Chapter 29
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Haaahhhh, I wish I have someone to sit next to me and just watch me write so I can stop procrastinating. Anyway, here's today's chapter. I didn't expect for this chapter to go this way when I finished chapter 28 but hey, as I've always said, I'm as much of a reader as everyone else. I can never guess what my brain would think up the day after. Enjoy the chapter~



Ghhh, I expected as much, but I still had trouble following today’s class even with Firana-oneesama’s lesson.

What is normal and not worth mentioning to the people in this world might not be so for me after all.

I don’t think I can keep up with the class unless I put more time into it.

While I was deep in thought, it seems like the class got into a bit of a commotion.

“Ehhh? I wonder if a little sister of someone in this school got lost?”

“No, can you not see? She’s wearing our uniform.”

“It could be just a replica.”

I looked at the doorway and to my surprise, Rune was peeking inside.

The moment I met eyes with her, she gestured me to come to her.

I said my farewells to the classmates that were still in the room and headed towards her.

“Misa’s little sister?”

“They look nothing alike though.”

I could hear some disturbing whispers that I wanted to retort to but I decided againts it.

“Ummm, what business would Rune have to personally come to my class?” (Misa)

“Firana told me to keep you company for today since she had something to do.” (Rune)

No, I can take care of myself just fine though.

“I-I do not want to bother Rune with such a thing.” (Misa)

“It is fine. I can learn about your world in exchange after all.” (Rune)

She looked at me with eager eyes.

I planned on refusing further, but then an idea came to mind.

“Then I will gladly welcome the company, though if I may ask.....” (Misa)

“What is it? If it is nothing unreasonable then I will try my best to meet your demands. I do not like to keep a debt after all.” (Rune)

True enough, she even accepted Firana-oneesama’s unreasonable demand of not letting her wear anything else apart from what Firana-oneesama made after all.

“Ummm, the truth is I was having trouble keeping up with class today.” (Misa)

“I thought Firana purposely set aside some time to lecture you?” (Rune)

“Today’s class is general knowledge class....” (Misa)

“I understand.” (Rune)

Before I even finished my sentence, she cut me off.

“The common sense of this world and your world are different after all right? I heard that your world does not even have the concept of magic.” (Rune)

“Y-Yes, indeed.” (Misa)

“Then I can teach you as we talk about your world. I will interject here and there in case I see a difference worth mentioning.” (Rune)

She had the same plan as what I was about to propose.

It’s good that we’re on the same page I suppose.

With that agreement, I followed her to the room where I first met her, the magical device research room.

Unlike last time though, there were other students inside.

Their eyes were glued on me.

“Ahem. As everyone knows, the exchange program also had a crosser transferring to the noble course.” (Rune)

The moment she said that, everyone on the room enthusiastically introduced themselves to me, followed by a barrage of questions I can’t keep up with.

Just as I was getting overwhelmed, a loud bang resounded in the room.

“That is enough, you are bothering her.” (Rune)

Everyone slowly stepped back, though they had the look of an abandoned puppy.

“Haahhhh, I knew this would happen. Misa, did you bring your ID card?” (Rune)

“Ahhh, yes. I always have it with me.” (Misa)

“Then could they borrow it while we are here at least?” (Rune)

“I-I don’t particularly mind.” (Misa)

I took out my ID card and handed it over to Rune.

“Listen up, you can only analyze it, no tinkering is allowed. Is that clear?” (Rune)

“””Yes!””” (Everyone)

She handed it over to one of the students, then guided me to her work table.

“Haaahhh, I apologize on behalf of everyone. They always get quite rowdy when it comes to magical device.” (Rune)

Like you were any different, you were basically the same as them when we first met!

I decided to keep such thoughts to myself.

“It is quite a nice club with enthusiastic members.” (Misa)

“...? Club? What is that?” (Rune)

Ahhh yea, I forgot that the schools in this world doesn’t have the concept of clubs.

This echange program is to introduce clubs in the first place.

“Ummm, a club is when a group of students share the same interest and gather together to pursue that interest I would say?” (Misa)

“Hooohhh? I guess we are indeed like that.” (Rune)

“In my world, clubs are a part of the whole school experience. It is where you can make friends with like-minded people who shares the same interest as you. It is authorized by the school so each club gets a fund and a teacher to supervise the club activities.” (Misa)

Ahhh, but I guess the people in the noble course wouldn’t need funding since they most likely can afford whatever they need.

“Hmmm, is that the thing that sparked this exchange program in the first place?” (Rune)

“Mainly, yea.” (Misa)

At least what brought this exchange program in the first place was from our club discussion after all.

“I see. As expected, it is such a shame.” (Rune)

“.....?” (Misa)

“I wanted to be one of the students from this world that went to your world, but my parents interfered.” (Rune)

That’s understandable.

It’s basically a complete foreign land that they have no knowledge about.

Well, our world is way safer than this world since there’s no monsters on earth.

“Is there even someone from the noble course who transferred over?” (Misa)

“Only one, which is a real shame. Most of the students here don’t dare to venture into an unknown world like that, and those who does, they get forbidden by their parents like me.” (Rune)

So it’s basically the same as me being the only one transferring to the noble course, though our reasons are completely different.

“That is why I am glad when Firana brought you here. I am not really great at conversing with other people except for everyone here who shares the same interest as me, so even if I know there would be a student transferring to the noble course, I thought it was hopeless and gave up.” (Rune)

“Conversing with other nobles is indeed quite a hassle.” (Misa)

“You think so too? I am quite curious on why you bother transferring to the noble course in the first place and not the commoner course.” (Rune)

“It was pushed onto me. In my world, there are no nobles so finding a candidate to attend the noble course is impossible. No one would know noble etiquettes and all those troublesome things after all.” (Misa)

I let out a small sigh.

“I see. You are the only crosser I have ever met so I just assumed that all crossers are similar to you. Then that is why everyone else other than you got transferred to the commoner course instead?” (Rune)

“Indeed. Though with that said, I am enjoying my time here thus far. Well, it has not even been a week yet since I came here though and I am still adjusting to a couple of things but has been quite a meaningful experience.” (Misa)

I wonder if that’s a bit cheesy to say?

“That is good. I hope you can keep on enjoying your time here until the end of this 3 months.” (Rune)

“Then.....” (Misa)

“Though I am quite worried that you might not be able to return when 3 months is over.” (Rune)

Rune followed up her words with quite a disturbing sentence.

“I am indeed enjoying my time here but I do not think I will get so attached to the point of not wanting to leave.” (Misa)

“No, that is not what I meant. Firana might not let you go back.” (Rune)

“.....Firana-oneesama did mention that she would like to adopt me and my sister into her family but that is a joke right?” (Misa)

“That is quite worrying. Knowing Firana, it is most likely not a joke.” (Misa)

.....I wish she had denied that.

Now I can’t help but feel anxious.

“Even if she meant it, it should not be that easy to do.....” (Misa)

“In case you have not noticed, she is quite a master at manipulating things behind the scene to get what she wants. She immediately managed to make me be in her debt in less than a week after you transferred. I had always been careful not to give her that chance but she knew my weak spots and immediately targetted it the moment she saw the chance.” (Rune)

My anxiousness only grew the more Rune talked.

......Will I really be able to go back after 3 months?


We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it!

In the worst case scenario, me and El can always teleport back to earth.

Still, I’m quite curious about something.

“If you do not mind me asking, how did you become friends with Firana-oneesama in the first place then?” (Misa)

“She one-sidedly approached me the moment she saw me. That girl, she really loves cute things and though it is quite embarassing for me to say this about myself, I am indeed quite cute.” (Rune)

I couldn’t deny her words, she’s indeed really cute.

Her speech is quite contradictory to her looks though.

“Well, as I mentioned, I am not really great at conversing. Despite all the bad things I have said about her, I do appreciate her for approaching me back then. Her manipulative side is really quite troublesome to deal with but looking past that, she takes great care of those she considered as friends.” (Rune)

Rune really has a high opinion on Firana-oneesama.

I know what she meant though, she even set aside time from her busy schedule to personally teach me after all.

“Anyway, we should really start our original purpose of coming here in the first place before the sun sets.” (Rune)

Ahhh, I completely forgot that I’m here to tell Rune about my world.

We continued conversing with each other, though this time about my world.

It ended up being quite an enjoyable evening.