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 I first want to apologise to everyone as there won't be a chapter this week.  I can assure you all that I will definitely continue this story.  At the moment I'm not happy with how the story is progressing in the next few chapters so I want to take some time to try and adjust the pacing and maybe change some plot points.  None of the current chapters I have posted will be affected, I just am not happy with the few I currently have lined up.   I could rush out a chapter but I don't want to put out something that isn't up to my standards.

I am also unfortunately, thanks to the current strange circumstances we all find ourselves in, very short on time due to still having to travel to work.  With the majority of our sites closed, including my usual place of work, I am currently required to travel 2 hours each direction, so 4 hours of travel a day for work.  Consequently I only have 3 hours to spare every night as such I'm finding it more difficult to find the time I need to write.

I will try to have a chapter out by next Sunday however I may have to slow down my releases until my current circumstances change. Hope you're all managing during these trying times.