Chapter 71.1
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–Hey unemployed. It’s been deposited.

A private KakaoTalk text had arrived from Jerry. 

And when he checked whether the text message was correct, a notification popped up that 10.3 million won had been deposited into his account. 

The fees and commission for the proxy sponsorship was set at 3 per cent.

This was a good night.

‘Very good.’

Since he had got paid, he wouldn’t bother procrastinating on what he needed to do.

All it would take was a few finger movements.

Hyunwoo Lee immediately opened up his laptop.

After opening up Korea TV, he connected to the streamer’s streaming channel that Jerry had told him about.

The room was switched to private stream mode for less than a minute as if it had been agreed in advance with Jerry.

He typed the password ‘1111’ and found himself in the stream.

[Baeksu King gifts 100,000 coins!] 

-These are the coins ordered by Jerry.

‘That’s it.’

It took less than 5 minutes for him to finish a 10 million won job.

It was a very satisfying and comfortable experience.

“Hyunwoo, are you going to be watching a stream?”

As he opened the laptop, Lee Ye-rin, who was stretched out languidly on the bed, wiggled and got up from where she lay.

She was Lee Ye-rin- the girl who had just been convulsing all over from the crazy sex after having been educated. 

She displayed very limp movements as if her body had not yet gained enough power.

“I just had something quick to do. I’m not watching anyone right now.”

It was 2:10 pm on Tuesday.

Soon, it would be Bread’s streaming hours.

“I want to stream too....”

Lee Ye-rin muttered while hugging his back. 

What she really wanted to say was, ‘I can’t even stream because I have bruises on my face, and yet, are you going to watch the stream of other girls while I’m here?’

But even though she was a crazy person, she was not stupid. 

She knew when to take a step back and had been programmed otherwise.

Her just-educated mind decided to swallow the words.

“You do it when your face has got better. At that time, I will shoot all the coins that were missed because of the break.”


“Have you ever seen me lie?”

“No, I haven’t seen it. I lied though, hehe. Then can I stay by your side? If I’m with you in bed, I won’t get jealous.”

He didn’t like the sound of that.

It wasn’t her jealousy that he had an issue with, just that he didn’t want her to see how many coins were in his account, because the coins in Lee Hyun-woo’s account were an endless string of 999s.


He suddenly came up with a way…

It was a way in which he could comfortably watch the stream while assenting to Lee Ye-rin’s request.



“Really? Then come on. I’ll give you a tight hug.”

Lee Ye-rin jumped atop the bed as if she were diving.

Her jiggly ass, which had changed from the colour red to blue, was impressive.

Then she turned around and pat the seat beside her with her hand.

“Wait for a moment.” 


Lee Hyun-woo did not get on the bed but went to the bathroom.

Then, from beside the mirror, he took out a gown that was folded on one of the shelves.

He took only the sash from the gown and brought it with him.

“What, Hyeon-Woo! That, wh-why?”

“This is not about educating you again, so you don’t have to be afraid. I just thought it would be better if I covered your eyes.”

“Cover my eyes...? Why?”

“I just told you. Did you not want to do it, hm?”

“No no! I didn’t say no! Hyunwoo, if you want me to do it, I will do it. Yes! I will!”

“Okay. That’s how I know you’re a good noona. Come on.” 


Lee Ye-rin lowered her head meekly.

The white belt was wrapped around her face.

It was thick enough to cover her eyes and not allow her to see.

However, Lee Hyun-woo did not end things there. 


Lee Ye-rin, whose vision was dark, let out a deep breath.

Her heart pounded.

What would happen to her from now on?

She was scared and nervous.

“Stick out your hand.” 

“Huh, hands too?” 


Yerin Lee hesitantly put her hands out together. 

This was not for ‘education’ purposes.

Lee Ye-rin believed in Lee Hyun-woo.

So, he tied Lee Ye-rin’s eyes and hands up.

‘This is reassuring.’

“What? Why are your nipples erect?”

“... But, you...”


“Hey, you’re the one that’s going to do something dirty!”

“What? Haha. Who said I was doing something like that? What? Were you looking forward to it? What a perverted bitch you are.”

With her eyes and hands tied, Lee Ye-rin’s nipples were erect.

He hadn’t even done anything yet.

Lee Hyeon-woo scolded Lee Ye-rin, and flicked her nipples with his fingers.


Lee Ye-rin let out a nasally moan at the light flick.

It would hurt more to flick her nubs than gently stimulate them, but he loved to torment her like this.

And it wasn’t like she didn’t have an inner masochist inside of her.

“Don’t make a sound. Be quiet. I have to watch the stream. Got it?”

“Sorry. But that was too much dear...”

“Is that so? Do you really think that was too much? Then, did you want to go home?”

“No! No! I’ll be quiet! Yerin is holding her breath! *Schuup*!”

She used the third person tense which would have sounded cringe had it not been a beautiful woman like her saying it. 

Yet, Lee Ye-rin spat out cringy things that looked cute effortlessly.

It may have been because she was confident in her own charms, or it may have been because her eyes were covered and she felt comfortable saying such things with her visual sense lost.

At least, she adhered to what she said.

“Hello everyone! Good Day!”


–Hi Bread!

[Baeksu King gifts 10,000 coins!] 

-Here’s my admission fee.

“Emotional oppa, good oh.... Ugh! Unemployed Oppa! Why did you join so early today? It’s nice to see you! Thank you so much for your support!”

-Haha, you threw us others to the side right after saying welcome!

–ᅲᅲ We were abandoned, but at least unemployed hyung is here ᅲᅲ

–Unemployed hyung, you came early today haha

Bread’s stream had begun.

With the appearance of Lee Hyun-woo, the energy of Bread rose to new heights.

There was a slew of sarcasm in the chat because of his arrival too.

Lee Hyeon-woo enjoyed the stream while making waves in the chat.

— — — — — —

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