Chapter 40
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“This lake is amazing......” (Misa)

We’re currently bathing in a lake in the middle of a forest.

The forest was only a few minutes of walk away from where we were at.

Rosa changed the time of this world to night when we entered the forest and in response, various plants glowed beautifully in the dark.

It was really a fantastic view.

“I asked Avadia to create this lake.” (Rosa)

“Avadia?” (Misa)

“A friend of mine. She’s a high rank water spirit. The water she creates has high purifying factor and works really well as a catalyst. I believe its valued quite highly to humans.” (Rosa)

And yet I’m using it to take a bath instead.

With that said though, its not difficult for me to do the same regarding plants.

Some plants have harsh growth condition making them hard to gather in normal circumstances but that is not a concern for me as I can create any kind of plants as long as I’m familliar with it.

“Come to think of it, are there plants that I can’t summon using magic?” (Misa)

“None. There are some plants that’ll instantly die the moment you summon them due to their nature. Everfrost flower is an example. Unless the temperature of where you summon it is cold enough, It’ll wither away and die within 5 seconds. Plants with such extreme living condition is part of the minority though and I’ll notify you if needs be so there’s no need to worry.” (Rosa)

“I see.” (Misa)

“There are also a couple of plants that you can’t summon simply because you lack the mana. The tree of life aside, there’s only a handful of them and they only serve a really specific purpose, I’ll teach you about them when I judge you have enough mana to summon them.” (Rosa)

So there are plants that I can’t summon due to lack of mana despite the massively reduced mana cost from being contracted to Rosa.

After the refreshing cold bath on the lake, I changed to one of the dress I brought.

It was a simple white one-piece dress with not much decoration, its comfortable to wear and easy to move around in too.

Of course, this is also something that Firana-oneesama sewn.

Or rather, all the clothes I brought to the dorm had dissapear and in their place were the clothes Firana-oneesama made.

I don’t need to be a detective to figure out the culprit.

Its not as if I mind though, not to disrespect Frillia who gave me most of those dress but Firana-oneesama’s clothes are way more comfortable to wear on top of being cuter, if we disregard the part where Firana-oneesama can basically control my body’s movement with her magic then its not even worth comparing.

Well, she did kept her promise and never used the magic to make me do something completely againts my will.

At most she’s only ever used it to hug me to relieve some stress.

“Should we continue the lecture?” (Misa)

Maybe it was because of the water but I felt like my fatigue was washed away.

“The lake should’ve refreshed your body but it won’t magically recover your lost mana. We should wait until its fully recovered.” (Rosa)

“Muuu, I don’t feel sleepy at all thanks to that bath though.” (Misa)

I indeed felt tired before the bath but now I feel like my stamina’s back full.

“I can make a tea that’ll help you fall asleep easily or we can pass the time by talking.” (Rosa)

“Since its a rare occasion, I want to talk with Rosa more. There’s too much I don’t know about Rosa after all.” (Misa)

“Good, I also feel the same way.” (Rosa)

She waved her hands in the air and a pair of chairs with table grew from the ground.

We took a seat across each other.

With another wave of her hand, a teapot and a pair of tea cups appeared on top.

“Wait, you can also make teapot and tea cups with plant magic?” (Misa)

“No, that’s a different application of plant magic. I can use any plant as a sort of gate to connect 2 spaces, I simply moved my teapot and tea cups to the table. Its also the reason why I asked you to grow some plants in your home on earth, it would make me teleporting there much easier.” (Rosa)

“I see.....Is it possible for me to learn this magic?” (Misa)

“Its currently impossible for you. Your obvious lack of mana aside.... Hmmmm, its quite hard to describe. You need to be familliar with the plants you’re using as a gate as if they’re part of your own flesh and blood, you simply lack that familiarity.” (Rosa)

What does that even mean......

No, I shouldn’t worry about it too much since even my mana is lacking.

Rosa would teach it to me when she deemed I can do it after all.

Moving on to another topic, Rosa looked really elegant while she’s drinking her tea.

“Wait, when did you made the tea?” (Misa)

The tea was still warm after all and I didn’t see her make the tea.

By the time the teapot appeared, Rosa already poured the content inside towards both of our cup.

“I simply control the plants near where the teapot was before I teleported it here, it is not such a difficult task.” (Rosa)

I can only imagine it being difficult though.

“Does that also mean you can see far in a distance using plants as a medium?” (Misa)

“Indeed. That was how I first encountered you after all. Before I made a contract with you, I would simply stay and watch what happened in the world from here. Its quite rare for high rank spirits like myself who already made a spirit world to not stay in the said spirit world.” (Rosa)

“Do you not get bored staying here for so long?” (Misa)

“I can watch most part of the world after all. Its like that device you have in your world that lets you see a pre-recorded scene.” (Rosa)

The device Rosa was talking about is probably a television.

I did introduce her to a lot of things that didn’t exist in Anaria after all.

So she can see anywhere inside Anaria as long as there’s a plant in that area she can use as her eyes?

Honestly, it sounded really far-fetched but there’s no reason for Rosa to lie to me.

“Still, if you’ve seen so much then why did you suddenly decide to help me? There must be other cases that were similar to me right?” (Misa)

“Indeed. Having a dear friend dying in your hand with no way to heal them, I’ve seen plenty cases of such.” (Rosa)

Its a bit unsettling how she could say that without any particular emotion.

Well, spirits don’t exactly see death as death after all, not to mention she probably saw things like what happened to me back then on a weekly or even daily occurence considering she can see almost anywhere in this world.


“Then why did you decide to help me?” (Misa)

“You piqued my interest.” (Rosa)

“.....?” (Misa)

“From how much you blamed yourself back then, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the self-loathing would push you to commit suicide, I’ve seen plenty of such cases happened after all. Yet the way you suddenly picked yourself up from seemingly nowhere just from your little sister’s words, it was something I had never seen before. It really caught my attention.” (Rosa)

......So that’s why.

“Now, if you don’t mind me asking, may I know about your past?” (Rosa)

“That.....” (Misa)

Even if she didn’t specify which part of my past she wanted to hear about, I knew what she wanted to hear.

Still, despite how I wanted to open up, my voice just wouldn’t come out.

“Hmmm, I guess its too soon. Don’t mind it, I’m not in any hurry to pry about things you don’t want to talk about.” (Rosa)

Sensing my discomfort, she immediately dismissed the discussion.

......I’m grateful for her consideration.

I’ll definitely tell Rosa about it someday but for now I simply can’t bring myself to do so.

“Anyway, how is your life so far in Anaria?” (Rosa)

Rosa diverted the topic away, which I’m really grateful for.

“I’ve been enjoying it so far. El seemed to enjoy it here too.” (Misa)

“How about staying here permanently then? After all, I could be by your side more if you were to stay here.” (Rosa)

“That..... I’ve been thinking about it.” (Misa)

Yes, ever since Firana-oneesama suggested it, it had been lingering in my mind.

“Me and El don’t really have a home to go back to back on earth, everyone involved in the Cross World Project are people who’ve been abandoned by the world and has nowhere to go back to. El seems to be enjoying herself more ever since she came to Anaria too.....” (Misa)

“Then what would be the problem?” (Rosa)

“.....I shouldn’t make such a big decision hastily.” (Misa)

“Is it really a big decision though?” (Rosa)

“Ehhhh?” (Misa)

Her reply totally caught me off-guard.

“Does living in this world means you won’t be able to return to earth when you want to?” (Rosa)

“No.....” (Misa)

“Then there’s no real concern is there? If you ever want to go back, you can just ask Frillia and she would happily comply. It doesn’t mean you’ll completely cut off ties with your old world.” (Rosa)

“That....Is true. B-But I don’t want to trouble Firana-oneesama, and we.....” (Misa)

“If she thought of it as trouble then she wouldn’t have offered to adopt you to her family in the first place. Are you worried that she’s only offering it out of pity? Think about it again, is she really someone who would do such a thing out of pity? At the very least from my short time conversing and observing her, I don’t think that’s the kind of person she is.” (Rosa)

Rosa so easily blew away my hesitations.

Indeed as Rosa said, I made this way bigger of a decision in my head than it needed to be.

It doesn’t mean I can never go back, nor does it mean that I have to cut ties with Everyone from the student council and Ru.

And true enough, Firana-oneesama is not someone who would just act out of pity, if she doesn’t have anything to gain by adopting me and El then she wouldn’t have proposed to in the first place.

“Still, when you put it that way, can I really accept Firana-oneesama’s offer? She knew about how I’m contracted to you after all.” (Misa)

“If she really wanted to take advantage of that, she could’ve easily done so. Did you not remember what your little sister said? She had no intention to hurt both you and your little sister.” (Rosa)

El did mention that when she first came to visit.

El decided that she could trust Firana-oneesama, to the point where she would even obediently let her magics get sealed.

Not to mention, if she really wants to take advantage of the fact that I’m contracted to Rosa, then she could just hold El as hostage and use her as a bargaining chip.

El’s safety is my top priority and if Firana-oneesama wasn’t lying about how she doesn’t have any intention to hurt me and El.....

Not to mention, El seems happier in this world.

Then what had I been hesitating about?

“Seems like you’ve come to a conclusion.” (Rosa)

“Yes. Thank you for clearing away my doubts.” (Misa)

And so I had decided that I would accept Firana-oneesama’s offer when I return.



As mentioned, I had exams last week, though I do admit I was slacking a bit too much after it was over. Well as they say, better late than never. It might be a bit frustrating to some on how I keep on hiding what happened to Misa in the past for so long. I do have an idea of when to actually share that though, this chapter is simply not the time. Apologies if there are those who're frustrated about that, this is simply my writing style. I've always valued the human aspect of stories and how people interact with one another and how it affects their decision-making more than the actual plot progression where things actually happen. I just judge that Misa wouldn't open up there in that situation. After all, Misa's personality and way of thinking is something I based off my real self to a degree. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter.