Chapter 30
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S L A C C. the big slack is slowly crawling back up to me. I blame my sleep schedule and discord! Anyway, new chapter, new characters, new fun. enjoy~



As scheduled, today’s class is magic class.

We’re once again out on the training field.

The silver-haired grey eyes female teacher is today’s magic instructor.

“Felisia Navda. Call me Felis-sensei. Nice to meet you.” (Felisia)

She had an uninterested tone as she introduced herself.

“Haaahhh, pushing this job to me just because I’m younger.” (Felisia)

She’s not even trying to hide her unwillingness to teach us.

“I somehow doubt it but just in case, does anyone here have a contract with a spirit?” (Felisia)

Everyone started to glance at each other.

I timidly raised my hand up.

Everyone in the class had a look of surprise as they saw my raised hand.

I never did told them after all.

No, more like I haven’t had the chance to tell them.

Can you imagine, in the middle of a conversation I suddenly say ‘ahhh yes, do you know? I have a contract with a plant spirit’ out of nowhere?

Wouldn’t that just be bragging for no reason?

I don’t know what kind of conversation would lead me to be able to bring it up in the first place.

I guess if we’re on general knowledge class discussing about spirits?

Or when we’re discussing about magic probably, I could interject with ‘ahhh, I can’t use that magic since I’m contracted with a plant spirit’ or something.

Felis-sensei’s eyes lit up the moment she saw me raised my hand.

“Oho? Now that’s unexpected. Name and your contracted spirit.” (Felisia)

She’s staring intently at me.....

“M-Misa, I have a contract with a plant spirit.” (Misa)

“Plant spirit? Now that’s a rare spirit to be contracted with. No, more importantly, why are you hiding your family name?” (Felisia)

“Felis-sensei, she is a crosser transferring to our class for the next 3 months.” (Camilia)

The girl that interject our conversation was Camilia Ceres, a girl with hair color I can only describe as blood-red and eyes resembling the color of a ruby.

Her hair is long enough that it would touch the ground if she were to not tie it up, today she braided her hair so it only reach around her waist.

She is who I would consider my closest friend in my class, her bold personality, straightforwardness and general disregards to how those around her sees her made her one of the only few who would come talk to me without any ulterior motives other than chatting with me.

“A crosser? Making a contract with a plant spirit? Fufu, this might be worth my time after all.” (Felisia)

Felis-sensei had a disturbing smile as she looked at me.

“Alright, I assume everyone here has some experience with combat using magic?” (Felisia)

No one openly disagreed, so I didn’t dare to raise my voice.

“Then let us have a spar for today. There is.....28 of you? Split into pairs. I will face each pair in turn to gauge your abilities” (Felisia)

Everyone started forming their pairs.

I looked at Lia, and she seems to understand my call for help.

She walked over to me.

“Misa, let us tackle this together.” (Camilia)

“Yes, thank you for pairing up with me.” (Misa)

“Still, you should not be so reliant on me and get along with the rest of the class too you know?” (Camilia)

“I know everyone’s name and if it is just to the point of light greeting there would be no problem, but I am most comfortable with Lia after all.” (Misa)

“I am honored to be seen as your best friend then.” (Camilia)

Lia smiled brightly.

“Still, I did not know you have a contract with a spirit. Why have you never told me?” (Camilia)

She pouted.

“No, it is more of a case I did not get the opportunity to tell you. Firana-oneesama and Rune had always come and pick me up once class was over so far after all, and it is not so easy to bring into conversation out of nowhere.” (Misa)

“Well, I suppose that is true.” (Camilia)

After that, we discussed our plan for the spar.


“Next pair, come here.” (Camilia)

Our pair was the 8th to go.

All the 7 pairs before us tried their best, but they didn’t even manage to make Felis-sensei move from her spot.

“The crosser? I will be looking forward to seeing your magic.” (Felisia)

She looked at me excitedly.

“It is just as you speculated Lia.” (Misa)

“Yes. Her eyes are completely set on you. We might be able to do this!” (Camilia)

Just as before, she threw a coin up in the air.

When the coin landed, our battle began.

I took out a couple of seeds and throw them towards Felis-sensei.

She reacted quickly, and without hesitation froze the entire area where I threw instantly.

My seeds were caught inside the block of ice and didn’t manage to spread, which wasn’t ideal.

I used the quick growth and the seeds immediately grew into a wall of vines even from inside the ice, cracking it open from the inside.

The vines blocked her vision from us, but it wasn’t for long as she threw an ice spear to pierce through the vines.

It didn’t go through the vines but rather got caught up in the middle of it, though it seems like that’s her intention in the first place.

From the ice spear, my pillar of vines slowly turned to ice before shattering as a whole.

No, that is totally fine, my intention was not to attack after all.

From behind her, a large chain of thunders approached her.

I thought we had her but then without even looking behind, a wall of ice appeared, blocking Lia’s attack.

“Hmmm, not bad. Using my interest in Misa as a bait while the other one use invinsibility magic to sneak up behind and attack when I let my guard down. Well, there was no chance for victory in the first place but you two did a good job.” (Felisia)

As soon as she said that, walls of ice appeared around me, boxing me inside.

The same happened to Lia who was invisible.

Of course, we admit our defeat.

After that, the spar continued and indeed as she said, no pair was able to even make her move, much less come anywhere close to defeating her.

“Alright, I got the gist of your skill level. Let us call it a day with this. I will come again next week to teach more in detail.” (Felisia)

“Ummm, Felis-sensei would also be the one teaching next week?” (Misa)

I couldn’t help but ask.

“Are you not satisfied with me?” (Felisia)

“N-No, not that.....” (Misa)

“Teaching the 1st year is the most unwanted job in the mage association. As I mentioned before, this got forced to me since I am the youngest member. Well, as most of you should know, we would normally rotate instructor every week just like swordsmanship class. However, I found quite an interesting research subject.” (Felisia)

She pointed at me.

“Do you guys know the reason this is the most unwanted job in the mage association?” (Felisia)

No one answered her question.

“Because 1st year are usually a spoiled bunch and highly overestimate their abilities, thinking they’re special just because they can cast one or two high tier magic. Everyone in this class is not like that though and I see quite a lot of potential in most of you, so I do not really mind being an instructor for this class personally. I have a research subject after all on top of that.” (Felisia)

She looked at me again.

“Anyway, that is all. I will mostly be teaching you combat related magics and combat tactics. If any of you are unsatisfied with me, you can come forward and tell me so. I will back off if anyone’s unsatisfied and we will go back to the usual rotating instructor.” (Felisia)

No one voiced their opinion.

“Alright, I look forward to teaching you next week. Feel free to head back.” (Felisia)

Everyone stood up and headed back towards the school building.

I was about to do so too but Felis-sensei grabbed a hold of my wrist.

“Ahhh Misa, do you mind accompanying me for a bit?” (Felisia)

Muuu, I can’t exactly say no, can I?

“Felis-sensei, may I ask a question?” (Camilia)

Lia walked to us.

“Hmmm? What is it?” (Felisia)

“How did you see through our attacks? That speed, it is not a matter of reaction, you definitely know I was going to attack at that moment right? I was sure I hid myself quite well.” (Camilia)

She turned towards Lia.

“Indeed you did. I could not see you or even sense you after Misa made those vines.” (Felisia)

“Then how.....” (Camilia)

She looked quite frustrated that her well thought out plan was predicted like that.

I also thought that it would work, since she didn’t even look like she noticed Lia sneaking up behind her.

“It is a simple case of not knowing your opponent.” (Felisia)

“.....?” (Camilia)

“If you were closer when you casted the magic, or if you were to sneak up to me close then attack me directly without magic, then I might have been in trouble. Well, I suppose you did not do that cause you still cannot conceal your footsteps well enough?” (Felisia)

“.....It is as Felis-sensei said. But that did not explain how.....?” (Camilia)

“It is simply a bad match up.” (Felisia)

She patted Lia on the head.

“If you really want to know, come accompany me and Misa. I will start a private lecture for both of you. It is Friday too so it is the perfect time for us to go out to town.” (Felisia)

She then walked ahead while still holding my wrist, which means she was dragging me along.

Lia followed us from behind.

“Ummm, please wait.....!” (Misa)

“Ahhh? What is it? Do you really not want to be with me that badly?” (Felisia)

She looked at me with puppy eyes.

Muuu, if she went as far to say that she’s going to give us a private lecture for us then I wouldn’t decline but still.....

“Please let me tell my roommate that I am going out at least.” (Misa)

Firana-oneesama would be worried if I were to not come back without a word like this.

“Hmmm? Is that all? Sure, feel free to do so. I will wait by the school gate with this girl then. Ahhh, you have not introduced yourself to me have you?” (Felisia)

“No I have not. I am Camilia Ceres, 3rd daughter of the Ceres family.” (Camilia)

“Ceres family ehhh?” (Felisia)

She looked at Lia more closely, then shrugged and looked away.

“Anyway, go ahead and tell your roommate. Try to not make us wait for too long if you could.” (Felisia)

“Yes.” (Misa)

I headed back to the dorm.