Chapter 72.1
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[(20-year-old high school student still in school) Day 8 of streaming! Everyone is welcome!] 

Spring Summer · 187 viewers

Spring and summer’s stream had been going strong every day.

Was Lee Hyun-woo’s task-setting idea good? 

Was his help even that much of a boost to her stream?

No one knew, but what could be measured was the fact that Spring Summer’s stream was growing day by day.

The average viewership was now in the triple digits. 

Regarding the recommendations she received, it was 4000 recommendations and naturally, fewer favourites.

Compared to other streamers who had just started, this was a huge achievement.

Most new streamers couldn’t even get over a single-digits viewership in their first week.

Whether they were streamers who studied in detail how to go about streaming or were individuals with lots of enthusiasm, or even individuals who jumped headfirst into streaming out of curiosity and because it seemed an easy way to earn money, they were usually under great stress in their first few days.

And 50% of newbie streamers gave up within a month.

They either quit streamer as a whole or moved to another platform.

Compared to such individuals, spring and summer was truly doing quite well for herself.

With Lee Hyun-woo’s strategic and huge support pouring in once in a while, there was a lot of fanfare in her chat window.

Viewers who came to see a pretty, bright, fun, and attractive female streamer would lose their sense of reason and fall in love with her.

And much of this was thanks to Hyunwoo Lee.

So of course, Spring and Summer would unquestionably treat Lee Hyeon-woo the best. 

[Avid fan Baek Soo-king has joined.]

“Ah! Chairman is here! Everyone stand up!”

With Lee Hyeon-woo in attendance, the girl rose from her seat.

‘Is she going for a dictatorship theme today?’

Spring Summer was playing a military song in the background that reminded him of the Soviet Union.

And she took on an obedient pose.

-(Head banging emoji)(head banging emoticon) (head banging emoticon)

–Unemployed older brother, you’re here!

–He’s here.

-(Head banging emoji)(head banging emoticon) (head banging emoticon)

-The chairman is here!

-(Head banging emoji)(head banging emoticon) (head banging emoticon)

-(Head banging emoji)(head banging emoticon) (head banging emoticon)

-Unemployed hyung, hey!


The spring and summer stream had a more active chat window than many other female streamers’ chats. 

It was probably because she was so good at communicating with the viewers and exchanging tiki-taka.

When Lee Hyun-woo, the one who issued her lots of missions, which was one of the main joys of the stream, arrived, viewers warmly greeted him.

‘ᄉᄉᄋ!’ was an abbreviation for Baeksu-UP, which meant that Baeksooking had finally appeared on air (UP). 

It was used as a sign of respect or to welcome the one who joined.

However, there were some viewers who used the head-banging emoticon to tease and make fun of Spring and Summer.

Now that she was going for the theme of a dictator, they were making fun of her for sucking up to Lee Hyunwoo. 

“No! Guys! Get up! Why are you all banging your heads? You guys are really weird!”

[Baeksu King gifts 10,000 coins!] 

-Here’s my admission fee.

“Kyaaaaa, the chairman joined and worked hard to sponsor! Guys, stop playing around and get up quickly! We need to give a proper welcome! Quick! Quick!”

Lee Hyun-woo’s dazzling entry with a full blast was like a daily event at her stream.

In Spring and Summer’s stream, she had even registered a signature coin exclusively for the president to give as his admission fee.

‘By the way... shouldn’t that have been enough to propel me into first place?’

On spring and summer’s stream, no matter how late he was, he would usually join within 2 to 30 minutes of it starting.

That was why the nickname Baeksu King was always ranked first in the sponsorship rankings in the corner of the screen.

Although there had been occasions when the little guys had shot dozens or even hundreds of coins and held the first place for a short moment, if he was in the stream, he usually snatched the first place spot instantly.

But now…

Despite his full-blast entrance, Lee Hyun-woo remained in second place.

Spring Summer’s sponsorship ranking!

1st place 32,488 Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu

2nd Place 10,000 Baeksuking



30,000 coins shot by anyone in her room beside him was a first.

In addition, it was the first time he had seen the ID of the one who sponsored her.

He was not a member of the big-shot chat room that Lee Hyeon-woo belonged to.

‘Is he from another group or is he a person who acts as a lone Wolf?’

In less than 30 minutes after the stream had started, he had enough firepower to shoot 30,000 coins.

This wasn’t just a nobody.

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 282 coins!]

–Spring Summer, you haven’t answered my question yet…

‘Who is this kid? Is he a blind man?’

This was obviously Lee Hyun-woo’s time.

Hyunwoo Lee had just joined the broadcast.

And Spring Summer, the streamer herself, was also giving her greetings to Lee Hyeon-woo.

However, the guy named Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu only longed to hog her attention without care.

Due to the nature of streaming, there was only ever one streamer and many viewers.

This was the case even for the big shots who were just treated like legendary Pokémon among the bunch.

There were rooms without any big shots at all, and then you could find several big shots all in one room.

In such a situation, the big shots would take turns communicating with the streamer.

Or if they were close friends they might engage in conversation if the streamer was busy.

But now, some chu-chu chump was breaking the unspoken rule.

“Ha, this is pretty annoying, isn’t it?”

He could understand some other big shot coming to have a good time and shooting some coins.

Rather, he would encourage others to come over and sponsor her.

‘But to brush me aside like that? How can I let that slide? Would he not go quiet if I was just to out-sponsor him?’

“Ah, Vice President! Thank you for supporting me with the sweetie dog coin. But now is the time for me to welcome the president as it’s my stream’s rule. Please try to understand. I will get back to your question Ayer my greeting to the president.”

While Lee Hyeon-woo was worried about whether Spring Summer would be able to navigate her relationships well, Spring and Summer remained loyal.

Hyunwoo Lee nodded his head in satisfaction.

‘Vice-president who? He just shot 30,000 coins and thinks he’s some big guy.’

Spring and Summer had only been streaming for 8 days now.

Except for Lee Hyun-woo, barely any other big shot stuck their heads into the room because of how new she was.

He wouldn’t let this go on any longer.

He would catch her attention and have her focus on him in one fell swoop.

After Lee Hyun-woo had sent his admission fee sponsor, he left the gift window open with the intention of casting 50,000 coins to outrank the current top dog.

But the damn chu-chu chump sent another kick in the balls flying his way.

— — — — — —

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