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“Haa… haa....”

And next to him lay a naked Lee Ye-rin with beautiful curves.

She had her eyes and hands tied.

Lee Hyun-woo, who was enjoying the broadcast while chatting with the other viewers, suddenly stretched out his hand to his side.

“Ah, Hyunwoo. I like it when you touch my breasts. I think I can feel your hand better because my eyes are covered. Is this why you covered it? Haa, haa.”


He had just covered her eyes because he didn’t want to show her his coin balance.

But if Lee Ye-rin had come to such a conclusion, he didn’t have to correct her.


“Yes? Ah! Sorry. *Schuup*!”

“Don’t make a sound when I touch you. I can’t hear the sound of the stream otherwise.”


“Don’t even answer. Stay still until I tell you otherwise.”


“Good. Well done. Oh, you’ll probably get bored if you just keep your mouth shut. Then, suck my dick.”


Lee Hyeon-woo grabbed Lee Ye-rin by the hair.

And then he roughly brought her head towards his cock.

Even though Lee Ye-rin was being treated like shit, her pussy was becoming wetter.


His cock was forced into her mouth. 

Lee Ye-rin had to urgently widen her mouth to receive his cock, or her teeth would have scratched his glans.

But she absolutely could not hurt Lee Hyeon-woo. 

“Great. Keep sucking like that.”

Lee Hyun-woo, who was being sucked off by Lee Ye-rin, focused on the stream again.

[Baeksu King gifts 10,000 coins!] 

–Let’s pick a song and kick the stream off.

“Yep! Chairman, I will go for song number 18!”

This was a song by Lee Hyun-woo’s favourite singer.

‘As expected, bread’s songs are nice to listen to.’

Lee Hyeon-woo rocked his hips slowly and listened to the song.

“Huh, gureuk....”

How long had this gone on for?

A wretching sound came from Lee Ye-rin’s mouth, as she gagged on his cock.

Looking down at her, there was drool all over his cock and around her mouth.

‘Is it because I put it in too deep? Or was it because I kept using her mouth without giving her time to rest?’

Immediately, Hyunwoo Lee took his rod out of her mouth.

“Puha! Ha, ha, ha...”

Only then did Lee Ye-rin let out her rough breath. 

Lee Ye-rin’s face was flushed red and she breathed laboriously as if she had just sprinted.

Her nipples were still erect as if she was excited by this act.

He rubbed her thighs to see if her pussy was also feeling it.

Hyunwoo Lee’s eyes lit up.



‘What a great woman. I like the smart ones like her.’

With only one word having been said, she understood exactly what he meant and did as told.

It would have been a problem if she interpreted it any other way.

“Take a deep breath now.”


“Now, open your mouth.” 

“Ah... That’s good!”

Hyunwoo Lee put his cock back in her mouth once again.

This time, he went deep enough to reach her throat. 

His cock, which hadn’t even gone halfway in this entire time, was roughly forced in so that 2/3s of it was in her mouth and down her throat.


“Don’t try to breathe and don’t try to swallow. Just relax and stay still.”


It literally meant to control one’s breathing.

Asphyxiation was the act of causing hypoxia in the body by blocking air intake or blood flow.

The dopamine secreted during this time delivered excitement as a response to the amount of pain felt.

Endorphins acted as both an analgesic to relieve pain, and as a stimulant to allow the person to feel pleasure.

It was an odd intracerebral hormone.

This pleasure was something that could never be achieved with ordinary sex.

In addition to this scientific mechanism, there was also the mental pleasure of being completely dominated by one’s partner.

“Whoa, fuck.”

Lee Hyun-woo was excited to be able to enact the scene he had only ever seen in porn.

The blood rushed to his already-stiff cock, which grew even larger.

“Ouch! Whoa! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...!”

When Lee Ye-rin’s face, unable to breathe, turned bright red, Lee Hyun-woo hurriedly took his cock out of her mouth.

In order for dopamine and endorphins to be secreted in large quantities, not only would breathing need to be blocked but the blood flow should also be blocked.

She had to hold her breath much longer than just that.

Still, he had got what he wanted.

Lee Ye-rin found pleasure in the pain of her not being able to breathe.

It was such a strange feeling for Lee Ye-rin, who hated the thought of pain and suffering.

But this was not strange to Lee Ye-rin, who loved Lee Hyun-woo.

After the very painful and difficult situation where she couldn’t breathe, when she was finally able to take a deep breath, a huge wave hit her at once.

Her head began to spin as dopamine and endorphins rushed all over her body in an instant.

It had a very minimal effect compared to the perfect asphyxiation technique.

As if looking for the sweet rain in a drought, Lee Ye-rin clung to the feelings of pleasure brought about by the pain. 

And then she orgasmed.

“Wow! Did you feel that good? You’re a real perverted girl.”

Lee Hyun-woo, who was observing Ye-rin Lee’s body, immediately noticed the change in her. 

In between her spread legs, the amount of love juices being let out of her pussy increased.

This act had aroused his perverted fantasies.

“Ugh, ha, ha, ha, ha... Moe, I don’t know. Why did I feel that…? It was very painful. But as soon as you pulled out your cock, my body just felt like it was floating…”

“I will give you the explanation later. For now, let me use your pussy.”

Lee Hyun-woo was also feeling excited.

Men were bound to become weak when faced with new stimuli.

[Baeksu King gifts 54,321 coins!] 

-Gotta go because of an urgent issue.

“OMG! 50,000 coins unemployed Oppa! Thank you so much! What reaction.... huh? Are you leaving? After fifty thousand coins? So suddenly? You have to watch the reaction at least! Oppa? Oppa? Send a chat if you’re still there... Are you gone already?”

With that last sponsorship, he filled the quota for the day. 

Then, he took his eyes off of the laptop.

“Ahhhhh. Whoa! Okay!”

From Lee Ye-rin’s mouth, a groan filled with pleasure burst out.

His rock-hard cock plunged deep into her pussy.

Lee Ye-rin’s pussy had already changed shape to accommodate Lee Hyunwoo’s shaft.

Even so, she couldn’t handle his full size, and every time he thrust in and pulled out, his pubic hair rubbed against her.

Lee Hyeon-woo fucked Lee Ye-rin’s pussy as he liked and until he was satisfied.

In the process, Lee Ye-rin was made to orgasm again and again.

— — — — — —

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