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Halfway through the two hour flight and I was listening to music in my bedroom when I heard a knock at my door. Who on earth was knocking on my door right now? Ed and David were offline, and Cerri was on bridge duty right then. The rest of the crew had no reason to seek me out.

With a wary command, I told the door to open. Gloria stood on the other side, carrying a large duffel bag on her shoulder.

“Hey there tiny,” she smiled, without some of her usual swagger. “Mind if I come in?”

I sat up, staring at her for a moment as I tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I shrugged when I couldn’t think of a reason not to let her in, and she took that as a yes. Stepping quietly over the threshold, she closed the door and proceeded to glance around for a moment.

“Cute nest you have in here,” she commented, leaning back against the door.

I shrugged, smiling shyly down into my lap. It was a cute nest though, she was right.

Her next words were surprisingly awkward, her posture sort of deflating a little as she glanced almost bashfully at her duffel bag. “So uh, I’m here because… I kinda need your help. With something a little personal.”

My big fluffy ears perked up a little and I tilted my head in question. What is it?

“So when I was making my character, I got an offer from the Galicorp peeps,” she told me cautiously. Huh, had her eyes always been red like that? They looked kinda sunken too, bruised even. “They offered me a deal, a side job. I’d test something for them, and if I got some results back to them after a few months, then I’d get a big fat paycheck.”

She paused for several seconds then, watching me and trying to gauge my reaction. I frowned and twitched my tail in irritation. She couldn’t just stop talking halfway through story time! What was the offer?

“Testing out some experimental augmentations,” she finally said, opening her mouth to reveal two sets of absolutely massive fangs. How they fit in her mouth I didn’t know, the lower ones were an inch long, while the upper ones were an inch and a half. “I’m basically a tech-based space vampire.”

My tail went into spike mode and pointed at her sharply, punctuating my ocula-sent words with erratic jabs, I’m not letting you feed on me. Those things look scary as hell.

“Nah,” she laughed, shaking her head at me and closing her mouth. “They’re just for survival purposes, a backup for the real feeding method. My body is chock full of nanites that enhance me in a ton of different ways. Reaction times, speed of movement, even strength.”

That’s kinda cool. How does drinking blood help you feed though? That seems a little… specific. I said, making a funny face.

“Oh yeah, totally. One of the SAI on the dev team totally has a thing for vampires, I bet you,” she chuckled, poking her tongue out back at me. “I don’t know the mechanics of it, something about giving the nanites the materials to build more of themselves.”

They probably designed them to use the stuff that people and animals are made of to build themselves because they can partially replenish themselves by… reusing materials from your body. Hence why you look a little vampirey right now, I told her after a few moments thought, tugging my tail around to play with the fluffy tip.

“Well, that’s kind of terrifying… they did say my body would start falling apart if I didn’t feed them. Kinda figured it would just be another thing like drinking or eating,” she said, cringing in alarm.

How do I help you? I asked sincerely. She looked like she might be feeling a bit shit right now.

“With this,” she said, unzipping the duffel bag and pulling out something that looked like a blender attached to a water cooling setup for an old PC.

I was in the process of replying when she dumped both the bag and machine on the ground and casually pulled her shirt off.

What does that machine do? I can’t see anywhere to attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My message got sent off halfway completed as I stared with slack-jawed awe at the sight before me.

The glimpse I had gotten in the bridge an hour earlier had really not done her justice. Her abs were exquisite, defined but still soft as they dove gently down below her waistband. While her wide hips were almost matched by her shoulders, her waist was almost too thin. Further up, her breasts sat full and heavy in her no-nonsense grey bra, their curve drawing my eye like my hands to my tail.

When she turned, I was so distracted by the muscles of her shoulders and back that it took me several seconds to even notice the metallic port down where her tailbone would be. Oh… that explained why she took her top off.

“That thing down near my ass is the port to plug that machine into me,” she explained, shimmying a little to emphasise the whole area. Emphasise it did, because wow her butt was nice. Like the rest of her, it was large, tight, and muscled. I had long since lost my fight against a blush, but now it had extended further, reaching all the way down to my chest.

Raw embarrassment was what finally allowed me to regain control of my eyes, and I tore them off her and put them very firmly in my lap. Hugging my tail tightly, I breathed long and deep in an attempt to calm my racing heart.

She was exceptionally good looking, but in a way I hadn’t really given any thought to before. It was a sort of feminine strength, soft skin contrasted with taut muscle. If you split femininity into a more diverse spectrum, Cerri would be the embodiment of the soft, smart and beautiful end of it, while Gloria here was the poster girl for wonder woman style confidence and strength.

“Alia, you alright?” she asked, but I didn’t reply, opting instead to continue hiding behind my tail. So, of course, she walked over and pulled my tail down and out of the way. Oh no, hot girl really close. When she saw my blushing face and where my eyes kept straying, she threw back her head and laughed. “Wow, honestly I wasn’t sure until now, but you’re quite the bashful little lesbian now aren’t you?”

I shook my head with jerky, stuttering movements. I’m not a lesbian.

“Keep telling yourself that,” she chuckled, shifting to sit next to me on my bed. Wait, I didn’t say she could sit! This was too much, there was too much woman next to me. As though it wasn’t even much of an issue that she was right here, she continued speaking, “So yeah. I’ve been trying to do this myself, but it’s a pain in the ass, pun intended. There’s only two other people on the ship who are qualified to be messing with machines, and you are by far the less awkward one… so here I am.”

With a long sigh and a little shudder, I nodded agreement. Alright, I’ll help. Please tell me you have a manual though.

“Thank you so much,” she told me with a genuine expression of relief. “And yeah, there’s a manual in the bag.”

Nodding, I got up off the bed and made my way over to the bag, carefully pushing it open and searching for the manual in question. Wait, a paper manual? That was a bit odd. A quick perusal showed me that the procedure was fairly simple, if rather hard to do without some way to see behind you. Honestly, it looked a little silly. Why put it there, of all places?

Motioning for her to lay down on her front, I picked up the contraption and inspected it. Everything seemed to be where it needed to be, so with a little wrangling of all the cords and tubes, I moved over next to the bed and took a look at the port that sat at the base of Gloria’s spine.

My cheeks heated once more as I saw that she’d pulled her pants and underwear down a little to give me proper access, except that a not insignificant portion of her ass was now bare. Oh good lord, this was going to be difficult.

The whole procedure required a large tube to be inserted into the main port on her back, with two smaller ones going in just under it. The nozzles on the tubes were kinda scary, it looked like they went an inch into her body almost. It had me shuddering a little, my stomach giving a squirm of distaste to match.

Gingerly taking the large pipe, I attempted to plug it in as delicately as possible. Only, it refused to go in, and I took it back out, frowning down at the instructions I’d placed on the ground. Wait, I had to put them all in at the same time, then twist them various different ways to get them to lock in? That was lame as hell. Clearly not a consumer product.

Shifting to try and get a better position, I collected each of the three tubes and tried to get them into place, but the angle was awkward. I got them into position, but I couldn’t twist them properly like the instructions told me.

“God fucking damn it,” I swore softly out loud as one of the tubes escaped my grasp and clattered to the floor. Give me the engineer that designed this so I can beat them with a QA team.

Propping herself up on her elbow, Gloria took a look around at my failure and gave a chuckle, “Having a bit of trouble?”

“Stupid thing,” I mumbled, embarrassment taking over again and choking out any words I wanted to say. I can’t get a good angle on it. It wants me to twist it and stuff. How the hell did you do this before?

“A lot of swearing and about an hour of trying each time,” she laughed, giving me a look that was simultaneously thankful and sympathetic. Then the expression disappeared, replaced by a sly grin. “You know, you could just straddle my butt, then you’d have all the leverage you needed.”

My movements slowed as my brain ground to a shuddering halt, the brakes on my train of thought squealing with tortured metal protest. I opened my mouth to speak, but for once it was my mind that failed to produce any words, rather than my lips failing to form them.

“Unless it makes you uncomfortable of course,” she told me, reining in her raw sexual aura for a second. I didn’t know how else to describe the way she was just… hot and stuff and… yeah. Things. Or something.

“Fine,” I muttered, carefully climbing up on the bed before my blush engines could get back into motion again.

Of course, as soon as I sat down on her butt, everything contained within my skull began to throw sparks again. The feeling of her under me was… intense. Squishy and firm at the same time, but not just her… me as well. I hadn’t skimped in the butt and thighs department either, and pressing them together now had me feeling like a river full of fish that had just been introduced to a grenade.

With an effort of will I used to only need when confronting a company board, I pulled the tubes into position and began to slowly, carefully twist and insert them into Gloria. When the final turn produced a click from the mechanism and a small, way too erotic gasp from the girl under me, I knew I’d done it right.

“Turn it on,” she groaned, arching her back a little. “Fill me up.”

“Stop making it sound so erotic!” I blurted, throwing my hands in the air for emphasis. Of course, that movement just smooshed our asses further together and then I was a blushing mess all over again.

“Ahh, alright, I’ll stop the teasing,” she said quickly, giving me an apologetic look.

I shook my head, resorting to my ocula to get my full thoughts out properly, I’ve never really been a physical person. My family was like, allergic to physical contact. Shit, I think Ed has probably hugged me more than my own father. I think the last time he hugged me was when I got my degree, and I can’t even remember the time before it. So yeah… this is like, completely shorting out my brain.

“Ah, right… english ancestry,” she nodded sagely. “I’m afraid it’s genetic. There’s nothing we can do… apart from this!” With that exclamation, she flipped over, throwing me to the side before scooping me up into her lap.

I blinked, startled at the sudden movement. Holy shit, she really was quick! Strong too… gosh. I was now sitting in the middle of her crossed legs with my back to her, facing out into the room. Going still, I tried to make sense of everything, my brain needing to reorient itself to the new situation.

The warmth of her was all around me, my tail completing the circle in front of me so that I was trapped in a warm and fluffy embrace. Some part of me was already reacting like I should hate this, but it sputtered to a stop when it failed to find fuel for its panic. Instead, I was just sort of marvelling at how it felt to be so small in the arms of someone much larger than me. I think… I kinda liked it?

Shifting slightly once she had me settled properly, Gloria reached casually across the bed to turn the machine on with one hand, the other holding me firmly in place.

“Alright, let’s just chill for a bit while the machine does its thing,” she told me, relaxing back against the wall, pulling me back along with her.

“O-oh… okay then,” I mumbled, my mind thoroughly frazzled and not at all functioning correctly. I’d need to shut it down for a bit and do some maintenance before I could get it working properly again.