14: Test Day Nerves
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Luca woke up and blearily blinked at the ceiling a few times groggily trying to place the strange feeling he had.  Galen, fully dressed and sitting on the edge of the bed, smiled down at his sleepy eyed kitten, "Morning Luca, breakfast is on the table. Are you ready for the big day?"

Realisation hit Luca like a crashing wave, and a strange mix of giddiness and worry churned inside like the little whirlpools that appear when the waves receded from the beach.  It was a strange combination, somewhere between the excitement just before a holiday, and the dread of waking up to remember you have exams you haven't studied for. Today was the day he'd find out what elements he aligned with and what abilities he might have.  His mind slid away from the other aspect of the test. 

The unpalatable mixture of emotions made his usual breakfast look appetizing. Donovan gave his son a questioning look then grabbed a piece of jerky from Luca's plate and sniffed it. "It's fine, eat," Luca stared queasily at the piece of meat his father had practically just inhaled, even less inclined to eat it.

Deciding that maybe meat wasn't the best option, Luca ignored the proffered jerky and picked up a mild tasting fruit instead. Galen blithely ignored the whole exchange happily munching on his seeds and fruit.

His stomach churned too much to be able to really eat.  Luca barely picked at his breakfast as he stared at his toes, dangling off the edge of the seat he was sharing with Donovan.  Galen and Donovan happily discussed what alignment and abilities he might have. 

Without even a sliver of doubt Donovan's nodded firmly "Dark," 

Galen stared incredulously at his completely serious mate and then glanced at his fluffy white angelic child.  Then cleared his throat, "It is possible he'll end up with some other element," Galen gently suggested.  

Although the colouring of a beastman's hair and eye's didn't necessarily reflect the elements they were aligned with. There was a fair amount of evidence that suggested a correlation.  Galen looked at his little kitten again. No matter how he thought about it he just couldn't wrap his mind around his usually bubbly and energetic kitten being linked to the shadow elements.

"I think the wind element is more likely," Galen serenely sipped his morning tea. "I mean he even has wings,"  Donovan blinked as if this thought had never even occurred to him and set his intense sight on his son as if trying to see within.

Luca had been glancing back and forth between his parents as they threw around ideas on what types of abilities he might develop. his head moving from one to the other as the conversation switched sides just like someone watching a tennis match. Now he squirmed under the intense scrutiny of his father.

"I wonder, maybe he really will pick up something from your side of the family," Galen’s smile was a strange combination of wistful and amused as his unfocused gaze peered into the distance.

"Speed and flight is best," Donovan suddenly switched tracks, nodding his head as if to doubly confirm his opinion.

"I suppose you want him to develop a speed ability so he can run away faster," Galen teased his mate. 

Donovan nodded again firmly, seemingly unaware of the half teasing half loving smile that played across Galen's face.

"What about invisibility or teleportation? Those are possibilities considering your families usual gifts," Galen playfully tried to test Donovan's conviction. Donovan frowned minutely, his eyebrows barely moving then shook his head.

"Oh, why not?" trying to drag words out his mate was almost a game for Galen.

"To many flaws, speed safest," Overwhelming love surged up and dissipated Galen's  teasing mood after Donovan's sincere declaration. He leaned across the table and rewarded Donovan with a kiss for his care and thoughtfulness towards their cubs safety. 

Luca's eyebrows twitched and he quickly stared down at his toes as his parents seemed to have forgotten his existence. He quickly ducked away from the table grabbing a book as he escaped into the back garden.   Can't they be a little more considerate of my feelings I mean really, who just starts making out right in front of their own kid.  Luca fumed internally, his cheeks scarlet.   

Luca squatted glumly on the ground surrounded by plants.  His arms wrapped around his legs, knees pulled up to his chin, the forgotten book discarded on the ground, he stared blankly at the garden.  The unhelpful plants waved in the breeze. They didn't even have the decency to be strange and wonderful plants, just regular food plants. So they weren't very distracting or enlightening. Luca sighed to himself and looked up at the sky. The extra colour in his cheeks slowly fading as what his parents had been discussing started to tug at his insecurities. What if I don't develop any abilities. Luca worriedly chewed on his thumb nail.  

Somewhere in the back of his mind, there was also the niggling thought crawling around, that he may be this world's equivalent of a girl. He quickly stamped on that thought and turned back to worrying what his parents might think if he turned out to have no ability.  

As his brain flitted around the issue of the tests like a butterfly trying to decide if that plant was a tasty flower or a vicious insect eater. The sky wasn't any more helpful, though the clouds did remind him of his inner space. He wandered what made his space look like that and if everyone's space looked like that. Maybe he should ask. His mind stopped and turned back to examine that stray thought again. He really wondered if he'd gone stupid or something.  He didn't have to sit here by himself wandering what the possibilities of his talent might, or might not be. He could just ask what talents he was likely to get. It even made sense to ask, given his age and the fact that his test was today why wouldn't he be curious. Before, it seemed as if his parents didn't want to talk about the details of what happened during the test. But he never thought to ask about the possible results. He could use the questions to subtly sound out how they'd feel in case he didn't have any talents to speak of. Springing up with relief, Luca turned back to the house with a smile, disregarding why the thought of his parents' disappointment bothered him so much. 

Completely forgetting the reason he ran out to the garden in the first place, Luca ran back inside to ask lot's of questions starting with why. Only to have all those questions scatter out of his head like cockroaches when the light turns on. 

Galen was languishing on Donovan's lap. Legs spread apart dangling over each side of the seat.  Leaning suggestively against Donovan's chest his arms wrapped around Donovan's head that was buried in the side of his neck.

Before Luca's brain could reset itself, Galen noticed him standing at the door, staring at them. Hmm, I guess we got a bit carried away, oh well, he'll need to start learning about this stuff soon anyway

Galen smiled and seemed quite at ease, not at all bothered by their son seeing them in such a compromising position.   On the contrary Donovan had turned his face to the side and slightly buried it in Galen's chest the instant Luca entered.  There was just the faintest dusting of red on his cheeks. Of course having been frozen as if he'd just taken a quick dip in a glacial bath of shock, Luca was far too distracted to notice these minor details.  

"Ah, I'll just...go...get my book," Luca turned around and sped out the door again, his cheeks burning. Galen remained perched on Donovan's lap momentarily bemused at how similar the two cat's reactions were.  He glanced back from the door that was still swinging closed to his husband who was still burying his face in his chest. Smirking Galen petted the back of Donovan's head soothingly.

"It's OK, love, it'll be fine.  There's nothing wrong with a cub seeing his parents being affectionate.  We even had all our clothes on, don't worry about it." Galen continued to sooth Donovan until he calmed down a bit.

Donovan finally gathered his courage and pulled his head out of his mates chest. His eyebrows gathered together by just a millimetre and regret tinged his voice "We shouldn't do this sort of thing again until Luca's old enough for his own room."

"This kind of thing?" Galen arched a brow playfully and tilted his head. That won't do at all love. Galen smirked internally, meanwhile one hand lightly trailed down from Donovan's neck towards his chest. 

Donovan grabbed his mate's mischievous hand before it could continue it's downwards journey.  He coughed lightly and turned so he couldn't see Galen's heated gaze. It barely helped as he could smell the lust wafting off his mate. Galen's free hand was lightly playing with his hair occasionally tickling the back of his neck.  Donovan's hand tightened on his mate's hip as Galen started to shift back and forth suggestively in his lap.  

His brain scrambling to gather his distracted thoughts, he swallowed, "This, kind of thing, Luca's too young, it's not good for him to see," Donovan's heavy breathing interrupted his own sentence. 

Galen knew he almost had him, so he pressed against his mate, his lip's not quite touching Donovan's ear. Hot, feather light breath, brushed against his mate as he spoke. "He doesn't have to see, the bathroom door locks.  Don't you want to try giving Luca a younger sibling?" Donovan was holding onto his reason by his teeth when Galen suddenly stopped his teasing and pulled back. Eye's downcast, an air of vulnerability gave the bird-man an appearance of fragility, "Or is it really that I'm too old, you don't want me anymore," the tremble of unshed tears could be heard in his voice, his face turned away.  

Donovan couldn't bear to leave his usually lively, confident mate in such a state.  Reason was viciously torn to shreds and he grabbed his mates face and pulled him down to ravage his lips with fierce intensity.  With the floodgates unleashed, soft moans and low growls filled the living room as the two used hands and lips to explore familiar territory. 

Galen's shirt was halfway off, Donovan's mouth pressed to his bare chest expertly teasing his nipple. Galen half moaned "The bathroom."  Apparently finding the little bud delicious, Donovan didn't bother removing his mouth. He used one hand to support Galen's lower back the other gripping his thigh he stood up.  

Galen wrapped his legs around Donovan's hips as his mate carried him purposefully towards the bathroom. A triumphantly, smug smile peaked through the lust, not a trace of any tears in his eyes.

Outside Luca was squatting on the ground, burning face buried in his hands.  Trying to erase that image of his parents from his mind forever. Unaware that just inside they were busily at work trying to give him a younger sibling.

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Author: *shocked* what are you both doing your son's right outside!

*moaning sounds from the bathroom*

Author:...*covers ears, runs away*


Hope you're all staying safe. *ears still covered*