Chapter 41
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I didn’t know how long we ended up chatting with each other, but by the time we finished my mana had fully recover.

No, rather than finished Rosa informed me that my mana had recovered.

And so we decided to continue the lecture, that’s the reason I came here in the first place after all.

This time Rosa taught me robust plants that I can use to defend myself.

Various kinds of trees with their own characteristics.

A tree with weak roots but strong againts slashes, a tree opposite of that, a tree with lots of flexibility, I was taught a bunch of different trees that might come in handy depending on the situations.

Trees take more mana to grow than flowers, though I guess it makes sense.

With that said though, there are still flowers that costed way more mana than growing a fully matured tree.

Still, there aren’t that many variations of trees, or rather Rosa didn’t taught me that much variation of trees cause she said some are really similar in function to the ones she already taught and she also judged some to be unneccesary for now.

The unneccesary ones are mostly trees that’re only really useful to make furnitures, she said she’ll teach it later.

After that, she proceeded to taught me about various kinds of fruits and vegetables that gives various effects when eaten or used as cooking ingredients.

Even if they’re fruits that normally grew on trees, I can just grow the fruits without actually having to grow the tree.

Honestly, it was clear enough when she was mostly teaching me about flowers but the plants in this world are amazing, there are various kinds of fruits and vegetables with amazing effects.

Same as before, we stopped once my mana was almost empty.

I collapsed to the ground, though thankfully the flowers cushioned my fall like a pillow.

“I think I’ve taught you most of the basic plants that you’ll find useful. The rest is a matter of familiarizing yourself with them. I suggest you try and summon them daily and bond with them.” (Rosa)

“Bond with them?” (Misa)

“Though they have no will, or rather no soul unlike animals, they’re still living beings after all. Try and treat each type of plant as a person and try to understand them better. For now it can’t be helped if you treat them as tools but in the future, I hope you can create a deeper bond with them.” (Rosa)

Even if she said that, it sounds like a completely surreal thing to do.

“I mean, if I try to treat them as friends, won’t I then hesitate to summon them and get them killed in the first place?” (Misa)

“I said treat each type of plants, not each one of them individually. In the eyes of a plant spirit, a plant only truly ever dies when we forget about them. You should adopt this line of thoughts and make sure you don’t forget about any of the plants you meet along the way. After all, forgetting about them means you’re denying their existence.” (Rosa)

“.....I’ll do my best.” (Misa)

At the very least, I don’t want Rosa’s teaching to go be wasted.

I already wrote about all the plants Rosa introduced to me on a notebook.

I should rewrite them all and split them based on their plant types when I get back.

Rosa will teach even more plants to me in the future anyway so I rather keep my notes tidy.

“Ahhhh, come to think of it. Are there plants that’ve gone extinct?” (Misa)

“Regretably yes. Not just in the world of Anaria, there are plants that are now gone from existence entirely.” (Rosa)

She had a sad look while saying that.

“There were plants that had gone extinct before I became a high rank plant spirit. As a low rank plant spirit, I didn’t have as much freedom with plants as I have now. There were plants that had went extinct before I was even born, and there were plants that went extinct while I was a mere low rank spirit. Without any knowledge of the said plant, I can’t recreate them after all.” (Rosa)

There’s a clear sign of regret in her face, despite it being something out of her control.

I guess this is why she said that a plant will truly never die as long as I remember them, after all with plant magic I can recreate any plant.

“Still, you said not just in the world of Anaria. Does that mean.....” (Misa)

“Yes, there are plants in this world that don’t exist anymore in Anaria. Most of them are those with really harsh growth condition and living condition. As long as I know of them before they went extinct, then I can preserve their existence in this world but I can’t do so to plants that had went extinct without me knowing.” (Rosa)

Hmmm, that would mean I need to research about plants that actually still exist in Anaria as to not accidently summon an extinct plant.

“Ahhh…..” (Misa)

The alarm I set before rang.

Has it been 2 days already?

“So its time. Though you’re still a bit low on mana so you should wait another hour or two.” (Rosa)

“Yes. Can you inform Firana-oneesama that I would be late?” (Misa)

“Of course.” (Rosa)

Rosa disappeared in a blink of an eye, leaving me alone here.

It didn’t take long for her to come back though.

“I informed her. Your sister was also there.” (Rosa)

“Ehhh? El was there?” (Misa)

Its not like I didn’t tell her when I would be back so I guess it wasn’t much of a surprise.

“She even suggested to teleport you back herself, though that’s not really possible.” (Rosa)

“Not possible….. I do remember El saying she can only teleport twice herself.” (Misa)

“No, even if she has enough mana to teleport as many times as she wants, its impossible for her to come here. Only spirits and their contractor can enter the spirit world.” (Rosa)

“Ahhh, I see.” (Misa)

So there’s such a restriction.

“You said spirits, so does that mean other spirits can enter this world or can they only enter their own world?” (Misa)

“They can’t come here unless I come and pick them up from Anaria. They have to be teleported here with me. Still, they can leave anytime by entering their own spirit world but they’ll be returned back to Anaria when they exit. With that said, its quite rare for spirits to visit a spirit world that is not their own.” (Rosa)

Hmmm, so there’s such restrictions.

I guess it would be kind of unsettling if other spirits can enter this world as they please, in a way this world is Rosa’s home after all.

“Would you like some more tea? Firana gave me some cookies to go along with it.” (Rosa)

“Ahhh yes, please.” (Misa)

Just like yesterday, she made the table and chairs using her plant magic.

If I can become as proficient in plant magic as Rosa, it sure would help ease up a lot of things.

Come to think of it, plant magic is so versatile that I can self-sustain by myself just about anywhere.

I would never run out of food or water because I can make them, shelter and clothing are also not an issue since I can also make them.

Of course, combat is another thing but in the first place I only want enough power to protect El and myself, I don’t intend to run into danger.

I enjoyed the little tea time with Rosa while waiting for my mana to recover.

After Rosa judged that my mana had recover sufficiently, we teleported back to the dorm room.

As Rosa had mentioned, El was there with Firana-oneesama.

Firana-oneesama was tightly hugging El, El looked a bit annoyed but didn’t look like she was trying to break free.

“Misa, welcome back.” (Firana)

“Welcome back.” (Cielle)

“Yes, thank you.” (Misa)

“You must be tired right? You can go take a rest.” (Firana)

“Ahhh, before that…..” (Misa)

Since El’s also here then this is the perfect time.

“Firana-oneesama, do you remember about your offer to adopt me and El?” (Misa)

“Of course. Have you made a decision?” (Firana)

“Yes, but there is one thing I need to make sure. El…..” (Misa)

“El follow whatever Nee decide.” (Cielle)

Without even letting me finish my sentence, El replied as so.

“El, you should not make a decision without a thought like that.” (Misa)

“Nee is always thinking about El’s safety. El don’t need to worry about Nee’s decision since Nee always wants the best for El.” (Cielle)

Ghhh, when she put it like that then I can’t refute back.

Its true that I always think about what’s best for El but I wish she would not be so trusting.

No, I guess she only acts like this to me so its fine but still….

“Firana-oneesama, I would like to accept your offer.” (Misa)

I lowered my head.

“Well, I knew it was a matter of time but I did not think it would be this quick. Did Rosa-sama talked you into it?” (Firana)

“In a way, yes.” (Misa)

“Then I will have to extend my gratitude the next time I meet her.” (Firana)

With that conversation finished, I finally took a seat on my bed.

“There are a lot of papeworks that needs to be finished before we can formally accept you into the Selesia family, until then you can act as you are now.” (Firana)

“….Does that mean I have to change how I act later?” (Misa)

“Yes. Your etiquette is fine but what you lack is confidence.” (Firana)

“Ehhh?” (Misa)

“You act too timidly. At least on the surface, try and keep a confident and composed air. Selesia family stands at the top so we need to make sure the other families don’t look down on us.” (Firana)

Ghhh, that sounds like a difficult thing to do.

This is simply how I normally act.

“I am not telling you to always keep up such an act. At the very least, you should act like so to the public. Worry not, I will also personally tutor you when the time comes.” (Firana)

“El too?” (Cielle)

“You will be taking different lessons from your sister. After all, you have not received proper etiquette training in the first place.” (Firana)

“Un.” (Cielle)

We talked a bit more about the future but since it was getting late, we decided to call it a day.



Apologies for the delay, was working on my other projects and kinda forgot it had been a week since the last CWP release. Well, its progressing well, I might potentially release my 2nd active project around next month. Again, I'm simply just stacking up at least 20 chapters so I don't get so overwhelmed at the start, that's why i'm delaying it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter~