Chapter 35
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In the end I spent most of my days on the library with Vildra.

I had quite an enjoyable afternoon hearing about spirits in general from him.

I’m not quite sure why a school librarian like him would know so much.

Maybe it’s the normal standard of the librarians on Anaria?


No, definitely not.

Even being able to see spirits is already considered a rare thing, here’s no way they would specifically gather those who can see spirits to be librarians.

Moreover, he’s not just friendly with 1 spirit but with multiple instead, not to mention he sounded like he was quite familiar to even high rank spirits too.

It’s about time for lunch so I parted with Vildra and exited the library.

Hmmm, where should I go?

I’m not really pressed on time, I guess I’ll go and take a look around town.

I’ve never actually walked around on my own, so far someone else would guide me around so this will be a new experience for me.

I have a rough understanding of the area near the school thanks to my walk with Felis-sensei and Lia.

Now that I think about it, it would be my first time walking alone in a long, long time.

Ever since that incident up to when I came to Amadeus, I was always with El, and after I enrolled I would always be with someone from the student council or Ru.

It’s quite a strange feeling, walking alone like this.

I had the same thought before when I went with Felis-sensei and Lia but there’s quite a lot of expensive looking shops here.

I would guess it’s to accomodate the noble students?

Though there’s a commoner’s course as mentioned, the building is way smaller and the number of students too are also quite few in comparison.

Only the really talented commoners and children of rich merchants can get into this school’s commoner’s course.

Well, I can’t say much about the matter since I’ve only actually ever met Lozaro from the commoner’s course but at least that’s what I heard from Lia.


A familliar voice called out my name.

When I looked at the direction it came from, the person was already mid-air coming at me in high speed.

I braced for impact but the crash I expected didn’t happen.

I can feel her hugging me but surprisingly despite jumping at me with such a high momentum, I didn’t get knocked back at all.

“Ru, you should not jump at full speed towards a person like that.” (Misa)

“Ehehe, I was just so excited when I saw you that I couldn’t stop myself.” (Rurune)

It felt like it has been quite a long while since I last met Ru.

The last time I met her was less than a month ago though, right before we came to Anaria with our own separate means.

“I’ve wanted to meet you for so long!” (Rurune)

“Yes, I feel the same way.” (Misa)

It’s not like I forgot about Ru, but the past week had been completely hectic, I was pulled around everywhere by various people that I didn’t have the time to think about meeting Ru.

“It is quite a coincidence to meet you here.” (Misa)

“Hehe, it must be fate! I was about to head back but then I saw you.” (Rurune)

I guess she was walking around town in the morning while I was on the library?

I want to ask her to accompany me but she’s just about to head back.....

“Are you going out for lunch Misa?” (Rurune)

“Yes, that was my plan indeed.” (Misa)

“Then I’ll tag along!” (Rurune)

“But I thought you were about to return?” (Misa)

“I don’t have anything particular I need to do anyway, besides we have a lot to catch up on!” (Rurune)

Well, if she’s the one who insists, then there’s no way I would refuse.

With that decided, Ru lead the way since she knows more about the town.

“I thought we would get to be together more since we’re entering the same school but there’s no chance to meet you at all!” (Rurune)

She started complaining.

Well, she’s on the commoner’s course after all, I don’t think its possible for her to just visit my classroom.

Not to mention, I’ve always been with someone else ever since I enrolled here so I didn’t have the free time to visit her myself.

“.....I apologize.” (Misa)

“Hmmmm? No need to worry! Frillia explained to me after I asked her. Its out of your control anyway so there’s no need to apologize!” (Rurune)

Haaahhh, even with that said, I still feel guilty somewhat.

“Still, that means we can meet outside school and hang out without an issue right?” (Rurune)

“It.....might not be so simple. I rarely have any free time where I could go out by myself.” (Misa)

Firana-oneesama would always be close to me outside class unless she has an urgent business of some sort and in the case that happened, she would send Rune to accompany me anyway.

Not to mention I also have Fia to consider.

“Muuuu, I guess I’ll just have to endure for 3 months then. Ahhh, but I guess it’ll be a bit sad to part with my friends here though.” (Rurune)

“Ru is quite sociable.” (Misa)

“I have confidence in my ability to get along with people. There’s not much else I’m good at anyway.” (Rurune)

She showed a solemn look for a second but returned back to her usual expression quickly.

I wouldn’t have even noticed if I wasn’t looking closely at her face, it was quite subtle.

Still, asking her about it in public like this is probably not doable.

I don’t even know if she would want to talk about it with me, after all I also have some secrets I don’t want her to know about.

“We’re here!” (Rurune)

While I was pondering, it seems that we arrived.

Looking at the building, there’s no indication at all that its a restaurant, cafe, or anything of the sort.

If I have to describe it in one word, I would say shady.

Still, Ru confidently strode into the building.

Despite my impression, I followed Ru and entered.

“Hmmm? Back already? Did you leave something behind?”

A man was standing behind the counter.

With his overflowing muscles and his right eye closed with a scar on top of it, he completely looked like a dangerous person.

No, I shouldn't judge a person by their appearance.

Still, contrary to the outside appearance, the inside of the building was quite nice.

The curtains were closed and the light inside was dim but apart from that, it looks like a proper pub.

“Ahhh boss! No, my friend here wants to have lunch so I figured I should introduce boss’ shop.” (Rurune)

“Haaahhhh, didn’t I tell you this isn’t a place for kids? Well, since you’re already here, take a seat.” (Boss)

I followed Ru as she cheerfully took a seat near the counter.

“Jou-chan, I haven’t really restocked ingredients for today but do you have anything that you can’t eat?” (Boss)

“Ahhh, not particularly.” (Misa)

“Then I’ll whip something up with the spare ingredients.” (Boss)

With that, the boss went to the back of the store.

“.....Ru, this is a place to eat right?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? Yea. The boss is a retired adventurer who opened this pub. I heard that this place is quite rowdy at night, though I personally never seen it myself. My roommate set up a curfew and if I don’t return before it, I’ll be locked out of my room. She’s quite a heavy sleeper too so once she fell asleep there’s no choice for me but to sleep on the floor outside.” (Rurune)

“Is it really fine for us to come here?” (Misa)

“Its fine!” (Rurune)

Without giving me any explanation whatsoever, she declared so.

Not long after, the boss came back with a plate of omelette rice.

“Here you go. Hope it suits your noble palate, Jou-chan.” (Boss)

“Ehhh? Why would you.....” (Misa)

“Your demeanors. Its pretty easy to tell nobles in disguise from their how they move. I had my fair share of dealing with nobles myself when I was an adventurer after all.” (Boss)

“Hmmmm? I can’t really tell the difference though.” (Rurune)

Well, technically I’m not exactly a noble but I guess I’ve been keeping up my act unconsciously ever since I came here.

Still, the boss is quite observative.

“Is it really fine for us to eat here?” (Misa)

I ended up asking the boss out of worry.

“Hmmm? Its not really a problem so to say, though usually those who came here are adventurers from a nearby inn, not academy students. Since adventurers would usually still be out on a quest around this time, its quite rare for people to come here.” (Boss)

So its like that.

This place is a fair distance away from the academy after all, and the outside look doesn’t really look all that inviting.

Seems like Ru already started eating while I was talking with the boss so I took a bite too.

“Delicious....!” (Misa)

“Hehe, I know right? The boss’ cooking is really delicious. I’m really glad my friend introduced me to this place.” (Rurune)

The boss didn’t refute Ru and only heaved a sigh.

“Is normal water fine with you? I can’t really serve alcohol to the academy students.” (Boss)

“Yes, its fine.” (Misa)

“I’ll take apple juice!” (Rurune)

“Get out and go get one from a street vendor yourself.” (Boss)

“Ceh, stingy.” (Rurune)

Seems like she’s already quite close with the boss.

As expected of Ru, her social skill is really good.

“Ru, about before.....” (Misa)

“Hmmm? About what?” (Rurune)

“.....N-No, nothing. Never mind.” (Misa)

“Ehhh? If you say so.” (Rurune)

She then continued eating.

In the end I couldn’t really get myself to ask her about it.

Haaahhhh, I hope its not something burdening her.

I also continued my meal while having some light conversations with Ru here and there.

“How was your class Ru?” (Misa)

“Hmmm, pretty boring overall. Combat training is really the only class where I can let off some steam.” (Rurune)

Since we’re on different course, our classes would definitely be different.

I doubt the commoner course would have etiquette class.

“Ahhh, speaking of combat class, Cure-sensei was the one teaching last week.” (Rurune)

“How was her class?” (Misa)

“Completely brutal. By the end of the class, there was no one left standing.” (Rurune)

“.....Is that really fine?” (Misa)

“She was properly holding back to not cause any serious injuries so it’s fine. Still, not being able to hit her even once despite the whole class attacking together was quite depressing. She was even allowing everyone to use magic while restricting herself from using any!” (Rurune)

It was easy to imagine Cure facing off againts a lot of people at once without breaking a sweat.

After all, she could subjugate a dragon so easily.

I can’t imagine anyone beating her, though she did say herself that there are people stronger than her.

Its hard to imagine how ridiculously strong they would be if they surpass even Cure.

In the first place, how did Cure even became so strong?

She’s only 1 year ahead of us, which means she got that strong in only 1 year.

Again, its really something I can’t imagine.

Compared to that, someone like me.....

No, I should stop that line of thought.

Trying to shake off my negative thoughts, I shifted my focus to eating instead.



And thus I've finally returned with a chapter after so long. I ended up forgetting how long my usual CWP chapter usually was, thought it was 2.5-3k words per chapter but seems like its normally 1.5k-2k instead. Anyway again, sorry for the long long delay, if you didn't catch the announcement that I already deleted, I was basically distracted by some other projects on the side and took a break from writing CWP. Anyway, I'll try to get CWP to a good stopping place before going on any more long break, I already have a rough idea on what I want to write. Hopefully by then I would be able to release my 2 other projects I had been working while I was slacking from CWP. As I mentioned though, I won't rush those 2 until I have 20 chapters stored up and I'll only upload those 20 chapters once or twice a week so I have some time to write.