Chapter 37
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“I’ll be teaching today’s class~” (Cure)

When I arrived at the training ground, I couldn’t hide my surprise.

Ru did mention that Cure taught her class last week but I didn’t expect her to teach my class too.

“I’m the commander of the 2nd knight order, Cure~ Let us all have fun for today~” (Cure)

“Ehhh? The 2nd knight commander?”

“She looks to be about the same age as us though......”

Well, she doesn’t just look about the same age as us, she actually is.

A lot of the students were quite confused, though some were looking at Cure with a pale face.

“Now, what should we do for today~” (Cure)

After she asked that, the guy I sparred with last week stepped forward.

“I heard from Rubalt-sensei that the commander of the second knight order is absurdly strong. May I have the honor of sparring with you?” (Vora)

“Rubalt~? Ahhhh, the 4th order~ Since it sounds fun, lets go with that for today’s class~” (Cure)

Sparring with Cure, I can’t see this going well at all.

I couldn’t imagine winning over her even if she held back.

“Since it wouldn’t be fair, everyone make a team of 4~ Ahhhh, and to make it more fun, I’ll permit the usage of magic~ Of course, I won’t be using any magic myself~” (Cure)


A lot of my classmates were surprised from what she said.

“.....Forgive me if it came of as rude but will you be fine, Cure-sensei?” (Vora)

“Hmmmm~? I would usually have everyone on my knight order attack me at once together so this much is not a big deal~ Ahhhh of course, I’ll make sure to hold back to not cause any serious injury to anyone~ It would be quite troubling for me if I were to get scolded because of that after all~” (Cure)

Vora couldn’t say anything back when Cure put it that way.

Of course, the first person I looked at when Cure mentioned about making a team was Lia.

Thankfully, Lia also had the same thought.

“I will be in your care again today.” (Misa)

“Likewise. Now we need 2 more, preferably someone who can serve as vanguard.” (Camilia)

“C-Camelia, can I join your group?”

A girl I’ve never talked with came to us.

“Sylrie was it? it would be our pleasure. Now we need at least 1 more.....” (Camilia)

“I will join if you 3 do not mind.” (Vora)

Ahhh, its Vora!

“Your help would greatly be appreciated. We are lacking in vanguard after all.” (Camilia)

With that, our team was completed.

“We should each do self introduction and tell our preferred role in the team. I will go first. I am Camilia Ceres, everyone feel free to call me Lia if you want to. I am not good with close combat so I will stay behind as rearguard. Most of my magics are offensive magic.” (Camelia)

“I am Misa. I am also not good with close combat and I can only use plant magic. I do not have a lot of firepower and I can only support for the most part. I apologize if I end up being a burden.” (Misa)

“S-Sylrie Weltriam, I-I do not mind being called Syl. The magic I excel in are mostly healing magics and support magics.” (Sylrie)

“Vora Rufias. Seems like I will be the only vanguard on this team. I look forward to working with you.” (Vora)

With our self introductions over, we started discussing on our plan to take down Cure.

To be honest I still couldn’t imagine taking down Cure even with the 4 of us combined but thinking negatively about it wouldn’t help.

“You can come forward if your team is ready~” (Cure)

After discussion, we decided to not go first.

After all, going first means facing the disadvantage of not knowing what Cure is capable of.

Though with that said, seems like all the other teams are thinking the same and we’re all just looking at one another without anyone actually going forward.

“Hmmmm~? Since no one wants to go first, let’s do a lottery instead~” (Cure)

Cure went away with amazing speed and came back in less than 20 seconds with paper and pen on hand.

We ended up going second.

“At least we avoided going first.” (Camelia)

“I hope the team going first does not get wiped out too quickly.” (Vora)

We stood on the sideline as the first team faced off againts Cure.

The result was......not instructive at all.

As soon as the match started, Cure dissapeared from sight and the next thing we know, team 1 were already lying on the ground.

“Ara, did I not hold back enough~?” (Cure)

Its pretty clear you didn’t!

What the hell was that speed, and that is without the support of magic.

“....Vora, can you see her movement?” (Camilia)

“If it is just seeing, yes. Though I highly doubt I can keep up with her movement if she were to move that fast.” (Vora)

“I-Is there even any hope for us?” (Sylrie)

As soon as Cure finished carrying the first team to the sideline, it was our turn.

It felt like we’re just walking into certain defeat though.

“I want to hold back even more but that would make it unfair to the first team so I won’t change on how much I hold back~” (Cure)

Haaahhh, I guess what she said is true, or else the last team to go would have too much of an advantage since Cure would know how much she have to adjust and so they won’t get wiped instantly like all the teams before them.

“Vora, I will leave it to you.” (Misa)

“I guess the success of our plan falls on me.” (Vora)

Vora stood in front of the 3 of us.

If Vora can’t intercept Cure then there’s no chance for victory.

Still, I’m quite worried about his weapon of choice.

“Are you sure you want to use a 2-handed sword Vora? Would it not be easier to intercept her with a sword and shield?” (Misa)

“This is the weapon I am most used to. Strange as it sounds, I move way faster using this compared to using a sword and shield.” (Vora)

Well, if he said so then there’s no room for me to argue.

Holding his 2-handed sword, Vora got into his stance.

“Same as the previous team, the match starts when the coin hits the ground~ ready, go~!” (Cure)

She lightly flicked the coin on her hand into the air.

As soon as it hit the ground, she dissapeared from sight and in the next moment, a loud clash occured in front of us.

“Tch, how does a simple punch from someone your size have so much weight behind it!” (Vora)

Miraculously, Vora managed to stop Cure in her track.

As planned, I didn’t waste a single second and used my magic.

The seeds that we set up in front of Vora immediately grew into vines that tangled Cure’s ankles.

Syl used her support magics on Vora while Lia prepared her magic.

Cure easily broke off the vines entangling her feet but I continuously use my magic to make it regrew.

Vora jumped back and swung his sword with great power but Cure intercepted it with her fist without an issue.

“Frozen ground!” (Camilia)

The ground below Cure froze over thanks to Lia's magic, and through my vines it froze over part of Cure’s feet too with it.

Lia immediately switched over to another magic while Vora kept Cure occupied by attacking her over and over.

Thanks to Syl’s support Vora was moving way faster than when he first intercepted Cure.

“Fuuuu, not bad~” (Cure)

Cure deflected Vora’s swing to the side and in the time Vora was staggered from losing his balance, Cure twisted her body and threw her fist into the ground, breaking now just the ice but creating cracks in the ground to shake off our balance.

Using the seeds I’ve spread beforehand I stopped it from reaching us in the rearguard, though I had no way of helping Vora who was directly in front of Cure.

Instead, he used the momentum from being deflected and swung his sword to the ground, causing it to dig deep into the ground.

With that, he spun around his sword and immediately tried to launch a counterattack.

Cure’s fist was swung faster but before it could come into contact with Vora a wall of vines came inbetween them.

It was not enough to stop the pure force behind Cure’s punch though, Cure broke through the vines and just the shockwave from the impact blew Vora away.

Lia finished her magic and threw 5 large icycles towards Cure but since she was not distracted by Vora anymore, she easily crushed all of them with ease.

Still it gave enough time for Vora to recover and stood back up.

“Good teamwork you have here~ But only that much won’t be enough you know~?” (Cure)

“Her power is ridiculous....” (Vora)

Vora got back to his stance, but unlike last time Cure didn’t dash directly forward but circled around instead.

Vora didn’t have enough time to move inbetween to block and Cure easily brought down Syl.

I realized late so I didn’t have time to protect Syl but after she knocked down Syl I immediately create vine wall between me and her.

Still, just like before her punch just destroyed it like paper and the shockwave knocked me back several meters.

Vora intercepted Cure after so Lia had the time to get away from her.

There were way more seeds at my original position so I used my power to grow all of them as quick as possible, entangling Cure’s whole body.

Vora swung his sword again but Cure easily caught the blade with her hands.

Lia quickly used her freezing spell again, and with Cure’s hands occupied on holding Vora’s sword she had no way to break the vines before they froze.

“This is the end!” (Camelia)

Lia quickly threw a large icycle towards her.

“Indeed it is~” (Cure)

Easily breaking off the frozen vines, she lifted her foot slightly above ground and delivered a hard stomp, breaking all the vines from the ground.

She then easily lifted Vora’s sword along with the person himself and used his body like a whip to smash down the icycle.

Vora fell unconscious from the impact and let go of his sword, in which Cure threw towards the both of us.

The sword flew with ridiculous speed, leaving no time for me to block it with my vines.

That sword thrown at us knocked both of us out cold.

As expected, beating Cure is impossible.

That was the last thought I had in mind as everything went dark.




Woooo, I usually have a lot trouble writing fighting scenes but for some reason it was quite easy in comparison to write all of this. I'm quite satisfied with how it ended, even if its nowhere near the standard of a good fight scene. I enjoyed writing this chapter quite a lot, that's all that matters~ Also, I'm writing way faster than usual.....Maybe its because it has been quite a while since I wrote CWP, so all the ideas and expressions just came flowing in. In any case, hope you enjoyed the chapter~