There’s no use thinking about the past, I can’t change it regardless.

What’s important is for me to protect El now.

“Here El, I brought you chocolate pudding.” (Firana)

Handing over the mall cup of pudding, El took it happily.

“And for Misa, some warm soup and bread.” (Firana)

She placed the tray on the table.

“Is it not hard to carry that here?” (Misa)

“It is not that big of a deal. A lady should be able to maintain her balance regardless of what she is wearing or carrying right?” (Firana)

Muuu, I won’t question it any further then.

With El still sitting on my lap, I enjoyed the meal that Firana-oneesama brought.

“It is quite a peculiar sight, seeing someone eating while having another person sitting on their lap.” (Firana)

“Sorry for our rudeness.” (Misa)

“No, I do not particularly mind. A lady’s personal room is where they can freely do whatever they want without minding the etiquettes. Of course it is a different case when someone is visiting, but this is your room as well as mine, it is fine for you to act a little unlady-like here.” (Firana)

She gave a playful smile.

True enough, if I have to keep my appearance even inside my own bedroom, the stress would be too much so I’m glad that Firana-oneesama is kind enough to turn a blind eye here.

Well, I won’t act totally free like back at home but at least I can relax a little bit here.

Ah, I should probably tell her about my plan in advance.

“Ummm, Firana-oneesama. Would it be fine for me to go out on the weekend?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? I thought that we had our plan to go shopping?” (Firana)

Ahhh yea, that’s right!

“N-No, I mean next week.” (Misa)

“The time you spend on the weekend is not something I would meddle in, you are free to do whatever you want. Though if you do not mind me asking, do you have something planned?” (Firana)

“Rosa offered to teach me in detail about plant magics at her home. She said that it will cost a lot of mana to go there so I will most likely stay the night there.” (Misa)

“The plant spirit from the other day was it? It is fine. There is no real restriction stating you need to stay here on the weekend. In fact, some students would go back to their home every weekend. Besides, I doubt anyone in this school can teach you about plant magic. There is no better teacher than the plant spirits themselves.” (Firana)

For her to say something like no one being able to teach me plant magics.....

It’s quite understandable though, plant magic is mostly learnt as a hobby, particularly gardening and cooking.

I doubt anyone would ever think of using plant magic for combat when quick growth isn’t even commonly known.

“Still, I am quite interested to see the home of a plant spirit. They say that a spirit’s home changes depending on their element. A hot place with fire and magma all around for fire spirits, underwater for water spirits, there are rumors as such spread around. Would a plant spirit’s home be a plain full of flowers, or maybe something more towards a jungle or a forest? I am quite curious.” (Firana)

“I do not think that I can bring Firana-oneesama along though.” (Misa)

“I think so too. It is said that spirits do not like to invite humans to their home, with their contractor being the exception. I would be glad to hear your stories later though.” (Firana)

“A shame.” (Cielle)

El looked down when Firana-oneesama said so.

Did she plan on coming along.....?

“Though it may be as Firana-oneesama said, I will try and ask Rosa about it.” (Misa)

“Ara, to go so far for me, I am honored.” (Firana)

No, it’s actually for El though.

Hopefully Rosa doesn’t mind, if possible I would also like to be with El after all.

With that, I keep a reminder in my head to ask Rosa about it the next time I talk to her.